Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FOX and the 'not so foxy' other channels...

Can a country remain a democracy if its media is as in bed with one political party as it is in America for Democrats?   Questions are rarely asked that challenge this sitting president, situations aren't mentioned, truths are avoided.........  People aren't educated enough to make good choices in their voting processes.....

Do I think it should be completely rightwing?  No.   But this much for the left,...and the FAR left at that?  Impossible.  Who would have thought this could happen in a country whose journalism schools so recently touted that wonderful old tenet of "Who, what, when, where and why?"   No opinions unless they were admittedly 'opinions' were given......Suddenly, maybe thirty years ago,  EVERYBODY got a byline and felt it important we knew their viewpoints.  Why?  There are so many people whose opinions aren't interesting or educated enough to even deserve a byline, and that's on both sides of the political journalism spectrum.   The media was more honest  at one time and delved into all situations to get closest to the truth so people could make up their minds and make wise choices.  Not anymore.

And FOX?  Look at the uglies in bed with Obama in the cartoon.  Now remember what the very bright women at FOX look like.   Why do you think they named it FOX?  :-)

My question:  If there was a new station which constantly had both sides of everything presented, with facts, links, background, etc., ...would it be watched?    "Left...Right..."  All day long....showing WHY, WHO, WHAT?..honestly and openly.   Would you watch it?  I would.



Ducky's here said...

Now remember what the very bright women at FOX look like.

You mean Greta?

Average American said...

That would probably just result in a lot of channel flipping. The only way they could maybe keep both sides watching would be to bring back things like Hannity/Colmbs and we all know what happened to that show. And yes, I know I spelled his name wrong. So what?.

Always On Watch said...

In my view, we need different voices and different viewpoints.

I don't agree with all the time reading or watching viewpoints with which we agree. I favor critical thinking, and such thinking requires the consideration of other points of view.

Anonymous said...

The ratings of the MSM are in the toilett. That tells us that the owners are not in the business for profit. They are only interested in spreading their ideology. There is nothing stopping the RIGHT from balancing the scales by doing the same.It is no longer a news business; it is the politics business.

Silverfiddle said...

I love the cartoon!

It goes deeper than their love affair with Obama.

The press is now part of the DC ruling class, nothing more than an offical mouthpiece.

What happened to the adversarial tone?

This has been analyzed in depth by some pretty smart people. The problem is that the press now goes to the same prestigious schools as the ruling class. they are birds of a feather. Used to be, reporter was a working class job, and the the reporters naturally disliked and mistrusted the powerful. That's how it should work.

Fredd said...

Nope, wouldn't watch a second of a 'fair and balanced' show, much like the hated 'Hannity and Komes' (I mispelled it too, and in the words of Henry Waxman, 'so what?').

I like Fox and their slant (right). Just like I only read posts like Geeeeez, and avoid the DailyKos like the plague it is.

Why would I watch or read garbage like that? I already know they hate me, and wish a pox upon my house. Much like a rabbi in the synagogue turning on 'The Nazi Review with Joseef Goebbels' on al Jezeera to catch up on the opposing point of view...won't happen.

JonBerg said...

Would I check it out? Yes I would. Would I "watch it"? That would depend upon its actual content. While FOX NEWS, as an entity, leads in Cable Ratings, the News Media, in general, remains biased to the "left". I suspect that even if such a program was to be implemented it would present no net change in the overall left leaning inbalance. Unless and until the lefties come up with a more realistic view, I'm not very interested in what they have to say. But, then again, if they removed themselves from their "Fantacy Land" they would no longer be "lefties", would they?

Divine Theatre said...

I already check the news sources online. If I am interested in a story, especially if I sense special bias I will spend hours researching...such as the Trayvon "story". I recall the first time I saw that zinger. I spent the entire night, until about 5am researching. It just didn't sound right.
Sure enough, the facts were available...and the MSM NEVER printed them.
Do you remember the photos showing Trayvon as a 10 year old and Zimmerman in an orange jail jumpsuit with the headline claiming Zimerman shot a kid who was merely holding a bag of Skittles? That's not mere bias, that is an outright LIE! They never let go of that lie, either.
I found photos of Trayvon from his social media accounts and a photo of Zimmerman in a suit , I posted them side by side and plastered them everywhere I could.
Z, if you want to know if people are willing to read facts my experience says no. They do not. After I posted the recent photos of Travon and Zimmerman with police reports and background information I received death threats, rape threats. My phone number and address were posted online on sites that called for my harassment. They even called my husband's police department (and sent letters) to have him fired because "his wife was a racist".
No. People don't want facts. They want their world view to remain unchallenged.
On the other hand, the people who harassed me (and still do to this day) are all liberals. Challenge a liberal's false world view and they will throw a full out tantrum.

