Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama at the Tiergarten! Next week, ELTON JOHN!!? And Mr. Z provides us ALL with a SCOOP you might not see anywhere else

Is this only a candidate's speech in Europe or is this a rock concert? The Germans didn't prepare this poster, by the way....this is all Obama's camp's doing. And he IS only a CANDIDATE still, isn't he?!! Germans are mixed on this gig, and our media could learn from the even handedness of this article, but the thing that stuck out at me was "He isn't Bush". Need one do much more than look at this poster to know that? He's not any other of America's politicians, either.....who had quite THIS much ego in the past? (and considering some of the egos on our presidents, that's saying a lot, isn't it?) NO president has ever done campaign/rock concert posters before, at least none that I've seen. Says a lot. Most of it BAD.

Oh, and isn't this a gem? "Former German President Richard von Weizsaecker said the Obama event could help pave the way for a new trans-Atlantic relationship.
"Kennedy said the famous sentence, 'Ich bin ein Berliner,'" von Weizsaecker told the Bild newspaper.
"Obama could send the Berlin signal: America is counting on Europe for its future." "

Well, who knew? AND.........................


Umfrage (Questions at Die Welt)

Was halten Sie von Barack Obamas Auftritt in Berlin? What is your opinion about Obama’s appearance in Berlin?

4% Spannend (EXCITED)- ich gehe auf jeden Fall hin – I’ll go and see certainly

23% Wichtig (IMPORTANT) - ich sehe mir die Rede im Fernsehen an – I will watch the speech on TV

8% Langweilig (BORING) - Obama interessiert mich nicht – Obama doesn’t interest me

Nervig (ANNOYING)- dieser Obama-Hype ist total ├╝bertrieben – this Obama hype is totally out of proportion

Aktuell: 2959 Stimmen (voices who voted)

GERMANS ARE MOSTLY NOT IMPRESSED? ALERT CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, NYTimes, LA Times, Chicago Tribune...........SOMEBODY should get it right. I mean, THEY ARE THERE, that's FOR SURE!

ANOTHER SCOOP I'm just hearing now: Obama met with Berlin's mayor (who came back from vacation for the honor) in a hotel to talk, not a public place, because "Obama thought other European capitals might be jealous"....from Die Welt

AND NOW THERE IS THIS: Obama canceled plans to visit the German military bases at the last minute to work out at the gym and 'see Berlin'....make sure you read the whole article at on 'Spiegel'. I'd have made that a priority, to see troops, wouldn't you have?



WomanHonorThyself said...

garsh ..more like a horror show Z!..good grief!

Anonymous said...

From the Brandenburg Gate to the Tiergarten! The Tiergarten is, of course, the ZOO.

I'd say Obama was headed in EXACTLY the right direction–––a place where he truly BELONGS–––the ZOO.

As far as Elton is concerned, I've always felt his proper place was IN the John.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

This all seems very subdued. If he had made the speech on top of the Brandenburg Gate driving the Quadriga, now that would have been a story.

EDGE said...

Hey Z,

Never did get that e-mail you sent! Hope all is well!

Z said...

No, ducky, it's not 'subdued'. No candidate from any country has gone into another and caused this much commotion.
The Germans alone are finding themselves having to scrape up half the costs for his speech: approx $400,000.00.
I was wondering how America would feel if Merkel had come and campaigned HERE and we had to pay that?
"subdued". ya.

edge! I wrote to the email address on your site. Will try again! thanx for letting me know.'s not QUITE the zoo, but the zoo has to be nearby with the name "animal garden".



Brooke said...

Obama thinks he's a rock-star messiah, and everyone's buying into it.

World tour! Check for ticket availability in your area!

namaste said...


in his arrogance he is flattered. non-americans that are pulling for obama are looking for a puppet they can bounce around. they recognize the possibility for a shift in world power.


Z said...

Brooke..sure sounds like that, doesn't it.

