Friday, November 27, 2009

CIA recruiting................WHERE? WHY?

Do you think THIS is a good idea?

DEARBORN, Michigan (Reuters) – At Tuhama's Lebanese deli in Dearborn, and at bakeries and barbershops throughout town, it's no secret the CIA is looking for a few good spies.

"There is a lot of talk, and nobody likes it," said Hamze Chehade, a 48-year-old Lebanese-American, taking a bite of his chicken shawarma.

But, we're THERE doing it? (God help us)



beamish said...

Under Democrat Presidencies, the CIA has been little more than a fundraising agency for the Democratic National Committee. Recall that Valerie Plame faced a graymail case when it came out she was using CIA dummy front companies to donate the CIA's classified budget to Democrat political campaigns.

Still, the agency does acknowledge the need to have Arab infiltrators for Arab terrorist groups.

I rather like the idea of Arab terrorists eyeing each other with suspicion even if we haven't infiltrated them.

Z said...

good point about Arabs eyeing each other with suspicion; maybe that alone is worth this idiocy...they don't have to know we haven't recruited one Arab who loves this country, who was actually first American, second muslim terrorist :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat what I said in the post just below:

I believe this [and all these seemingly "stupid" machinations] is deliberate -- part of a ruthless, long-range plot to divide, conquer and thus destroy America -- and White Western Ascendancy in general.

Some would call it payback [for "racism"], some would call it "Social Justice," others [like chauvinistic old me] call it treachery.

Whatever the motives behind it may or may not be the inevitable result will be SUICIDAL.

Perhaps it's necessary for us to commit cultural suicide in order to fulfill "God's Plan."

That doesn't mean that I have to LIKE it.

~ FreeThinke

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It's like the DEM/MSM asking why there weren't MORE "Hasans" in the US military.

I would respond:

Because the military doesn't NEED any MORE insidious insurrectionists.

Did we forget Sgt Asan Akbar and his rolling grenades in 2003?

Apparently SO!!


Susannah said...

Oh, but we have to PROVE that there won't be a 'backlash' against Muslims in the military, etc. What's the best way to prove it? Recruit & recruit HARD - that way, in 10 years, we'll have that many more Hassans & we can prove it all over again...

Political correctness will be the death of us, if we don't wake up from its stupor!

Heaven help us...

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me if I don't get all warm and fuzzy about this. For crying out loud, they want to "demystify" the CIA?

They deal in covert operations, they're supposed to be under the radar.

An Islamist mows down 14 Americans and we go on a hearts and campaign?

Is this the response we can expect whenever one of these butchers kills Americans?

My question is, if the CIA get's some takers, who will be infiltrating who?

This isn't political correctness, it's political blindness and worse.

If any Arab American want's to serve this country he can voluntarily apply like anyone else, and go through a background check and polygraph like any other applicant.

This is more of a campaign to stroke the muslim community than a recruitment campaign if you ask me. Why? They love America? Well good I'm glad to hear it. So why court them then?

Until certain groups don't get a pass because of their religion or political and/or cultural persuason, this nonsense should be considered a non starter.

Good grief, I'm so sick if these weak numbskulls who are just asking for it.


christian soldier said...

I have an acronym for this--when I 'swipe' (link) your post - :-) --I'll add it!

MK said...

Looks like the CIA wants a Fort Hood of its very own, or some dumb leftist wants to foist one upon them.