Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year's Wishes

I wish all Americans loved and supported America again.
I wish we could keep people out who only treat our country like a dirty door mat.
I wish we would have the guts to err on OUR side again without caring about Political Correctness.
I wish we could get kids admiring and respecting their parents again.
I wish more parents deserved that.
I wish we didn't have to put profit before character and we could stop certain commercials from airing without being called prigs...
I wish that journalists would suddenly see how biased they've been and they'd become fair and balanced again.
I wish we could get back to our Judeo-Christian roots and not be afraid of hurting the feelings of the 6% or so who don't share those beliefs
I wish people would take a good long look at why the above wish will never be again.
I wish we didn't have Obama as president or any of his cabinet.
I wish we'd get term limits very soon.
I wish there was no such thing as a terrorist
I wish the health care bill would be given time to really do something right and that Republicans would be welcome to the table of discussion on all subjects in Congress.
I wish we'd know we'd all be safe this year.
I wish a lot of things but thought you might have a few, too.............

So...what do YOU wish for in 2010?............and what are you doing tonight? Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks so much for supporting GeeeeeZ and for your kindness this year when I lost Mr. Z. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. God bless each and every one of you.


Steve Harkonnen said...


I wish all Americans loved and supported America again.

You wish for too much. It's not going to happen.

The Disgruntled Grinch who does NOT want to play out tonight at the local Moose Lodge.

cube said...

That's a good list. I long for these things too, especially about not having BO or his cabinet in office.

My wish for the New Year is good health for me and my family and good economic health for the nation. People can't flourish without work.

Beth said...

I wish people would end their blind support to political parties (bith sides) and really LOOK at what our representatives are doing in Washington, and speak up against the corruption. I wish the MSM would do the same!

Happy New Year to You, Z!

DaBlade said...

God Bless you too Z. I think I can say that you are an inspiration to all of us. Mr. and Mrs. DaBlade and their Chattering Teethlings are doing a dinner and a movie.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

1. I just want to survive 2010.

I believe 2010 will be a major turning point in the history of this country. Either we will come to see what has been occurring to us as a nation, or we will be pushed to the economic brink of annihilation.

Or finally, there we be some form of the electorate, in bulk, deciding they will REMOVE the "consent" of being governed.

Whether this takes the form of actual violence or whether it is reflected in certain societal refusals, I am completely uncertain.

You can push the American People only so far. Or I could have a completely wrong take on the matter and Americans will truly become the SHEEP the Ruling Class believe us to be.

Finally: I believe there is NO way that 2010 is NOT gonna hurt.


WomanHonorThyself said...

what beautiful wished Z..right with u girl! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!!!

Name: Soapboxgod said...

I wish that Americans would truly become engaged and quit looking at politics in simple generalities and platitudes; a left/right or liberal/conservative sort of paradigm. I wish people would themselves think independently about issues rather than regurgitate the talking points they hear on television and radio.

I wish for a sprinkle of the sort of objectivity that prohibits an individual from complaining about welfare for the irresponsible woman with 5 different baby daddies but serving as an apologist for a new publicly funded stadium for their favority sports team.

I wish for a sprinkle of the sort of objectivity that prohibits an individual from hurling claims of socialism and the destruction of Capitalism all the while supporting the charge that smoking should be banned in a privately owned bar/restaurant.

Imagine what a year 2010 could be...

JINGOIST said...
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FrogBurger said...

Happy New Year to Z and everyone on this blog.

I hope 2010 will be the awakening year for America.

I spent 2 weeks in France and I really don't want to see anything like that in the US. So I hope America will realize 2009 was the bad rebound year.

Ducky's here said...

I wish people who talk about a return to "Judeo-Christian" roots would explain what they are talking about and stop the cliches.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"I wish people who talk about a return to "Judeo-Christian" roots would explain what they are talking about and stop the cliches."

Ditto that. We're not a Christian nation but a nation of Christians (and Jews, and Buddhists, and Hindus, and Muslims, and Atheists, etc.)

JINGOIST said...