Z said...

Ducky...found the one woman at FOX who's not known for beauty AND brains.
As usual :-) (Must be difficult to be that perverse, Ducky)

AA....FOX still has Colmes on as they always have both sides of every subject, as you know. But he's not leftwing/rational..he's a horrible hack.

AOW..that's my point. I think my idea could work. MSNBC for five minutes and we'll know why they're tanking..

SF...good point. Schools also teach patriotism and honesty out of our kids because they're taught "the left knows better..just keep fighting the right...the left knows WAY better and, someday, Americans will finally wake up."
It's a scary scenario for any country's media, but in America?
They should be absolutely ashamed.

FreeThinke said...

" Challenge a liberal's false world view and they will throw a full out tantrum."

Truer words were never written, Andie, only THEY don't believe their views are false. THEY think THEY have it right and WE are "obstructing" their methods of bringing about Heaven on Earth.

Of course, "they" -- or most of "them" -- are victims of deceptive, cynical manipulation by evil geniuses who've had our destruction in the works for over a century.

We all need to read about NORMAN DODD and the REECE COMMISSION. I'll be doing a post on him and what he perceived and understood very soon.

FreeThinke said...

Fredd, I tend to feel the same way you do, but a wise man once advised, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

Hard to do, I know, but probably a good idea.

Z said...

I have to admit I find it important to hear what Americans are hearing...I know most watch FOX, but there are too many who don't; and there are FAR too many who don't read or watch anything...and then vote. As long as they get their free cell phone from the gov't.
The left likes that.

FreeThinke said...

PS: I meant to add in the remarks addressed to Andie:

There is always a tendency pn the part of zealots -- and master manipulators -- to believe The Ends Justify the Means, but this is true of the right as well as the left. The left is just much better organized and practiced in their assault on Civilization.

Most of "us" have been too busy BUILDING Civilization to spend much time thinking about ways to combat the moral and intellectual "termites" who work ceaselessly to undermine and destroy its foundations.

It's only recently that "we" have begun to awaken. The trouble is that "we" are not sufficiently armed -- OR -- motivated to do much about it. MOST decent people on the right shy away from "extremism" even when it is making a desperate attempt to protect THEIR best interests.

Leftists are by their very nature "extremists" and tend to be snotty, aggressive, belligerent and incredibly PERSISTENT.

"We" could use some of that kind of zeal, ourselves, but "we" tend to be bland, peaceable, accepting worker-bee types. Sad that "our" very virtues seem to be defeating "our" cause, doesn't it?

Divine Theatre said...


The hive mentality of the left is truly effective in the short term. Their swarm intelligence makes them very predictable. What we need to do is stop swatting at them and clear the hive. It can be done.


JonBerg said...

Hey Fredd,

I used to call it "Hannity & Crohns".

Anonymous said...


"the people who harassed me (and still do to this day) are all liberals. Challenge a liberal's false world view and they will throw a full out tantrum."

And now it's the lib media's lies to demonize America's legal, law abiding gun owners and put them in the same class as the low life felons and maniacs like Lanza.

The media, driven by their own agenda, continues with disinformation, rumors innuendos and complete deliberate falsehoods to feed the simple minded idiots that tune in to their propaganda sessions.

Thus we still get the false information from the piers morgans of the media....who insist on calling simple rifles "assault" weapons.

Never mentioning that anything a person picks up to attack an assault weapon.

Just as these bastards tried very openly to try, convict and call for Zimmermans death and paint Saint Skittles as a baby faced it's 100 million citizens that are the enemy.

Well Ms. DT...I hope you're well protected...because it would be the so called "peaceful" Kos, mother earth type POS that are the most dangerous. And that's who America is really at war with...and arming up for too.

They have no problems resorting to violence, mayhem and law breaking. Just look at the OWS crew, or the SDS, or the sweet Bill Ayers and his history.

sue hanes said...

Z - I always tune into CNN - but I would consider an unbiased channel
if that were to happen.

Do you think that is possible?

Z said...

Sue, I'm not sure.
By the way, though CNN is finally getting a little more of both sides on there, and Jake Tapper's there trying to keep things honest, I think you'd find FOX far more interesting in hearing opposing viewpoints on every subject.

I'm not sure it could happen. I wish it could. I think it'd be fascinating, but as the facts unfolded, we'd always have those who disagree and then we're back to FOX/MSNBC/CNN again. :-('s not only violence...or rarely violence. What I see is liberals literally saying things like "I don't know if you're right or wrong, but I just can't be a conservative." or "Yes, I know that's probably true, but I can't think that way.."
Then they walk away.
I don't get that too much, but I've had many conservative friends say their liberal acquaintances can't discuss the topics and they get a little intimidated when they see someone would like to hear WHY they feel like they do.

