Friday, February 15, 2013

Conservatives On Fire

You will want to read THIS excellent bunch of information and considered thought (article:  One Man/One Vote).  Jim at Conservatives on Fire has knocked it out of the ballpark and his commenters are informative, too.

Wait till you read about an American city allowing six votes per person and why.   Wait till the leftwingers here whine about how there's a very good reason for it.   MY GOD, just wait for's a leftwinger's delight.

We should ALL be "on fire" about this.........anybody raising hell?  Nope.




Joe said...

At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I think we have lost our republic.

Ben Franklin alluded to this in his answer about what kind of country we had established "...a republic, if we can keep it."

A republic is far superior to a democracy because it depends on the rule of law through representatives.

In our case, it was intended that the states would have influence through the Senate, while the people would be represented in the House of Representatives.

Our demise began when we abandoned the original plan and we have reached the point of no return.

Liberalmann said...

You'll believe any bullshit from the right to deflect the obvious attempts to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

Z said...

Ya, Liberalmann, we believe any facts. Do you TRY to be obtuse?

Joe, I think so, too. And the left doesn't see it or just doesn't care; got to get those votes...anything to prove America's not as wonderful as Conservatives felt it was.

Kid said...

As of the last election for sure, we now live in a banana republic. The libtards are loving it now, but it will catch up with them sooner than they think. Then it's gonna be fun to watch.

Wait til they squeal!

"Listen to them - children of the night. What music they make." :)
-Bram Stokers Dracula

Ducky's here said...

Fascinating article for sure.

I enjoyed the comments on cumulative voting. Few things pop out.

1. z doesn't seem to understand the principle or she would understand why a municipality formally with six at large representatives would require six selections under a cumulative system. Think about it.

2. Immediately, being a conservative blog, someone jumps in and starts yammering about the Constitution being shredded even though while the Constitution never grants the right to vote.

3. Bunkerville jumps in and states the method is in place to guarantee election of a Hispanic candidate. Of course, it does not.

4. There seems to be a misconception that the method was mandated by the Feds. No, it was chosen by the locality.

Now Joe will explain why the article is bemoaning the disenfranchisement of the rural voter when a dozen rural states with a population barely equal to NYC can control a quarter of the Senate but still have no political voice.
The right has succumbed to hysteria.

Anonymous said...


Just in..jesse jerksons jr's going to jail. Another "up and coming minority" getting caught with his big beak into campaign funds for...bling bling and a "lifestyle"...LMAO.

Like father like son...another fraud and criminal unconcerned about chicago crime...but more concerned with getting over on the man by stealing from them....his people too.

No wonder he claimed 'bi polar" for the past 10 months. He had to have one huge headache explaining how he stole $750,000.00 to make his BBA happy.

Z said...

Ducky~! 6 representatives means everyone gets 6 votes?

You're so off on this one it's not worth more response!

EVERYONE is wrong but Ducky.
Clap for yourself; must feel SOOOOO good.

Anonymous; he won't go to jail. He'll continue to plead mental problems, the media will continue to cover, and all's well in Jackson's World. It's all a RAINBOW, dontchaknow! :-)

Liberalmann said...

The Dems won the popular vote for the House but jerry mandering kept the GOP in control.

Z said...

Right, to an extent, and the Dems don't gerrymander :-)

Gad, you can't make a liberal UP.

Z said...


Anonymous said...


"Our demise began when we abandoned the original plan and we have reached the point of no return."

There is a solution to this.

JonBerg said...

OK, I've made reference to this link at least a couple of times but since it's so germane to today's post it wouldn't hurt to read it again; Jefferson 'nailed' it.

Liberalmann said...

Z said..."Right, to an extent, and the Dems don't gerrymander :-)

Gad, you can't make a liberal UP."


Yup, more spin. That's all we get from you. Besides lies, that is.

Learn something:

The GOP’s New Voter Suppression Strategy: Gerrymander the Electoral College