Here you go Ducky. This a quick synopsis from the BrothersJudd:

The Ten Commandments:

1. I am the Lord, your God, who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery

Acceptance of God as the ultimate author of morality and leaning of life.

2. You shall not recognize the gods of others in My presence
Beware of idolatry.

Attaining money, power, stimulation, professional success, and accumulating possessions, while legitimate pursuits, are not the ultimate purpose of life.

3. You shall not take the Name of the Lord, your God, in vain

How we acknowledge or deny God and godliness through our words and deeds.

4. Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it

Recognize the value of time by refocusing on the most important elements of life; family, obligations to others, prayer, kindness, justice, and decency.

5. Honor your Father and your Mother

The obligation to parents reinforces the concepts of treating others responsibly in spite of sentiment or situation.

6. You shall not murder

Each human being is the essence of uniqueness, yet equally created in God's image. Not only can a life by physically taken, but demoralization and humiliation can kill our souls.

7. You shall not commit adultery

Sexual relations are made special and holy through a covenantal marriage. The honoring of commitments provides the family stability necessary for individual growth and health, community peace, and societal welfare.

8. You shall not steal

Respecting the property and reputation of others provides mutual safety, peace, and prosperity.

9. You shall not bear false witness against your fellow

While we should keep far from falsehoods, knowing when information could or should be shared can make the differences between destroying and helping others.

10. You shall not covet

Desire for the possessions of others destroys relationships and leads us to violate the other Commandments.

Now one of the things that makes the Commandments themselves so remarkable is the degree to which they remain universal and timely thousands of years after Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Z, for sharing your thoughts and blog with us.

Happy New Year!

JINGOIST said...

Z that was a beautiful and thoughtful wish list! Thank you so much for brightening (is that a word?) my morning with such thought-provoking wisdom.

Carmen, Nanette and I will be blowing off HUGE fireworks tonight. Here in St. Johns County you can explode pretty much any ordnance short of shooting your gun in the air. So it promises to be loud!

G-d bless and keep you in the coming year Z.

(I tried to fix a misspell or two and ended up down here.)

Joe said...

I, with you, wish the MSM would discover objectivity, fairness and balance. I also wish they would report a wide variety of happenings, instead of each news organization reporting the same stories in the same way.

I also wish Ducky would open his mind, wake up, and get real.

He pretends that he does not know what Judeo/Christian means. Both he and Name: Soapboxgod pretend that non-Judeo/Christians constitute a much greater part of the population than they do.

Always On Watch said...

My wishes right now are totally personal and apolitical. A family crisis eclipses politics for me right now. Hearth and home first, and all that.

Anyway, stopping by to wish you a blessed New Year, Z.

the malcontent said...

Thanks Z, I wish you and all your readers a very Happy and healthy New year and all the best of everything to you all.

Please see my blog for My New Years political resolutions.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"Soapboxgod pretend that non-Judeo/Christians constitute a much greater part of the population than they do."

Not in the least. I'm simply asserting the fact that they do exist. What's more, the Constitution makes perfectly clear its position on the establishment of religion thereby making the Judeo/Christian majority moot anyhow. Just as moot as it would be for Obama to be president even if he were a devout Muslim (again the Constitution and all that...)

christian soldier said...

Happy New Year-Z--

Z said...

Soapbox, that would be the year of the Republican. It's the lefties who need to prohibit smoking so EVERYONE stays healthy (as if)
Good list....let's hope 2010 does bring this to fruition.

Steve...I hated doing gigs I didn't want to do, but once I was there, it was good! I hope that's what happens for you at the lodge.

Cube...JOBS should have been on my list...of course. Thanks., too.

DB...have fun...hug your Chatterers for me. and thanks.

BZ...I thought we wouldn't see Christmas this last year due to terror or something, so let's hope this year goes better than we expect, too.

FrogBurger..thanks for reminding us how it is THERE and how it should NOT be HERE.

Ducky...think hard.
Soapbox and Ducky...about 82% of Americans claim Christianity...odd that you'll call Iraq a MUSLIM NATION but they're not all Muslim, either, huh?

