Monday, February 25, 2013

Have we forgotten?

A friend sent me THIS STORY, which I found so wonderful in the courage shown by our servicemen and so interesting mostly because we've hardly heard about it.  While Googling more information, she also ran across this video which she emailed to me:

It's all been forgotten, hasn't it.   Where are the 20 or so Americans who were saved from dying by the SEALS who died?  Why haven't they come forward with their stories?
This video's from October, but I suppose any White House knows these stories just tend to go away........they seem to tend to get lost in what the media finds interesting enough to tell us about Jennifer Lopez's cupcakes for her twins or the latest single celeb's "baby bumps."

Please watch that video.  FOX had the story first and all of it's been confirmed since then.  But the facts sound horrifying.  Yes, there WERE people ready to take off and help but they were denied approval to fly.  And yes, they could have got there in about 3-4 hours and these SEALS were killed about 6 hours after it all started.

How do we get service people to fight for our country when they know all was not done to save those in Libya?  Have you seen THIS?  Ed Klein, a writer who's close to the Clinton's, says Hillary DID order more security but the White House turned her down.

Is this all about winning the election for Obama?   The story in this report is that the White House had a drone overhead and was watching real time............

Yet, the story's now more information to the public.   And he won.   And people died.  And this is America.



Anonymous said...

Benghazi was clearly a CIA covert operation and they will hide behind the need for secrecy.

JonBerg said...

Let this not be forgotten!

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Imp, you think citizens are even informed enough to start civil unrest?

Average American said...

"Imp, you think citizens are even informed enough to start civil unrest?"

I think the people on our side are very much aware Z. We don't really care about the ignorant SOB's that voted for our Affirmative Action President. They're perfectly happy with all their freebies.

Ignorance is bliss!

Anonymous said...
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Pris said...

We have to remember that Obama would do anything to win. He's as cold as ice! Politics and power rule his every waking moment, and to hell with being a leader, or care what happens under his watch if it interferes with his agenda!

Liberalmann said...

Oh for Christ's sake. Give it up wingnuts. There is no story.

Funny how the GOP shut down the 911 commission and the right goes crazy over this.

Kid said...

The people who care will never forget and the people who don't care never even knew about it. Unfortunately, they are the majority these days.

Z said...

libjerk...If Stephens was YOUR brother, there'd be a story, you heartless hag.

Z said...

Pris, that's right....why didn't he care????

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Textbook instruction of the current administration in how to transform the military into a gutted wonder. Lesson 783: Alienate the talented who won't join when they know their CIC will leave them hanging with targets on their backs. Yes, I know these guys were no longer in the force, but the message from the CIC was clear. Especially when the general who gave the order to fly (before the WH countermand) was immediately relieved of his command.

There are many tragedies in this shameful affair: the loss and censure of good men; the discouragement of others of quality from serving their country; the refusal of the MSM to peep about it.

PS - Lesson 784 is well underway - women in combat anyone? We barely got over lesson 782 - don't let 'em vote.

JonBerg said...


Once again you have said it all. At least all I could think of. Good on you!

christian soldier said...

that has been stifled by the powers that be-

I blame to officers who could have interceded but did NOT -- when they were told to stand down--they went against their oath-
which does NOT INCLUDE THE WORD President!!!btw!!

It is time-I wonder if we have all become to much like SHEEP!!!to act!!