Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Speak OUT, Mr. Obama......they need you

THIS poor young woman was shot only hours after hearing Obama give a talk about gun violence in Chicago.  She was an 18 year old single mother of a 3 month old child.

This is such a sad story of the horrible situations in the young Black community of Chicago (and elsewhere, probably).  An unwed 18 year old mother shot in the street.

WHY don't Black leaders hate Black on Black crime as much as they denounce every crime a White perpetrates against a Black American?

Do you think Obama could speak on this, or would it be political suicide to condemn his biggest base for bad behavior?

What do you think?  Be fair:  If he was inclined to, COULD HE?



Sam Huntington said...

Well, I don’t know what more he could do, actually. Chicago already has the toughest gun control laws in the entire country. Obviously it’s working, right? What’s the point of speaking out about an issue that isn’t really a problem? You see, this is the genius about community organizing for a living … you can speak out about stuff, take no affirmative actions, proclaim yourself a winner, and successfully run for the presidency. Once in office, support legislation that takes guns away from law-abiding citizens. All in all, it’s a wonderful life.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sam's right.
What he's doing is winning for HIM.
He has no incentive to change his behavior.
It's not like he really cars about people in particular, just in generalities, as the generalities fit his intentions.

Always On Watch said...

Obama lacks empathy. He has no inclination whatsoever to speak about the situation outlined in the blog post.

Nor is speaking out of any advantage to Obama's agenda.

Thersites said...

It's whitey's fault. Discrimination against the black man.

Thersites said...

When you already think you know the answer, you stop asking the question. Why?

Joe said...

"Why don't Black leaders hate Black on Black crime as much as they denounce every crime a White perpetrates against a Black American?"

Because it is to their advantage to promote racism.

Anonymous said...

Of course Obama could speak out if he were so inclined. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams do it al the time. Sadly, they don't reach as many young blacks as Obama could.

The Debonair Dudes World said...
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The Debonair Dudes World said...

Is it a coincidence that Obamie’s hometown is the murder capital of the United States? And ran by Rahm Emmanuel the thug in disguise . And correct me if I’m wrong but don?t they have very strict gun laws there already? I thought that they already do! Wake up you dumb assed Liberals, it’s the gangs and thugs who don’t obey the gun laws, not the honest law abiding citizens who have LEGAL guns. Not the members of the NRA. It?s not a question of guns being banned or guns not being banned, it’s the criminals who have the guns that are causing all this crime and murder. Gun laws are never going to stop or prevent them from doing their dirty work. .This poor young woman was an honor student and she was a honest and beautiful member of society. What a waste .
America has a very serious problem whit black on black crime.. Oh I’m sorry, I meant to say “Afro-American” on “Afro-American”. But lets call it like it is, they are the community who voted 96 percent for Obama, and Rahm Emmanuel as well. You get what you vote for Chicago!!!!! This City is a cesspool.
Until the courts get a pair of balls and fry a few of these killers and get these thugs and murder’s of our children off the streets, our children will never be safe.
MAYBE OBAMI SHOULD THINK ABOUT VISITING CHICAGO INSTEAD OF PLAYING GOLF WITH TIGER WOODS! How?s that working for you Chicagoans? And where is Al Sharpton when you need him?
Start voting for conservatives and perhaps these things might change..

Z your asking Obama to "Speak OUT”....because they need him. Well I’m not so sure that they need his kind of BS there, they need a strong and efficient Police Commissioner and police force and a Mayor who will back up the Police Commissioner and a court system that will do whatever they have to do to get rid of the vermin who are committing these acts of violence. Not more of Obama’s Bull-Shit, not his all talk and no action. I'd be more impressed with someone like Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s kind of action. Chicago and many other American cities need someone who enforces the laws as it is already written, we don’t need any new laws. .

Z said...

Great comments all...

Conservatives On Fire...I agree; he could if he was so inclined.

And what a bully pulpit he has. Black kids adore him; so TALK.

Always on Watch, I think you're right; I don't think he has empathy.

I believe there COULD be a speech written that kids would listen to.

They sure cared about Trayvon Martin when they thought a White guy shot him. There are other cases, too, too many.........
but the Black "leaders" do not care, otherwise.