Ducky's here said...

z, I'm fascinated by the portrayal of network news as "far left".

Now mind you, I know people who are far left including a respected history professor who is a party member. We find it amusing when the right suggests this is even a progressive nation.

Is David Gregory "far left"? If so, the term "left" means nothing.

I suspect "far left" has something to do with not taking a hard line on Muslims, illegals and gays but I really don't know.
Far left may mean not supporting the privatization of everything except the military and even then mercenaries are well regarded.

Nay saying the belief in the infallibility of markets?

Having actually studied Hayek (since he's such a fave of the right) and knowing that he was behind Bruning and the destruction of Weimar Germany?
I think I am correct in believing that the philosophy of the current right wing comes from either (or both) the Old Testemant with the idea of exceptionalism and The Road to Serfdom which is a polemic that tried to make Hayek's theories palatable to the American elite(Milton Friedman succeeded under the guise of discredited monetarism).

Really, what constitutes "far left" and how does that conception square with authentic American leftist movements?

Anonymous said...


"conservative friends say their liberal acquaintances can't discuss the topics and they get a little intimidated when they see someone would like to hear WHY they feel like they do."

Simple...cause as soon as they swallow the propaganda they forget they don't have any views other than what they're told to believe and do and just follow the screechers, liars and hypocrites. Who profit off of misinformation and their sheeple.

NYC is full of them. Bloomturd tells them what to drink, eat and do. Without one peep from the masses that a little man with a Napoleon complex can strip their rights away one at a time. Oh...and God forbid anyone in NY dare defend themselves.

And where does the so called "news" originate from? guessed it.

Anonymous said...


"Far left may mean not supporting the privatization of everything..."

Cause government does such a "better" job?

There's not one thing that government handles thats not FUBAR...not one.

Anonymous said...

Obama himself is a culprit in the dishonesty of the MSM..

"On today's America Live, Megyn Kelly reacted, saying that for her, this latest and the president's other recent comments about Fox News aren't the true takeaway from his remarks.

"For me this isn't about what he said about Fox News [...] it's about once again the president saying that if somebody disagrees with him, if Republicans disagree with him, it's because someone has 'gotten' to them," she told Fox News Digital political editor Chris Stirewalt. "It sounds dismissive of heartfelt beliefs that Republicans may hold or their constituents may hold that just don't line up with his."

Stirewalt agreed with her analysis, adding that the president's remarks "impute to his critics the worst possible motives," inferring that any lawmaker who would go against such a legislative compromise would do so only because they're a coward.

"It gives us an insight on why little progress has been made on issues of substance in Washington," Stirewalt said. "If the president thinks these guys are that bad it's no wonder that he doesn't want to work with them and that they don't trust him to do big things with."

Divine Theatre said...

I believe that many liberals have good intentions. However, intentions trump results in their world. THAT is the problem.
Many liberals are just self involved twits.
Either way, they're wrong.


Ducky's here said...

@Divine Theater --- Please list a couple of the significant beneficial results (equity bubbles don't count) from the last thirty years of far right conservatism.

Anonymous said...

@DT / Andie:

"I believe that many liberals have good intentions.."

Yea I know...they don't believe in water boarding or "torture"...butr they're all for drone strikes to kill the suspect.

Then...they're against capital punishment...but approve abortion ( murder ) and then the drone murders!!

They believe in the "environment" and bray about carbon emissions while they jump into their SUV's or corporate jets to spread more of it around. And on and on it goes.

They believe in "gun free zones" then wonder how innocents get killed in them.

Z said...

Divine...I often say here that it's a silly dream of some kind of UTOPIA which prompts enacting laws every time one person gets hurt doing something, for example. A zillion people can manage hot coffee from McDonald's, but let one woman carry a cup between her legs while driving, and they have a law that says the coffee can't be as hot as it was before.

Did you hear the FDA is now going to force stores to post calories, fat content, etc.? They're saying it'll cost the grocery industry a billion dollars in the first year...meaning WE are going to pay for this.

It's like the Obama thugs can't get enough of hurting us and our economy.
Then the industry's also suggesting that they'll have to drop some products.

See, the Liberals know what's best for us.

Ducky's here said...

@Imp --- Cause government does such a "better" job?

The private sector has its share of failures and you are going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways, Imp, to find institutions which don't have shortcomings.

Take a look at the school privatization movement. It's made a bundle for failures like Michelle Rhee but has it brought overall improvement? No. Charter schools are not performing statistically better than public schools.