Namaste....Why do you think the left is more eager than the right to seemingly want to give away our sovereignty or at least the reputation America's had all these years as powerful, a vehicle for great good, a kind of moral arbiter? WHY is the left seemingly eager to destroy that?
I have my own thoughts, but I'd like to hear a Democrats'. Thanks so much.

shoprat said...

Are the Europeans laughing at him for being a fool or at us for taking him seriously? The only reason the Eurosnobs like him is because he will bring us uppity down below them where they think we belong. Socialism is the killer of nations and societies and Europe is dying and wants us to die too, preferably the same way.

Ducky's here said...

Hey shoprat, you better hope that some of those European socialists open some auto plants in Michigan before the state becomes irredeemable.

Z said...

The state's becoming 'irredeemable' could be fixed if we encouraged buying American. And lowered taxes on our companies so we could actually compete again.. and fixed the unions that are choking the companies they're associated with.

But, I know your Obama's got dreams of raising taxes, forcing American products into further mediocrity or extinction. After all, he's promised to force our pharmaceuticals into oblivion; no more money for all that wonderful American ingenuity/experimentation/research we USED to have money for..more than 50% of the great meds in this world have been ours, but they won't be SOON! Aren't you thrilled? Then you can be very smug about having SHUT DOWN A CAPITALIST PIG CORPORATION, right?

.After all, there's so much good stuff from China to buy, right? I'm surprised China's not on his itinerary.

Gayle said...

Other European nations might be jealous? Of what? Good grief this guy has a love affair going on with himself!

Good news that many Germans aren't impressed. Perhaps Obama reminds them of someone? ;)

Ducky's here said...

z, we aren't taxing Ford or GM and won't be for many years. We only tax profits.

Right now if you want a job with Ford you're building cars for the European market.

Anonymous said...

Humility is a long-lost virtue, it seems. His arrogance appeals to people with no personal boundaries, therefore, loose morals / values. That's why you'd never see a conservative behaving this way. Very Clintonesque.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was judgemental of me.!!!

Ducky's here said...

Come on Pinky, you're just upset that Obama is in the news everywhere. He's attracting huge crowds who are demonstrably tired of Bush and right now Candidate McCheese is relegated to shopping mall openings.

The right better see that Gramps gets a personality injection.

Z said...

"we only tax profits" mean the money they could have put back into employees and better materials due to those profits?

Ducky, you'd be better off at least trying to understand that most of us don't love McCain but that for Americans to vote this socialist ridiculous CHANGE in just to get away from Bush, when mcCain is NOT Bush, is pathological.

And I will agree with you that McCain had better start campaigning soon, or the country's lost.

He doesn't have any Soros' behind him so his money's low...I'm thinking the handlers are saying it's cheaper for mcCain to let Obama screw himself than to spend money doing so.

So far, Obama opened up his speech in Berlin playing the race card, couldn't make himself admire America so he said THE WEST, and has become the first American to use the Berlin Airdrops as a liberal cause celebre.

Repulsive. BUT, I DID win a dinner to my favorite restaurant because Mr. Z thought Obama'd be stupid enough to say something in German.

thanks, Obama!

Ducky's here said...

z, Ford and GM are in the hole for billions. They haven't paid taxes in years.

They decided to live or die with the SUV (Urban Assault Vehicle) and the died.

Do you think Toyota or VW or Honda plants in America aren't taxed? Maybe they just had a better BUSINESS MODEL?

Ducky's here said...

Obama is socialist?

How so? He wants national health insurance. He wants to nationalize the major drug companies? He's going to nationalize big oil?

I always hear this socialist silliness from the right and all I can figure is that they call anything that they can be bothered to take a bit of an in depth look at, socialist.

As they use it, the word means nothing.

Z said...

Ducky, the word means plenty when he wants to rob the rich to pay the poor. People with money mostly worked hard for that money and it should be their prerogative to help the poor (which they usually do).

