Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Vanity Fair's Oscar Night Party is one of the most sought after parties after the Awards ceremonies...it's big and it's got the what they call members of the A LIST.   Here's the kicker:  Vanity Fair serves In-n-Out burgers after their party.  Ang Lee had what the media calls "a greasy In-n-Out Burger" as he gave interviews.  I personally applaud any party that has good old 'real food' and I'd be dying for a burger, too, after sitting for 3 hours in the awards ceremonies and all.  I mean, who wants a canape after all of that?

Here's the kicker;  I decided to Snopes In-N-Out and came up with THIS! (Sorry, I tried to cut/paste but Snopes doesn't let me so I have to count on you looking at the link and reading at least the paragraph that starts with "As Proselytizing goes..")  I don't know just how widespread In-N-Out burger stores are so many of you might not know that the cups and paper wrappings have Bible verses on them.   This, of course, makes me surprised that any group like Vanity Fair would even serve them, but they do, every year.  And it IS well known in California that Bible verses are all over the burger company's stuff.  They apparently only have the 'Bible address', not the whole verses, which Snopes seems to find odd even as it adds that including Bible scripture ".... has been interpreted by some as a LURKING MENACE.
Yes, according to Snopes and "some,"  having Bible verses on burgers and drinks is a "lurking menace".    Snopes includes that anybody who's not religious "need not fear for their souls" as there aren't actual Biblical quotes, just the scripture chapters and verses!  Boy, isn't THAT a relief? :-)

I found this amusing enough to post it and wondered what you thought.   Imagine Vanity Fair using In-N-Out in spite of the "lurking menace?"  And to a bunch of Hollywood types?  And, as I've always said, see the bias at Snopes.  Laughable.

Now I feel like going out to find an In-N-Out ... mmmmmmmmmm   (even if they DO have those 'lurking menaces' like John 3:16!)

Would you go there and get a burger or is that too menacing for you?



FreeThinke said...

I'd have expressed more concern about "the lurking menace" some may find in all the fat and cholesterol in any burger worthy of the name than make a stupidly transparent attempt to besmirch the Bible.

The Mikkelsons are one of the most insidious minor forces on the planet in my never humble opinion.

Can anyone tell me if there is a "Fact Checking Service" that does NOT have a profound liberal bias?

I have come to realize more and more that left and right each seem to have their own set of facts. Facts that often oppose or cancel each other out.

How could this be?

This particular item may seem trivial, but I see it as symptomatic of the media-generated trend to discredit and unseat Christianity as a major cultural influence -- a trend which evinces itself in thousands of small-but-significant ways every hour of every day.

FreeThinke said...

BTW, Z, I think if you select and copy the ENTIRE page from SNOPES, you can paste it into a Word document, and THEN select the parts you want to reproduce from their verification "service."

Try it next time, and see if that admittedly cumbersome process doesn't work.

I frankly think it's just plain stupid to make it difficult to copy and paste material of THAT ilk, since it's primary purpose is to serve an agenda which could only benefit from maximum exposure.

Here's hoping you have a lovely day!

Always On Watch said...

A fatty meal once in a while does not a health problem create.

As for the Bible references, they are not placed obviously. Besides, does anyone take home a greasy wrapper and look up the verses? I doubt it. Perhaps Christians feel uplifted when they see the Scripture references.

A lurking menace? I don't see it.

Anonymous said...

What's a Snope?

Ducky's here said...

Don't have them in the East.

I do have a friend out West who swears by them.
Thing is, in Boston if you want junk food you get a roast beef sandwich.

Ducky's here said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

Spent a couple of years in SoCal. After having fractured my elbow in a fall while hiking, my family brought me an In and Out burger.'

Worst burger I've ever had in my life. Never ate another one.

I'm not a burger fan, anyway. I prefer a nice mozzarella cheese, tomato, and basil sandwich to a burger any day.

Z said...

FT, it might be trivial in the scheme of things, but I find it fascinating that a group like Hollywood A List guests are entertained by Vanity Fair with a company known (at least in LA, I'm not sure where else these burger places are) for Bible verses all over its products.
You have a nice day, too.