Of course the stripping of regulation from the financial industry was a huge win for the private sector. It's been a chore for the right to gin up reasons to blame government for that fiasco.

Divine Theatre said...


Apparently you did not get the memo. I don't talk to grown men who behave like children.
You had an opportunity to rationally discuss the previous topic, yet you chose to become a caricatural blunderbuss of ad hominem.
You have been dismissed.

Anonymous said...


"The private sector has its share of failures..."

Of course they do. It's called capitalism and free enterprise. What happens say when FEMA fails? Or the Post office...or F&F...or Benghazi? It's promotion time and CYA. In private get fired not "repositioned" or promoted.

Look at Susan Rice....think she'd get fired for her lies? Or...scuze me...let me clear my throat....a misunderstanding or mis-speaking?

Or Hillary..."what difference does it make"? She gets to ride off into the sunset with another fat pension and a shot at the WH?

Like I said...FUBAR. That's what government does well. Even National Defense is a joke...911 proved that.

Z said...

The Charter Schools in Los ANgeles are performing marvelously and parents are clamboring to get their kids in.

Ducky, what you keep totally forgetting is there is no perfect. Rhee was actually quite good; there were strong critics, libs hated her, but they were mostly disgruntled people who don't want to work quite as hard and hated to have their career threatened for doing a poor job.

"its share of failures" me a government institution without substantially more failures.

I keep saying libs believe in UTOPIA ... And you keep proving me right.

Ducky's here said...


Apparently you did not get the memo. I don't talk to grown men who behave like children.
Because you can only speak in cliches with no content.

Ducky's here said...

I have to say, Imp, the fact you bring up a trivial (yes, trivial) matter like Susan Rice does indicate an outlook that really is down to seeds and stems.

Either that or you aren't willing to get into the hurly-burly where there are no absolute answers but only compromises and admit you really haven't looked much below the surface.

The power of sound bites to corrupt our national dialog (like the "Benghazi-gate" nonsense) is crippling us.

Anonymous said...

I've stopped watching FOX. I have stopped watching news since the election b/c the political climate is all junk and whether it's in France or the US the powerful in both parties don't give a damn about us.

Also, FOX started to bore me seriously with the same rants. I listened for them for 4 years and there's little value in listening to four more years of that. I know where my values stand and I don't think I need someone to reinforce them. I'm done wasting my life, energy and happiness with this stuff.

Because you can only speak in cliches with no content.

And your first response was You mean Greta?.

Not only you have no content, but you're the walking cliche of contradiction. Vapid really is the word.


Anonymous said...

Please list a couple of the significant beneficial results (equity bubbles don't count) from the last thirty years of far right conservatism.

Since you never answer questions from us, why would we answer yours, except by asking the same exact questions for left-wing and socialist policies in the world and the US? I haven't seen many benefits. Especially when I see France collapse the way it is collapsing financially and morally.

At least one of the benefits in the past 30 years was the end of the Soviet Union and some more freedom for people in Eastern Europe. But I know you don't like that, freak.


Ducky's here said...

@z --- The Charter Schools in Los ANgeles are performing marvelously and parents are clamboring to get their kids in.

I don't doubt that at all.

Parents are also clambering to get their kids into Boston Latin.

It's an issue that need to be viewed in the aggregate, not anecdotally.

Anonymous said...

The private sector has its share of failures

Yes, like you and I have failures.

The problem is when the gov fails and limit our freedoms and overtaxes us to cover its ass. That's the problem.

And when the private sector fails and the gov bails it out, that's the problem too.

It's not just about the failure itself.

But you'll never get it because you're so idiotic. It's crazy.

Now as far as school privatization, I can also take a bunch of failures in the public schools. Like poor results, overcrowded classes. Even in France, public schools are getting crappier and crappier, with major safety issues now for teachers.

There's no panacea on this Earth so we may as well live more freely.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's an issue that need to be viewed in the aggregate, not anecdotally.

Another vapid statement. Problems and stats are not analyzed in aggregate OR anecdotally. Both the big picture and details count.

With this statement, you shouldn't be on the left since you guys think that because 5% of the world is in some kind of bad situation, the 95% need to be adjusted.

You're the one who's unable to think using different angles.

That's because you're a collectivist. You need the aggregate to comprehend the world. Otherwise it's too complicated for you.


Anonymous said...



"that really is down to seeds and stems." gets to the real roots of what government is. And it's government that planted the seeds that it can do better what an entrepreneur can do in a free market... absent all the stems and seeds that the government has allowed to grow into a choking morass of mindless bureaucrats and restrictions on business.

