Monday, February 18, 2013

Washington and Lincoln...wiser presidents

"Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."

"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good."

"When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen."

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible."

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light."

"Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.  Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle."

"Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse."


"America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

"Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side;  my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right."

"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution.  That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties."

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."


How intelligent and how their quotes stand the test of time.  It's only recently that people would scoff these quotes;  how's that working for America?  No, not too good.

Have a good day.



Always On Watch said...

Abraham Lincoln: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

I fear that the latter is happening. There has been a sea change in America. **sigh**

The Question Man said...
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The Question Man said...
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Dave Miller said...

Question Man... I don't know if you are kidding or what... either way you come across as the cliched left wing extremist us day to day libs hope never make their way into Democratic Party Leadership.

Did you read this post before posting your screed? Nothing you added is even the least bit Germaine to what Z offered.

I think you've offered the very definition of a troll with your contribution.

-FJ said...

The left needs a scapegoat for the fact that Democrats were responsible for slavery.

He who is punished is never he who performed the deed. He is always the scapegoat.

-Nietzsche, "Daybreak - Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality" (1881) #252

A sidenote for QM...

"One speaks of the "profound injustice" of the social pact; as if the fact that this man is born in favourable circumstances, that in unfavourable ones, were in itself an injustice, or even that it is unjust that this man is born with these qualities, that man with those... The underprivileged, the decedents of all kinds are in revolt on account of themselves and need victims so as not to quench their thirst for destruction by destroying themselves... How can I help it that I am wretched ! But somebody must be responsible, otherwise it would be unbearable !"

- Friedrich Nietzsche, "The Will to Power" (1901) #765

Anonymous said...

Stupidity and maliciousness combined make for poor reading. For a blog to be worth reading censorship is needed to pull out the weeds and toss out the garbage.

Someone better get busy before the place looks more like the City Dump or starts to smell like a seage treatment plant.

-------------> Katharine Heartburn

Dave Miller said...

FJ... Yes, the pre civil rights conservative Southern Dems who opposed progressives like TR were responsible for slavery and a good many if them were Southern Baptists.

But a quick reading of history will show that the two parties switched positions in response to the civil rights issues of the 60's.

Now the Dems are more like the TR progressives who many in the conservative GOP today deride as a RINO...

Anonymous said...

The mob rules and the mob will get what it deserves. Sadly, they will share their just desserts with the rest of us.

JonBerg said...

@ The Question Man,

"Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a bigot"

Anyone who likes Barack Obama is an idiot and I don't care what YOU call Me!

JB, AKA: The Answer Man

sue hanes said...

Z - Happy Presidents Day.

Z said...

AlwaysON Watch...there can be no doubt about what's destroying us, can there.

Question Man...Good for you. Keep believing; it's clear you need that.
We all respect and honor Dr Benjamin Carson but we're racist.
And Rubio does don't have to worry about the worthiness of reading geeeeZ. It's not mandatory! Click on the other bloggers here and maybe their blogs won't smell like sewage.

Dave and FJ...There's just as much mischaracterization of who was responsible for slavery as there is who finally passed the Civil Rights Bill.
I think we can all agree that nobody thinks slavery is a good idea today.

Z said...

OFF TOPIC, I'm just hearing on TV that some schools which followed the new gov't guidelines for healthier cafeteria lunches are giving it up.
Exactly as I predicted, the kids aren't partaking of it; they want a better selection of foods, not just foods they won't eat.
Mothers said their kids were skipping lunch and going hungry and school officials were finding good food did get given to them was found in the trash uneaten.

Z said...

The reason I bring that up is it's so emblematic of government programs where the officials think they know better than mothers. And there was such waste.

JonBerg said...

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Yes, our problems aren't with guns; Godlessness will be our undoing. It's ubiquitous and growing!

Dave Miller said...

Z... in and of itself, a mother giving her kids what they will eat is not in and of itself proof that mother knows best.

Is it possible that some of those schools were indeed providing a healthier lunch, yet the kids wanted to eat a less healthy alternative?

