Friday, December 11, 2009

Alec asked for it! :-)

GeeeZ friend, Commenter tiob, reminded me on my WES PARKER/SMOKEY ROBINSON COINCIDENCE BLOG POST that I'd also met Alec Baldwin. Yes, I did. "Lucky me". Get a load of this:

Mr and Mrs Z were flying from LA to Orlando maybe 1o years ago. We always flew in First or Business Class because Mr. Z had done a LOT of air travel and had tons of miles. That was nice :-) Except, this day.

This was the type of plane with four across the middle section and two seats each on the sides with the windows, you know the type. Mr. Z could tell us the exact type of plane (and always did....just want I wanted to know, the engineering aspects of every plane we ever flew dull! But, of course, I'd give up everything to have him boring me with plane talk again)..but I digress. We were on the two right seats on the inside seat section and I was on the aisle. Alec Baldwin was on the right side aisle seat. In other words, all we had was the aisle between us. I picked up the paper to do my Crossword Puzzle and thought what a coincidence it was that I was doing this puzzle on Delta Airlines and it happened to be an answer to "Their hub is Cleveland" ...DELTA. Fancy that!

Then the wildest thing happened. "Steven Baldwin's Brother".....four letters. I look at the clue, I look to my right and see Steven Baldwin's brother sitting there and think "This can't be....what are THESE chances?" Well, I wrote in ALEC and thought I ought to mention it to this guy, even he'd think this is very weird. But, I decided to let it go...he was in deep conversation impressing the poor guy sitting between him and the window with where he was going and why.

Then I went up to the front of the airplane and came back to sit down and, by that time, Alec had stopped with the "Then I'm doing this...and then they told me I was wonderful..." and was now sitting with earplugs on and reading. I thought "He will be blown away by this coincidence, I really ought to show him! So, before sitting down, I picked up my newspaper and folded it so he could easily see, and pointed to the clue and the answer...with an "IMAGINE?" look in my eyes, smiling.

He looked at the information, looked at my smile, and shrugged his shoulders like "So.......???"

ya. Alec Baldwin. CHUMP.



Elmers Brother said...

Steven became a Christian and has his own work with teens.

Z said...

Steven has, yes....has problems of his own right now, by the way. But, at least he seems to be happy and doing good work for people. That's great to hear.

Ducky's here said...

Should have asked him for a gig on Roc30 ... you could probably hold your own against Tina Fey.

Z said...

Ducky, I think that's a compliment and I'm at a loss for how to handle that from you :-)

A lot of friends think I should do a comedy thing, I got a quick and pretty funny mind from my dear old Dad, but......naaa, I'll just keep them amused in private!
Mr Z didn't seem funny on first meeting but MAN, that guy was funnier than all get-out when something came to his mind......unbelievably funny. And, in English, his second language.

Anonymous said...

Well, Alec told me he was just frustrated because he couldn't figure out the seven-letter word, of which the middle five letters were all "e", on his crossword puzzle with the clue "Blogger".


Z said... crack me UP! :-)

Ducky's here said...

It should also be noted, z, that on one thread I did wish you a Merry CHRISTMAS.

Z said...

Ducky, I noted it, believe me, and I embraced it, thanks.

You've said some things to me and others I can't forgive, but somewhere, sometimes, I see a ray of humanity there . :-)

I remember being very excited about hearing how your nieces took to the posters you got them, I believe it was last year? for Christmas...and you never told me. That's the kind of thing that I'll admit kind of hurts me...I really was happy for you and your excitement and it did hurt to have no response when I said "How'd they like the gifts?"

so, how DID they like them? :-)

Ducky's here said...

THIS JUST IN ------- Ducky has spicy pix of Tiger and Susan Boyle!

Bidding starts at 100,000 Euros (don't try to pass dollars).

Ducky's here said...

How did they like them? They have them hung and enjoy them quite a bit.

This year I'm trying to figure out what to give the infant. Cash is probably the most useful. The girls are at an age where Christmas isn't quite what it was and the baby is clueless.

Oh well, it well be fun when she's old enough to have the "AMERICAN Girl" doll and cloths and stuff taken out of the closet to play with.

The world spins, always turning toward the morning.

Z said...

I'm glad they liked them.

Give money, but always give some little gift to open...At least, I do when I give money; something to remind them it IS Christmas, you know?
end of sermon :-)

Good that it spins toward morning and the light..........well said

Linda said...

My grandkiddos get a Savings Bond (I still believe in our country) as well as a little gift. Grandma can't not give presents!

Someday, maybe, they will appreciate the bonds. Maybe they will pay for a week at college! HA!

My sister once met Alice from the Brady Bunch. She said she was very nice.

EDGE said...

What's a four letter word for a--hole?

A - L - E - C

Always On Watch said...

Some celebs are nice guys, some aren't.

Alec Baldwin strikes me as among the most egotistical types of celebs.

Leticia said...

The guy is arrogant and way too full of himself. Figures. Actors pfft...

sue said...

Thanks z. Nobody said that Alec Baldwin wasn't a chump. But I like him. That's how I am. I like chumps.

