Thursday, February 21, 2013


Do you like them?  And for what?  And where?   I'd like to talk about this because there are some very interesting facets to the drones situation;
Should we allow drones to kill on American soil?
Do you worry about the amount of terrorists we could have got good intel from but they died?

There are more questions.....what do you think?




Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm concerned about the "conservative" voices I hear who have no problem with droning people. As long as they are the "right" people.
We used to have a law against assassination, and I thought it was stupid and limited our ability to do the right thing.
I don't know what happened to that law, but I think the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.
I feel we're killing almost indiscriminately, when a president can make a decision to kill, and kill fellow citizens with no oversight, we've given him some scary power. And it will come back to bite us.
I'm not saying it shouldn't be done, just that there should be extra-administration oversight.

Always On Watch said...

All this talk of using drones here in the United States makes me think of Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. If you've never before read that novel, now is the time to do so!

Always On Watch said...

Fahrenheit 451 is available in all formats -- including audio -- and is typically available at the public library.

Sam Huntington said...

Any government that does not hesitate employing armed drones against innocents in some remote Pakistani village will not hesitate to use them against their own citizens back home.

Is there an application for remotely piloted vehicles? Yes, we call it the battlefield. A “suspected” enclave for Taliban is not a battlefield.

The idiocy of this goes beyond description. If those villagers were not Taliban before a drone attack, they most assuredly are Taliban in the aftermath. This is a lesson beyond the comprehension of nitwits like Janet Napolitano, who even in the aftermath of Waco and Ruby Ridge wonder where extremists come from. Drones have already been used against our citizens and most people are holding their ears and yelling “la la la la la.”

Anonymous said...

I think people should start shooting them if they are over their property for no reason.

That is the sign of an emerging fascist state.


The Political Chic said...

The TRUTH of the Benghazi Massacre will never come out, at least not in our live time.. Not until there is a MASSIVE change in this country, and we can RID ourselves of those progressive parasites Hilliary Clinton and Susan Rice.

And as for that 10:00 PM phone call, it sounds to me like Obama was calling Hildabeast to make sure they got their lies together before releasing that disgusting phony story about the Youtube video that nobody ever saw. When Obama runs out in front with a story, you know that creep is lying.

Z said...

Ed...what about drones overseas? does seem really weird to have them here.

Sam; they SAY, at least, that they're pretty sure the targets ARE known terrorists and they seem to have hit well known bad guys.
Of course, until we call it a war...

Frog...I wonder how that would go over with this administration.

Pol. Chic; I wonder how NAVY SEALS feel about drones...

Z said...

I just read now that Lindsay Graham's saying drones have killed 4700 people over there.
SOunds like a lot of collateral damage;
Of course, WE are the only country that seems to think collateral damage is a bad thing

The Political Chic said...

An official with the Federal Aviation Administration reassured the public Wednesday that no armed drones will be permitted in U.S. airspace, but he acknowledged the agency can do little about privacy fears associated with the unmanned craft.

Do you believe The Jackass in Chief? I don´t

Z said...

Pol. Chic: Google DRONES IMAGES for a picture for your blog and some of the captions will be about being in US Airspace!

Anonymous said...

We can't undo technology. Let's hope technology gives us a way to protect ourselves from drone threats to our freedom.

Fredd said...

Drones are simply a tech advancement in warfare. Politicians in power have always had life and death power (Janet Napolitano, Ruby Ridge, etc) over their perceived threats to our security.

We put politicians into power when the majority of voters believe that their judgement is solid enough to wield power wisely.

The same second guessing was employed by many over the last 68 years regarding Truman and the A-bomb. Did Truman overstep his moral and legal bounds with this new and awful technology? Why or why not?

An argument that only history can answer 250 years after the fact, or possibly never.

Z said...

Interesting news:

Egypt is denying us contact with the only witness to the Benghazi deaths.
Just after they got our F-16s.

WHAT a coincidence, huh?

Oh, and another person actually suspected to be involved in Benghazi was killed a day or two later in a protest. Another astonishing coincidence.

:-) :-(

Z said...

Off topic:




Most people, of course, know that most FOX hosts are conservative, but Bob Beckel's anything but..and HE made the remark.
But, heck, it's important enough for leftwing Yahoo (with its millions of folks who have it as their home page)to carry this as a headline two days in a row :-)

Z said...

Republican Senator Shelby is now saying he'll back Hagel because "he's probably as good as we're going to get."

That speaks volumes, doesn't it.

I firmly believe some of you have better intelligence, character and understanding of this difficult world than Chuck Hagel.

Ducky's here said...

What's the over/under on the first date these are used to target someone on American soil?

Well let's keep the peeps focused on Benghazi.

Meanwhile we watch our rights slowly erode and the gun loons keep us focused on the "right" that has the least value.
We are a sorry people

Sam Huntington said...

... and Ducky is the sorriest of us all.

Z said...

Ducky "least value"?? Really?...
Republicans think four American lives lost in Benghazi is an important thing.

And most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time...we need to know EVERYTHING, even the repulsive coverups by this president's thugs and the media's complicity.