It's crippling every sector of our economy...and preventing progress.

And I think Rice is an example of endemic failures on the part of government. And it's deep roots in deception, disingenuousness and inability to admit failure or accept responsibility.

Section 8 and public schools are just two glaring examples.

Z said...

ah, so your mistatements, wrong facts and anecdotes are fine but I bring up one of the biggest school districts in the country with differing information than what you invented, and I'm "anecdotal?" :)

Stop the commenters don't need to be deflecting, they need to be continuing to give their good information and their opinions.

By the way, if you think entitlements, school loans, the housing debauchle and other leftwing absurdities are're REALLY not worth talking with.

FrogBurger..thanks for taking over with Ducky; you do a much finer job than I :-) I appreciate you.

Z said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for taking over with Ducky; you do a much finer job

Thanks but I'm not sure it's working. It feels as though I'm a ward in psychiatric hospital. The patient rarely gets cured by just talking.


Anonymous said...

Oops. Warden, not ward.


Divine Theatre said...


If facts cured liberals we would be in a much better place than we are.


Divine Theatre said...
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Divine Theatre said...

The greatest accomplishments of conservatism in the last ten or twenty years, were not brought to you through new laws or government intervention of any kind. Conservatism is reflected through individual accomplishment and freedom. It is reflected by what is possible when the government gets out of the way, and allows responsible people to live their own lives.


Anonymous said...

If facts cured liberals we would be in a much better place than we are.

Facts are not enough unfortunately.

Even if we agree on facts, the way we see life and the world are totally opposite.

They think tyranny is necessary to help 10% of the people when 90% are ok. Or they think nationalized healthcare is the only solution because a small percentage have to file for bankruptcy because of medical costs.

With leftists, It's all black even if we agree on the facts as long as we don't have 100% of perfection in this world. It's actually a very pessimistic vision of the world. Nothing's good with them. We have to keep perfecting human beings, even if that means enforce rules or kill them. In that case, the facts and stats don't matter.

That's why they go for hope. Hope is not faith. Hope means you believe there's more bad stuff than good but that there may be a slight possibility for good in the future. Hope is wishing. Hence the wishful thinking tendency aspect of left theories.

Facts don't matter when mindsets are in total opposite.


Ducky's here said...

Well Frogberger, as much as z wants to make the case for charter schools, the charter schools around here are not able to perform at the level of several Boston public schools and a=get absolutely buried by nearby systems like Brookline, Lexington, Newton or Norwood.

There is absolutely no evidence that charters are superior and the much touted new ideas that public schools were to gain from charters have not materialized.

Just what have we learned from charters? Not much.

You know as well as I do that the goal is privatization for the sake of privatization as well as breaking the teachers union.
Well, since Massachusetts has one of the best school systems in the world that hasn't happened. Likewise the majority of well funded school systems in America, the achieve.

What has happened is that the privatization movement has, often cynically, chosen to use poor children as a wedge. If a school self selects and gets funded at an equivalent rate without having to deal with special needs and difficult students it should show some higher results but we aren't really seeing that much.

JonBerg said...

FB, et al:

Apparently, Liberals concluded, quite some time ago, that abject misery is an acceptable condition just as long as it is spread evenly!

Z said...

Ducky, I don't give a DAMN about charter schools and I don't give a damn about Boston, trust me.
In LA, they are excellent. period. YOu make whatever stupid case you want ...

FB...HOPE is anathema to a liberal, it seems. HOPE means you can do things YOURSELF to do BETTER..we HOPE to do well, we HOPE to be successful, we HOPE to be able to help others, we HOPE for a better situation whatever that might be in our lives or our country.
HOPE is up to US. A person can also HOPE that the government will throw them some free cheese, but, that the HOPE this country was founded on?

STupid liberals......they just can't let people BE. Even when they think they're helping they muck it up.
The Leftwingers were so eager to give housing loans to folks with no downpayment....we know it's those exact folks who've lost their homes. Some 'help'..huh?

The fun never quits.
And the PC crap is what they lean on.....they count on it.
The Lefty will say "Geee, Z, don't you WANT the poor to have homes?"


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no evidence that charters are superior and the much touted new ideas that public schools were to gain from charters have not materialized.

The lack of evidence doesn't prove public schools are better and that private schools should not exist.

Plus it's easy to say there's no evidence. Have you done a *thorough* research or do you claim there's no evidence?

The only evidence I have is the kids I've met. If I use that evidence, homeschooling or charter schools are vastly superior. The kid I used to mentor that was in public school didn't even have the level of English that my 6-year old home schooled neighbor has.

But I guess that is no absolute evidence.

