Wednesday, February 27, 2013


You've got to read THIS!  It's amazing!  Enjoy!

What would YOU have done!?



DaBlade said...

Were that me, I would have found a way to break the speedometer, as it is just a prop put on the dashboard by those with a ideological agenda. Just trying to follow the logic of Maxine Waters and other dems objecting to the presence of a debt clock on Capitol Hill.

Fredd said...

Fraud. Pure and simple. Just like all of the other claims of 'sudden acceleration' over the last few years.

And it's easy: just jam your foot down on the pedal, and then lie like a dog and claim that the car is at fault. Then file a lawsuit for psycological harm, and deposit the check in the bank.

As to your question, Z, my answer is this: I would not have jammed my foot on the gas pedal in order to file a phony lawsuit.

But hey, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't fraud, wwhy didn't he turn the car off?

JonBerg said...

It's not clear to me as to why the ignition couldn't be turned off. Was it some sort of electronic nightmare?

Ducky's here said...

He should have tried a money shift.

sue hanes said...

Z - I can't even imagine that happening but I probably would have died before the car ran out of gas or stopped for some other reason. I can't believe that it didn't cause an accident.

Scotty said...

" conservativesonfire said...
If it wasn't fraud, wwhy didn't he turn the car off?"

.....or put the car in neutral.

FreeThinke said...

A weird coincidence:

Last night's episode of The Twilight Zone featured an airplane whose speed went out of control and forced the plane and its terrified crew to pass -- first The Sound Barrier -- then The TIME Barrier.

It was an eerie, very depressing episode, because the plane was unable to land in the time in which it had departed.

Too often we forget just how comfortable and pleasant "NORMAL" really is!

Pris said...

I agree with Confire, Jon, and Scotty. The article doesn't say the driver tried to turn off the ignition!

FreeThinke said...

Sue and Scotty:

This is hardly the first time something like his has happened. A similar case was reported as having occurred in the I95 several years ago. The police call it RUNAWAY CAR, and apparently it's happened more time than we'd like to thnk possible.

I too wondered why simply turning the engine off wouldn't have helped avert disaster, but then I got to thinking how I would feel trapped in a car moving faster and faster over which I had no control, except the ability to use the steering wheel, and I realized every bit of energy and coordination I had would HAVE to concentrate on keeping the car on the road accompanied by a desperate attempt to avoid an endless series of possible collisions.

I see no credibility at all to any accusation that the incident must have been fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how he could have turned the ignition off as this would have locked up his wheel.

Anonymous said...

as this would have locked up his wheel.

Not if the key went back a click or two and not into the initial start position, would the steering wheel lock.

It might keep running for a short time due to the high rpm's at 125mph and dieseling.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

I'm thinking that he'd have turned the ignition off immediately...and the emergency people with whom he had contact would have suggested that before going to the bother of calling toll gates to lift, etc!
Something went very wrong.

I posted this only to share the horror of what we might feel if this had happened to us...
what a nightmare!

And, Fredd, you think he'd take his life in his hands for that long for a lawsuit!?

Anonymous said...

Must be because of those communist workers Maurice Taylor was talking about. Can't lead to great cars :D


Anonymous said...

you think he'd take his life in his hands for that long for a lawsuit!?

Not if it turns out he was a former Formula One driver.

Anonymous said...

Since the guy is French, maybe it was an excuse to explain his wife why he was hundreds of miles away from his home.



Fredd said...


Yes. Cars these days are fairly stable at 125 mph, and he probably knew the police were clearing the way for his scheme.

An HOUR??!!! Maybe one would panic a bit for 30 seconds, but after that anyone with a valid driver's license would simply put the car in neutral after they gathered their wits.

AN HOUR??!!! Fraud, pure and simple, it's not even arguable.

Leticia said...

First, probably panic, then pray and call for help.

When a person is that terrified they are not thinking logically. So, I don't think I would have thought to turn off the ignition?

What horrifying experience.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Fredd....I disagree, but it could be.

Leticia, EXACTLY right....we don't know the mindset of this guy but we know he has to have been rattled enough to not make the smartest choices.
Still, I'm sure the people he was in contact with would have told him how to stop if they could...things weren't working, apparently.

FrogBurger...GREAT answer! "Honey, I was in Belgium only because MY CAR WOULD NOT STOP!" :) very funny, FB!

Kid said...

I would have turned the ignition off. If that didn't shut the thing off or if that locked the steering wheel, then I'd have put it in neutral and let the engine blow.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Kid, check out the upper comments...we've about covered "Why didn't he just turn it off?"!! :-)

Also, I think something obviously VERY wrong happened because I can't imagine the guy OR emergency services couldn't have figured this out....

Kid said...

Z, just answering the question.

Absolutely no reason it couldn't have been put in neutral. Let's see, engine, which I can sue for, or my life and the lives of others.

Pretty easy decision for me.

I'm with Fredd though. Fraud.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Kid and Fredd, do you think Emergency services, all those who came to his aid, are in on the fraud?

or do you think he fooled them?

Or do you think the writer would have done a story if he thought it could have been prevented?

Just askin' :-) Not challenging!

Anonymous said...

Did you see where the Renault expert was telling the guy what to try to stop it?

Sounds like malfunction to me...he even went into a ditch...he could have been suicidal, but I doubt it!

Anyway, they're going to investigate and he deserves to sue, if it is a malfunction.

too bad we won't hear the results!


Kid said...

Z, without more information, it sounds like all the "Toyota runaways" that were happening for no quantifiable reason and suddenly stopped also for no reason.

I'm sure none of the other people involved were in those were in on those frauds, so no reason to think anyone here was.

Too much that doesn't add up that's all.

Again, my first thought is what if I kill myself and quite possibly others.
I can certainly drive 125 for an hour,I've done it on a motorcycle driving from Las Vegas to Phoenix with someone on the back, but if I don't have control of the vehicle, there seems an almost certain chance some obstacle gets in your way to take the chance. I think they should charge him with reckless endangerment on that basis.

Anonymous said...

After reading the news in French, I've learned that he had a special for disabled people. There were no pedals. Everything was through the steering wheel. So looks like some computer programming glitch. He also has 2 epilepsy crisis.


Anonymous said...

I meant "special car."


Anonymous said...

Cruise control was the issue. Didn't know it was "regulateur" in French.


beamish said...

I smell BS. Car in neutral, ignition off, car decelerates.

Braking made him accelerate? For an hour?


Anonymous said...

Read the French news. IT makes a lot more sense, beamish.


Z said...

beamish, I don't always do it (almost never, actually) but it helps to read the comments...
the guy was handicapped, according to FrogBurger's French news;

My point was how horrified he must have been. That's why I blogged it. Now I know he must have been even more horrified.
Of course things can go wrong with a gas pedal, particularly if he's driving like described above your comment.

Poor guy

JonBerg said...

FB said.....

"After reading the news in French, I've learned that he had a special for disabled people. There were no pedals. Everything was through the steering wheel. So looks like some computer programming glitch. He also has 2 epilepsy crisis."

Best answer that I've heard.