Jingo..thanks for the excellent list there.....

to ALL OF YOU who've commented so far, THANK YOU for being here, thanks for your good wishes, and HAPPY NEW YEAR...God bless us, one and all.

beamish said...

I wish for all my cherished friends and loved ones be blessed with good health and happiness and their kindness to me when I needed it most in 2009 returned sevenfold.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"It's the lefties who need to prohibit smoking so EVERYONE stays healthy..."

Eau Contraire Z. Seems to me I kept being told that Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback were conservatives not lefties.

or that Tim Pawlenty was too...

Tis why I go on and on about it no longer being a Left vs. Right or Republican vs. Democrat paradigm and catch hell from some of my "conservative" brethren about it.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Mind you it's their prerogative to support smoking bans on private establishments (a great many Republicans/Conservatives have and do).

But unfortunately for them, they come up short when they start preaching about the virtues of private property rights, capatalism, etc.

Anonymous said...

Z, thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us. I have learned so much from you.

I pray for God's peace for my dearest friends. God has used so many people in my life in mighty ways, and sometimes the best I can do is pray for them. It's not a holy roller thing, it's a simple peace, a calm peace. A knowing kind of love.

heidianne jackson said...

we are NOT a christian nation in the manner of iran being a muslim nation. they have stated that theirs is a muslim nation and adhere to the laws of islam (well sort of). wholly incompatible with any form of government other than dictatorship imho. however, we ARE a nation founded on judeo/christian beliefs and that is our foundation.

our forefathers provided for a christian minister for both house of congress and the supreme court to remind those who would do business there that we are creatures of god. any one of them would be sickened by the move in this country by those who seek to not only neutralize these traditions and beliefs but actively seek to demonize them.

it is impossible to separate the 10 commandments from our initial laws. just as it is impossible to separate our founders beliefs in a judeo/christian god from the government they made for us.

great list z. happy new year!

heidianne jackson said...

oops - forgot to toggle for follow up!

Faith said...
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Z said...

Soapbox, how'd you get from smoking to this "the virtues of private property rights, capatalism, etc."

Huckabee and Pawlenty aren't Conservatives in the true sense of the word....many Conservatives aren't fond of either of them, but you're right; they did support smoking bans.

I believe every restaurant/bar needs to make up its own rules, not the State telling them what to do.

Property Rights and Capitalism? You don't think Conservatives are bigger on both than this government?
you're sounding like a libertarian..!?

Heidianne; Excellent distinction and one I didn't mean to screw up on. We are a nation founded upon and mostly inhabited by CHristians (and Jews) but not technically a country OF any brand of faith. Am I closer?!!

Jen, I thought it was probably hanging myself TOO "out there" to list these so you're right in that I revealed things about myself, but I guess I do every day in my posts and comments, so....
As far as learning things from me, I hope they're good things :-) And, thanks. You're the best.

next to beamish, of course :-)

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"Soapbox, how'd you get from smoking to this "the virtues of private property rights, capatalism, etc."

Simple. Supporting smoking bans on Privately owned bars and restaurants is antithetical to property rights and capitalism. It was a great litmus test to see where people actually stood on the issue/subject.

One of the primary tenets of socialism is the abolishment of private property which is supplanted with a collective good purpose. That's exactly what happened with the smoking ban thing. Non-smokers proclaimed their right to smoke free air while smokers proclaimed their right to smoke.

The actual argument was, as you correctly point out, what the property owner finds to be in their best interest. And again you're quite right about Huckabee's and Pawlenty's conservative credentials as well as my libertarian bent.

But, lest we forget, it was Reagan who told Reason magazine in 1975

"If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals–if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is."

heidianne jackson said...

on the private property points, i'm with you 100% soap. do you recognize the same danger in zoning laws?

libertarians are getting a bad name because of the large number of people who support unfettered access to [currently illegal] drugs who call themselves libertarians. libertarians, by and large, simply want the government out of their business as much as possible.

most conservatives i know are actually libertarians even if they don't know it. many who call themselves libertarians are nothing of the sort, they just want drugs legalized.

Z said...

soapbox, I'm liking you more and more :-)
You a Reagan fan? I believe he was absolutely right in what he said there.

