Saturday, February 16, 2013

Phil and Barack.........darn

 Hot  coffee -
I was eating breakfast with my 10-year-old Granddaughter and   I asked her, "What day is tomorrow?".Without skipping a beat she said, "It's President's Day!".She's smart,so I asked her "What does President's Day mean?".
I was waiting for something about Washington or Lincoln,etc. She replied,"President's Day is when President Obama steps out  of the White House, and if he sees his shadow, we have 4 more years of Bull Shit."

You know, it hurts to have coffee coming out your nose!

I got this the other day from Impertinent and couldn't help sharing it....

Of course, if any 10 yr old grandchild of mine said "Bull....." it'd be soap coming out of her nose, not coffee,  but............

SO.....PRESIDENT'S DAY IS COMING.  Do you like that we're lumping presidents together like this instead of celebrating WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY, LINCOLN'S BIRTHDAY?   Didn't it rather lose a bit of its meaning?

Puxatawny Phil didn't see his shadow this year....Barack Obama must have seen his shadow in November.  Mother Nature messed up :-)



Ed Bonderenka said...

It's a phony holiday with the intent of a three day weekend.
The Uniform Holiday Bill touted by the travel industry led to this.

I entered the military on the Friday before the first President's Day holiday.
I remember it being promoted as the combination of Lincoln and Washington's, but it appears that wasn't the intent.
It is officially Washington's birthday, but not to the television viewers of furniture sales.

Anonymous said...

Washington and Limcoln earned their place in history. The "Presidents" did not.

Always On Watch said...

Ed stole my comment:

It's a phony holiday with the intent of a three day weekend.

sue hanes said...

Z - Good one. And I agree about the granddaughter and what she said. You never know when they are going to come up with something like that.

Happy Presidents Day - Z.

Ed Bonderenka said...

@AOW: Early bird get the worm.
By the time I get here on any weekday there are thirty comments, and it's all come down to haranguing Libmann.

Thersites said...

Ed's correct, Lincoln's birthday has never been a federal holiday.

So the Monday holiday law renaming Washington's birthday "President's Day" was a real dis to George.

Z said...

Ed, very few of the comments are addressed to Libamann.
I keep hoping nobody will respond at all, but since they do, I get down into it, too.
Please, let's all stop it. He brings nothing to the table.

FreeThinke said...

I too agree with Ed.

JonBerg said...

"President's Day": Is that supposed to include LBJ?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sorry Z. That was a generalization. There's also Ducky ...

Ed Bonderenka said...

Soon it will be Obama day.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Well Ed,I feel I have an embarrassment of riches here.

I'm surprised there hasn't been a rant about honoring Lincoln despite hi initiation of the "War of Northern Aggression".

Lot of folks refuse to recognize anyone from Jackson on with the exception of Saint Ronnie Raygun.

Kid said...

I'm with Ed on this one. Especially on not feeding the monkey.

Plus an MLK day but not a JFK day? This country changed colors when JFK was assassinated. The true end of the democrat party and the beginning of the democrat communist party. I think it deserves a day of it's own so no one forgets.

Z said...

Yes, but we're all racists to suggest that there should be a special day for outstanding presidents as well as for men like MLK Jr. GOD FORBID anybody says that one out loud, right?

Why not lump Dr King in with Frederich Douglass, whose birthday was selected as Feb 14 because his records hadn't been kept..he picked Feb 14. Let's have them with George Washington Carver.
Not sure what we'd call it: Black American Hero Day?

Funny that you're saying there was never a Lincoln's birthday because I distinctly remember it...and being sad that he was lumped with Washington.

Anonymous said...


"Plus an MLK day but not a JFK day.."

I see your point I think? Both were assassinated so it should be JFK too? November 23 is already a marked and memorable day in many peoples minds and he has a memorial too. Then again they both were adulterers and serial fornicators...

And every where you see the appeasing "MLK" streets or "boulevards". I call them warnings and a public service announcement to the unwary.

But...since we don't see any comparable "JFK" streets all over the country...I don't see a need to celebrate either one. Period.

We've done enough "mea coup-ling" as I see it.

Z said...

Imp, I think there are some Kennedy Parkways, etc., but nowhere near as many as Martin Luther King streets, you're right.

I wouldn't have thought you need to be assassinated to have a day named after you if you accomplished a lot. But, that is a good point.

Maybe it's because, being assassinated, you didn't have time to really screw things up like most politicians do!?
It's like Elizabeth Taylor always said "Mike Todd was the REAL love of my life"...ya, he died a year or two after the marriage....they didn't have time to divorce :-)

Anonymous said...