How does it feel to be an idiot that tries so hard to be smart?


Anonymous said...

"we HOPE for a better situation whatever that might be in our lives or our country."

Since it's clear that they won't and it's clear that we're fed up. I just hope that they have the guts enough to stand by their convictions enough to get out...Form their own "perfect union / utopia" and we'll accept visas if we have to visit.

Let the NE and New England voluntarily remove themselves from the US...those flyover people...the scorned middle class...and the goobers they so love to call us. Since they believe their way is better for the other 80% of us.

Let them appoint a king...cuomo, schumer, bloomberg or the bastard child / man, son of a perverted kenyan and child of a commie mother, obama to rule over them.

Cause he's already drawn a line in the sand over our constitutional rights....he should be arrested and impeached.

A man whose made it clear his goal is the dismantling of not only the constitution , but our military and our place in the world. A man who has gladly and skillfully ceded the entire Mid East to fascist, islamists and murderers.

A man that refuses to secure our border is not acting in the interest of American...but for illigal invaders and any terrorist that uses the same border to sneak through.

A man that ignores our elected representatives in Congress and makes end runs around them to sign edicts, proclamations and unconstitutional laws by "executive" privilege.

Let the new utopia continue with their social experiments on their own.

Sadly, they were once members of the original 13 colonies who fought against tyranny, signed onto the Bill of Rights but have abandoned the very fabric of our Republics principles, laws and doctrines, and need to be patronized and willfully enslaved by any dictator with a toothy grin.

Go away. Leave us alone.

Z said...


What would you make of that headline? It took a few seconds to realize it meant she's not sure about allowing cameras in court, first, I thought "She did WHAT on cameras!?" :-)

Liberalmann said...

Five Reasons Why Fewer People Trust Fox News Than Ever Before:

A poll released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling shows that fewer people than ever trust Fox News as a source for accurate news and reporting. Just 41 percent expressed trust in the network — down from 49 four years ago — while 46 percent said they distrust Fox. There’s an obvious reason why: Fox misrepresents facts and fudges its data to advance the conservative agenda. Indeed, it’s nothing like the “fair and balanced” network it claims to be. And, it seems, voters are catching on.....

Anonymous said...

Snooze, Liberalman.

I forgot Thinkprogress is not biased at all.

It's been a year now. Can you grow up as time goes by or will you remain infantile?


Just Saying said...

Lets look at Obama's Accomplishments
He Gave us Health Careor should I say that he forced Obamacare on us!
He gave us the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with new pact reducing number of long-range weapons with Russia, or should I say he gave away the farm!
He ended our Space program. Or should I say that he let everyone including China advance their space programs while ending ours and put us in 3rd class status while putting 1,000's of people out of work at the same time.
He spent more money and took more Vacations than any other US president in history.
His wife live the life of a Queen
Yes he had many, many accomplishments.

Z said...

That's hilarious..>Libman leaves out that FOX is the most watched news venue ever, for about 15 years now.
And, by the way....MSNBC and CNN aren't biased? They don't slant stories?
FOX has more opinions from leftwingers on their shows than CNN ever dreamt of doing. But the media and this administration slams FOX every chance they get...and Libmann STILL can't figure out how FOX might lose a few viewers! :-)

THIS is the leftwinger's mind at work; and why I don't delete him too much. Wonderful comic relief!!!

beamish said...

One of the local talk radio guys the other day pointed out a Pew Research Centerpoll of what Americans feel is important to them (politically) and compared it to the top stories on all the news channels. Fox was consistently reporting on issues and topics related to what the Pew poll reported were the most important issues and topics to Americans (the economy, taxes, jobs, national security, immigration, etc.) while the other channels' stories concentrated mostly on lower or bottom tier stuff (green energy initiatives, gay marriage, animal rights, etc.)

Simply put, Fox News' high ratings are due to their usual connection to what's on the mind of most Americans.

That said, I wouldn't classify Fox as conservative. Goo-goo populist maybe, but not conservative. It's just that the other product out there is so obviously left that the mildly left Fox seems "right-wing" in relative comparison.

Marine4Ever said...
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Marine4Ever said...

I know that I'm about to be struck by a bolt of lighting -- for the first time EVER, I have to agree with Liberalmann on his assessment of FOX and the poll he quotes.

ZAAAAP! (I knew it was coming.)

Then there's beamish saying, "It's just that the other product out there is so obviously left that the mildly left Fox seems "right-wing" in relative comparison." Anymore... 'fraid so.

Okay... so when do I start getting death threats?!

Kid said...

That bed picture is quite accurate. All those 'women' look like any of his cabinet or SC picks.

obama's latest ugly lesbian selection

Kid said...

