Monday, December 7, 2009

Philly Cheese Steaks

Well, I FINALLY had my first Philly Cheese Steak. I picked the right place in Los Angeles; they fly the buns in FROM Philadelphia and I'm pretty sure I've rarely had a bun fit the sandwich innards that well. I ordered mine with grilled peppers and onions...I'm not sure what cheese they put on there and I know there's quite some discussion about what cheese is best among afficianados, but I've got to tell you, that is ONE DELICIOUS SANDWICH. I was NOT disappointed!

REEEEALLY thin beef, piping hot with those grilled vegetables, the hot cheese melted down into it, and on that INCREDIBLE bun. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm YOU EVER HAD ONE?



DaBlade said...

Sounds better than that Shark Fin Soup!

Elmers Brother said...

my mouth is watering

FrogBurger said...

I had a few one and this thing can be either delicious or atroucious depending on the meat, the cheese and who makes it. What's the place so I can try it ou?

FrogBurger said...

Geez, my spelling stinks!

Linda said...

We were in Philadelphia this past spring, and were told to go to Pat's for a cheese steak! It was pretty good! One more thing to cross off my 'bucket list'.

Ducky's here said...

Well that's the downside of being vegetarian.

I always feel a twinge when I pass the sweet Italian sausage cart outside Fenway at a ball game.

Anonymous said...

I'll take mine w/mayo & hots... at least once a week.

Joe's New York said...

Looks good, but I'm on a diet.. lol..

Anonymous said...

They're good when done right, but like pizza, which has lost it's authenticity (I remember the days when you had to HUNT for pizza in humble little storefront places in unfashionable neighborhoods in NYC, and it was Mmmmm Mmmm G-O-O-D!!!)

The more commercialized and processed these things get, the less appealing they become.

Apparently, Z found a place where cheese steaks are done RIGHT.

Great Fun Food.

~ FreeThinke

No Subject said...

> "but like pizza, which has lost it's authenticity..."

Tell me about it. Where I grew up (in New Jersey) we had two real itailian owned pizza places. Both were little hole in the wall joints and both made the unbelievably good pizza, properly cut in wedges. Then my family move to a Chicago suburb, and I haven't had a real pizza since. Half the time what Chicago calls a pizza is in reality more like a cassarole.

Or else it is an all but flavorless mimic of pizza, which for some unfathomable reason they alway want to cut into squares.

Several years ago I took a weekend trip to my old hometown in N.J. To my great disapointment, I found that my favorite pizza places were both gone. What a bummer. I would love to find a good pizza place again.

Ducky's here said...

You're not kidding, No Subject.
I remember going to Regina's as a kid for a St. Anthony's (sausage links, roasted peppers, onions and fresh mushrooms. Mozzarella with garlic sauce.)

Now Regina's is just some place in the malls selling junk with a few slices of pepperoni.

Z said...

I can't WAIT to get my "Mac 'n GeeeZ" food blog up and will after the first of the year. This'll be great!

FrogBurger, that's where we'll go when we get together.....I'll tell you then or in an email!

DaBlade.."better" isn't even IN IT!!!

Elbro...we'll go next time YOU'RE here, too!

Linda, I saw a Food Channel thing and there are two REALLY famous places right across the street from each other..can't remember if one was Pat's?

FJ...I can't blame you
Joe....I know, I know..but ya GOTTA live ONCE in a while :0)

Ducky and "No Subject"....I brought a pizza from NYC in my suitcase to my office mates in LA about 25 years ago......But, one can get a pretty good pizza here. Of course, I'm born and raised here, so maybe I don't really know, not living in or near an Italian enclave, etc.? And, not living on the East Coast, where most Italians came and stayed back in the day.
I do admit to loving American Italian's tough to find spaghetti and meatballs IN ITALY, for example. We put WAAAY more sauce on our pastas than they do over there, too.

cube said...

