Wednesday, December 9, 2009


PLEASE sign the petition to free our Navy SEALS...........what's happening to them is a travesty.
Thanks so much. (and thanks to Hoosier Army Mom for alerting me to this petition, these awful accusations and the fact that OUR guys could be in trouble for THIS has weighed heavy on my heart and probably plenty of yours, too)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this opportunity Z. My comment included with the petition is as follows:

"The action against the Navy Seals is a travesty of Justice. This is madness, and political correctness of the first order. These men captured a man who butchered Americans, and you're going to try them because he had a fat lip? You take the enemy's word against our own men?

What if it's true they hit him? They didn't kill him did they? Maybe they should have. At least it would have been justice. Have you all gone mad?

The Seals risk their lives for our country under your command, and you minimize their bravery and risk, over a fat lip? This must be a comedy script, not a war we're engaged in. The Rules of Engagement are a farce, risking our troops to an extreme extent. We are not fighting to capitulate to a deadly enemy, we are fighting to destroy them. What has happened to America. What has happened to our once proud, tough image which was the envy of the world.

The shame here is with you sir, not these brave men. They are heroes, and they, like me, remember those American bodies hanging on display, from that bridge. What you are doing, is beyond all reason and beneath contempt."


DaBlade said...

Political correctness in all it's perversion.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to my two Senators and my Representative about this. Johnny Isaacson and Saxby Chamblis probably won't do anything, but I think Nathan Deal, who is a stand up guy, will.

beachmom said...

I Did Sign It.
But let me also ger something off my chest!Please.

President Hussein Obama -- what's he done?
Halted the recession? I think that would even be news to Mr. Obama, not even the White House has been so blantantly over optimistic.

Helped reverse joblessness. Helped? How did he help, I mean yeah they've got to hire about three Secret Service guards at the White House but three got fired. And as soon as the gift wrap booths in the malls close after the Holidays we can see if the unemployment rate is still falling.

Health care reform is not a done deal, even he knows it, that's why he keeps hammering about it.

He sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and what he articulated can be summed up by "We're going to do stuff till about 2011, then we might stop doing stuff". He articulated little to nothing.

Ended the Iraq war? Really? Bet there's some folks in Iraq right now would be suprised to learn that.
Arranged closure at Gitmo? Sure is taking his sweet time about it, lots of talk no action.
Signalled confidence in the civil justice system? How's that?

He wants to start a commitment to global warming and everyone else is looking to bail out. He's buying a ticket aboard the Titanic after it hit the ice berg, everyone else is looking for a lifeboat.
Bowing to two-bit leaders is not how you gain respect, the only thing butt dumb here is you,
Procedures at state diners are being improved? Oh goody, now everyone will know the difference between the soup spoon and salad fork.

I concur with everyone that says these people that invaded the white house were waved through.
I'm getting tired of these people that live in the White House treating our brave men and women like trash. From our Secret Service, to our service men.
Also, if I were first wookie(love that name) I would certainly be keeping my eye on Prez and Desiree. I mean he really is fighting to keep her from testifying in front of Congress. Hmmmm?