Monday, November 30, 2009

Do something for our soldiers

Chuck's wife Brenda Jean has THIS at her blog....please do all you can for our heroes!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Z, this is an important service, and thanks to Chuck and Brenda Jean.


Chuck said...

Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out ;)

Brenda has a strong sense of support for the troops.

The Skepdick said...

Thank you I'm with you on this one.

cube said...

I just check out Brenda Jean's site.

Great idea.

We send care packages to the soldiers throughout the year via , but I think it's even more important to remember them during the holidays when they miss their families the most.

heidianne jackson said...

we're sending care packages of baked goods to my nephew, my cousin and a good friend of mine, but we're also sending five anonymous packages as well. thanks for this information, it's timely and important.

Brenda Jean said...

Thanks Z, and everyone;) Since I wrote that one I found SO much more, and things we can do year round too. I should have gotten on the ball earlier though because the earlier stuff is mailed the better:)