Heidianne, excellent point. I think you're right, too. SMALLER GOVERNMENT...think it will ever come back? When did we lose it...FDR?

Anonymous said...

When did we lose the freedom? I think David Hume was accurate when he said:

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."

According to Thomas DiLorenzo, some of the major culprits in reducing freedoms have been Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, and Abraham Lincoln. Theodore Roosevelt could probably be added. Even more probably would be FDR and LBJ.


Name: Soapboxgod said...

I'm not merely in it for the legalization of drugs though I do think that our War on Drugs has been a demonstrable failure. With liberty comes the liberty to do things that bear no consequence on another but that might not be something that other individual would do.

The crime is not in an individual doing drugs. Them doing drugs can have deleterious consequences indeed. But then so can alot of things and we don't make them all illegal.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"do you recognize the same danger in zoning laws?"

Indeed I do. And as well I recognize the danger in wetland protection legislation. In fact, there is at present a bill by Representative Jim Oberstar of Minnesota that seeks to literally remove the word "navigable" from waterways that could fall under Federal jurisdiction.

Frightening stuff indeed.

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."

That is absolutely true. A little piece here, a little piece there and presto...government's got their boot in the door.

JINGOIST said...

Soapbox wrote:

"Supporting smoking bans on Privately owned bars and restaurants is antithetical to property rights and capitalism. It was a great litmus test to see where people actually stood on the issue/subject."

As a conservative libertarian I certainly agree with that statement. I was one of many who worked overtime (unsuccessfully) to stop this ruinous ballot intiative from becoming law here in Florida. It flies in the face of our freedom-based way of life to tell a restaurant owner how to run his business and treat his customers.

Huckabee and Brownback are mainly Christian conservatives, and unfortunately I'm not fond of either one. Especially the populist Huckabee. He'll show different political faces to diferent crowds and I don't trust him. There are indeed good Christian conservatives who believe in free markets and property rights.

In all of my time as a political activist I've met a few conservatives who would favor the smoking ban, BUT NOT MANY!!! That's that the modis operandi of the leftist busybody--which leads me to ask you WHAT your point was in attacking the few retarded right wingers who lack an understanding of property rights and free markets?

You're pretty much barking up the wrong tree bucko!

sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

Jingoist, that doesn't make any sense.

First you have five which are pretty much a dictate of a style of worship. Now I've been called an idol worshiper here and there's a genuine hostility towards papists among many of the religious right so that portion of the commandments won't so.

Now, in my group of closest friends I am considered the moderate. That's right, they would scare the bleep out of right wingers. These are the folks your parents warned you about but I fell in with bad companions and the rest is history.
Even the commies don't murder steal and lie and we frown on adultery so I don't see that the left has had anything to do with violating that portion.

So once again, what are these "Judeo-Christian" roots?

Ducky's here said...

Soapbox and Ducky...about 82% of Americans claim Christianity...


Claiming it and being it are two very different things.

Z said...

Ducky, deny, obfuscate...whatever. In polls, approx 82% of Americans claim SOME tie to Christianity...OKAY? Please address my points....
A MUSLIM Country...NO problem.
A CHRISTIAN country...uhoh. Not approved, apparently.

to the others:
I personally believe FDR did more damage to our freedoms than any president. The most complete and lasting damage.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

The point in it Jingoist is that people like Huckabee, Brownback, Pawlenty, Schwarzenegger (sp??), Charlie Crist, Charles Grassley, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Arlen Specter, George W. Bush, et al. are all too often grouped into that true conservative camp. And, they've been embraced by many in our want for the "big" tent.

There's just one problem with that. When they stray from the real principles of free minds and free markets and the rest, it makes it that much more difficult for people like myself and yourself to gain any traction in our political activity.

You dig?

Z said...

thank you, Sue...I wish you the very best as well.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"I personally believe FDR did more damage to our freedoms than any president. The most complete and lasting damage."

Him and certainly LBJ to be certain. Of course the SCOTUS bears much culpability as well.

Z said...

