Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GUNS...and THE oddest thing....

Has it escaped your notice that, since Sandy Hook and the discussions about GUNS, it seems that every single day there's been a high profile shooting?    The Obama-parade twirler in Chicago, the Delaware shooting Monday morning, ..and SO many more.    There didn't seem to be quite that many until Sandy Hook.  And the threats to healthy gun owners of losing their ability to get new guns or ammunition in the ridiculous rush to help only the really bad guys retain their guns is beefed up by these killings...you can read between the lines on the news.

Or do these shootings happen all the time and they're only getting talked up more by the media which is on Obama's side on guns?

Or do you think we give so much attention to shooters that nutty ones want to get the attention, too? (indicating again that it's not the guns but the nuts who get their hands on them that need stopping)

Or is  it...............oh, I don't know.  I just think it's positively WEIRD.

Do you??????



JonBerg said...

"do these shootings happen all the time and they're only getting talked up more by the media which is on Obama's side on guns?"

"Or do you think we give so much attention to shooters that nutty ones want to get the attention,"

I would say, both. Thanks, I've wondered the same way. But in either case it doesn't matter to me insofar as the "nutty" ones are there and will always be there so I will always be prepared to respond in kind, if need be. Simply stated: The problem isn't my guns the problem is the nuts! Respectfully, if you are not armed and have never been so, take a course, buy a gun and be safe in knowing: "It's better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it".

Always On Watch said...

Often, one high-profile murderous nutjob "inspires" other murderous nutjobs.

Now there is an agenda afoot so as to call to the public's attention to shooting sprees.

Anonymous said...

Until the votes are taken, the media will do whatever it can to keep the subject in the news.

Radical Redneck said...

So the Progressives are up in arms because Ted Nugent will be at the State of the Union address tonight. Well isn’t that just too freaken bad. I didn’t see them so upset when the Smirking Chimp Uncle Joe Bite addressed the blacks when he gave that inspiring speech like a lunatic saying “They gonna put you all back in chains” my gawd, where was the uproar then? They seem to pick and choose what insult is important!
Well, at least he's telling it like it is and not holding back, and his comments on rappers is basically correct. Ted Nugent nailed it, I agree with everything he said.
Every day there is attack on traditional American values by these Progressive radicals and the ACLU, these CREEPS are destroying our country.
Did you see the Grammy Awards last night? Where the Award for Rapping went to the Racist Pigs. Singing on a Nation-wide stage while spewing the word nigger and babbling about drugs, guns, bitches!!
These untalented, thugs are lucky to have a category at all
Let me add that the libtards, have spent decades coddling our youth, refusing to hold them to American standards and values, and giving them everything for nothing. It seems as if hard work is a dirty word. And now we are endorsing pot smoking! Hows that! This country needs to get their heads on straight, and they can start by stopping this Socialist agenda of Obama.
I'm sure that Ted Nugent will have plenty to say after the President's State of the Union speech, as will I. Ted Nugent is a great American. SCREW the Democrats/Liberals/ Progressives! I hope he stands up and yells Wang Dang Sweet Poontang when Obama spews his BS. And when is Obozo going to answer to the questions on the Benghazi whole damned kit and caboodle?
Just make sure you've got popcorn handy.

sue hanes said...

Z - Yes - I think the stories about guns and shooters is greater since Sandy Hook - but why not. If there is something we can do to decrease these shootings then we should.

Not to take away the guns - but to try to make it harder for the shootings to happen.

Every little bit counts - and every life counts - doesn't it?

Ducky's here said...

And the threats to healthy gun owners of losing their ability to get new guns or ammunition in the ridiculous rush to help only the really bad guys retain their guns

What help to the really bad guys? That's an insane statement. Indicative of the facts that guns are fetish items in America. Ted Nugent controls the conversation and here we are.

Shooting at U. Maryland last night.

Ducky's here said...

Now there is an agenda afoot so as to call to the public's attention to shooting sprees.


Because they really should just be ignored?

Z said...

