Monday, February 11, 2013

Talking to Iran..........Got any thoughts?

Ahmadinejad: I'll talk with US if pressure stops

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that he is ready to have talks with United States if the West stops pressuring his country, the latest in a series of hints from leaders in both Washington and Tehran about the prospect of direct bilateral negotiations over the Islamic Republic's controversial nuclear program.

However, Washington is highly unlikely to relax sanctions on Iran (Z: B.S.)— and Tehran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has final say on key state decisions, says that his country won't negotiate under threat. This makes it hard to envision how talks could take place.

Ahmadinejad is in his final months of his term of office and his followers are weakened by a feud with the Islamic Republic's clerical establishment. His latest statement, which implies that he is an equal player with Khamenei in foreign policy matters, may simply be an attempt to appear as though he is still politically relevant.

"You pull away the gun from the face of the Iranian nation, and I myself will enter the talks with you," Ahmadinejad said at a ceremony marking the 34th anniversary of the 1979 revolution that toppled a Western-backed monarch and ushered in the Islamic Republic.

He said the West had recently taken a "better" tone toward Iran — a nod to statements made by Vice President Joe Biden last week, in which he said the United States was prepared talk directly to Iran. But the Iranian president said this was not enough.

The West claims Iran's nuclear activities are aimed at developing weapons. Iran denies it seeks atomic arms, saying its nuclear fuel is only for energy-producing reactors and medical applications, and insists that its operations will continue.

"The Iranian nation will not give up one iota of its rights," Ahmadinejad said. "Your efforts had aimed at preventing us from become nuclear, but we did."

However Ahmadinejad admitted that sanctions have taken a bite. "Today, because of dishonorable pressure by enemies, people are under pressure. The government is concerned about the uneasy situation of a big portion of the country."

Ahmadinejad also said Iran will soon send a satellite into geostationary orbit.

"God willing, soon Iran's satellite will be located at an orbit at (an altitude of) 36,000 kilometers (22,000 miles) next to others from four or five advanced powers and it will relay a message of peace and fidelity to all world," said Ahmadinejad.

Iran regularly announces technological breakthroughs, most of which are impossible to verify independently. Iran says it has launched small satellites to low orbits of up to 450 kilometers (280 miles). In January, Iran claims it sent a monkey into suborbital space and recovered the animal safely. It says it hopes to send astronauts to orbit by 2018.

Iran displayed a model of the Pishgam rocket, which the country says it used to send the monkey into space, in a corner of Tehran's Azadi Square where demonstrators gathered to listen to the president.
The West fears that technology Iran's space program can be used to develop long-range missiles.
State TV meanwhile broadcast rallies throughout the country to mark the anniversary. Many demonstrators chanted "Down with the U.S." and "Death to Israel," slogans traditionally used to denounce the Islamic Republic's arch-enemies. ** END OF ARTICLE

What do YOU think of our talking with Iran....?   Do you feel Iran is on an equal footing with our country and deserves to have us in talks as if they're an honest broker and haven't called us vicious names and continued lying to us about their nuclear programs?  Of COURSE Ahmadinejad wants the pressure off....then, if we stop some sanctions, etc, he'll again convince this idiot government of ours that his nukes are only for energy, and we'll believe him.  Ergo:  We back off, Iran keeps building and laughing.........all the way to Armageddon in the name of Allah.

God help us all.


Always On Watch said...

Iranians on revolution day chant ‘death to America’

Ron Russell said...
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Ron Russell said...

I think not. However who am I to second guess this President. The One who Walks on Water!
Hey Mr. Obama, I heard that there's a Job opening up soon, Pope Benedict he was quitting at the end of February. Maybe you're interested?

Thersites said...

Talks with Almonds-in-a-jam are a waste of time. He's on the "outs" with the Supreme Leader.

Thersites said...
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Thersites said...

Almonds AIN'T gonna win this battler.

JonBerg said...

" 'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

Mary Howitt, 1829

Anonymous said...

