Monday, February 25, 2013

Five Minutes of Oscars....

...and there was an Obama.

Yes, I clicked into the Oscars and noticed it was time for the bigger announcements of Best Actor, I thought I'd watch for five minutes (I don't usually watch them much)....  Then it was time for BEST PICTURE and, lo and behold, they introduced MRS OBAMA ON BIG SCREEN LOOMING OVER THE STAGE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.

Was Laura Bush ever on the Oscars? 

And did you think ARGO, which admittedly was a wonderful film of courage and patriotism and amazing ingenuity, deserved BEST OSCAR?



Anonymous said...

Argo. What a joke. This movie was good but not Oscar worthy.


Z said...

FrogBurger, I loved it, but I thought it was a good "Made for TV movie"...production-wise.
I couldn't agree with you more.
I suppose some Hollywood politics entered into it.
Suspense sells, too.
And, of course, we know it couldn't be patriotism which had them all vote for it, but I HOPE SO, somewhere DEEEP down in their psyches? !!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're right. Affleck was terrible in this movie too. That's maybe why it was hard to watch for me. One note.


Z said...

I thought that "one note" was rather his character, though...unemotional spy type "don't show your insides.."?

Anonymous said...

Maybe but he got boring. Thank god for the airport scene.


Ducky's here said...

It's a marketing stunt proven by Emmanuelle Riva not being picked as Best Actress.

That was a tour de force in Amour

Fredd said...

I am frankly and honestly surprised that Barack Obama didn't show up at the Oscars.

The Oscars are where all of his voters get their news, info and marching orders. Low information voters know who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1986, for God's sake, but couldn't tell you the name of the sitting Vice President of the United States.

This venue reaches way more low information voters (he calls them 'constituents') than one of his State of the Union addresses. Of course Michelle Obama was present, and nobody should be shocked or dismayed. Venues like this is how they get their message out.

I am not joking.

(Marlee Matlin won that 1986 award for her role in 'Children of a Lesser God').

Z said...

I was REALLY surprised at John GOodman, et al, who were so thrilled with the CIA's job....he's a huge lefty, as are Affleck and Clooney, so it felt good to see them all want to make a film that celebrated the selflessness and cleverness of anything AMerican, particularly the spy industry.
The airport scene was terrific.

My naturalized mother is such a patriot and would love the film but she can't even sit through a Lakers game without practically biting her fingernails to the bone so I knew ARGO would about do her in with its constant suspense!!

Z said...

Ducky, I heard the acting in Amore was breathtaking but the film was so depressing a friend left it feeling down for days.
Ya, this is politics.

Fredd, Obama sure didn't shirk at getting a message out, but I felt it was so unfair because she talked about the arts and how they make "children dream" and something about better futures; meanwhile, her husband's selling our kids down the river financially..some future.
they're tone deaf.

Jen Nifer said...

I was so glad Life of Pi won for photography and cinematography. It was beautiful! Daniel Day Lewis deserved the oscar for Lincoln, too.

Ducky's here said...

I thought Argo was as much a satire on the film industry as it was an espionage caper.

Z said...

Ducky, how do you mean?

Jen, I need to see LINCOLN! And LIFE OF PI...although the genre in the clips they showed didn't interest me, I heard it was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, I'm glad we agree for once. I think Argo's win really shows the movie industry had a terrible year quality wise. Now the new thing is to turn video games into movies or books, not the opposite. I think they're not marketing to aging people like you and me. But I did love the Silver Linings Playbook.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln was awesome. I get turned off by things like Life Of Pi. If I want to see computer effects, I can play my Xbox. I couldn't stand watching Avatar for example.


Ducky's here said...

z, I think anyone who attends a Haneke film should expect a pretty down ride.

Still, the hard choices that couple were faced with ... dying, which is a much more complicated matter than death, no?

Ducky's here said...

Fredd, I'm a low information voter who gave up on the Oscars when Julie Andrews won for "Mary Poppins" over Kim Stanley in "Seance on a Wet Afternoon"

Don't remember the year though.

Tenmei said...

Z, I have to admit I missed even watching five minutes of the Oscars. That event, like the actors, the movies themselves, the reviewers and the media in general, have very little in common with real life. As you say above the comment box, 'we just refuse to drink your Kool-Aide'.

In my case I was finishing the book, The Racketeer, by John Grisham. Wonderful book.

Forgive my opinions if any of you find them offensive. I know that most of you, like me, are living your lives the way you believe you should, not how the caretakers want us to.

~ Will

Z said...

Will! Nothing offensive in what you said! (there never is)
I sometimes watch 10 minutes of the Red Carpet for the CLOTHES:-), then I don't watch ...but I was channel surfing and clicked by it and saw it was the last awards 'biggies' so I decided to watch that....