AOW...they're homed in LA, the celebs are mostly homed in LA, EVERYONE IN LA knows those bible verses are there; it's not escaped notice, believe me!

Ducky, they're very popular here...absolutely delicious. But, there are MANY better places here, too. FatBurger, for one...but many serve Kobe burgers, etc.

Of course anybody can get a roast beef sandwich here, but I don't like those cold. I do love French Dips, however...

The point is that these would be served THERE and how SNOPES paints it, which is truly hilarious...what a "lurking menace!" :-=)

Z said...

Off Topic:

Meanwhile, Chuck "if we only talk to Iran and maybe go easier on sanctions, the worst thing they'll do is only to attack Israel" Hagel will be voted in today...

And "Got my money in the Caymans and helped Obama put us in this financial mess" Lew will probably be confirmed.

We're in such damned trouble, folks.

Z said...

And did you hear OBAMA of all people say "this town needs to get past worrying about the next election and concentrate on the people"~!?? HE SAID THAT :-) Benghazi lies, anybody?

And Harry Reid has just said, ten minutes, ago that this is ALL politics, that Hagel is being delayed TWO WEEKS by Republicans in a time when we're SO threatened by terrorism, they're using POLITICS to delay this appointment.

REALLY? So NOBODY can bring up very legitimate points against Hagel? That's it? Are we going to stop hearings and just have presidents write their lists of appointees and confirm them the same day?

When Republicans balk, it's "all about politics"? what crap he is...utter RUBBISH CRAP.

Tenmei said...

Z, get to know your web browser. There is an option in settings to allow or disallow javascript. I just visited snopes.com, pulled up one of their pages, turned off javascript, and copied and pasted as much as I wanted. When you're done, of course, turn it back on or websites you visit may act a little strange. ;-)

And I do have my own biases. Christian scripture references are welcome. Anything from huffpo, the ny or la times or chronicle papers - not worth the time it takes to read. I tend to get too sad when I see such ignorance.

Have a happy day!
~ Will

~ Will

JonBerg said...

"did you hear OBAMA of all people say "this town needs to get past worrying about the next election"

I did and it would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. Serious, in that we are now being governed by the KING OF HYPOCRICY!!!!

On Topic:

The only people that I know, who put stock in SNOPES, are hard core Liberals. SNOPES either ignores or 'worms' its way around any truism that doesn't comport with Liberal dogma!

Anonymous said...

My first trip to In-n-out, I was grossed out by the burger juice in the wrapper. It reminded me of baby diapers for some reason. Then I went passed it and I must say their burgers are good. I'd rather have that than McDonald's, seeing the proof that a McDonald's cheeseburgers can stay on your shelf intact for more than 2 years, slowly drying without any mold. I've stopped going there because of that.


JonBerg said...

"Would you go there and get a burger or is that too menacing for you?"

I sure would if we had IN-N-OUT here in Colorado-we don't. I heard that they are really good! Now, if they had pictures of B.O. and/or Botoxi, etc on the wrappers-NO!

FreeThinke said...

The only roast beef sandwiches I've ever really enjoyed were made from a few thin, pinkish red slices cut from my mother's standing rib roast, laid on buttered slices of Pepperidge Farm white bread lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

A close second came from the wonderful delicatessen in my home town where paper-thin, machine-cut slices were piled generously on a buttered, poppy seed roll.

In my opinion beautifully cooked, rare roast beef sandwiches should never be insulted by the addition of lettuce and tomato, mayonnaise or any other condiment.

I haven't seen a restaurant yet who could produce a cold roast beef sandwich worthy of the name.

Hamburgers aren't much fun anymore, because ground beef just doesn't have the flavor it used to have. The health crisis activists have bullied the beef industry into breeding leaner -- and thus tasteless -- cattle.

The short full life is far superior to a long life lived in constant fear of illness and one kind of impending doom or other, although as i get older and older, I do begin to wonder ... ;-)

David said...