Obama's missing a lot of opportunities ... and getting involved in things he has no business doing.

Ducky's here said...

WHY don't Black leaders hate Black on Black crime as much as they denounce every crime a White perpetrates against a Black American?

I guess they just love it when black kids are shot down. They just love it.

But speaking out isn't going to do anything about bangers. You have to stop the trade in handguns and nobody has the political will to cross the gun loons.

The Question Man said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you guys read that slop that “The Question Man “ wrote? This is why, I vote against the leftist /liberal/democrats, in every election no matter who is running against them. we lost this last election because of these idiots who stayed home because a “RINO” was running. And that’s such BullSheet. And that is one reason why we are losing . We are eating our own, and what happens? We get a guy like the FREAKEN IDIOT The Question Man slobber his venom. We ger a guy like Barack Obama in the White House. We have no influence anymore and the guys and gals in the military suffer because of it.
OK, maybe bothe McCain or Romney were not the conservatives we were looking for. And yes, maybe the both ran a lousy campaign, but the last time around we should have had a Slam Dunk against Obama, he had everything against him and he still slaughtered us. To lose to this clown Obama is a real slap in the face. Dońt tell me how bad Romney was, because I dońt buy it. I think that he did pretty good in his debates. But we can’t just sit by and expect the other guy to lose without our helping our guy. Also we must stop the fight against gays, and abortions. Gays,and abortions are here to stay, and these is nothing that you can do about it. Either that happens or we are going to keep on losing to these Socialist’s and get one Obama on top of after another Obama. And if that happens we can kiss our ass’s good bye.

Z said...

Ducky, yes "they love it". How obtuse can you BE? You think I'm implying they LOVE it because they make SUCH A STINK when anybody but a Black person kills a Black kid but very little over Black on Black crime?

Republicans feel we need to protect ALL children. Protecting children includes adhering to the laws re guns that are on the books. Not new ones.
And, by the way, check out Chicago's gun laws :-)

Question Man...you're amazing.

Ya, we'd vote for someone with dignity and good character, who understands this country and most of its people, like Dr Benjamin Carson, TOMORROW if we only could. But, we're racist. Gotcha.

My Cons. Thoughts: I spent months before the election warning Conservatives to vote or you'll get more Obama, but they were such "purists" they just couldn't. And, we got him again.
You should hear his speech this morning, right now...he's talking about "Congress didn't do its job"...have you EVER heard a president smack people and insult them as he does? HORRIBLE.

Dr MLK Jr would have said "Character counts, Mr. Obama....your color is not important..you are the president of Dems and Republicans, so GROW UP."

Ya, it's all Congress' fault about sequestration. :-)
Meanwhile, the debt's Sixteen and a HALF trillion dollars today.

Bravo, Obama. Keep buying cell phones for people and keep those food stamp ATMs in lap dance clubs.

CLEAN UP THE FRAUD, MR OBAMA..you MIGHT find money there.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's here said...
WHY don't Black leaders hate Black on Black crime as much as they denounce every crime a White perpetrates against a Black American?
I guess they just love it when black kids are shot down. They just love it.

Ducky, I always thought that your were an IDIOT, any YOU just proved me to be correct. You are a complete IDIOT in every sense of the word.

Joe said...

The question man, coincidentally, just posted the same exact comment on my blog, as well as on dozens of others. He writes one racist rant and copies and pastes it wherever his very small mind can think of.

I have relegated him to my spam box.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Joe said...
The question man, coincidentally, just posted the same exact comment on my blog, as well as on dozens of others. He writes one racist rant and copies and pastes it wherever his very small mind can think of.
I have relegated him to my spam box..

I would have relegated to the Litter Box!

-FJ said...

You have to stop the trade in handguns and nobody has the political will to cross the gun loons.


Like guns aren't just a symptom of the DRUG WARS... and if GUNS weren't available, they wouldn't just use OTHER WEAPONS...

Good one, duckman!

-FJ said...

btw - All we REALLY need now is for the DEA to do a little GUN WALKING in inner city Chicago and Detroit neighborhoods...

-FJ said...

...a couple of .50's and a few hundred Uzi's should do the trick!

Z said...