Soapbox....very well put. I SURE 'dig'. I couldn't agree with you more.
As a matter of fact, I think that the leftwingers know how much a true conservative would be embraced in this country and it's why they're scared witless of Palin. They keep denying they're scared and lying about her book being "whiney" (not even close from the small bits I read), her family as dysfunctional, publishing naked pictures of a guy who'd not get a second look if it didn't shed bad light on Palin's family...etc etc....

I'm not sure she's the one ... I know she's not even close to stupid as the left tried to pawn off on her by misquoting and taking out of context or ambushing her after exhausting appearances, but I'm hoping someone else comes up in the ranks and soon. (did you know that the woman in charge of Palin's interviews is an extremely close friend and ex colleague of Katie Couric? Something "ODD" went down there, huh?!)

Anyway, all that to say that if a Ronald Reagan type of person who shows his love of country and who promoted less government, and fixed problems instead of ruining everything for the rest of, the left knows and we know, that person would take the presidency.

Z said...

I'm not as up on LBJ as I should be, Soapbox, I have to admit....what would you consider his worst failings?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings on geeeZ, but 2009 -- a year that has been devastating for Z, me and many others on every conceivable level -- just gave us one last whopping big KICK in the ASS!

I just learned that RUSH LIMBAUGH has (apparently) suffered a heart attack.

Drudge reports that liberal blogs are openly rejoicing.

Rush IS in the hospital where he spent last night. Let us hope his heart attack symptoms -- doctors have not yet confirmed or denied that an actual heart attack occurred -- prove to be nothing more than an alarming upset to Rush's digestive system. Hiatal hernia and stress often mock cardio-vascular symptoms.

Please pray for Rush. We NEED HIM SO BADLY.

~ FreeThinke

Z said... happened yesterday afternoon, 2:00 pm Hawaii there no update yet?

You're right about him...I don't care how the left hates him and disparages his delivery, etc., he's gutsy, he's usually right, and he's fearless. They can't stand him because he points out the truth.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

LBJ's worst failings?

I'll summarize it in two words.

Great Society. Check it out.

In the meantime, I've got to get my drink on so all you folks play nice and be safe out there. Happy New Year

Z said...

FT, check this quote from an article on Rush: "With his sarcastic putdowns of liberal policies, parodies and self-promotion, he began capturing conservative listeners in the 1980s and grew to become the highest-rated radio broadcaster in the U.S. Recently, he's found a renewed purpose and has boosted ratings by railing against Barack Obama's presidency."

love it, huh? How about "with his exposing the truth behind the leftwing lies.." Oh, I guess that might be too close to the truth.
There isn't an article or radio mention yet without mentioning his addiction to pain killers, either.
Leftwing celebs are drunks or addicts and get kudos and fawning over for COMING FORWARD (after being caught, usually), but do NOT let a Conservative do anything wrong. man

Z said...

Soapbox..HAPPY NEW YEAR...get MORE than one 'on'!!

Z said...

Thu Dec 31, 2:59 pm ET

KANEOHE, Hawaii – President Barack Obama's family is spending part of the last day of 2009 watching the futuristic adventure film "Avatar."

The Obamas visited a movie theater near their rented vacation home in Hawaii on Thursday morning for a screening of the 3-D hit. Officials say the first family and their friends had the theater to themselves to watch director James Cameron's tech-heavy film.

The Obamas, including first daughters Sasha and Malia, left their compound before noon on New Year's Eve. Before the screening, Obama, a self-described movie buff, worked out at the Marine Corps base nearby.

The Obamas are set to return to Washington in the new year.

Z: BOY, was that last sentence a big disappointment. I know, I'm being mean, but I couldn't resist sharing my thought with you after reading that article! heh!

JINGOIST said...

To soapbox.
A few points about the RINOS you listed in your 3pm post. I don't know ANYONE who calls them "true conservatives" except maybe their respective staffs. :-)

You and I agree on substance man.

I was chafing at a common conservative-libertarian impulse that I see far too often, WE EAT OUR OWN TOO QUICKLY AND IT ONLY HELPS THE LOOTERS!