Sue, it appears that every life counts but young black lives....there is nothing said about black on black crime and this president has missed such a huge opportunity.

Ducky, don't be absurd and uninformed; it'll make an open field for the bad guys after the good guys who understand guns and don't use them are disarmed. DOn't kid yourself.

That's a kind of microcosm of the macrocosm Obama's creating on the world stage; Kick the knees out from America's military and we're weak, too.

meanwhile, Iran and N Korea are gunning up. Nice job,. "Progressis"

Radical Redneck; the progressives are up in arms (pardon the pun?) about Nugent being there? REALLY?
Gee, I just heard Dr Benjamin Carson slammed for speaking his truth at the prayer breakfast (backed by scripture and common sense)...Bob Beckel's saying it was shameful to have him there;

WHY can't lefties cope with diverse thought?

JonBerg...better buy it NOW. It's getting very tough.

AOW and Cons......I think it's a little more than that; and I think the White House IS issuing talking points to our media now; compliments of Axelrod; this is dangerous, unAmerican and threatens our democracy.

Z said...

Oh my...a child, 10, was "killed in random Montana killing" this morning...
Who's scheduled for tomorrow?

Z said...

By the way...now the great power America can't even send a ship into the Gulf as called for by Pentagon experts.
Is the president TRYING to demoralize our troops and our civilians?
Sequestration is a gift to Iran and N Korea, on a silver platter.

Is this only a terrible ploy by this president to blame Republicans for sequestration because "they haven't agree with him.." or is this a great way for Obama to cut our military as deeply as he'd like?

Unbelievable. Meanwhile, the WH has DRONES front and center, as does the media, so it looks like we don't NEED a strong military anymore?

Can we survive this naivitee?

Z said...

Sue Hanes...
I'd be interested to hear what you think of Marco Rubio's rebuttal to Obama's SOTU speech tonight.
You're open minded and I really hope you watch it and let us know your opinion of his stances.
I hope so!

Did you listen to Dr Carson's Prayer Breakfast talk?

Anonymous said...

I'd have to look at stats vs reading news. Only stats speak at the end, not emotional news that make their advertising money on that stuff.


JonathanToth said...

In regards to Dorner, I'm still waiting to find out:

1. Is this guy really psycho? (doubt it)
2. Is he a whistle blower on the run being framed for LAPD corruption? (most likely)
3. Is this just military-style Psy-Ops "theater" waged to control public opinion about gun control? (possibly, the CIA can be quite opportunist)
4. Is it all of the above? (from what we've learned about US history, patsies come in all shapes and sizes - Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan - but they usually aren't completely innocent).

Z said...

Re the SOTU, I had to laugh at Yahoo's home page question:

Are you going to watch the State of the Union?

Two possible answers are given:

Yes, I watch it every year.
No, I am not interested.

That's the choices.
I'd have added

No, it makes me sick to see the same promises of destroying our economy and our military.

Z said...

Toth..a little too conspiratorial for me.
I don't think LAPD's that bright. Or quite that evil.
Beck's done a good job, so had Bratten, and the scandal of years ago is gone.
Of course, many minorities still cry foul every time they're picked up by a white (or black) cop, but that happens everywhere.

I believe there's good evidence Dorner did kill those 3 innocent people ...

Leticia said...

Oh yeah, the media is really hitting it hard exposing all they can about "gun violence" morons.

However, most stories I have heard, on Facebook, are the heroes that the MSM tend to leave out. Because of one or more brave persons have stopped several people from murdering, or even entering a building to wreck havoc and kill innocent people.

I wish I could afford a better gun and get a concealed license and of course, the ammunition, $$$$ Oi vey!

Ducky's here said...

Well how often does the likes of Breitbart or The Blaze carry a story of someone fending off a home invader. How often does the local news carry a story of a convenience store robbery or gas station robbery foiled by a gun owner?
Answer: Every time it happens

Why should the killing of innocent bystanders not be covered every time it happens?

Hint: It won't make gun ownership look like some sort of panacea.

Z said...

It's been a terrific panacea for many families who saved themselves by either just showing a gun to an intruder or shooting, Ducky.