Most kids don't instinctively eat healthy and if bad habits are ingrained in the home and reinforced when the family goes out, how does a kid learn to eat healthy?

While I'd like to believe that all moms feed their kids nothing but healthy food, it isn't true. Does society have some role to play in protecting kids from bad parents who don't know better?

I think we do at some levels, the question for me is where those lines are drawn.

Z said...

Dave, My point is that what happened was exactly as I'd predicted. Expensive food in the trash, hungry children after school.

The answer is to trust parents over government and, obviously, introduce healthier foods that are appetizing.

That's all.

-FJ said...

a quick reading of history...

is not a very DEEP reading of it.

Joe Conservative said...

Both parties need to realize this!

Anonymous said...


Is this your own "Dorner manifesto"?

Cause it's just as psychotic as his.

"Dictators do not allow people to think freely or state their opinions."

That's why the One has the LSM doing his dictating for him. There is no truth in the media any longer...just them hawking for the One.

And as soon as the One eviscerates the second amendment...surely the First amendment must follow. Russia is a modern day example of a "dear leader" doing exactly that. And the One is nothing more than a collaborator and a Putin pupil.

Get back to your needs some polishing...clown.

Anonymous said...

There is no question, Dave, that for the sake of the children's future health, all children should be strapped into specially constructed feeding stations at the schools with their hands cuffed behind their backs, their heads held in a brace while large funnels are inserted into their mouths and government-mandated amounts of hash officially regarded as "healthful" should be slowly forced into their little mouths. Not swallowing would not be an option, because it would result in automatic strangulation.

They'd soon get used to it. They have to. After all, it's good for them, isn't it? Parents, of course, would have no say in the matter whatsoever, since parents are too stupid to raise their own children and government always knows what's best for all.

That's where you ideas would soon have us headed, Dave. Did I say say "headed?" Good Lord! We're more than halfway there already.

----------> Katharine Heartburn

Z said...

Katherine, on this, I entirely agree.
The liberal heart in action ...UTOPIA MUST BE ACHIEVED.
Liberals are anti-human nature. Or at least hate its vulnerabilities.
It's an impossible path that we're all being dragged down.

Imp...I think this president's said "I" even more than Clinton. It has to be a record. Ego, like a dictatorship. 'if Congress doesn't pass it, I WILL"


Dave Miller said...

Well Anon, that's certainly one view that I doubt will come to pass.

So let me ask... does society at large, or government, have any right to intervene in the raising of a child, or is the parent always right?

And then if society, or the government does have a right, how, objectively, is that determined?

All of this is good in theory, but when the rubber hits the road, it becomes much tougher.

Mustang said...

If there is a role for government to play in the up bringing of children, then it must be STATE government, not the federal government. We are first and foremost citizens of states. When the federal government acts beyond restrictions placed on its authority by the Constitution, then we are in danger of the federal government supplanting every one of the safeguards outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Dave Miller said...

So Mustang, how does the state then determine when it is best to step in and act?

Anonymous said...

In response to that MORON HALF WHITE RACIST who calls himself "The Question Man"

Everything is racist now according to the libtards and the progressive bunch. Well, if I’m going to be called a “racist” constantly for opposing socialism and communism then I’m going to be the best god damned racist I can be.

Obama can plant a big kiss on my lily white cracker ass.

Anyone who voted for this Socialist Creep can do the same.
I’m not giving up my guns, or my freedom. I’m fed up, I’m tired of this sh*t, and I’m not going to fight it anymore.

So come on Question Man you piece of sh*t. Tell your Messiah to just try and pry my guns from my cold dead hands. call me a racist, hateful, war monger. I’ll simply aspire to being the best racist, hateful, war monger I can be! I'm mad as hell, and sick and tired at these Black Racist's and I'm not going to take it anymore

Anonymous said...

So Mustang, how does the state then determine when it is best to step in and act?

Unless there is violence the state has no right whatsoever. Otherwise it is tyranny. The state doesn't hold the truth any more than parents.


Z said...

Frog...I believe he means the state over the feds; not that it's a great idea to put our kids in state or federal hands, either.