I'd say the main point is FOX is a waste of time. If someone wanted to do something useful with a media outlet, it would be to put something together that constantly sang the praises of Freedom, Conservatism, and Capitalism.

Fox tries to do this idiotic dance to try to entice the idiots and they end up destroying the message, scoring zero value. They lost me a long time ago.

Kid said...

IMP. All excellent points so I won't pick out a quote.

Idiots on CNBC are saying "We'll be back to normal in 15 years or so".

We could have been back to normal right now if we let failures fail, and got government out of the way of capitalism.

Let's see... Capitalism and rich people provide:
vehicles for travel, housing, food, clothing, energy, furniture, the internet, and entertainment and anything else you have in your life that you value.

What is it in our lives that we value that government actually Provides again????

Z said...

beamish, we get it; if they're not Attila the Hun, they're not RIGHT enough for you.

Marine4...that poll could be right but it doesn't take from the fact that FOX has FAR FAR more leftwingers on it, almost every subject they cover has both sides, than ANY other venue.
I have made comments above about why I think FOX's numbers aren't quite as much in the stratosphere as they always have been. They still beat the libs hands down.

Kid, they are trying to do the 'fair and balanced' thing a little too try to detract the much more biased channels that have the nerve to call FOX biased. Cracks me up.

Z said...

Kid, "What is it in our lives that we value that government actually Provides again????"

I think entitlements, freebies and not having to work are pretty darned valued by more and more Americans, don't you?!!

Anonymous said...


"I think entitlements, freebies and not having to work are pretty darned valued by more and more Americans, don't you?!!..."

In Detroit...the state of Michigan has decided that if a child misses more than 10 days of school in one school year...the welfare queens of illigitimate kids...will see their FREE welfare benefits cut, denied or curtailed by the state.

And these unproductive, irresponsible cows are protesting that it's not fair and and that the child wil miss 3 meals a day.

Now try to get this....the absentee, husbandless "mothers" ( breeder ) is trying to dictate to the state what strings can be attached to a total freebie that she's not entitled order to force them to exercise more parental responsibility over their broods. As well as keep them in school and avoid truancy which Detroit has the highest rate of in that state.

Then they complain that the kids won't eat because they'll be denied welfare benefits!! ??? WTF?

So not only are they not feeding their own kids...the state is...and the state now demands something in return...and these undeserving shiftless clowns complain?

This is the sate of states and our so called citizens now.

Z said...

Imp, after reading your comment, and having just come back from Kid's site, I REALLY need a martini!

oh, maaaaaaaaaaaaan.

The left has made America so weak and SO STUPID

Anonymous said...


"I REALLY need a martini!.."

Why not...the whole country is so screwed up...we all should be downing me...I just poured my second.

Anonymous said...


And Z...this is the reality of 75% illegitimacy, the self powered choosing of poverty, ignorance and the state of Black women in America today.

It's never been worse in my lifetime...NEVER. In the past 30 years they've gone from 25% and shame to 75% and openly bitching and demanding more welfare.

Three or 4 generations down the road...what will the conditions be then? 100%? Why not? it's clear a living can be made off of the state of welfare and not being responsible and only productive in the maternity wards of America.

And then...we wonder why the crime stats are so sky high among....errr .....minorities?

Well...we don't...but the pinhead do gooder slave owner liberals do..cause they put them Joe Bidens..."ya'll gonna be back in chains" speech. don't know how right you bald headed ignorant plantation master.

Kid said...


"Kid, "What is it in our lives that we value that government actually Provides again????"

I think entitlements, freebies and not having to work are pretty darned valued by more and more Americans, don't you?!! "

For the benefit of the young? confused? -> Yes, there are many who value that free ride by the state. But there is a tipping point that always comes to bear when there are more takers than givers and that system falls apart and the takers feel so much pain when the IV drip gets shut off. It will happen.

Argentina has recently frozen supermarket prices. This will have the effect of stripping supermarkets of the products because they're not going to sell at a loss.

I guess the little babies will wail and stamp their feet at the empty shelves, but it is they who will feel the hammer coming down upon their heads?

Z said...

Kid, of course there's a tipping point! I don't agree with that freebie/entitlement thing, you know that! We can't survive that tipping point; why's Obama not know that?

or does he?

Imp..there won't be an America in 4 generations. Can't be.

Kid said...

Z, "why's Obama not know that? or does he?"

Of course he does.

Anonymous said...


"Of course he does."

Yes...I agree. A dependent, weak, unarmed, ignorant welfare state. Dependent on their "savior" for their very 'existence".

From food for their offspring / their their their unemployment the 3 meals a day for their charges.