The highest earning 10% pays 71% of the taxes...the highest earning 1% of the population pays 40%.. WHAT will we do when they're not paying? WHo's going to support:

Health care
free tuition
higher minimum wages

How's about just calling him an Anti-Capitalist? Would that make you happier?

Or, how about calling him a cad for having worked out in the gym instead of visiting our wounded at Rammstein? He canceled last minute. GREAT guy, your pick.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Obama gives an entire new meaning to the word "narcissist." Don't you think?

I will never comprehend the fascination people have for him. His blatant disregard for saluting our flag, no pin and lately took off the American flag from the tail of his GOVERNMENT airplane and placed his emblem instead.

He is anti-American in every possible way and manner.

Anonymous said...

"The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand."

Translation: We must take from those with more, and give it to those with less. Everyone must be equal. Equally poor. Those who produce must give to those who don't.
You listening Ducky?

Now who do we suppose those with the most could be? Who has to make the sacrifice? You get one guess.

Yep, we can redistribute our wealth to every tin horn dictator and tyrant in the world. And we thought LBJ was too ambitious with his failed War on Poverty! No, a failed World War on Poverty is much better.

I'd say Barack Obama is right on track with the failed UN. The International left is cheering today.

Obama said today he is a "citizen of the world". Yes folks he's running to be king of the world. And while he's at it he'll screw over America in the process.


Anonymous said...

I heard that His Highness ("the Messiah") didn't even go visit the military hospital at our airbase in Germany. Not only that, when he was in Iraq he passed up a reception of troops eager to meet him so that he could go shoot hoops for a photo op and skeedaddled! I heard this first hand on the radio this morning from a soldier who would only Identify himself as "frank".

Oh boy, when McAmnesty stomps his ass good in the general election they'll have to hide the knives in the Obama household! This guy is gonna fall HAAAAARRRRDDD!


Anonymous said...

Pris wrote:
"Obama said today he is a "citizen of the world". Yes folks he's running to be king of the world. And while he's at it he'll screw over America in the process."

I heard that too! This guy's gonna fall REAL hard. He'll have to be on suicide watch after this election. The speech was boilerplate lefty pap. They never tire of it.


Z said...

MCCain won't even condemn Obama for the horrible snubs to our soldiers because then he knows the media will paint him as mean spirited! THAT's the problem.
I keep saying McCain's not Bush but, in the aspect of being polite, swallowing insults and fearing the media, HE IS!

The media will win this election unless America wakes up.

But, I think they are.......Pris is right; who do Americans think Obama meant when he said THE RICH? US! REmember, he enumerated the poor around the world 2 weeks ago and those in America were last on the list... WE are last on the list.

Who knows? Maybe this is payback time for his conflicted childhood.

Anybody with an ego SO big that he can demand the Brandenburg Gate to make a speech and then settle for a revered place like the Tiergarten and THEN SAY HE'S NOT THERE AS A CANDIDATE!? So..what, is he there as a DAD, a HUSBAND, a SENATOR (as if any European gives a hoot about a senator!?)...or is he just there as an American and we can go demand to speak to the world, too, as Americans?


namaste said...

oh boy morgan, you said it. i've always believed that obama has a hard fall coming! LOL! at suicide watch.

z, far be it from me to speak on behalf of the dems. i am just one person. politics always boils down to the bottom line: money. i believe that his investors and a number of big money others plan on collecting their returns from the hapless puppet that is obama.

but it does baffle me the big gamble that so many are taking by suggesting that this guy can sustain american leadership across the globe. scary scary.


Z said...

Namaste.."collecting their returns" HOW SO?? I'm interested...

Layla said...

OMG! What is going on here? Obama makes me sick - what an imbecile.

namaste said...

ppl don't donate hunks of money to a campaign without expecting you to represent their interests. right? quid pro quo?

Anonymous said...

Well, Obama the great had to as usual BRIBE the crowds .
Yes, like his speeches in Washignton State and Oregon, first there were little rock acts and other entertainment and free foods.

So. I guess it was all just a big bloc party, yes?