And no...nobody has proof that every time a store owner protects himself, it's in the news.

If you see nothing odd about the FACT that, very suddenly, every day there's a shooting in the news, FINE.
But to say otherwise is obtuse.

FreeThinke said...

Dr. Joycelyn Elders -- remember her? -- made the brilliant suggestion that the manufacturers of ammunition should be forced to make "softer bullets."

OY! What a BRAIN that woman had!!!

It makes me cringe every time I think of it.

FreeThinke said...

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if it comes out "someday" that these shooting sprees have all been organized, prompted and equipped by the GOVERNMENT in order to gain public support for their semi-covert agenda to obviate the Second Amendment.

To parody Jefferson:

What matter a few lives lost every so often to strengthen government's death grip on the populace? The Tree of Tyranny must be refreshed every so often with the blood of citizens and sycophants. Blood is Tyranny's natural manure.

How any of us seriously doubt this after Fast and Furious came to light?

We have met The Enemy, and he is the supporters of The Obama Administration.

Stephanie said...

I will NOT watch the speech tonight. I've been a Democrat for just about all of my life, I switched when they began to act like lunatics.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

Anonymous said...


"Toth..a little too conspiratorial for me."

Ms. Z...that assumes you have an unshakable faith and trust in your government. Do you?

I don't...and I wouldn't discard that possible scenario either. These guys in black ops don't work in the open. Nor did Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Mao or Stalin.

They all worked stealthily and under the cover. As we have too for all our history.

I would put nothing past this administration to reach it's goals and agenda.

Remember Jack Ruby? And Ray always said he was set up until he died.

Pris said...

Ducky, you just don't get it!

The reason for the 2nd Amendment, is to protect the American people from being at the mercy of the Government!

Right Truth said...

I don't know the numbers, but I do know that the media is behind Obama on this and they will not miss an opportunity to publicize any shooting.

I think this killer that is in a shoot out now with law enforcement at Big Bear California turned out to be one of them, a supporter of the looney left, and this isn't playing out the way they would like.

Right Truth

Jen Nifer said...

I would guess that these shootings are brought to the forefront to boost support for gun control legislation.

Ot. Rick perry chose not to honor Navy Seal Chris Kyle by ordering flags to be flown at half staff. Obama hasn't mentioned Kyle at all.


Liberalmann said...

Nah, it couldn't be that gun violence is out of control? Over a thousand since SH and counting....

Radical Redneck said...

Whats the sense of watching the Crap-Sandwich tonight, He'll just blame the Republicans for his failure(s).... then Blame Bush.

That should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Obozo's SOTU address..
If you look up failure in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Barack Hussein Obozo.

Z said...

Jen, Obama probably detests Kyle..here's a hero who killed terrorists. Obama doesn't even like the word terrorist.
Yes, he should have mentioned him, but it'd look so bad to the muslim community. Obama can't have that.

Libman....you just said it..though I think you're WAY off (over 1000? :-)
But, you can't let yourself wonder why the number's SO up since Sandy Hook, can you. The truth hurts libs SO much

Z said...

Imp...not at all. I don't think California's our national government. And I know that our LAPD is far cleaner than it was during that Ramparts scandal.
This Dorner DID kill 3 people (four now, with another cop injured, and Dorner's probably burning to death in the flames in the cabin they think he's in as I type)...
He DID kill...so to think this is some conspiracy's a little nutty.

Kid said...

I have definitely noticed and missed putting into my Random Thoughts...

Feet to the fire, I'd say it's a combination of 1.) the "news people" reporting more of what they were tossing in the trash. 500 in Chicago last year, I never read a story about one, just got the headline number at the end of the year..
and 2) some nutjobs just needed that extra push of having gun violence in the news so much they see it as an opportunity to get "maximum coverage" as this is what most of them yearn for anyway.
Maybe even some dedicated libtards taking one for the gipper so he can get his gun control thing passed.

Anonymous said...