Z: this means, of course, that they'll be PAYING Axelrod now instead of just getting all his liberal BS input for FREE

Anonymous said...

You have to stop the trade in handguns and nobody has the political will to cross the gun loons.

Another sophism from our leftist idiot in chief.

How about stopping drug-related crime first?

No wonder you're on the left. Always treat the symptoms, never the cause of problems.


FatAlbert said...

What will it take for people to finally recognize that the monster Hussein and the Marxocrats stole the last election through massive and systemic electoral fraud? The reason that people were "shocked" is because they could not bring themselves to believe what was happening right before their eyes; yet they must believe it if they are to be able to do anything productive about it. The Marxocrats have not perfected "manipulating the conservatives" via their media shills; most conservative voters don't believe the left propaganda machine as it is. Rather, the Marxocrats have perfected using the utterly corrupt deep "blue" urban political machines to criminally generate the illegitimate "votes" necessary to negate the votes of the suburban and rural voters, thereby disenfranchising the majority of the voters in both "blue" and "red" states. We now live under an illegitimate and tyrannical federal government that is operating beyond the bounds of any constitutional restraint whatsoever. The Marxocrats have finally succeeded in their criminal enterprise of destroying the Constitutional Republic of old.

We live in an age where more information is more readily available to more people than at any time in the history of the world. And what is the result? People are now able to limit their exposure to information they do not want to hear. The truth is out there, but it must be willing to be heard.

But even if we did get "control" of a major media outlet, it would make little difference, because the majority of Americans have been indoctrinated into leftists/statist/Progressive thinking though 12-16 years of education, modern mainline churches, and a lifetime of exposure to popular media.

JonBerg said...

"WHY don't Black leaders hate Black on Black crime as much as they denounce every crime a White perpetrates against a Black American?"

In order to answer that question I would first have to [completely] understand why 95% of Blacks gave support to a FRAUD who's ultimate destruction of this society will impact them as bad or worse than anyone. I find NO [rational] explanation for either.

Anonymous said...

"to cross the gun loons."


The cops arrested a 15 YO with 19 previous arrests...THERE'S YOUR LOON.

Anonymous said...

I see that ole lib Juan Williams changed his usual tune on black crime last night.

I was amazed to hear him speak of 70% illegitimacy, 13% of the population with 50% of the crime and his frustration that not one black stands up in chicago or anywhere to kick the thugs out. He even said the word..."ghetto"!

Thye're satisfied with barricading behind bars on windows and quadruple locks on doors? Imprisoning themselves?

50 years later....and it can't be any worse for those that have to live there...in section 8 slave encampments.

Anonymous said...


For all of the focus on the AR-15, undoubtedly driven by politicians and the media, the gun was used in only THREE incidents since 1966.

1. Clackamas: A Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

2. Newtown: A Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

3. Aurora: A Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle

As an aside, Jonesboro, Columbine, Paducah, and Springfield happened when the last AWB was in effect.

Anonymous said...

this means, of course, that they'll be PAYING Axelrod now instead of just getting all his liberal BS input for FREE

Actually the tax payer is via all the tax breaks GE gets.


Mustang said...

Now see, the Question Man is an example of someone in our society who should not be allowed to have a firearm. No surprise that he's a leftist.

Waylon said...

2. Newtown: A Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Is there absolute proof that this was the weapon used in Newtown, Imp? There seems to be plenty of evidence that this weapon was found in the trunk of the car and the weapons used were handguns.


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure...but they're implying that he used it....I thought he used all 9MM's?

Yet here it is almost 4 months later and they're not releasing the info at all. I'm sure that when the cops found Lanza....they knew exactly what he used.

But...it fits their agenda to blame AR's.

Z said...

FatAlbert, right...but when I hear senators saying "we just shouldn't fillibuster so I guess Hagel will get it," then I know something's wrong.
Too bad that didn't happen for John Bolton. We could have used someone like him.

Since when do Republicans roll over and play dead like they are NOW?

Jon...you're right; 95% of Blacks voted for Obama then jerks like Question Man have the nerve to call US RACIST? :)

Frog..good point re who's paying Axelrod.

Imp...about gang loons vs gang bangers; well said.
And I was surprised to hear ol' Juan, too. SOmetimes he sees the light, then his guts can't take it and he has to resort to his silly liberal line of (un)thinking.

