Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check out Bloviating Zeppelin...

He's HERE and you need to know how Obama's getting this nightmare healthcare plan passed. Please, someone, if ANYBODY knows the high points of this bill, let us know. Apparently, Dick Durbin told McCain a day or two ago that even HE didn't know what's in it. Lieberman's folded... This bill is rumored to allow public option very soon, it's all in the wording, no matter what they're telling us, and we need to be aware.....I hope Lieberman is. I'm hoping we're all jumping to conclusions but I'm thinking everybody's folding for some reason we'll never be told. Check out BZ for reasons we DO KNOW. z


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thank you, Z.

This is yet another example of the Obama Administration clearly demonstrating it couldn't give a crap LESS about YOUR safety, YOUR security, even your HEALTHCARE -- and that's the point.

This current administration will hang our national security out to dry JUST to try to extort votes from fellow Dems.

It will SACRIFICE your SECURITY just so it can make an IDEALOGICAL point!

Anyone besides me think this is INSANE??


Leticia said...

BZ hit the mark. They just don't care about this nation or the people who put them in office.

It is no longer "We the people" It is "We the govenment." And that is frightening to me and it should be to every single American that values their freedom.

Anonymous said...

Senator Nelson ought to call Obama's bluff, and do it publicly!

The President just approved 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, and he's going to close down a military airbase in Nebraska out of revenge against a Senator? Costing 10,000 jobs and weakening our security for political gain?

It's about time he's called out. This is outright extortion. It shows just how desperate and corrupt this administration is, and it's not pretty.

I know deals to get votes go way back, but one has to wonder what kinds of threats have been made these last months.

This one entails our national security as BZ says. The President is going against the prevailing winds big time, because he knows the country is against his tyrannical agenda.

The thugocracy is looking more and more to the people, like what it really is.

I'm glad this threat has been leaked, so the people can see a thugocracy at work, and how the desires and needs of the American people aren't worth a tinker's damn to the President and his henchmen.


Z said...

BZ, you're very welcome...great piece there...and important that at least SOME AMERICANS get the truth.

Leticia...you're so right.....

Pris...the spitefulness of Obama's getting positively SCARY because OUR LIVES are on the line.

Tonight, FOX showed a video of OBama promising NO MORE EARMARKS. It's absolutely spooky that our establishment media won't release that, too. But, you know, FOX isn't to be believed, even when the video is RIGHT THERE (Smile).

Steve Harkonnen said...

The MAIN thing that amps ME is the fact that if people don't apply for health care they are facing a FINE.

If every single American refused to PAY the fine, we'd have a revolt against the government.

As a matter of fact, if the plan goes through and passed in to law, and if the government tells me I have to do something...I plan on defying them and will refuse to pay any fines just to see their reaction and also to write about it and expose these bastards.