I believe it shouldn't be necessary to ask "which kids are needing help?" It would take a drive around any city to know which schools need more help than others.

The problem is ; we are doing all we can at this point to make sure kids are getting fed for school.
There will be no perfection that says "Now every child has something nutritious to eat every day." It's not going to happen.

So, when Conservatives see these ridiculous attempts at an all-knowing Government (knowing more than parents do), we bristle.
It's not that we don't believe all children deserve a good meal.

JonBerg said...

Perhaps I'm missing something but isn't this, at least in part, about the epidemic of overweight/obesity? I seem to remember vigorous exercise during recess and after school. The issue of overweight/obesity was an anomaly back then, although we ate basically the same junk. OK, now I'm going to hear about all of the dangers associated with non sedentary,energetic activity; yada, yada, yada!

Z said...

Jon, excellent point.
I am embarrassed to admit I thought PE and ART were the two things kids could live without and it would help our budget to eliminate them.
Now, I practically think the opposite.

We played outside, we could run or bike around our neighbors and we didn't worry about any dangers. The worst danger was being late to dinner!! We did exercise...we had fun in school with baseball, etc...

And, you're right..we ate even worse than kids do now, probably.

There will always be obese children; fat babies will always be born; it's often genetics. The large part of the children in this country are fine. Leave them ALONE.

Dave Miller said...

Frog, and what is the objective definition of violence regarding kids? Certainly we can agree on sexual and extreme physical abuse, but what about other things like extreme neglect?

What about mental abuse?

As Z says we'll never get it all perfect but is it really tyranny of state for a government to step in and take kids away from unfit parents who are not overtly violent, but clearly horrible parents?

We are facing a situation in my community where kids under 6 are living in a house with parents who can't read, are uneducated and serially neglect their kids and step kids.

They don't best them but those kids will grow up with no future because the parents are unfit. Died the govt have any role in a case like this, or is it, as you say tyranny?

JonBerg said...

"We are facing a situation in my community where kids under 6 are living in a house with parents who can't read, are uneducated.......

Wow, and here I thought that the "Government" was supposed to [educate] people; silly me!

Anonymous said...

@Z & Dave:

"It's not that we don't believe all children deserve a good meal."

And who's fault is that? There's only one answer and hyperbole doesn't fit here. I'm sick and tired of having to be responsible for other peoples inability to raise their own damn litters.

Sick of it. If I have to feed these kids...then I have a right to demand that these people are prevented from having any more kids to neglect. They're obviously incapable of doing what's right and responsible.

The parents are worse than the children...they are the children.

Leticia said...

Apparently, even though liberals refuse to believe it, our forefather's knew how to run a nation under God and honoring our constitution.

How far we have fallen and continue to plummet under the Obama administration.

Kid said...

I know few people under 40 who do Not think the constitution is an outdated rag.

Kid said...

Question Man, I'm looking for a good recipe for walnut snickerdoodles. You got one? tia.

Liberalmann said...

Yeah, Washington was very wise...I'm sure his slaves loved him!

Sorry Leticia, Washington and Lincoln were some of the most secular Presidents we've had.

Liberalmann said...

Not Reagan, lol!

President Reagan ushered in the misguided era of massive deficits, bloated military spending and tax cuts for the very rich that America still struggles to this day to put to an end. Yet Reagan wrongly receives credit for the economic boom that began a few years into his presidency due to events entirely outside of his control. When Reagan took office, America faced double-digit inflation rates matched with a sharp spike in unemployment.

Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker, a Carter appointee, chose to break the first problem by exacerbating the second — driving up interest rates in a successful effort to break inflation. When Volcker finally took the brakes off the economy and ended the recession he created by lowering interest rates back to more normal levels, housing and auto sales took off, the economy boomed back to life, and Reagan rode the undeserved credit to a second term in the White House.