Mustang...someone like him had BETTER not get a gun.

Imp and Waylon; surprised about information not getting out?

Do you guys know that we're STILL not hearing the names of witnesses to the Benghazi situation? WHERE ARE THEY? In HIDING?

Anonymous said...



The 911 truthers think they're with the passengers of the 4 hijacked jets. Somewhere in Area 51 I'd assume.

Anonymous said...

"I guess they just love it when black kids are shot down. They just love it."

I don't think they love it at all. I just think from their apparent lack of will and lack of any plans to rid themselves of the criminals, creeps and LOONS amongst them ( no snitching in the ghetto, remember? ) other than wringing their hands on TV...where they have 25 Newtons a year in their communities...that's been going on for decades...they'd hang the little bastards and go out looking for them

Kid said...

Duck. Man you're a moron.

1.) let's disarm law abiding citizens knowing criminals will still have guns. Result you can see in Chicago. And this is coming your way if you didn't notice.


2.) let's take ALL the guns like they did in England even though it's really impossible here, and have THIS instead.

They've been disarmed in the UK for many decades.

Man you're one stupid ass.

Z said...

Re DUCKY's comment about Blacks LOVING Black/Black crime: I think we all know he was being sarcastic, but for him to have even used that 'tone' in the face of my sentiment and true meaning in my post is ridiculous and STUPID, frankly.
As he does EVERY TIME, he clouds the truth in what we write with silly comments that only hinder any intelligent discussion.

Anonymous said...

"WHY don't Black leaders hate Black on Black crime as much as they denounce every crime a White perpetrates against a Black American?"

It keeps them in wealth, bling and Armani suits. Without the chaos, crime and poverty...they'd be out of very cushy careers keeping the hate burning and the racism alive.

That's why you won't see Fat Al on a bus to Chicago with the NBPP demanding who killed this child. It's not profitable to point the finger at your own. That's why you won't see a "Wanted dead or Alive" poster for Antwane or a Trayvon" in the hood.

Ducky's here said...

No IMP, bangers being demented doesn't negate the mental illness of the gun loons.

What you may come to understand is that while you slobber over your guns just about every other right that was enumerated is being eroded but the one the fringe right will defend to levels that tear the fabric of reason is the one that has been expanded to cause considerable damage.

And you will whine about the country decaying. Time for the mirror.

Kid said...


It's that simple. It won't last folks. It can't.

Z said...

Ducky, it's YOU DOPES WHO ARE TAKING RIGHTS. What the heck are you talking about?
let's be told what we can eat, drink, smoke, breathe...what doc to go to, who we have to pay for birth control pills and who we have to pay for abortions for...
let's be told lies about important geopolitical goings-on AND our future health care, let's have a media that doesn't tell the whole truth in its attempt to protect its messiah.

Are those Republican things, DUCKY!? No, they're idiot leftwing STUPIDITY that absolutely is taking away our rights.

Let's get rid of all knives, all cleaning fluids and matches, let's make sure NOBODY CAN DO HARM.

how utterly ridiculous that YOU would bring up the RIGHTS your people are "eroding"..mY GOD.

Waylon said...

Do you guys know that we're STILL not hearing the names of witnesses to the Benghazi situation? WHERE ARE THEY? In HIDING?


What did the inquiry establish? I'm sure the truth is known by somebody somewhere in the government, but getting that information disseminated will be almost impossible since it's controlled from the top down.

I think we are all drowning in the bullshit and have been for too long. It may just be getting more apparent since almost anything said by the government today is accepted with about as much credibility as the Soviet peasants had for the official lies of the Kremlin.

Anonymous said...

So according to duckwad.....bangers aren't LOONs? That thousands of 15 yo's running around with Mac 10's spraying homes and neighborhoods up with lead...to get some cred...to prove their manhood....isn't insanity? And worse yet...they don't even have a political motive at all.....they have the vaguest, totally insane and unintelligent "reasons" for their actions. They have feral, bestial reactions and reasoning.

Duckwad is all against the Iraq war...the Afghanistan war....not even thinking that the wars in these inner shitty cities...kill more people that all of those two wars he hates put together.