We can't ALWAYS be bowing to liberals.

JonBerg said...

To me, Drones are no more or less than mechanical objects as are firearms. Both are subject to misuse. Misuse of anything is a human problem. While I think that Drones have a legitimate place in our overall defence, in the wrong hands, they can become a problem. Our Nation is, currently, in the WRONG HANDS!

Z said...

I just saw an article where our soldiers are asking for pretty basic things because they're not getting them.

If Sequestration DOES hit, we need to bring them ALL BACK IMMEDIATELY.
America doesn't send its kids out to work without the proper gear of ANY kind.


Okay..America will be lost; the terrible void will be filled by our enemies and they'll multiply and start taking over in every way, but...our soldiers? They shouldn't have to suffer.

Average American said...

I'd rather see American Drones flying overhead than some other countries. I personally think we should use them to patrol our borders--BOTH borders. Cameras and some firepower to use for "a shot over the bow" so to speak. Maybe a good deterent is what we need. If a few smugglers, drug runners, or illegal aliens get offed in the process, so what!

Anonymous said...

Want to see what the newest surveillance drones can do? This is Argus.

This is scary folks...

Ditto Head said...

Every day this admin keeps treating us like stupid idiots. It´s a shame we can´t believe or trust one word they say. If we can´t defeat them in the next couple of elections, it´s over folks.

Anonymous said...

It's not like it all started under Obama. Federal agencies have been using their own SWAT teams for some time now. When the FDA sends its own SWAT teams, you know we're getting closer to a fascist state. The drones are the next step.

The more I see that stuff, the more I think that whoever we vote for, it's going to be all the same. Presidents are working for the elite, not us.


Anonymous said...

Even Google maps is dangerous if you're not behaving correctly


Z said...

Frog, that is REALLY funny!

Ditto Head...Amen to that.

Kid said...

Political Chic, the progressive parasites to worry about are the voters who support these people. The only answer to that imo is for things to get bad enough that they put the effort into get informed, reject the media and take the country back. I don't expect to see that happen.

Kid said...

IMP, and I'll bet Argus can do better than that. I'm thinking if you can spot Achmed in Pakistan and put a hellfire missile in his pants...

Kid said...

Frogburger. I don't believe voting even matters anymore.

The voter fraud in the swing states the last time told me all I need to know.

Plus we have a new voting majority, loosely described as losers and morons.

If we assume the supreme court goes lib in the next 4-8 years (a repub can't win in 16 either) then it won't even matter who sits in the White House. the libtards will make sure every item on their wish list for the last 60 years goes across the bench at the SC.

christian soldier said...

tp anwer your post below- this one-- i WOULD CHOOSE- CHRISTianity!!


FreeThinke said...

"Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come."

If something is POSSIBLE -- no matter how undesirable, immoral. unethical or potentially deadly -- it WILL be used.

No "legislation," no military intervention, no police power, will EVER be able to stamp "it" out completely no matter what "it" is.

The "Atomic Bomb," as we used to call it back in the glory days immediately following World War Two was a Great, Good Thing -- as long as We were the ONLY country in the world to have it.

In the Post-Rosenberg Era -- after those filthy Communist traitors destroyed our hegemony once and for all by passing our most precious military secrets to the Soviets -- the "Atomic Bomb "INSTANTLY" became an object of fear and loathing, because "they" could use it against "us."

Thus was born The Cold War -- a decades long period of tension and anxiety that sapped our strength, wasted much of our treasure, and did much to convert us into a decadent nation of wimpish wastrels.

The Arms Race has been one humanity's great evils since the first cave men pick up a rock and hurled it a rival cave man. I think it began there, and probably won't end till we finally consummate our most fervent desire --- The Complete Destruction of the Human Race.

Jesus could save us, but who pays any attention to HIM anymore? Did anyone EVER -- really?

beamish said...

There will be a day when "drones" are as small as birds or insects and plausible deniability by the government becomes a very real option.

As it stands now, the government can already target and destroy your home (with you in it) with an armed aerial drone, and government investigators could naturally follow up and say a gas main or meth lab blew up in your house while you slept. Who are people going to believe, the government, or a smouldering corpse pulled out of a "meth lab?"

My feelings on the use of drones? If the government has actionable intel on where / who to send an armed drone upon, it has more than enough actionable intel to send troops there.

Always On Watch said...

With Argus, there is no where to run, nowhere to hide.

Right Truth said...

I am against armed drones over the United States. However, on the battlefield I'm all for them. I also worry about drones over the US for surveillance. This can be used in the wrong way

Right Truth

Waylon said...

Drones over the USA are brought to you by the same sort of folks that brought us the DHS security types at airports everywhere groping grandma and three year old potential bomb throwing terrorists. DHS could well be a magnet for the perverted mentalities of groping child-molester-wannabes.

Once drones are surveying the domestic homeland, you can bet that there will be an expansion of their power and the level of of intrusion they will offer for "security".

Already drones are patrolling the borders from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes with further expansion to follow.