"This country changed colors when JFK was assassinated. The true end of the democrat party and the beginning of the democrat communist party."

Perfect observation...damn straight Spanky.

Kennedy was more of an "R" than McPain or any other fraud that claims they are an "R". Rubio and Cruz ( the Cubans ) come closer than any of them. And let's not count out West either.

Anonymous said...


"Maybe it's because, being assassinated, you didn't have time to really screw things up like most politicians do!?" that's a great idea...dangerous and risky but history does tend to repeat itself.

I tend to believe in the next civil "conflict"...they will run for the hills...after's the pols who screwed it up...and the hubris of the same pols who claim they can't fix what they screwed up too. And they should be the object of our wrath cause they've failed us. At least 400 of them belong in jail or impeached...and at least 90 out of the other crew need to go too.

Kid said...

Z, Exactly right. Fear to speak the truth or act in balance because of the perceived racism.

Not a good thing.

Blacks and muslims have nothing in common at all but now we're pretending muslims are harmless.

Not a good thing.

Anonymous said...


"I think there are some Kennedy Parkways..."

And an airport...and a space center, deservedly so...and some schools....but you're where near as many as "Saint MLK's"! Funny...his family got filthy rich after the Rev was gone...didn't they?

JFK didn't need it...they already had it. Bootlegging and old Joe's criminal enterprises and all.

Kid said...

Z, they didn't have time to divorce :-)

You make a good point. We'll never know.

Anonymous said...

We should celebrate the important presidents like Washington and Lincoln. I could care less about having a holiday for the other presidents, including Reagan. It does become meaningless to put them all into one basket.

I think we should be a lot more cautious in general when we put politicians on a pedestal anyway. The nobility of their cause is far gone from the people who fought the British colonial power. Holidays are for heroes, not power hungry politicians. They work for us!


Kid said...

IMP At least 400 of them belong in jail or impeached...and at least 90 out of the other crew need to go too.

The only part I don't understand is how they don't die laughing when they're out campaigning.

Kid said...

FrogBurger. Yea, but the stock market is closed enough as it is. Granted, the freeways are empty but I'd rather have the market open.

Anonymous said...

Kid, for the first time in my life in the US I get President's Day off. Doesn't do anything to me. If I get a holiday it may as well be meaningful.

And with the moron in office right now, it's even worse.

Glad there's no President's Day in France with all the morons people have been electing there lately.

God, the older I get, the more I despise the politician class.


Anonymous said...


"The only part I don't understand is how they don't die laughing when they're out campaigning."

Cause if they're dems they know damn well that whatever they say so long as it's a gimme's promise....isn't going to be understood by 80% of their voters....the other 20 % are commies, old hippies, college dopes / dupes, the LSM and their elite whores that proffer the lies to the masses of asses.

Generally pols are different animals that any of us anyway. It takes lots of arrogance and hubris to tell people you know what's best for them...and then sell them down the road after the election. We should know by now that they're a different type of thug...but we still fall for the bullshit.

Term limits and vetting is the only cure.

Anonymous said...


"Holidays are for heroes, not power hungry politicians. They work for us!"

Bravo and BaddaBing...well said mon ami....well said.

Kid said...

FrogBurger, I must be older than you because I couldn't despise the current American political class any more than I do.

Well, don't let it get you down youngster. Even on a good day there's plenty that needs to be forgotten/put out of mind if you're going to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Kid, I have the chance to despiste the American and the French political class.

I am not getting down. I've been applying the 'ignorance is bliss' motto to my life since the election. No news. I'm not even listening to radio. I only check this blog. It does make a difference in terms of happiness.

I'll go back to it for the next election.


Anonymous said...

despise, not despite.


Kid said...

IMP, In addition to what you said, I think a media doing its job would go a long way too.

What do you think about wolf blitzkrieg being 'disgusted' that Ted Nugent was invited to the SOTU ?

One doesn't have to stray to far to find the maximum hypocrisy... wolfey would -out of the same breath- bow down to Rosa Parks for bucking the system.

Friggin commie wolfie is and most of the rest of them too. Fascists for sure. Their view is the only one that matters.

Kid said...

FrogBurger. Ditto on the news filtering.

Anonymous said...


"wolf blitzkrieg being 'disgusted' that Ted Nugent was invited to the SOTU ?"

Amazing isn't it...whether you like Ted or not...he's a firm believer and supporter of our constitution and not a criminal. So a man that screams patriotism and wants our deaf and dumb leader to abide by the persona non grata???