I was referring to the sudden "outbreak" and foaming at the mouth reportage per Crazy Joe Biden's request of the "Legitimate mainstream Media"...how's that for a laugh?

Kid said...

IMP, Such good little propaganda whores aren't they?

CNN Anchor asks Bill Nye is this asteroid that's going to make a close call could be the result of global warming.

then you got Wolfey "Can't they keep the birds away from the airport" Blitzkrieg

the ever popular Alan "Can't they test the landing gear before they take off" Colmes

Debbie "never got a fact in her life" blabbermouth hyphen putz.

The list is endless

And IMP, Yea, I can easily see the democrat operatives doing the gun violence in the cases where the perp gets away.

Kid said...

Hey Libdude. Fascinated with numbers are we?

Riddle me this.

Why is the Totally Unarmed UK at the top of this list?

Got your ears on ? Come on back good buddy. You moron.

Z said...

Kid, only a left would think asteroids are caused by climate change.
My fave is when CNN tries so hard to talk about the tornadoes and hurricanes and snow as if they're the FIRST TIME, then they have to softly and begrudgingly, at the end of the report, add "..hasn't been this bad since 1880!"

Wait...1880? I thought it was twenty-first century climate change!? HAAAAAAAAAAA! Happens ALL the time :-)JERKS.

Imp...our mainstream media is as ILLEGITIMATE as it can get.

You'd LOVE Tiffany at my school..she's always saying "Mrs Z...did you hear what Biden said?...or what PELOSI said?" She is 17 and thinks they're ALL MORONS.
She worked at a precinct last election and was stunned that adults were coming in, telling her they're Democrats and asking who they should vote for and what the propositions are about. TYPICAL

Kid said...

Z, I'll just say that Einstein said the universe may be limited but human stupidity could really be infinite.

Anonymous said...


"Can't they keep the birds away from the airport" Blitzkrieg"..

As a pilot who's had some close calls with bird strikes, including one soon after TO in MIA...we cracked the windshield open ( at a cost of 80K to fix and never got to taste the bird as it was scrambled and vaporized....maybe we should ban airplanes cause they kill our widdle birds eh?) and a nice take over by moi...since my skipper was covered with bird guts and snot.

But I regress....I think a picture / poster of Hillary ( like that one I sent ), along with Blitz, Rosie O'Donut and Piers Morgan ought to give the birds sudden wing failure?

Anonymous said...

Here's some of the libnut insanity at MSNBC as of today...Get this people and tell me fooking Matthews isn't insane and should be committed?

"Liberal host Chris Matthews on Tuesday anchored live coverage of a cop killer on the run, making bizarre and offensive comments about the situation.

Talking to Los Angeles Times journalist Andrew Blankstein, Matthews agonized about being fair to Chris Dorner, the man who has allegedly murdered three people and wounded several others: "How do you write a story like this that's objective for the big metropolitan paper, the Los Angeles Times?".]

He continued, "Are there people in your newsroom, editors who are saying, 'We have to be careful here. It's not simple. This man may have a complaint.'" He may have a complaint?

Matthews did not allow Tea Partiers, who, it should be pointed out, haven't slaughtered people, the same considerations.

No, the MSNBC host would foam about racism and compare them to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Who volunteers to tie this asshole up in a straight jacket and tar and feather his insane ass?

Kid said...

IMP, We humans are such a Menace to the Earth. We screw up the air, the water, the soil, the bees, the trees, the whales, the snails.

The only acceptable answer is that we remove ourselves from this Garden of Perfection.

I vote the libtards go first. Go Libtards! We'll be Right Behind You !

Kid said...

IMP, Damn! We have a Tar and feather gap !!!


Liberalmann said...

Kid said..."Hey Libdude. Fascinated with numbers are we? Riddle me this.

Why is the Totally Unarmed UK at the top of this list? Got your ears on ? Come on back good buddy. You moron."

As opposed to your fascination with lies? 'Moron.'

List of countries by firearm-related death rate

Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States

Anonymous said...

And this...and I promise I'll stop...cause I don't want libtards vomit all over here...