Another reason to resist....another reason to fight...another reason to arrest and impeach this monster fraud.

It began with the common man and the '"middle class" over taxation...and it will once again be a reason to resist.

Mankind and his needs haven't changed all that much over two centuries. They're basically the same now as they were then.

Freedom is the direct ones own destiny and life over the state. The ability to choose our own paths and not be slaves to any government.

Obama will fail....and will be the first since Lincoln to preside over the beginnings of a civil war.,...which the great divider has started in earnest already.

And I could give a shit that he happens to be "black"...He's destroying the freedoms of all Americans. Except those who have been...will be...choose to be...and always will be slaves to the state.

His Acorn days and his pal Bill Ayers...know full well what they're trying to achieve and accomplish.

Z said...

exactly. Yes, of course he does.
He was trained for this.

Marine4Ever said...

KID -- I guess I can't say I wasn't warned... I went to that site of the 'ugly lesbian selection' and I scared myself to death! DAAAAMN! I had a first sergeant that looked just like him... or, her... or, whatever it is.

Kid said...

M4E, show me a female appointee who isn't. That includes sotomayor and kagan to the SC.....

It's just an observation. I have nothing against homosexuals. I only push back when they want to stuff it in my face, and I definitely believe homos are Way overrepresented in government and media at all levels.

Anonymous said...


"He was trained for this."

The POS keeps evoking and likening himself to Lincoln? Well...he's going to get closer to that than he could ever imagine and know...I'm convinced that theres serious trouble brewing for all of us under this divider and racist.

I do NOT have to respect the man....I respect the arrangement and the law...and above all the Constitution. This POS has proven he respects neither.

It's so unfortunate and terrible that the first "black" a degenerate FRAUD....a commie at heart...a divider and a fake...a narcissist who loves himself more than he loves out founders and our Constitution.

He is a stain on the Presidency.

Marine4Ever said...

@ Imp -- "It's so unfortunate and terrible that the first 'black' potus..."

I thought Bill Clinton was our first Black president. I'm also supposing that you have the word "black" in quotes because no one has been able to ascertain WHAT nationality Obimbo really is.

Anonymous said...

This is by far the most informative....on topic ...interesting...communicative and essential blog I've ever been gratified to take part in.

It's an extraordinary ability of our host... Ms. Z's to read, understand and dedicate so much time, effort and commitment to our pulse and what makes us... and keeps us informed and involved in this....her excellent example of the first amendment.

As that verbose Hannity would say....Ms. are a great American.

I dare say the liberal nutjobs here could ever accomplish the same...or exceed in being fair, objective and even...most of all...honest.

Which they do not know the definition of unless they check in at Wiki for approval.

Anonymous said...


"I'm also supposing that you have the word "black" in quotes because no one has been able to ascertain WHAT nationality Obimbo really is."

You are one astute Marine. Bill Clinton? An opportunist if there ever was one. His only "blackness" was to assure them that voting for their continued slavery was the only way to go....versus the "conservative" message of independence.

He was raised well in the south...the OLD south. the one that Bobby Byrd and Al Gore knew so well.

Let me ask this...would you buy a used car from either of these scumbags?

Marine4Ever said...

@ Imp -- Negative on the Bobby Byrd and Al Gore salesmanship. However, we are finding out that Gore is making one hellava better capitalist than he was a climatologist.

I hope you know that the 'Black Bill Clinton' thing was a tongue-in-cheek. Bill, he be black as long as da blacks let he be black. He start gettin' TOO black and da put his white cracker ass in da sling evy time, fo sho, yo!

JonBerg said...

"In Detroit"

Wow, what do you think is left of it????

JonBerg said...


"no one has been able to ascertain WHAT nationality Obimbo really is."

Keep trying, I gave up! Actually I didn't try too hard!

Liberalmann said...

Shocker! Public Trust For Fox News Sinks To Record Low

Just like its actual ratings, Fox News has hit a record low in the four years that we've been doing this poll. 41% of voters trust it to 46% who do not. To put those numbers into some perspective the first time we did this poll, in 2010, 49% of voters trusted it to 37% who did not. Fox has maintained most of its credibility with Republicans, dropping just from 74/15 to 70/15 over that period of time. But it's been losing what standing it had with Democrats (from 30/52 to 22/66) and independents (from 41/44 to 32/56).

We find once again this year that Democrats trust everything except Fox, and Republicans don't trust anything other than Fox.

beamish said...

beamish, we get it; if they're not Attila the Hun, they're not RIGHT enough for you.

Atilla the Hun was a leftist prick.

No, they're not RIGHT enough for me because they never propose that the government go #$%# itself.