Yet...on the commie side of the aisle....A GD illegal criminal, who openly broke out laws by being here..ILLEGALLY.....sits in the Gallery on invitation to watch the Commie in Chief suggest we change our laws to accommodate the F'in criminals who should be kicked out. What the hell happened to us?

So...20 years ago I robbed a few banks...never got caught....then I confess my crimes and plead that i should keep the money cause it helped my family and the robbery should now not be considered a crime either?

To all our crummy whiny ballless and gutless pols:

"I have no idea what to do about the five million or twelve million or twenty million illegal immigrants currently breaking the law every single day in this country.

I have not even the beginning of a hint as to what should be done about it. I also don’t know what to do about the 90% of robberies that go unsolved each year. But I’m pretty sure that the answer isn’t to decriminalize theft.

I’ve had some conflicting feelings about this immigration question myself, I confess.

But America either is or it is not a nation of laws. If we are to change our system so that entering our nation without permission is no longer a crime – or at least not that serious of one – then lawmakers need to make that clear.

But don’t tell us you’re doing it just because you can’t figure out how to stop people from breaking the law. And if keeping control of our borders and retaining management of who does or does not enter is still an important priority and a criminal matter, that should be made clear also.

What we’re getting out of Washington now is static, clarifying nothing and selling a feel-good product which doesn’t seem to address any of these questions."

Ducky's here said...

@Imp -- And every where you see the appeasing "MLK" streets or "boulevards".
Surprise, surprise. A man who organized black Americans to rise up without firing a shot is honored. I can't imagine why.

Well clearly I can but I do have trouble understanding, without going to some nasty places, why people would object.

How many of you were there with Knuckles McCain trying to stop naming a holiday after Dr. King?

Ducky's here said...

@kid --- What do you think about wolf blitzkrieg being 'disgusted' that Ted Nugent was invited to the SOTU ?

Don't care.

I'm upset that the stone idiot Nugent didn't put the place into lock down trying to smuggle in a derringer in his butt crack.

I count on the fringe right for comic relief and they really failed. Other than the properties crew not knowing where to place a bottled water and making Rubio (R - Squeaky voice) look like an amateur, it was a poor effort by the right.

They were invisible and all we had were closeups of Boehner after the quaaludes kicked in.

Anonymous said...


"A man who organized black Americans to rise up without firing a shot is honored."

Crap...pure crap. There's nothing but bullets after 44 years. And that "content of character" thing? Crap too...Do you think he'd cringe that now content is solely measured by color? That it trumps all else? And by any measure or yardstick...blacks are still at the bottom of the heap. Education wise...financially...familiy disintegration and overwhelming criminality?

You think MLK would have been proud of this reality and outcome? Crap.
Even illegals have it better.

But of course...only a lib that put the chains back on those that didn't fire a shot...would believe his works...worked.

His legacy is that it was all an utter failure. Except for the poverty pimps.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I was watching O'Reilly last night.
Juan Williams was hosting.
Closed border advocate complains about 2 billion spent on illegal immigrant healthcare.
Illegal immigrant advocate says that money wasn't given to immigrants!
With a straight face he says:
It was given to doctors and nurses and hospitals, not immigrants!
As I was screaming at the TV, Juan actually called him on it!
Where does the money come from that goes to those health care professionals because the illegals are here?

Ed Bonderenka said...

As to MLK boulevards, I think it was Chris Rock who opined that if you ever find yourself on MLK Boulevard, your in the wrong part of town.

Anonymous said...


Too bad they can't keep the Gin bottle away from Crazy Uncle Joe whenever he spouts his insane bullshit and malapropisms. are the poster boy for the left...that actually and unabashedly hates over half of Americans.

And I can say you're a racist too for bashing Senator Rubio or Cruze...don't like those "beaners" do you...really now?

And you love it that way.

Kid said...

@IMP nation of laws? Pishhaw.

The bailouts broke contract law wide open. This is a major foundation of law in the US.

Biden tells the head of the NRA that we need more gun laws because we can't enforce the simple ones we have like keeping people from lying on a firearm purchase form.

Illegals. I actually believe both sides now have been bringing them in courting voters.

And so yea, the head anchor-moron of the democrat run media is disgusted by someone who purely supports individual liberties, the CORE of this country's foundation. ANd Ted is even trying to protect wolfey's freedom and liberty in spike of wolfey's ignorance.

I don't know how much further into left field you can get.

Anonymous said...


"I was watching O'Reilly last night"..