As Rosalynn Carter once said, Reagan made America “comfortable with our prejudices.”Reagan infamously began the final leg of his presidential campaign by traveling to the Mississippi town where three civil rights workers were brutally murdered and proclaiming “I believe in states’ rights.” Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis
for years. He gave us Justice Antonin Scalia. And he tried and failed to appoint another justice who once claimed that the federal ban on whites-only lunch counters is rooted in a “principle of unsurpassed ugliness.”

Kid said...

hey Libgirl, what are you gonna be wearing this spring? Any fashion or makeup tips you can share with the other ladies here?

Anonymous said...


"Yeah, Washington was very wise...I'm sure his slaves loved him!"

I'm sure they did as he was a Gentleman Farmer. And 99.99% of those farmers were not into abusing their that they couldn't work the next day. It was counter unions and colleges today.

I know it's hard for a dipstick like you to imagine...but in those days farm help was essential to the economy and the only way to get farm products as well as cotton to the that smarmy yankees could be well fed and stay warm.

And of course this was well before the days of John Deere and automation in the fields. Many slaves decided to stay on their homesteads as they were well taken care of well after they were freed too.

It's so easy for you peckerwoods to revise history and fit it to the 20th or 21st century standards. And I'd bet many of your smarmy ancestors were fed and clothed by the industry of that time.

Alas...the slaves today are very satisfied to stay on the plantation that the Dems have so eagerly placed them in..under the management of their current slave master...Bro Obama. With 96% of the slave vote...I'd say they're very happy to have a new master.

Ducky's here said...

I'm sure they did as he was a Gentleman Farmer. And 99.99% of those farmers were not into abusing their help...

The help?


Kid said...

IMP, Got that right. The black folks who are Not upwardly mobile (7% ?), are quite happy to remain in chains mastered by the incompetent racist morons like obama, not to mention the democrats who have been the abusers of slaves for the last 300 years.

Hey Duck, tell us about how the democrats helped the black folks at Any time in history. And back it up with some facts. Hint: You can scratch the Civil Rights Act of 1964 right off the bat.

Good Luck hon.

Anonymous said...

Yea Duck..

Cause the highly charged "slave" designation emotes responses like if all of it was brutality, beatings and all the other tainted crap from roots to django. Tell could any farm function profitably and successfully if they so brutalized their HELP??? I don't buy this's pure propaganda, fiction and hollywood revisionism. I'm not saying ANYONE had an easy time of it in the 18th, 19th or even mid 20th Centuries. You think the Irish or Italian immigrants from the 1840's thru the 1920's had it any easier?

My point was just what I illegals are the slaves...but you wouldn't dare say it, would you?

Nor would you comment on the FACT that 90% of them today...are still "slaves"...they sure don't get to stray very far from those Dem they?

And I'm talking about the ones in the CBC and NAACP...toe the line baby...toe the line. Now that's brutality pal.

You think the JJ jr's or seniors, the Waters, the Fat Als, the Rangles, the Jordans or Conyers give a crap about them???

Only so long as they to keep telling them they're still in "chains" and keping them all hating, hateful and riled up to fulfill their mission as poverty pimps and racial provocateurs. So long as it works to keep them in their cushy seats and glorious bling.

Slave masters come in all colors. And remember that the ones that put them on the market....were their own.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Imp, you really think you scored one you little sophist.

Now, don't equate the Democratic party and Strom Thurmond's Dixiecrats with current liberals.
The Dixiecrats left, formed the core of your current southern strategy knuckle draggers.

But I forget, you're a rethug and think that racial justice means appointing a black supreme court justice who would reaffirm Plessy v. Ferguson.

Ducky's here said...

Nor would you comment on the FACT that 90% of them ...

Them? Keep digging.

Why don't you and kid start a minstrel show?

Anonymous said...


"start a minstrel show?"

Only if you can play Amos or sing Mammy for old times sake..

Oh...and it's Bobby Byrd and Al ( Jolson ) Gore Sr that kept the civil "rights" from Dem passage. It was those damn racissss....Repubs that helped it along. All the way back to the guy who signed the proclamation....Abe what's his name?