Holy cow!!! I can't believe you never had a good Philly Cheese steak before now.

Back in my college days, I served up a tasty one myself at the sandwich shop where I worked. The cheese was provolone, but I have heard of some that use a Velveta-type cheese product. It's all good.

The only thing I'd add to your sandwich is mushrooms. Yum!

Z said...

Free wrote "processed" is less appealing and you're right usually, but CUBE reminded me of what I wanted to comment to you;

MOST people prefer VELVEETA on these sandwiches! Doesn't get more processed than THAT! I love conversations re; which cheese is best, or what topping on a pizza, or what bread's best on a sandwich....that's the kind of stuff we'll get into at "Mac 'n GeeeZ!"

beamish said...

In Philly they're made with Cheez Whiz out of a can. (bleeeeech!)

Which is why outside of Philly is the best place to order a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. ;)

I like mine with melted cheese, mayo, mustard, sliced banana peppers, onions, and just a dash of ground black pepper.

Linda said...

Z, we went to Pat's which is across the street from another famous one, but I don't remember the name. Pat's is world wide known. When we were there, a tour bus stopped and lots of people got off and got in line.

It is a little trailer converted into a kitchen. They use cheese whiz, and provolone. They were both good. The onions on them were wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am SO hungry right now....

I've never had a good Philly cheese steak.

Z, my favorite thing about going on vacation is eating. Honestly! I like to sneak up on the locals and ask them the best places to go. I usually find out that I missed out on the BEST sight-seeing because I was too busy stuffing my face. But it's ALWAYS worth it.


Glad you enjoyed your cheese steak.

Z said...

Linda, thanks for that info..that HAS to be the one I saw on FOOD CHANNEL.

Jen, that's all my vacations are, too..Mr and Mrs Z always got SO lucky, too. We'd pull up to the most super restaurant and either get immediately seated when reservations were normally required, or we'd get to places JUST before the rush. Mr. Z would say "Man, we made it just in time so we didn't have to wait".

Given food or a museum, I'd hate to say that, as much as I love art and history, GIVE ME FOOD, particularly indigenous food. (except Spain, whose food I found very disappointing! That'll have to be a Mac 'n GeeeZ piece and maybe people can change my mind! YESSSS..I like paella..but...) !!

Our problem was we were so often in cities on MONDAYS, when museums were closed (never failed)....see? We were 'forced' to just eat, eat, eat(yippeeee!)

Brooke said...

Girlfriend, email me your 'real' addy and I will send you a local favorite! It's a Richard's steak sandwich; they freeze dry and ship them. Once you've had one, you are an addict!

Beamish: Whiz is one of the worst inventions that man has ever produced. Blech! I had a friend who used to chew up a cracker and then shoot cheeze whiz into her mouth. I dry heaved when I saw her do that.

Brooke said...

Oh, I forgot.

Link to Richards.

Let me know, seriously. :)

Z said...

Brooke, ONLY if you finally got something in the real mail at your house..?

let me know xxx

Elmers Brother said...

Elbro...we'll go next time YOU'RE here, too!

I'm looking forward to that

beamish said...

If you live in or near Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Penssylvania, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, or West Virginia you can go to a "Penn Station" chain sandwich shop and get a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich the way Gawd intended them.

beamish said...


Whiz is one of the worst inventions that man has ever produced.

It's definitely on the list with Pepsi-Cola and coconut Jolly Ranchers.

Dr. John said...

I have had many growing up in near Philly and having gone to medical school there too. Nuthin like 'em and the rolls and sauce make all the difference. I prefer provolone in mine. Cheez whiz is disgusting, but lots of people in Philly swear that it ain't a steak without it...

Z said...

Dr John and others; You're right, it's not Velveeta but Cheez Whiz which is regarded as THE only cheese for a Cheese Steak BY SOME (definitely not all!)

Great stuff here.......stay tuned for Mac 'n GeeeZ!