"Dr. Ben Carson has received little coverage in traditional media outlets for a speech he gave last Thursday at a prayer breakfast in which he advocated a flat tax and health savings accounts to improve the American economy and the health care system, respectively.

The little attention he has gotten has been negative, with the media indignant that the world renowned neurosurgeon dared to "disrespect" the president by offering policy proposals that deviated from the government-centered ones of Mr. Obama's liking.

Even so, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted on the Tuesday edition of Varney & Co., because of talk radio, and the Internet, "the toothpaste is out of the tube" and while it may take longer for more people to become aware of it, "This story will not stop growing." "This proves why the networks are becoming increasingly irrelevant," the Media Research Center founder told the Fox Business Network anchor Stuart Varney.

Must not take the Kenyan King to task...right? Or question his godliness...right?

But...they disrespected Bush for 8 solid years...right? They called him everything accept a ....Negro. They reserved that for Clinton. Soul brother via osmosis.

Anonymous said...

Hey Libturd...can you fit the entire wiki site up your can?

Try it..please. Since you like the titillation they give you...they must be better than the gerbils in there now.

Anonymous said...


"I vote the libtards go first. Go Libtards! We'll be Right Behind You!"

Relax...they'll be the first to get shoved into the camps and trains to the camps. Everyone knows they have to go first cause they're the easiest to get rid of...they can't be trusted. And they know that they don't have anything to defend themselves with as they don't believe in it.

They'll wish that those with the .223's would be on their side since they were so good at abolishing the second amendment.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the left's anti hero Dormer is a toasty critter.

Wonder if Chris Matthews will scream that he didn't get a fair hearing? Not that the guy has killed 4 or 5 so far means much to them.

Kid said...

Libdude, pay attention you idiot. The point is people in countries without guns suffer the maximum amount of personal criminal abuse. Rape, Mugging, Home Invasion, just to keep it to coed palatable categories.

Maybe you like to be raped? Hey, could be which is why you don't have the capacity to see that as a "problem".

It is for Most actual "People" libtard extraordinaire to be abused at the whim of human garbage. But to each their own.

Put a sign on your door eh? "Unarmed physically and Mentally. Come get me Please!"

No charge for the advice.

Ducky's here said...

@Pris -- Ducky, you just don't get it!

The reason for the 2nd Amendment, is to protect the American people from being at the mercy of the Government!

The 2nd is there to do a couple things.
1. Protect THE STATE.
Now did you study the Whiskey Rebellion, Shay's Rebellion, the Dorr Rebellion? They were put down and the founders made sure the mechanism was there to protect THE STATE.
2. Militias were in place in the South, primarily, to control slaves and track down escaped slaves.
Their legitimacy was assured by the 2nd.

Now I know you have been through the indoctrination of a conservative education but, please, drop this nonsense bout the 2nd being there so you can take down the government. That's the pure stinky cheese.

Z said...

Ducky, where did Pris talk about taking down the government?
Talk about stinky cheese.

Z said...

By the way, Ducky, there was nothing wrong with the framers of our country wanting to preserve the new American government as it was growing and finding its way...not wanting to appear weak and uncommitted to the British.

No country is perfect, we just did it a bit better than most........and perfection can't be the goal; it wasn't then and it can't be now.

WHEN are liberals going to learn that utopia does not exist?

Anonymous said...


"Ducky, where did Pris talk about taking down the government?"

This from an embarrassed citizen of a former colony that did take down a stinky government so that he could have a place called Beantown.

Ahh...but history is so.....so...bourgeois, right?

Ducky's here said...

True, z, it was indeed wise to protect the nascent America.
Just make it clear that the intent of the 2nd is to protect the state.

I don't imagine you're watching the SOTU. Terrible.
He's just giving us an hour and a half of boilerplate. Nothing creative at all.

Anonymous said...


The state is protected by our armed forces. So do you think that the individual should relinquish their right under the Bill of Rights to personal protection and self defense against any and all aggressors?