Poor Plessy....he got railroaded and used. Terrible injustice and decision too. Yet...there's many today who'd rather be separate...and equal, aren't there? Alcee Hastings might have tried...before he was impeached.'re an insufferable bore and egotist.

Kid said...

Hey Duck,

1.) tell us about how the democrats helped the black folks at Any time in history.

2.) Tell us how anyone in the obama administration, most of all that POS hildebeast that you'll no doubt vote for in 2016 did their job with respect to Benghazi :)

2a.) Role play for us and explain to the family and friends of the Ambassador and staff and the SEALS, not to mention REAL Americans who actually care about such things, how "IT DOESN'T MATTER". How the next POS you're going to put in the white house couldn't be bothered by the concerns, let alone lives, of Americans abroad.

Tell us about that instead of this vague wolfey blitzer talking point tripe you love to spew. Comment something real. You won't of course.
Because you can't. Worse yet, this won't even embarrass you. You'll be back with the same lame nonsense day after day.
You folks are a cancer upon decent society.

Liberalmann said...

Kid, you'd know these things if you got your nose out of Fox News'butt.

Kid said...

Hey Duck, Yea I figured you'd go slinking back to your behind the baseboard hideout when tasked with commenting reality.

Kid said...

libgirl. Fox news? Good God honey I don't get dirty watching any of that claptrap.

Is that the extent of your visible universe? msnbc vs fox news? You got a long way to go before you bump your head on reality.

Say something intelligent and I'll give you a go, but as has been said too many times here, you offer nothing of interest. If you're real, good luck to you finding the capacity for critical independent thought, else-wise join the ranks of the new 'subjects' and hope you got air-bag, well, not really.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"@Imp --- are the poster boy for the left...that actually and unabashedly hates over half of Americans.
No, I'm really not a hater. I try to be open."

That was...WAS Ducky two days ago...then read Ducky today.

Like I said DO hate those who aren't like you...or think like you...or those that you call..."rethugs". Typical...CLOSED MINDED hypocrites these...elitists, aren't they KID?

Your game sucks and is like all lying libs...complete bullshit.

Kid said...

IMP, Libtards lives are just a series of disconnected "moments". Everything is all about how they "feel" at that particular moment.

Each moment has no requirement to be connected to any other moment through even some loose interpretation of intelligent accountability to their own collection of moments, or the history of the world. No Sah.

Nothing need to be justified by historical precedence, the scientific method (lol) or even getting two people to agree to reasonableness. Nooooo.

It's all about what *They* believe when *They* choose to believe it.

And if they do a 180 because it suits their purpose at that particular moment, no problemo. Free college is a Plague when their neighbors kid graduates high school but it is ludicrous to think free college isn't available when their little junior takes that step into post high school edumacation. Surely you can see that.

This is the exact explanation for why they go white knuckled over Bush taking a $300,000 vacation to the Crawford, Texas ranch, and are perfectly orgasmicly happy over the obama's taking an unlimited number of 2 and 3 digit Million dollar vacations anytime they want. Surely you can understand why it is necessary for the obama's to take two aircraft and two totally separate and duplicated enterouges of security personnel and vehicles right? So it costs twice as 2 digit million dollar bills as much, right? You can surely see that.

Because michele had a hair appointment and needed to leave an hour later than obama right? Perfectly reasonable. Right? Why can't you see that. Are you Racisssss?

Anonymous said...


"It's all about what *They* believe when *They* choose to believe it."

Don't discard those important "feelings" either Kid.they "FEEL"...we don't.

They "FEEL" for the indigents, blacks and the "CHILDREN"...all their antics are based upon the most immature, childish emotions....they weep, they wring their hands....never sitting back and using their so called significant 'brains"....they yell...they shout...they stamp their feet...they hold up placards....they have Code P(ST)ink and that pig Benjamin or Fluke that gets air time for their shitty selfish little diatribes.

They close down Capitols in their utopian states hoping to steal and rob more from the tax paying citizens to fund an "afterlife" of pleasure and leisure on our dime.