Mrs. Obama announcing BEST PICTURE blew my just feels so common and undignified, but there ya go....I just read that Iran TV showed her but covered up her chest and shoulders as if she wore something really bare, which she did not.

Actually, I don't remember writing that part above the comments about Communists or Kool Aid...and I think I spelled Kool Aid wrong and will now attempt to correct it; thanks!

Z said...

Now it's better :-)

-FJ said...

The rehabilitation of Jimmy Carter continues w/Argo.

Waylon said...

I have to admit when I saw the FLOTUS standing by to award Best Picture I assumed that it must have been because Django Unchained had won the Oscar since I assumed she was there to endorse something.

I was surprised when it turned out to be Argo.

-FJ said...

Spare me...

Meanwhile, Ross Perot's story goes unremarked. Of course, no government employee's were ever at risk, so...

Z said...

FJ, I couldn't read it anymore after Carter righted history by reminding us this was mostly a Canadian rescue, which it wasn't, of course.
MANY Americans also put their lives at risk.
I love how he says "first, it was 90% a Canadian effort, not American..other than that, it was a good film"

Then he goes on to say how involved HE WAS!? :-)
That man repulses me.
He hates Israel and he can't wait to keep any credit from Americans.

Z said...

FJ, re the Perot story, did you notice Wikipedia calls the story "PLOT SUMMARY" as if it's made up? Sounds like that to me, anyway.
yes, that's an amazing story and it's given very short shrift.
After all, Perot's a Republican and, as you say, no gov't employees were going to die.

Average American said...

I do not watch Oscars, Emmys, or anything else the Hollywood progs do to slap each other on their frigging backs. They all make me sick, well, almost all anyway. I never could see the point in it anyway. I know what I liked and what I didn't like and don't really give 2 shits what they liked.

Average American said...

Eh, can you say "Bah Humbug!!??"

Anonymous said...

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Z said...


Z said...

Off Topic, have you guys seen the typical leftwing hatchet job on Jindal? He must be more popular and scary to the left than we thought (though I'm no big fan)...

They just can't understand that Republicans can disagree with Republicans because we so RARELY see that within Democrats.
And they can't understand that people are not going to be popular for making cuts.
Why the heck do they think they're (dems) are so popular!? :-)
It's killing the country with the spending, but better that than unpopular, I guess?

Pris said...

I hadn't watched the Oscars since The Titanic won. Good grief!

I watched this time because I loved Les Miserables. It was terrific, and so were the performances. I do love musicals, and the musical score was wonderful. I was hoping it would win.

However I have not seen the other movies which were nominated. I understand that there were really other good movies which were nominated.

Jen Nifer said...

I enjoyed Lewis' performance more than the actual story. Life of Pi is a spiritual experience, not because of the effects, but the story. And now that I think about it, it was the experience that moved me, not the cinematography.

Anyone here a fan of Terrence Malick? Now his films are visually beautiful, in my opinion.

Z said...

ANOTHER OFF TOPIC: (slow day at work!!)

Oh, but wait..they're NOT, they only promise they are..

oh, well!! The world doesn't care? :-) WHAT?

Liberalmann said...

Laura Bush and Reagan were on the Ocsars. It's too funny to watch wingnuts go nuts of Michell's appearance. Loving it!!!

Anonymous said...


I hadn't watched the Oscars since The Titanic won.."

LMAO...and we already knew the beginning and ending of that too.

Special effects were good...a friend of mine who own's casinos bought the stern model and had it installed in one of them.

Said every time the truck dragging it stopped for fuel...another piece would come off for souvenirs!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Here's a little ditty we should all believe:
"But despite accusations that the Obamas had pushed to insert themselves into Hollywood's biggest night, the first lady's appearance was in fact the brainstorm of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's teenaged daughter.

Lily Weinstein helped her father and Oscars producers work out the details with the White House two weeks ago, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"I loved that we pulled it off," Hawk Koch, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, told the publication on Monday."

By the way, Reagan was the past president of the Screen Actors Guild and neither he nor Mrs. Bush were on live with soldiers standing behind them.
Using them for some horrible patriotic? :-)

"Loving it!" Good. You give us such comic relief it's nice we can return the favor. Except I think Michelle shouldn't have used the opportunity as such a political've probably memorized her speech, remember it?

And MY GOODNESS, I'm just looking around and seeing where you got your information!! ....the leftwing (and mainstream, one and the same) are OUTRAGED...using words like "HATEFUL" because Mrs. Bush was in a segment "what do movies mean to you.." and feeling that should compare with the HUUUUGE screen of Mrs. Obama suddenly there out of nowhere.