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

Now I know you have been through the indoctrination of a conservative education but, please, drop this nonsense bout the 2nd being there so you can take down the government. That's the pure stinky cheese.

You really ought to familiarize yourself with American history, Mr. "Revolutionary" Ducky.

Ducky's here said...

Imp, I have stated many, many times that I do not believe gun control means denying individual ownership for personal defense. Most liberals I know don't either and we are constantly mischaracterized.

Obama wasn't too good tonight but Rubio is talking like an absolute fool.

Anonymous said...


Sorry as I must have missed that and made an unwarranted assumption.....thanks for the clarification.

And it's good to hear that many libs ( as I've read recently of some dems in red states or even blue that don't go along with this useless "fix" that criminalizes decent law abiding citizens ) values their lives enough to protect them and their families too.

Kid said...

Z, "WHEN are liberals going to learn that utopia does not exist?"


It may exist, but not on this rock flying through space.

beamish said...


Read this and this

The right to keep and bear arms has been recognized TWICE as an individual right by the US Supreme Court. It's about time you come in from the margins and deal with the reality in front of you.

Z said...

I've heard Rubio speak a lot better than he did tonight, but I sure did like a lot of what he said.
I feel badly that his mouth was obviously so dry through the first few minutes..I went into the kitchen and, when I came back, he was warm and open and speaking like he usually does. I heard later he finally had some water and that seemed to loosen up his mouth and his thoughts. He was making involuntary smacking sounds from the dryness the first 10 minutes and it must have been terrible for him.

What got me was watching the Panel here in Santa Monica on Hannity......Romney voters actually thought Obama was sincere tonight. Here's a guy who is constantly deceitful and he's that good that people buy into him. Obama's a hard act to swallow and a hard act to follow.
Thankfully, Obama voters liked Rubio quite a bit, too

Z said...

No, Ducky, I did not watch. it's uncharacteristic for me, because I watch all sides of everything, but I saw five minutes of Obama and then watched other TV.
I did purposefully put on msnbc right after Rubio's speech; that was rich. The hypocrites were in rare form. No conservatives, of course. Typical.

EVERYBODY: what got me was the break-ins of NEWS ABOUT THE COP MURDERER on ALL the channels.
We don't cut in to say N Korea could blow us to smithereens here pretty soon, but we sure do find a cop killer sexy enough to spend 20 minutes after a SOTU of TV time.

They Say/We Say said...

There were only Thirteen States when the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were established.
There were no Southern States with runaway slaves!
What planet does youse hale?
Obama is the Indonesian Step Child - doesn't know about America- only what his step dad and Marshall told about (TWISTED in Communism).
What country did you grow up in and who told you about America?
Obama was born in Hawaii--he was not raised there. That's why he is the Indonesian Step Child.
If you were born here it seems you were not raised here.

Anonymous said...


"but we sure do find a cop killer sexy enough to spend 20 minutes after a SOTU of TV time."

Typical of the libshits to ignore nuclear weapons pointed at LA over second amendment rights! Yup...armed citizens are more of a threat to the US than a crazy NG despot or an Iranian Hitler.

We are...FUBAR and lost.

And then...we "legalize" illegals and change our immigration laws to make illegals and those who violated our borders "legal and legitimate"...then criminalize law abiding citizens with a host of new f**king gun laws which won't do diddly shit to stop the criminals who DON'T comply with the law.


Always On Watch said...

I think the White House IS issuing talking points to our media now

I don't doubt it. That's what I meant by "agenda" -- in part, anyway.

Pris said...

Ducky, here's a quote of the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment!

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." (Thomas Jefferson Papers p. 334, 1950)

Now do you get it?

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JonBerg said...


Unless Duckling is a complete fool I think he probably gets "it". As an inveterate provoker he will never share that with us. Anyway he is very busy, from what he said on another blog site, counting his "capital gains" from the "Capitalistic System" that he so shuns! Question: Is he a liar or a fraud?

Pris said...

Hi Jon,
Yes, I think he's both. If he's not, he's extremely naive.

He may wake up when his ox is gored, but, by then it'll be too late.