Friday, February 8, 2013

Ashley Judd....candidate for Tennessee :-)

This is SO short I'm hoping most of you watch it.........
Honestly....this is perfect. 
What would you add to it?



Ducky's here said...

She hasn't even officially announced and Mitch already has the hit pieces out.
Guy's such a stiff he almost lost his last race.
I hope she does run and they try to do a Palin on her. They'll find out she's a good deal more intelligent.

DaBlade said...

They'll find out she's a good deal more intelligent.

Judd couldn't carry Palin's moose rifle. Sarah would have also been a better actress than Ashley, but she decided to actually serve a useful purpose with her life.

"It just clicked!" Loved that ad Z!

Always On Watch said...

How are you assessing Ashley Judd's intelligence? By THIS SPEECH?

Always On Watch said...


Anonymous said...

She doesn't want to live in Tennessee or Kentucky. She wants to live in Washington D.C., where she can bask in the glow of The One. It just clicked!

FreeThinke said...

Kentucky is well known for breeding horses, isn't it?

Now it can be known for breeding horse's asses as well.

Great GAWD a'mighty!

Z said...

Ducky, no she's not more intelligent at all. Just agrees with your ilk. No, not at proof of that at all; never won governorship of a large state, naaa. She can sort of act. Mama helped.

CNN was doing hit jobs on FOX before they finally went on the air; this is typical. And this is an excellent video;' and so well deserved.

DaBlade..I'm glad!

AOW... wonderful, thanks!

ConsonFire...she SURE does..follow the Wizard and you, too, can bask in the limelight of D.C...

FT...well put!!!

Z said...

Evan Bayh just told a FOX interviewer that the reason Eisenhower had an 87% approval rating was that we had a 'real threat to our country'....they felt Eisenhower was fighting the enemy.

Bayh, a Dem, apparently doesn't believe there's a threat to America today.

Silverfiddle said...

I would neither demean her nor underestimate her. It's too easy to dismiss someone as a ditz.

She attended college and she has been involved in many causes, so she engages in events and uses her brain, apparently, even if she does appear to unthinkingly succumb to knee-jerk leftwing ideologies.

So don't underestimate her. She's a beautiful actress, and therefor perfectly suited for politics today.

If she runs against McConnell, I predict there will be a Senator Ashley Judd in America's future.

JonBerg said...

While I'd be surprised that a junior version of Pelosi could get elected in Kentucky, it comes with equal surprise that the likes of Obama got elected/reelected. So I guess anything is possible in a Nation gone MAD!

Z said...

Silverfiddle, it's politics; the Republicans are finally starting to fight back like the Dems do, so I can't blame Rove, frankly.
Start NOW....
they've smashed to bits every Republican candidate coming down the pike ... if Rove can get Tenesseans giggling about Judd in an attempt to stop another Obama sycophant from winning a seat, I'm all for it.

JB..MAD is right.

Ducky's here said...

Well, z , I hope Rove keeps it up. It really worked well in the last election.

But Harvard school of public policy, I can see why that disqualifies Judd.

Z said...

Judd's a hack, her words. Listen to AOW's links.

Harvard? Gee, that makes her SMART :-)

Rove didn't get off the ground in the last election; one can't even criticize a black president without being called racist.
This is NUTS and THIS is REALLY racist on the part of the left, of course.

Right Truth said...

Tennessee??? Not in my State, ha. Kentucky? Surely the citizens have enough sense not to elect her, she is so far Left she may fall off the edge, ha Independent??? Pfffft

Right Truth

Z said...

There's the Harvuhd-attending brilliant Ms Judd.
How'd she get IN to Harvard...they're stringent, even if they are unabashedly and dishonestly liberal-leaning.

Lisa said...

Isn't being a hack/lying sob a prerequisite to get elected for office in the democrat party?
Another advantage is having a voting block of uneducated Flash Mobs.

Anonymous said...

Just one more moron in politics. We have plenty so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

That's why I think Ducky should run for office. He'd fit well.


Anonymous said...

I mean look at Elizabeth Warren. I'm sure Judd would actually be better than this woman.

It seems that gov and politics are increasingly attracting people who can't just do anything in the private sector.

Reminds me France where everybody's so desperate you have to become a politician to become rich or be a gov worker to have a decent living.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me this famous quote from John Adams.

"I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace, two useless men are called a law firm, and three or more become a Congress."

I love it.


Anonymous said...


"How'd she get IN to Harvard."

Same way Bummer did.

Sam Huntington said...

If I had to pick one person to assess another individual's intelligence, Duhky would be my very last consideration.

JonBerg said...


As I see it, the word "intelligence", when used in the Liberal venacular, bears no relationship to [wisdom] other than an antithetical one!

Z said...

FB...check out Always On Watch's links above...2 of them. One shows Judd naked in about 10 photos, so don't miss that :-)
Read the articles and click on the links to Judd's speeches.
And she went to Harvuhd :-)

Always On Watch said...