Oh, how I miss In-n-Out Burgers. And Carl's Jr. I remember the Christmas before last when I went to see family in Houston for the holidays and nearly wept with joy when I found a Carl's Jr. that served Western Bacon Cheeseburgers. [sniff]

Z said...

FT, I couldn't agree with you more. It has to be EXQUISITELY thin and VERY tender roast beef to be cold and "hold the accoutrements!"
If you have to add that stuff, or catsup (or ketchup)(which I LOVE on a lot of things) it's not good enough!

BUT, give me a very well done French Dip and I'm in heaven. The place that does those best is Bandera in W LA, where they take the crackle from the crust of the beef they cooked and chop it very finely and add it in the sandwich..mmm HOT au jus, and HEAVEN is created :-) Dipping that stuff in the juice and then adding a bit of horse radish is GREAT.

Dave, my stepson from Munichg usually stays with me for 3 months a year and eats at Carl's so much that he sometimes emails or calls and asks "Have you had an Alex .... Memorial Burger!?" CRACKS ME UP!
He loves that Western bacon burger...I usually get a tamer version but am the awful type of woman who gets her sharpest knife out of the kitchen and asks him to just cut off the tiniest bit for me (WITH onion rings in it!)...of course, he knows I'll do that, so he always brings home TWO burgers for himself!

Z said...

FT...there's a restaurant near LAX which is called Petrelli's...I don't eat steak out too much because it's not my fave thing, but people adore their very high quality steaks and I like the hamburgers there, on a bun, or hamberger steaks served with vegetables and potatoes, because the meat is SO delicious I'm convinced they grind up the steaks they didn't serve the day or two before and make their burgers that way.
And I, who loves ketchup and mustard (no lettuce on my burger, please) eats their burger with NOTHING on it. it's THAT GOOD.

Ducky's here said...

Should I eat meat this Friday?

A friend is having a sequester party and most of the dishes are going to be pork.

Anonymous said...


Reagan WAS good. He picked a Surgeon General who'd live till 96. He obviously saw something in Koop regarding how smart he was on health!

And may Dr Koop rest in peace...he was controversial but he had well founded opinions and showed a willingness to stand up for what he felt was right.
And he usually WAS right.

Heck, he did something right, living that long and, I believe, living in quite good health till the end.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, eat the pork; in celebration of the pork in government.
Eat the meat; the end is near :-)

Having eaten Ikea Swedish meatballs in France and Germany while living there, I found out today I've probably eaten horse. Who knew?
There is a horse meat shop in Munich's Viktuallien Mkt but I never bought anything there, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Should I eat meat this Friday?

I can't stick to that plan. I've tried but as much as I do believe fasting and practicing moderation or some kind of diet restrictions can be a spiritual experience because you basically tell your ego it can't have everything it wants, I'm not convinced God obligates us to not eat meat on Friday.

Although Carl's Jr has a nice fish burger I need to try. Gotta have some mercury in my diet!


Anonymous said...

How In N Out burgers hot their game; I gt this on good authority: When most people eat them, they go IN, and then pop right OUT again. that's how bad they taste to most people.

Dick Wilde

Anonymous said...

Dick, they're wildly popular and have a huge market share. Sorry you don't like them!

Chacun a son gout.

FrogBurger, you beautifully describe why we might want to give up certain foods/things.
Most Protestants really have a problem with Lent "TOO CATHOLIC" but I think giving things up is less CATHOLIC than it is about giving something up in remembrance for the days Jesus sacrificed all food and water. Honoring that, rmeembering that, etc.

No, God obligates us to nothing dietary.

Ed Bonderenka said...

not eating their burger because of a biblical reference would be like not watching baseball because of the John 3:16 guy.

beamish said...

It is a myth that In-and-Out serves "real burgers" rather than ground beef sandwiches, as a real burger has Louisiana hot sauce seared into the meat.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I suspect the bulk of Leftists don't have a clue about this.

They wouldn't know a reference to a biblical verse if it bit them in the ass.


FreeThinke said...

Has anyone asked Ronald McVomit what HE thinks about all this?

I'd love to know. It could be revealing. ;-)