Face to face talks with Iran are not necessary. We need to send a message to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei by carrier pegion. Well, not exactly a carrier pegion. An unarmed smart missel should arrive unexpectantly in his bedroom with this message: The West wants peace with Iran. Iran can demonstrate that it wants peace with the West by stopping their uranium enrichment program and stopp calling for death to America and Israel. Otherwise, the West will be pleased to send you forthwith to a face to face meeting with Allah. You have 24 hours to decide.

Fredd said...

Don't hold your breath that this US administration will be able to do anything about Iran and its nuclear ambitions.

Israel will care care of things when push comes to shove.

Obama will sit on his hands, and when the dirty work is over, he will take the credit.

Ducky's here said...

Israel will care care of things when push comes to shove.

Israel doesn't have the muscle unless it's stupid enough (and Likud does border insane) to use nukes and officially become a world pariah.

Z said...

It's so ironic and liberally-pushed that Israel, the country trying SO hard to defend itself, is considered a pariah by some and the countries constantly threatening it and attacking it are the heroes.
Says a lot.

Thersites, some reports say this is why Ahmadinejad is offering to talk. Lots of differing viewpoints on his relationship with the biggies there in Iran.

Ron...I wouldn't hoist obama on innocent Catholics.

I had to laugh at that ridiculous Carol Costello on CNN this morning "do you think he's retiring because of the sex scandals and because the numbers of catholics are shrinking?"
You just can't make up some of the idiocies CNN's staff says so often.

ConsonFire...I think we should send a message by DRONE.

Always On Watch said...

I love your poem analogy!

Z said...

Obama's now going to have a post State of the Union "Google chat"..isn't that presidential?

man...will we EVER have dignity and authority again?

Z said...'s perfect, isn't it. Just perfect.

Z said...

We used to be the spider but we're so weakened now, we're EVERYBODY's fly.
Particularly when this horrid president kills 500 billion of our military.

Why don't we just broadcast we're ready for another attack, we aren't watching, we can't cope to fight back?

Bunkerville said...

He trots out this every few years and we get nothing and he gets more time to build his devilish bomb.

Z said...

Bunk...tried to post again; all went well, no warnings that I was leaving anything out on the sign-in (which I hate) and I still didn't publish.
i'm TRYING! Sorry!

Z said...

that is, I tried to post at YOUR BLOG! just in case I wasn't clear

Waylon said...

When the Shah of Iran was replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 who were was behind his removal? Those bragging about "throwing the Shah into the trash like a dead mouse" were Americans. Doesn't it stretch credibility to pretend that if those behind deposing the Shah weren't also involved in his replacement. In other words America was involved in placing the Shah of Iran in his position in the first place and also in replacing him with a suitable replacement.

Shouldn't we spend more time identifying those bastards who were behind this, instead of acting mindlessly doing the bidding of those corrupt liars who would manipulate events today edging toward the inevitable Armageddon?

Waylon said...

"In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group's George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council's Brzezinski. Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalistic Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead 'case officers' in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power 25 years earlier.

Their scheme was based on a detailed study of the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, as presented by British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, then on assignment at Princeton University in the United States. Lewis's scheme, which was unveiled at the May 1979 Bilderberg meeting in Austria, endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines. Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks, and so forth. The chaos would spread in what he termed an 'Arc of Crisis,' which would spill over into Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.

The coup against the Shah, like that against Mossadegh in 1953, was run by British and American intelligence, with the bombastic American, Brzezinski, taking public 'credit' for getting rid of the 'corrupt' Shah, while the British characteristically remained safely in the background."

I haven't read the book but I will.

Impertinent said...


"and officially become a world pariah."

As if they're not already? What would they have to loose?

Liberalmann said...

Obama has contained Iran extremely well. Had they had their way, the idiots on the right would have started a costly war at this point.

Ducky's here said...

Waylon, what's the trilateral commission been up to lately? Fill us in.

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