I saw it too. Juan's better off as a follow up act to Chris Rock. Juan doen't have to live anywhere near his stupidity and politics...Georgetown is pretty safe for people like him.

He's worse than Alan Commie Colmes.

Anonymous said...


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. - George Orwell

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Kid said...

duckbones, and I count on you and your leagues of terminal zombie communist voters to create the kind of country you claim to hate. It's only natural. It is the way its done today. I hope I'm around to see it happen.

I can hear you at your obama speech watching cocktail parties... "Yes, Take more of my freedoms! Take them all! Let me serve you hairy reid! Pelosi you're brilliant! Enslave us black folks ever more! Put us back in chains! yes, yes, Yes."

Anonymous said...


"And Ted is even trying to protect wolfey's freedom and liberty in spike of wolfey's ignorance."

Yiddish saying..."they should all make tons of money, win the lottery and have to spend it all on doctors to cure them"

Me...they should all emigrate to their utopia en masse and hang signs on every door....Kumbaya, Gun Free Zone.

Kid said...

IMP, MLK was no saint, but I'd bet he'd be disgusted at the black leadership out there today. Anyone supporting America is an Uncle Tom.

The rest of them are in it for the money, using as their excuse "Whitey got his now it's our turn."

Ala Jackson Jr and Wife, pleading Guilty, Jackson Sr and Al Sharptone and all the rest keeping the racism fires lit and burning brightly.

I don't now Any white people now who are racist, tho there are some. It's mostly black folks who are racist. Because it's a tool to get "more". It's not even a black thing, it's human nature. Put out some low hanging fruit, for everyone or a group, or a few individuals, they'll more often reach for it.

Easy money, strong appeal and all that.

Kid said...

IMP, the Truth.

What about obama is Not BS? It's All fake. It's like WWE. Then again, that's the most popular show on TV I read.

Gotta laugh.

Anonymous said...

"I can hear you at your obama speech watching cocktail parties..."

Yes with their Pinot Grigio, truffles and pinkies in the air....

Remember Andrew Breitbart commenting on a dinner he had a Ayers house one evening? Those "revolutionaries" and commies sure do like the good life...while on the south side of chicago...a mile away from the Big Homie's crib ( Obamby )...his "people" live tough on a diet of 9MM and .380"s.

Kid said...

@IMP, unfortunately, your hard core libtard works in a different way. They support policies that turn their local and state level environemnt into hellholes. Then when they're sure it can't be saved, ie California, they all run en mass to the most successful place they spy with their little eye, ie Texas, and by sheer number voting, turn that into a hellhole.

Don't know, maybe it will be interesting when there's no where left for them to go and destroy.

And people form other socialist hellholes to this. soros, et all.

Anonymous said...


"The rest of them are in it for the money..."

The stupid greedy arrogant child man "jackson Junior"...nah..a major POS con man crook like his ole man. $45K for he had 26" wheels on his Magnum too?

Just wanted to wet his beak like pops. I remember too he had the Budweiser account / franchise all to himself too. Wonder how he raised the "cash' or 'qualified" for that piece of gold.

While his homies drank malt.

Anonymous said...


"maybe it will be interesting when there's no where left for them to go and destroy."

You're describing a fatal disease like Ebola...death. Not something I want to see. That's why they need to be stopped or "cured".

Kid said...

IMP, Exactly. they live the good life while those they feed off of continue to suffer. If they weren't suffering, they'd be no one to save right? Gig's over.

That can be applied to all of politics and all manner of voter.

Kid said...

IMP, Being a responsible guy, I just need someone to pay my contraceptive product bills.

Then all will be well.

Anonymous said...


"I just need someone to pay .."

Have no fear...the 11, 15 or 20 million illegals will contribute. Or so the pols promise us.

Ducky's here said...

@Imp --- are the poster boy for the left...that actually and unabashedly hates over half of Americans.
No, I'm really not a hater. I try to be open.

However, I do feel that anytime the fringe right thinks they constitute over 50% of America it's time for ridicule.

Anonymous said...


So do I do I...and I swore I was going to be open and respectful this year ( to you especially ) my Geeeez resolution.

But 50%? Nope...your "fringe" ins around 80% or more...who'd drop a dime on anyone who dares to dismantle the Constitution. Starting with your boy in the WH.

And Duck...your use of the phrase "fringe' tells me that I'm correct in your disdain for the rest of America...especially those west of Boston.

Z said...

Ed, re "if you ever find yourself..."
That's probably true and that is SO SO very sad.