And while Code Stink is out protesting our troops...you won't see one of those pampered nazi biotches in Chicago or Newark...do you?

FO pal...FO.

Z said...

Waylon, someone on TV was saying that it's impossible that we haven't heard a THING from the survivor/witnesses..that it's just NOT DONE. But THIS administration, "The transparent one" can do ANYTHING it damned well pleases!

I don't give a rat's poop about Obama and who he plays golf with but the press corps, even the LIBS, aren't happy that he didn't allow ONE PICTURE of him and Tiger. Who else was in that foursome, I wonder?
What was so secretive?

Don't get me wrong...I know a president's busy and he needs down time to unwind and not feel "on" all the time, but then don't go with TIGER WOODS...go with friends. OR do what ALL presidents did and allow a five minute photo op.

Too bad Jesse PHOTO OP Jackson wasn't playing with them :-)

Waylon said...

Z, if there are surviving witnesses they better watch their backs. They'll end up with a target on their backs like Navy Seal Team Six and the prolific sniper who spoke openly about being a deadly threat to the enemy only to be taken down himself at a shooting range.

Z said...

Waylon, I think I wrote above, or in a comment on another recent post "I would be very careful if I were they.."

it's a NIGHTMARE, this Benghazi thing...for Obama to have said "no calls tonight" when any other president would have been up all night trying to save an AMERICAN AMBASSADOR!? That's not been on CNN either, trust me.

And where are the parents of the DEAD? Why aren't THEY demanding SOMEBODY COME CLEAN!?

Kid said...

Z, All, - I consider anyone working to take away individual liberties, such as gun rights, from Americans like duckshit and libgirl - as treasonous individuals.

I won't talk to them politely, I won't give them any quarter. If I get to raw for you, please let me know and I'll take it elsewhere or simply toss them into the bilge hold of the good ship ignoramous again, but if there is one young person out there trying to figure it out, I think it's important they hear it without PC filtering.

Your blog, just let me know as the need arises.

Kid said...

Z, The parents of the dead, for example the father of one of the SEALS at Benghazi has been on hannity TV and radio CALMLY explaining how obama -the hildebeast, and many others should be considered accessories to murder in the murder of his son and the rest of those murdered.

Not many hear those words these days. What else is new?

Hell, we ask the young servers at the restaurants we go to "what do you think about Benghazi?" They say Ben What?

JonBerg said...

Do I really have to point out that we are always better off when this clown President is out lollygaging some place where he can do less harm? I don't care who it's with. Apparently, though, he took a break today to tell us some more lies!

Liberalmann said...

He did. Nice try.

Waylon said...

Maybe it's the influence of the media to a certain extent. The stories come so fast and the emphasis changes so quickly that one outrageous incident quickly becomes de-emphasized and fades out of the public consciousness just as the next act becomes the issue of the day. This is obviously no accident but deliberately contrived to keep the majority of people who are concerned by the ongoing production off balance and frustrated.

"CFR's Matthew C. Waxman says the ongoing challenge for the Obama administration has been to balance several opposing imperatives: asserting broad war powers, while assuring critics that they are limited; justifying actions that remain covert; and promoting government transparency, while protecting sensitive intelligence programs."

Maybe that quotation is a good reflection of the game plan...at least in the eyes of those directing the thing. And targeted assassinations are part of the game.

Kid said...

Waylon, Not directed AT you of course, but your observation makes me say:

- I still weep for the women, children and families of those who were murdered aboard the hijacked flights of 9-11-2001, and those who leaped to their death to avoid the fire in the towers. It is still as clear and nuclear hot now as it was then. It will never fade. Not for me.

How much has it faded or even disappeared for the majority of 'Americans'. How many even know about 9-11-2001. A little over 10 years ago.

This is STILL a red hot poker for me. I'd be more than happy to kill every last jihadist with violence in their heart. All x number millions or billions of them. Every last stinking vermin one of them.

The rest of America ? When does Jersey Shore or WWE come on again?

Waylon said...

Kid, I think your sentiments would have reflected mine at the time that this event happened. Since then with all the blatant lies of the government I even question the events of 9-11 now. Not that it happened but more that there was more to the story than just what was seen by everybody that day in live action and multiple replays.

