Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Integrity comes first.........Republicans all

I love this story SO much.
Check THIS OUT from Big Girl Pants (Heidianne's blog!)
I'd love to see a story as well written as Heidianne's appear in the mainstream media, but....of course, it won't. And here I thought it's the LEFT with such hopes for minorities, such open minded tolerance!? These guys aren't poverty pimps; these guys are Americans who understand the constitution and PUT THEIR COUNTRY first....These guys, I want to HUG.

I hope you feel the same way. z


heidianne jackson said...

me too, z! i just love them all!! i'd love to see this story get real legs and let people across the country and around the world know that we're not the people the msm and the libs say we are - but rather that's who the libs are. thanks for the linky love!

Ducky's here said...

Everyone there but Alan Keyes.

heidianne jackson said...

alan keyes is extremely smart and well versed in conservative values, ducky. i think it very sad that he simply does not have the personality that allows people to do anything but get annoyed when he speaks. i would vote for him, but few others will, simply because they can't get past his speaking mannerisms...

Z said...

No, Ducky, 'everyone' isn't there, as much as I'm sure you'd like to believe that. There are more Black Americans coming up in the ranks...you know, the type who put character before color..like Dr. King?
Not the Democrat pimps.

Man, Heidianne, if I can get past Palin's speaking mannerisms, I can put up with Keyes! :-)

FrogBurger said...

This is why this country has been an efficient melting pot. It hasn't been perfect obviously if you look at history (slavery, native americans) but it has been able to integrate immigrants from countries much more efficiently than other countries.

But I'm afraid those days are over, at least for now. Without a free economy, prosperity won't allow for integrating people through work.

Only work makes peopel part of society. Not welfare, victim mentalities and other programs.

France integrated its immigrants very well when the welfare state wasn't big before 1976. Since then it's impossible. Even kids from immigrants who were born in France reject France.

Thomas Sowell is also very insightful in his books and articles on the situation of African Americans.

No prosperity, more discrimination, less integration.

Therefore leftist and socialist policies -- again -- goes against the same people they intend to protect.

Anonymous said...

Not all Republicans are conservatives. About one-third of all Americans view themselves as conservatives. So what the Republican Party has done is to try to increase its appeal among moderates, which suggests that some conservative ideas need to change in order to accommodate moderates. This situation begs a new definition of ‘integrity’. So then, are Republicans conservatives, or are they socialist light?

McCain was not a conservative. Bush was not a conservative. Huckleberry is not a conservative. Even though the great handicap in this country today is our failed education system, which turns out millions of under-educated communist wannabes every year, we ought to wonder why it is necessary for a conservative party to ‘change’ toward socialism, rather than attempting to reeducate socialists to orthodox capitalism —the way our founders intended it.

My point here is that we can’t trust Republican rhetoric any more than we can believe anything that comes out of the sewer trap of Barack Obama and his Marxist collaborators on the hill. Skin color doesn’t matter; neither does political party affiliation. We should be looking for conservatives to represent us in Congress, period: men and women with the courage of their convictions; people who refuse to call a lie ‘spin’, who views queer as abnormal, and doesn’t hesitate to call a Marxist a Marxist.

Mustang out

Stanley said...

Always edifying to hear from an admitted homophobe like Mustang in a comment section devoted to inclusion. You get a few Toms every year...what's so different about this? Are you hoping for five percent of the black vote this year?

Anonymous said...

Z, great post, and Heidianne, yours too.
The trick is to support the conservative in the primaries. We can't afford a third party if we wish to free ourselves of this Marxist agenda.

We have to make big gains in Congress next year. Period. It's crucial. So I suggest we have to take the Republican party back.

I think they have the message. Let's take advantage of that. We can't split the baby and win.

A lot of Republicans stayed home last Nov. We see the results. It can't happen again. Not next year or two years after that.

Our message is positive. It's based on a belief of American principles and freedom. Lt. Col. West, in the video on Heidianne's blog, knows it, and he's willing to fight for it. He's the kind of candidate we need.