The Republicans have been nothing short of brilliant in their opposition to this fascist health care takeover and they deserve some credit for that. I'm actually thinking about rejoining the party because EVERY R Senator and all but one weasely-assed Representative from New Orleans voted against it.

This is unheard of, they deserve some props!

beamish said...


Anyone to the left of you would scare me the same way the prospect of unattended infants choking on beer bottle caps scare me. Do they all wear hockey helmets?


I'm not the best, certainly next to any of our wonderful friends. I'd modestly gauge myself in 8th place or something :P

Faith said...

Happy 2010 to all. Better things for all of us in the New Year, and especially you, Z. Not too likely on the political scene, but I guess we can always hope.

I ignore all holidays any more, and have no idea what I'll do tonight. If I'm up I'll notice the firecrackers in the neighborhood and if I'm not, oh well.

Anonymous said...


I think the Judeo-Christian view is largely responsible for the view that there are moral absolutes. Many people are of the mind "if it works, if it feels good; do it." This is in opposition to the Juedeo-Christian idea of, "if it's right, do it."

I do have mixed feelings on the use of the term. It suggests the two are almost the same, with the views on Jesus being the only difference. Jesus, however, is the sine qua non of Christianity. (Ducky, I beg you to like me for using raw Latin terms like that.)


Z said...

beamish, I'll be the judge of that :-)

Faith...I've never been big on New Year's Eve, either....Mr. Z liked to party heartier.
A friend might come by...the stepkids are hovering and I'm trying to get them to go OUT and have fun. take the cake! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nick and Nora Charles have come to spend the evening -- always good company -- even if they do pretend to be a pari of career drunks.

I LOVE The Thin Man!

I always spend New Year's Eve at home -- and never feel the least bit deprived. It's a wonderful privilege to HAVE a home.

No more news about Rush, But I admit I've been avoiding the news and talk circuit this week. The biased reporting is par for the course. Sad, but a Fact of Life.

Keep noticing, and keep reporting, Z. Your vigilance is doing good.

I hope we gain Wisdom, more respect for Honor, greater love of God, a measure of Dignity and a big dose of Courage with which to face the future in the New Year.

As someone once observed, "It's always darkest before the dawn." Light IS coming.

~ FreeThinke

JINGOIST said...

Z, that means that they're GOOD stepkids! Give them lots of hugs and kisses and guzzles.

Z said...

Jingo, they are nice people.
Happy New Year to you and your familyxxx

FT..I saw THIN MAN was on ....are they on all evening? Not bad..I might be watching with you ! xxx

Law and Order Teacher said...

A beautiful list. I look forward to the new year and hope that our country remains the beacon of hope and freedom it has always been to immigrants around the world.

The diversity that the left so virulently espouses is the result of the freedom they found here. They wished to preserve and expand it. Now some in our country are embarrassed about it.

Things have changed since our ancestors struggled to get here to enjoy freedom.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone. Don't despair Madame Z, there are still many children who respect their parents, trust me. And there are still so many Americans who love their country. One of my nieces just became engaged to one such young man. He's serving with the 1st. Battalion, 6th. Regiment,1st marine Div. in Afganistan. It's 12:01 a.m EST as I post this. Happy New Year! Johnnymac

Anonymous said...

2010 is now 16 minutes old here in the Eastern Zone. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Z, Jingo, Johnnymac, Faith and other friends old and new.

Let's take a cup of kindness yet for Auld Lang Syne!

[And May] God bless us every one!

~ FreeThinke (Once FPM Jinni -- I admit it. ;-)


sue said...

I wish I could learn the Rach 3.

Z said...

Sue...slow and easy...then speed it up.
THEN send me the audio :-)

namaste said...

Z, i love all of your wishes. i know that you continue to live with a great loss. i wish that you will feel less pain from this loss with each passing day. blessings to you in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.

We went out to the Elks with my sister and brother-in-law and others, for dinner and dancing, and to ring in the New Year.

It's late here but had to wish you all a great 2010!

My #1 wish is for conservatives to win big in November!!!!!

Hey Jingo - nice to see you. It's been awhile.


Ducky's here said...

I think the Judeo-Christian view is largely responsible for the view that there are moral absolutes.