Talk about funnY!

Z said...

At least we didn't have to see Mrs. Reagan or any other dignified First lady dance on TV "to encourage children to dance" :-)

Kid said...

I had some Oscars once. Hard to take care of actually. Special food and they need meat fairly often too. Then you have to be careful cleaning the tank. Darn things will bite you in a New Yoik minute.

But seriously, the last good movie I saw was Braveheart. If I may ad-lib - "Sure you may go home and lie peacefully in your beds, tending to your sheep and your meager 401k's and other nebulus belongings and maybe even die too early of old age due to a lack of proper healthcare... But on that last day - ON that Last Day as you look out over your government monitored 10 square feet of personal garden at the once beautiful sunshine and think of your children and their children and how the government will rape them mercilessly over their lives, WHAT WOULD YOU TRADE to HAVE THIS ONE DAY BACK... and to Fight These Animals for FREEDOM for you and your children!!!"

What would you trade that you have now, that you won't have on that last day anyway.

Kid said...

If anyone hadn't seen it

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I haven't watched the Oscars in years for exactly these reasons.

Anonymous said...

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Jan said...

I never watch the show because I can't stand the pretentiousness of the whole thing, but just this once I thought I'd watch a few minutes of it.

It hadn't been two minutes, and there she was, being presented like some huge, grand, dream fulfilling gift to the adoring masses!

It was totally inappropriate.

There's just no other word for it, other than ridiculous, maybe.

Already tired of seeing her on one show after another, the shock of seeing her on that giant screen was too much.

It is rather discouraging to see the privileged offices of President, and First Lady of the United States, lose all their dignity.

Why doesn't Hollywood just sign the two of them to lifetime movie contracts and be done with it?

Kid said...

Jan, what an incredible lack of class and taste the obamas have been -really- all of their lives. But main stage for the last 5 years.

Incompetent *'s on the slip slide affirmative action ride and still not appreciative. Still.
I put the obama's mental states on a par with osama's mental state. Seriously.
A female neither can call a 'mother'. A deadbeat dad, and a life of hating the environment they grew up in. I honestly, think there's about This "" much separating obama from osama.

Z said...

Jan, did you see the video I linked?: Her dancing 'for kids'?

I think it's a great thing to get kids moving, but THIS?

They're ubiquitous and really tiresome and I just can't say much more. It's so upsetting.

I wish he'd butt out of comments about sports, I wish he'd take calls at night, I wish he'd acted during Benghazi, I wish he wouldn't lie about the Republicans "not having anything but 'no'", I wish he'd DO SOMETHING that could help black on black crime..KIDS ARE DYING and he's got a bully pulpit and they'd listen to him!
I wish he'd just be the PRESIDENT.

And she'd just be First Lady and stop with the television appearances.......

my gosh

Jan said...

Kid..I know what you mean!

Still, I just read a blog with a 'tweet' from someone saying that they'd give a body part to have a mom like MO

Those poor, misguided, people.

Z..not sure which video of her dancing for the kids. I went back to see, because sometimes they won't load, but I didn't find one.

I just saw one of her dancing on the Jimmy Fallon show, a few days ago, that the one?

I asked Lucky if he had seen it, and he asked if I meant the one of her dancing with the 'white woman.'

It was Jimmy Fallon, dressed as a 'mom.' :)

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Why not Argo? Okay, there was some competition. But Django?? Good god. No idea how that mess got in there. Wait a minute... it's not entirely about talent, now is it.

I liked Argo, especially for it's Hollywood angle. Zero Dark Thirty, intense and focused - probably my favorite. Sorry, I wanted to like Lincoln. Really did. Only made it through the first 30 minutes. Life of Pi was fantastic - and I never watch the animated stuff.

As for FLOTUS ... is anyone surprised that a bunch of vapid lefties with stunted prefrontal cortexes, who fawn over appearance and repress substance would want to share the stage with their goddess/mother?

Z said...

Jan, it's billed at the beginning about something with kids..that they should 'move'...

yes, that's Fallon dressed as a woman.. a mom being a good mother by getting her kids moving. No kids in the video.

Hi, Deborah..

ARGO was a fantastic "made for TV movie" in my opinion. I really did like it and I may feel like that because a Guild member let me borrow it and watch it ON TV :-)
The only other one I bothered to see was Les Miserables, which is fabulous.
But Ann Hathaway? For 20 minutes on film?

Always On Watch said...

Promotion along the lines of the next Evita?

Always On Watch said...

I rarely go to the cinema.

That said, I was glad to read the The Life of Pi won something. I DID to go see that one and loved it!