I don't admire Rock's politics, but he gets it right so often; years ago, he said something in a routine about how black families having reunions and I forget how he said it, but the gist of it was "you're not SUPPOSED to have family in PRISON..that's not the NORM!" He was fantastic.

I do believe Dr King would be disgusted with black "leadership" (of course, my black friends deplore that expression and say "Obama and Jackson and Rangel don't represent ME, believe me!".

Today, it's ALL about the color of one's skin and little to do with the character Dr. King so badly wanted emphasized.

Re Right or Left and what percentage; I very much feel that should someone like Dr Carson actually get a way onto a venue like CNN or ABC or CBS, etc., many people would sit up and say "Hey, that's what I WANT"....I doubt if they'll feature him; he's anathema to the leftwingers but you never know;.

Anonymous said...


"I very much feel that should someone like Dr Carson..."

Don't we wish Z...they all but callled him an uppity nigger for "dissing" the POTUS...who needed a dressing down by one of his "own"...although Dr. Carson clearly isn't.

But they couldn't call him a racist for calling Obullshits policies....bullshit...could they? So...he's a house Tom...and Oreo...not an authentic Negro...a slave.

Rather than taking a man like this...with his amazing accomplishments for every fatherless, shiftless,lone mother, uneducated look up to...he's just an Oreo.

Know what Z...Fook em....they want the bling bling...the rolls...the gold caps and the Mac 10's...I say...let them have it.

Why should any of us give a rats ass any longer after they have made their choices? They're not supposed to be children...or are they?

Anonymous said...


Bring the Pain , Chris Rock.

Not much has changed in what he said...clearly many don't like what they see...yet they dominate.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed: Obama made no calls, took no action during the Benghazi attack.

The POS..the Golfer in Chief...had to make his appearance in Vegas....rub elbows with rappers and other various scumbags.

I'll say this...if it was Bush who so ignored his responsibility...Ducky and the liberal moonbeams...would call for his impeachment and hanging.

But not for their revered kenyan / Indonesian commie fraud king.

"Last week, Lindsey Graham’s unrelenting line of questioning compelled Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to confirm under oath that not a single military asset was deployed to help rescue besieged US personnel in the course of a terrorist raid in Benghazi, Libya. The September 11, 2012 attack lasted nearly eight hours, during which four Americans died, including our sitting ambassador. Multiple requests for increased security in the weeks and months leading up to the massacre were denied.

Urgent warnings that the Benghazi consulate couldn’t withstand a sustained attack were ignored. (The compound didn’t even meet minimum security standards for American diplomatic outposts anywhere in the world).

An eleventh-hour cable accurately predicting an imminent attack resulted in…nothing.

Explicit calls for help during the prolonged raid went unheeded amidst a flurry of “stand down” orders. One of many lingering questions regarding this outrageous episode is what our Commander-in-Chief was doing throughout the ordeal, during which America’s real-time response was evidently paralyzed by chaotic indecision.

Yesterday, the White House finally shed some light on this question by releasing a letter describing what President Obama was not doing as American diplomats’ lives hung in the balance."

Come on libs....let's hear your bullshit about the golfer in chief and how he rose to the occasion.

Not one phone call or order from the Kenyan King..not one command to protect our embassy or ambassador.

The POS in a incompetent.

And you mocked Bush when he said..'Mission accomplished". Your savior and "god" did nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and I should add that that cow, arrogant "what does it matter how they were killed" ahole of a SOS...incompetent off the hook. And it was her responsibility...that she said she takes full responsibility for ( yea...and her pigs and lies do fly ) while you morons consider this POS possible prez material?

WTF? Are you kidding me? They actually get rewarded for their shitty incompetence?

Anonymous said...

Ducky open? Now, THAT deserves what Libman would use to conclude one of his brilliant points: LOL.


JonBerg said...

Way too much banter. I'm looking forward to a solid debate!

Anonymous said...

Solid debate? It's unlikely you'll find that here, Jon.

----------> Katharine Heartburn

Kid said...

Jonberg, and IMP Yea, no solid debates with the likes of libtards. All they're capable of from an intelligence point of view as well as a foundation of facts is to throw out talking point rebutals crafted by the likes of wolfey or one of obamas media whores.

When serious subjects arise like the entire obama administration being incompetent, and the white house and secy of state being totally guilty of murder by incompetence regards Benghazi, they slink into the dark regions of the sewer system because they have nothing to say.

They'll pop out when some repub does something ignorant or when some POS can spin it that way and claim victory and superiority. Like children ya know.

Well. Well... suzy hit johnny in school today and I told the teacher! I want my gold star. That's really all they're capable of.