I think it is only proper to question the government in relation to these events, especially now in retrospect, and in light of events that have occurred since then.

Anonymous said...


"and many others should be considered accessories to murder in the murder of his son and the rest of those murdered."

Not a chance..""Iacta alea est".....the die is cast when a fraud and a murderer of hundreds of Mexi civilians and an American or two like Holder can escape jail, justice and impeachment.

The Mafia has more honor than this beast...this feral, criminal beast.

Z said...

Kid, I think you know where to draw the line on whatever you think is over the top here at geeeZ. I trust you with that. I don't want you gone, you're a friend and you add far too much!!

Imp;..I think you are SO RIGHT about the mafia.

Waylon; it's hard to believe ANYTHING with what's going on.

When I heard that McCain is going to okay Hagel after all Mc C's said about him...so we don't "have to filibuster, " I nearly lost it. I swear.
"WHAT?! What are hearings FOR?!"

DAMN them all.

Anonymous said...


" is going to okay Hagel"

You could pop that mans head and flies would come out from the garbage inside it.

Worry America that an incompetent buffon and dunce like this with the IQ of a kumquat could be the SoD...

Z said...

what do you have against kumquats?


Anonymous said...


" is going to okay Hagel.."

It just confirms my opinion that we have to blitz and nuke the entire House and Senate. It's disgusting that they put on a show like this and what it really comes down to....is the old boyz club and sorry bud...it's just politics ya know?

And it's all kabuki theater for us suckers.

Anonymous said...


"what do you have against kumquats?"

Everything now that I know one is running the Pentagon. I'd rather see a common eggplant instead.

Z said...


get a load of THAT!! HAAA!!

Anonymous said...


And ya know what Z?? Virginia's been an open carry state for along, long time.

And guess what you libby morons...not one crime committed from an open carrier while carrying publicly.

In Florida...over 1,000,000 permit holders...and 7 morons lost their right to cary cause they screwed up...they didn't shoot anybody either.

They just violated the conditions of concealed carry. Their shirt lifted up and a stupid lib who "fears guns" called the cops...

What percentage is 7 out of 1,000,000?

Crap....we have more assholes in cars with thousands of DUI's everyday killing thousands...and not one illegal stand your ground.

Kid said...

Waylon, Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I could write lots, but in the end, I'll just say I believe it was the muslims and I believe it was the muslims that kicked off a lot of the conspiracy theories. They're good at screwing with peoples minds and deception. religion of peace. nuf said.

Did people make money and capitalize in other ways and work agendas? I'm sure they did.

Kid said...

Z, I won't get offended if you slap my wrist is all I'm saying.

Hagel, Ok, here's the first test.

Hey John McCain! FU! Move to Russia you Asshole!

Z said...

Kid, Your comment about muslims is totally understandable and probable..NO PROBLEM HERE :-)

As for vulgarity, I don't want it at geeeeZ because I don't want that kind of reputation; I don't think I deserve it.
And I have to admit A$$hole is about my least favorite word around here (worst than FU) but I'm leaving them both today because I feel exactly the same way about McCain regarding Hagel.

I SWEAR somebody got to McCain OR he's a raving moron because HE is the one who had the biggest questions about Hagel and now he feels filibustering isn't what they should be doing , that 'the president has a right to his appointments'? REALLY? Why did he allow Bolton to get snowed by the dope Dems?

What the HECK happened to McCain that he turned an about face on a DANGEROUSLY dumb guy like Hagel? He couldn't even answer questions he had to KNOW were coming!

But what do OBAMA THUGS care? They get away with MURDER.

Kid said...

Z, you won't get any more of it.

I'm basically through my 5 steps of grief about America.

Well, McLame has been making the far left choice for a good while now. He talks tough every 6 years at election time, then changes back 1 second after the election.
I don't know what is wrong with Arizona voters. God, they had janet as a governor...and never had a good governor that I know of.

Anyway, I don't know what's up with mclame. Maybe, like some celebrities, he looks at the demographics and uses that to steer his actions. Or insane, on the take, senile, who knows. They could vote in a dem who wouldn't be as liberal as he is.

I'd hate to be a kid today.

Ducky's here said...
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