What a joke this person is.

Carping about his home country to people from another country. Oh SURE..that always impresses the masses.

I lived in a foreign country for 4 years and let me tell you something, I would rather have their not liking me and respect than what they dish onto people like Obama..the belly crawling types.
They mock them and hold them in utter contempt.

This Obama is so vain and shallow and is being paraded out there for all the world to see. Every terrorist on the planet is laughing hard .

Yes, they can all go to sleep tonight and dream of destroying AMerica with this fool , yes fool who struts and preens like a peacock.

And who ever put Obama out there and is propping him up must be cackling too.

We in fly over country , are not amused that this man went on foreign soil and dissed us and is offering us for sale.


Z said...

WV...we on the coasts aren't real thrilled either! And I'm very sure the Obama handlers/puppets are VERY amused with their Pinocchio.

Namaste, ya, I know...but, I think this one's more about something more sinister than financial payback. Did you know that, in Germany, the candidates get X amount of dollars if they can show a certain percentage of voters are for them? This way, there's no payback ... you don't want to be at the Z's house when campaign finance comes around and German Mr. Z starts mumbling about what he thinks of THAT!!

I'm not sure there's any connection, but there are also ZERO ad hominem attacks from one party to the other...sure, there's fighting back and forth but you never hear a German politician call their chancellor a "Liar" in public or anything like that.
Of course, this only happened in public in this country when Bush came into power.
it seemed that the angry decided this country's integrity and civility should suffer for their own kind of payback.

Z said...



Anonymous said...

Yes. I saw that Obama had bought all that ad space at the Olympics, you know, where no politics are supposed to be..ha ha.

Wasn't it Obama , who carped about President Bush going to the games , etc?

I think the Russians and Chinese are really pumping money into the Obama nomination scam.

And, don't they all share common interests with Iran?

Anyhow, Soros is certainly the godfather of Obama and Soros has strong ties to Russian Mafia, I think.

Say, do you suppose the Russians and Chinese want to rule the world and all that is standing in the way is America?

I know Obama was making statements the other day about working WITH Russia on ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

When I hear that , I thought gee, isn't that special?

I know one thing, more people I talk to say they are sick of the O already.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


C'mon. You leftists have made Detroit a "model city." Why, we St. Louisans have to double-up on the killings just to stay ahead on the America's most violent cities list.

Z said...

beamish, I was thinking the same thing about Michigan... (BOY, is that MY RED LETTER DAY...i had the same thought as Beamish)!!

God, sure can THINK. And make me LAUGH!!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that 65% of Germans don't buy into the hype. On the other hand, look at that massive crowd he's addressing. I wonder if they brought in a rock group to attract them like they did in Portland when they brought in the Decembrists. With that massive ego, he's becoming the Frankenstein of the Obamachine.

MathewK said...

"Obama canceled plans to visit the German military bases..."

They're really way down on his priority list. Not that we saw any of this in the MSM. According to the evening news it was like the second coming, all good, Obama= No.1, he will save the world, move along.

Z said...

MK..the Obama camp's saying the Pentagon didn't allow him to go visit the troops at Rammstein.
I'd like to know if anybody's checked into that.

Aurora, check out the stats on the article from Germans and how they feel about Obama. I think that crowd was mostly just plain curiosity, committed idiot globalists and lots of American expats.

Anonymous said...

A United States Senator can go into or onto any military base.
But. Troops are NOT to be used as photo ops and props.

Mr. Obama was told how many aides,etc. he could have with him and when the whole thing turned out to be not up to what he wanted..( A BIG PHOTO OP) then HE opted or his people opted out.



(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Behind every problem you'll find in America is a Democrat causing it or exacerbating it.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how seeing Obama ads during the Olympics will go over with the folks who are tuned in to escape politics for a few hours and just enjoy the competition.

There is such a thing as overkill!

I mean did we all really appreciate the Merry Christmas political ads?

Give it a rest, we're already worn out from this spectacle!