I don't want to hear why we can't win, I want to hear why we can. So we get started now.

Find those candidates we know about now, send them donations and pass on the information to everyone you can.

Talk is cheap, action is getting the job done.

Mustang - Party doesn't matter? How much was the country worth to blue dog democrats to vote yes on cloture for the Healthcare Bill? They could've killed it and they got bought off.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Ah yes, Stanley. A group is not "inclusive" unless there's someone there to stand up an proudly proclaim they shove gerbils up their ass and lick the fur clean?

And black people become "Toms" when they vote for a party other than Democrat, because we all know sponging off of government subsidies is the mark of an "authentic" black person?

Why point out the imbecility of the left? Stanley's parading it.

Anonymous said...

Stanley - A few Toms? So, if a black person doesn't think like those who are seduced into staying on the leftist plantation, he's a Tom?

You lefties really can't stand Americans who think for themselves can you. How dare they stray from the victocrat agenda of the left.

You, who are the bigots who pick out a group who you think don't rise to your level of intellectual ability.

You, who thinks black people are a lesser form of human being who can't think for themselves.

As for your remarks to Mustang, if your own back porch is dirty, I suggest you can't criticize someone else's.


heidianne jackson said...

beamish, you slay me! you worded that precisely right. stanley, i'd say you should be ashamed, but i doubt that you have conscience enough to feel shame.

pris, thanks. i am thankful and honored to know you.

Anonymous said...

Heidianne, and I am honored to know you too.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...


All leftists are "for the people."

They just get hung up on the definition of the word "people."

Observant Jews? Nope.

Christians? Nope.

Blacks that vote for Republicans? Nope.

Babies in the womb? Nope.

Queers that coo over crucifixes in jars of piss and call smearing shit on themselves in front of a paying audience "art?" Yes!

heidianne jackson said...

so very, very true beamish. and don't leave out avowed communists who have done their damnedest to destroy soldiers and institutions that have made this country great. yep. but the soldiers willing to fight for our country and all she was founded on? nope.

Anonymous said...

Pris …

The issue I wanted to address was integrity. If we can’t depend on Republicans or Democrats … and we can’t IMO, then we need to draft people who are (1) conservative and (2) honest irrespective of party.


~Leslie said...

So Stanley has something against 'homophobes' in an inclusion discussion but has no problem making a racist comment by calling African Americans who happen to be conservative "Toms"...interesting.

EDGE said...

The first time I ever voted for President (in a primary) was for Alan Keyes.

Z said...


Heidianne and Pris...if I'm not in the love fest, you can't be in the love fest ! (heh heh!)

Mustang; integrity? I WISH!

Anonymous said...

Z, you are always in the lovefest. I'm sure I speak for Heidianne too!


G-Man said...

Let's start our own "ACORN"... We can call it "PECANS"... Politically Engaged Conservatives Against Neo Socialism.

Seriously though, Obama and the current congress is giving us the greatest opportunity in a very long time to seize back the reins of power and hold them for a very long time. BUT we need to be serious about it. We can not tolerate ANY missed steps by "our" party. I am not solidly attached to the Republican party. They too have their missed steps. Let's face it it was Bush & the Republican congress that handed Obama & socialists this opportunity to wreak havoc on our country. If we decide to support the Republicans then they truly need to reinvent themselves and return to true conservatism. We as voters need to ensure that we get our needs taken care of in the next "Contract with America". For example, we need term limits to put an end to professional politicians. That's the only way we can ensure that our politicians are committed to reflecting the views of their constituency.

heidianne jackson said...

well, duh!, z - of course you're smack-dab in the middle of it.

integrity - it's a hard one. as billy joel said all those years ago "honesty is such a lonely word...and mostly what i need from..." it's true, it's the thing we need the most. i think the guys mentioned in my post have it. i think there are others like them.

maybe some of them sport a "d" after their name, but i haven't found that to be the case very often. just look at what's happening now - even dem senators who stood up and said "i will NOT vote for this health care bill, voted for it the minute some money got thrown their way. yeah, that's integrity.

not saying the gop members have been above it lately, but i have more hope for them than dems... i mean how can anyone say they have integrity when some of the basic precepts of their party's stance subjugates entire classes of people?!