Sam said: If I had to pick one person to assess another individual's intelligence, Duhky would be my very last consideration.

Now, that's a hilarious comment!!!

Z said...

I don't think Ducky's stupid; I think he's usually mean and almost always wrong...based on hatred for everything about America we love...

Divine Theatre said...

It's all entertainment anyhow. At least she doesn't look like Pelosi, though they are all of the hive mind.


FreeThinke said...

"At least [Judd] doesn't look like Pelosi"

OH give her time, Andie. Pelousy has had a considerable head start. She's SEVENTY-THREE or FOUR. Judd must be what -- thirtyish?

To be fair I have to say that for a woman of such advanced age Pelousy looks very good. It's her "stinkin' attitude" that makes her appear unattractive. By classical standards of beauty she's really very good looking -- certainly no fat, frizzy-haired frump, you'll have to admit.

Gotta give the devil his due, you know. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That speech reads like a joke and it starts with one.

The pictures are cute but as i get older a smart decent looking lady is a lot more attractive than a dumb good looking one.


Anonymous said...


"based on hatred for everything about America we love...

Ironic isn't it? A Bostonian who'd have made a great Redcoat 200 years ago?

Anonymous said...

All Jughead Jugs Judd's opponent has to do is keep flashing her T&A across the TV screens of the mostly Baptist voting bloc...and they'll want to Baptize the slut again.

She's a prime example of Hollywood's decadence and knuckle-headness that I don't think Kentuckians will appreciate.

Z said...

FB "The pictures are cute but as i get older a smart decent looking lady is a lot more attractive than a dumb good looking one."

THIS felt good to read!! :-) GOOD ONE!

Imp...ya, that's not a winning scenario, but I'm sure she'll be getting all that stuff hidden. They could cover for Obama and Hillary, they'll cover for Ashley, too.
I feel sorry for her mother. I'd have wanted to raise a girl smarter than those really dumb speeches!

Ed Bonderenka said...

So Judd went to Harvard.
GWB went to Yale. Business School.
That doesn't count for much with Monsieur Duck's crowd.

Kid said...

What is the value of attending a communist indoctrination center formerly known as a university?

Otherwise another celebrity with dust bunnies for brains.

Ducky's here said...

Bleep Nemo.

Anonymous said...


" but I'm sure she'll be getting all that stuff hidden.."

How? It's all out there....and she put it all out can't just disappear can it? Maybe if she dons a burka? Good idea....that'll go over real big. Boobs in a bag.

JonBerg said...

Off Topic, Sorry:

I'll just address this to all in the "North East", who may have bought into the Al Gore scam (you know who you are). How's that "Global Warming" thing going for you tonight? If there is a response, I'll bet it will be a "whopper"!

Anonymous said...


"who may have bought into the Al Gore scam (you know who you are). How's that "Global Warming" thing going for you tonight?" say nothing of the Jersey moonpie boy giving obama a french kiss and a pinch on his skinny ass for aid from FEMA...and still without over 3 months later....I'll bet all these airheads that are still freezing...without electricity ( YET!!!) and haven't seen one fooking dime from the FEDS....freeze their asses off and still thank Obama?

Now...these liberal morons who voted for the ONE...have nothing to say?

Too damn bad they aren't all black and in New Orleans....and Bush was still POTUS.

Hey New Yak...and Joisey....rasberries at ya.

Leticia said...

Just another misinformed celebrity and who tries to appear to know what she is talking about but doesn't have a clue.


Anonymous said...

who may have bought into the Al Gore scam (you know who you are). How's that "Global Warming" thing going for you tonight?

Especially when the guy sells his TV to a Qatari-owned business that is primarily financed through oil money.

I guess his money making scheme with Enron didn't work so he had to find some other way.


Z said...

a headline on Yahoo says "Karl Rove calls Judd a Hollywood Liberal though she hasn't decided to run!"

You have to RUN to be called a Hollywood Liberal?

Typical liberal journalist...stupid

beamish said...

Hillary Clinton became a Senator from New York after having never actually lived there.

What difference does it make anyway?

Liberalmann said...

Judd will beat the turtle by a wide margin.

Kid said...

So, I'm looking at this picture on the pose 'obamacare has done so much for us".

No surprise that she doesn't know that Most of the stuff in that bill hasn't been implemented yet.

JonBerg said...

"No surprise that she doesn't know that Most of the stuff in that bill hasn't been implemented yet."

YES and what is known, so far, is frightening! As this convoluted labyrinth of increased cost and decreased availability of care unfolds, will we finally see B.O.'s undoing? This travisty belongs strictly to him and the DemocRATS; no Republican supported it! As pessimistic as I am, this [could] be the "tipping point". If so I sure wish that it wasn't going to take so long!

JonathanToth said...

You guys really like Mitch McConnell better than Ashley Judd?