You probably have grounds to argue that idea was greatly furthered by Judaism, tio.

However, you are going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways to demonstrate that absolutes aren't present along the political spectrum. The argument is about which absolutes, not the existence of the concept.

The left also has a far better sense of conflict of interest and doesn't wave away the concept as does soapboxgod and his (or her) crowd in the Libertarian sand box.

Z said...

Namaste, I didn't expect the pain of last night...but anticipating a whole new year with Mr Z not in it was almost too much....until a Christian mentor and dear friend called and we spoke for an hour.
God is so good. She was THE BEST medicine and I felt so much better after talking to her.
She knows EXACTLY what to say and when, I'd say it's spooky, but I know there are no coincidences and no accidents and she's 86 and has such wisdom, none of which she takes the credit for, if you know what I mean.

Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

A Point to Ponder:

Our most difficult -- and possibly our most important -- task is to determine a proper answer to this fundamental question:

Precisely what and how much does the State owe the Individual, and the Individual the State?

I found that question -- or a version of it -- in The Fountain Overflows -- an engrossing novel by Dame Rebecca West. Dame Rebecca, a noted British author, and essayist was a close associate of H.G. Wells. (Outline of History)

Like many important intellectuals of the early twentieth century these two did not identify themselves with the Conservatism of their time.

We would do well to study the problems and motivations that caused "Progressivism" to come into being. The movement was not spiteful and irrational -- at first. Neither was it directly inspired by Satan.

"Satan," of course, crept in and TOOK OVER in his crafty, insidious, beguiling, way. Once Satan was in the vanguard, the movement became the ruthless, corrupt, debased, ferocious, hyper-aggressive, sour, bitter, totally dishonest, endlessly self-justifying, tyrannical thing it is today.

BUT, once upon a time, when conservatives had ALL the power, they TOO abused it and acted cruelly arrogant.

My point?

In our search to destroy perceived evil we must never lose awareness that power, ITSELF, is the greatest evil of them all.

The overmastering desire to exert control over OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES, and be in a position to tell THEM what to do, is in my opinion the most evil urge imaginable.

No matter how righteous the Cause, once all opposition is effectively eliminated, (something the Left longs to do right now), the Cause dissolves in the corrosive atmosphere of madness that unchecked power ALWAYS engenders.

SO in Truth our job should be not to try to ELIMINATE opposition, but to KEEP IT forever ALIVE.

The "bird" will plummet to the ground and be smashed to pulp without BOTH its wings -- the right AND the left.

So Rebecca West's question implies the need for BALANCE between naturally opposing elements that are in Truth SYMBIOTIC.

~ FreeThinke

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"I'm actually thinking about rejoining the party because EVERY R Senator and all but one weasely-assed Representative from New Orleans voted against it."

Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I don't do party politics.

Teresa said...

That is a fabulous list of wishes.
Yes, I indeed wish that all Americans loved and supported this special country called America that stands for both Liberty and Freedom.

I wish you a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year!!

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Anonymous said...

"No matter how righteous the Cause, once all opposition is effectively eliminated, (something the Left longs to do right now), the Cause dissolves in the corrosive atmosphere of madness that unchecked power ALWAYS engenders."

FT- You make an essential point here. When my grandson was a boy, and having heard our political discussions from time to time, he suggested to me that everyone should be a Republican.

I told him, no, that would not be good because absolute power corrupts absolutely, and explained why.

There's always the danger of tyranny, and we must have some political tension to remain healthy and balanced.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pris, for your understanding -- and for teaching your children so carefully.

RIght now, the country is caught up in a bitter partisanship that closely resembles a civil war.

In our efforts to unseat the tyrants and oppressors, it's so important that we don't lose our own moral compass in the process.

If we, who try to stand for what's right and good, use evil methods to obtain our goal, we stand a good chance of losing everything. A descent into the Maelstrom will be our reward.

I'm trying to fret less and be serene in the knowledge that God has His ways of achieving Justice, and that His ways are not our ways. We need to trust more in the power of Good. It WILL win in the end.

Happy New Year!

~ FreeThinke

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