Z said...

G-Man..PECANS, I like it.

Pris, and Heidianne..thanks xx

Heidianne, it's hard to recognize this country for the lack of integrity in our gov't.

Heck, we have a president who tells the enemy we're continuing to fight but includes when we're giving up...that's integrity? WOW.

G-Man said...

When it comes to integrity, don't forget the whole Global Warming dishonesty that's coming to light recently. Ol' Bammy will overlook all the lies that have been told by their "climate scientists" when he dashes off to Copenhagen to obligate us to a treaty that will dismantle the final vestiges of our manufacturing preeminence in the world.

Anonymous said...

"The issue I wanted to address was integrity. If we can’t depend on Republicans or Democrats … and we can’t IMO, then we need to draft people who are (1) conservative and (2) honest irrespective of party."

Mustang - Of course what you say is true. You must admit, up to now, those in the democrat party (blue dogs), have not come through and voted against the wishes of their constituents. They caved, no question about it.

All I'm saying is, we can't take the chance of losing in 2010, and I think the best way to approach this is in the primaries in supporting the conservative during that process.

In the end, we have to gain or we lose our chance to have any influence in the outcome of any vote in Congress.

Remember, up to now the Republicans have voted our way. Now is the time to bolster our clout. If we can, we consolidate our power in the Republican Party.

No one wants integrity from our politicians more than I do. But, when push comes to shove, we have to work with what we have, and exert what power we have to influence the outcome.


Stanley said...

So, gays are equated with pervs (in reality,most likely GOPiggies) who shove gerbils up their ass...another slimy, little homophobe shines out amongst the many on this site.

Meanwhile, speaking of inclusionationalismonality:

"The Republicans are all about driving people out right now. And I think it's a great idea. So if you
believe in evolution or gravity or photosynthesis or any of the stuff that Republicans are afraid of,
come on over to the Democratic Party. You know, we're the party right now of the mainstream.
Republicans seem to have ceded the center of the national debate to the Democratic Party...
I think this is great. This is what I want as a Democrat. I couldn't be happier."
-- Paul Begala,

Stanley said...


NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT, yas, IT can be reweeeeled...that eminently family valued GOPerv PastorPerv who was found dead a while ago wearing TWO (2) wet suits a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way from the water, also had something typically Republican shoved up his ass. No, not this time a gerbil...butt, under all that spiffy rubber outerwear he had a dildo up his ass.

Listed among the personal possessions found on the deceased, upright yet very prone Corpus GOPiggicus were two items...his marriage ring AND his equally prized DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILDO!!!!!!

How very conservative...aka repressed, sex tortured, twisted limp dick.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


You seem awful giddy about one less faggot in politics.

We'll make a conservative of you yet.

Anonymous said...

So Stanley, shouldn't you be at your catamite support group kneeling before their NAMBLA sponsored guidance counselor?

It's best you don't try and involve yourself in conversations beyond your ken.

Elmers Brother said...

Listed among the personal possessions found on the deceased, upright yet very prone Corpus GOPiggicus were two items...his marriage ring AND his equally prized DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILDO!!!!!!

Looks like duhkkky is being replaced as the King of Red Herrings.

Z said...

WAIT! I thought Republicans were PERFECT, didn't you all?

my GOD, the Dems are ruining this country and Stanley's worried about a sex device. NICE.

Beamish, I could kiss you :-)

Z said...

Wow, Stanley, you must COMB Drudge to find that story..I couldn't find it anywhere. Not saying it isn't there, but there's a lot of REALLY important news that apparently diverted me from it.
Maybe you might want to pay attention to the REALLY important news.

heidianne jackson said...

but you're missing the point, z. that IS the really important news for stanley.