They easily resort to violence as documented time and time again in videos...they have the LSM openly lie and present their violent, criminal thugs as somehow justified...while labeling TParty average Americans as enemies and....and...get ready...Raciiiiiiisssssss.

They have absolutely NO guilt for being the runts, rats, thieves and commies that are ready to destroy the very thing that supports them.

Say it DO hate AMERICANS...real ones that wouldn't take a pee in your Utopia of incessant cry baby idiots.

I hope to God you decide to secede...I really do.

Anonymous said... long as I have any semblance of the second amendment left...I and every other true American would invite you to try to attack with your ball point pens, butter knives or bats....while I and 10,000,000 of my fellow patriots... have a .223. Fooking idiots.

And 100,000,000 have what they need to keep you protected from fighting gang bangers, illegals and kepping them off your lawns when they see your...."This Home Is Gun Free" pleas.

Not that I would think about that for any longer than a second or're on your own along with Duval, chucky and the grease ball cuomo and your savior from yourselves...the caloric mayor bloomturd.

christian soldier said...

the SECOND protects all of the others and FREEDOm itself--the Founders knew their HIStory--tyrants take weapons--

JonBerg said...


"The parents are worse than the children...they are the children."

And we know what that procreates!

beamish said...


Yes, the pre civil rights conservative Southern Dems who opposed progressives like TR were responsible for slavery and a good many if them were Southern Baptists.

The Southern Baptist Convention began moving towards desegregation in 1945, finally adopted it in 1954, and by 1959 was planning to open and run desegregated schools if state and local governments carried out their threat to defy federal desegregation initiatives by closing down public schools.

All of that and not one National Guardsman had to be called out to force it to happen. Find another scapegoat.


The Dixiecrats left, formed the core of your current southern strategy knuckle draggers.

Except that they didn't. Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and Mills Godwin Jr are the only three Dixiecrat politicians who became Republicans. All of the other Dixiercrats (5 State Governors and 18 Senators) remained Democrats until the day they died. You might recognize their mark on current Democrat Party leadership:

The racist Senator J. William Fulbright mentored President Bill Clinton.

The racist Al Gore Sr. raised his son former Vice-President Al Gore Jr. in Dixiecrat politics.

One of the most despicably racist Dixiecrat Governors to ever become President was Jimmy Carter.

The late Klansman (Grand Keagle) Robert Byrd was considered by his fellow Democrats to be "the statesman of the Senate."

And so on.

Southern strategy? What, Reagan won the South 16 years after the Civil Rights Act?

JonBerg said...


Your succinct and sage comment is, once again, SPOT ON!

Z said...

Here is another great reason for keeping Liberaldope around:

"Sorry Leticia, Washington and Lincoln were some of the most secular Presidents we've had."

You just can't make this matter WHAT evidence to the opposite there is, liberals will stick to their misinformation no matter what!?


JonBerg said...

Kid said....

"I know few people under 40 who do Not think the constitution is an outdated rag."

I wouldn't be surprised one bit! I, further, wouldn't be surprised to find that they don't have one clue as to what it even is. For the first time in my life, I'm glad to be old and not likley to see what, in the #e!!, is in store. I submit that it isn't going to be pretty! These little morons actually think that they are educated-OMG!!!!

Kid said...

Jonberg, Exactly right, they have no idea what is in it. They don't even know how the government is supposed to work.

Kid said...

IMP, Thanks for the correction. Feelings, nothing more than feeeeelllings. Is what the libtards are.

They will actually use their feelings to take diametrically opposed viewpoints to their own viewpoints 10 seconds after they offer up one of their viewpoints.

They are a swirling mass of nothing. If wolfey blitzkreig or al sharptone, or perez hilton didn't give them their marching orders everyday, they wouldn't have a clue what to type when they visited the blogs! ;-)


And the country is going to get their fill of being ruled by evil corrupt imbecilic little children. We won't start it, but are more than capable of finishing.

In closing may I add - "World Peace!"

Z said...




Kid said...

Z, Oopsie Daisy.... How about Macarthur Park ?

Spring was never waiting for us....
la dee daaa deee daaa daaaaaa