I saw the nicest little movie not too long ago with Steven Baldwin in it called 'Midnight Clear.'

sue said...

Chumps are people too. Life would be boring without chumps and jerks.

Anonymous said...

Alec's looking a little puffy, like he drinks too much. Dissipated. I'd drink too much too, if I treated my daughter the way he treats his. What a miserable human being.

Ducky, you can get the baby a musical mobile or toy that attaches to the crib. It'll quiet the baby and his/her Mom would love it.

"Should have asked him for a gig on Roc30 ... you could probably hold your own against Tina Fey."

Hold her own? Hey, I'll bet Tina Fey can't sing like Z can.


Z said...

Thanks, Pris! I do like to sing :-) Hey, one of the INK SPOTS singled me out years ago!! It was the first time the finality of Dad's passing hit me..I thought "Man, I've gotta go call Dad and tell him one of the INK SPOTS likes my voice" But, Dad had passed already and it REALLY hit me. I like to think he knew :-) It's happened now with Mr. Z a few times already......"Got to go tell Mr. Z!"

Sue, chump might be too nice a word. As I describe, the inability to just suck it up and at least be polite and smile seemed sad to me, you know?

sue said...

It's good that there is a blog where coming down on the low life is convenient. Makes the good people feel even better about themselves.

Anonymous said...

I like Alec Baldwin and I'm sure that if he would have taken just a second to chat with you Z he would have loved you! It's his loss, what a shame.

I agree Mr Z had a fantastic sense of humor! Sure do miss him.

Merry Christmas to all, God bless!

sue said...

Z - I've been thinking about your encounter with AB. I think the problem is that you have come in contact with so many celebrities - and from what I can tell - most of them have been gracious.

I don't know Alec Baldwin. I like his acting - one of my favorites is The Edge. An actor or celebrity doesn't have to be gracious for me to like them. I like jailbirds Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton, and phonethrowing Russell Crowe.

But if I came in personal contact with them - as you did - well, that might be a different story.

Maybe Alec was thinking about his daughter - who as we all know is a selfish little pig.

Z said... said "It's good that there is a blog where coming down on the low life is convenient. Makes the good people feel even better about themselves." I don't quite get you...??

Yes, I think you can definitely like an actor's abilities and not like HIM. I agree with you.

Anonymous, thanks for the nice comment about Mr. Z's sense of humor.....(who are you?!! xx)
I'm not sure Baldwin would have 'loved' me because I"m not sure I've got to offer him what he might appreciate, but thanks! Some people do :-)
Mr. Z did.

tonight was the first night I came home to a totally empty and dark house .....

sue said...

Z - What I meant by that is that sometimes I see blogs as a way to criticize others. Maybe I see it this way because I'm on the other side of the fence, but it seems that there is a lot of criticism just for the sake of it. It's not really constructive.

Not that I'm above doing this.

I said that 'it makes the good people feel even better about themselves.' I do think that people like to come down on those who make 'mistakes' or aren't like themselves.

Does that make sense? It's late.

sue said...

Another thing I was thinking, is that maybe he had spoken with a number of other people before you and just didn't want to bother. (that doesn't make it right.)

I'm sorry that you came home to the dark and empty house for the first time. I'm sure there are a lot of 'firsts' that you will have to experience.

Anonymous said...

Sue - I like the movie The Edge too. But when I think of it, it's Anthony Hopkins that stands out in my mind. The bear wasn't bad either. Ha, Ha.

As for Baldwin's daughter, I know nothing about her. I did hear that audio of his phone call to her.

Of my most angry moments at either of my children, I never called them names, nor did my parents at my sister and I.

If his daughter is what you say, "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree".


sue said...

Pris - Sometimes I make what I think is a joke. I didn't mean that about Alec's daughter - only that he was supposed to have said that. I really should watch myself.

Of course, Anthony Hopkins was the star, but I did like AB in it too.
The funny thing is - about the bear. I think he was listed in the cast as Bart the Bear. And of course he was trained. The part I really didn't like was when Alec fell into the hole and his leg was impaled. I got it out to watch tonight but got too tired.

My parents never called us names and rarely raised their voice.
Only once did I say a most bad word at my younger daughter. I wasn't sorry, because I said to her: just tell me what to do and I'll clean up your room. She had a way of being stubborn and it just infuriated me. Of course she was shocked when I said it.

Again, I shouldn't have said that about his daughter. I heard him apologize about it on Letterman and say that he was getting counselling for it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin always has given me the creeps -- and always will.

His interviews with Robert Osborne on TCM reveal him to be a smarmy, insincere, condescending fool of a man. And whatever "looks" he may have once possessed are now buried in layers of swollen, dissipated flesh.

His voice is straight out of somebody's worst nightmare. His attitude STINKS to high heaven.

How unfortunate that you had to share the same plane with such a creature, Z!

~ FreeThinke

Elmers Brother said...

good thing he's retirning

sue said...

Blogs provide a good chance to get out our hateful hostile feelings about our fellow human beings.

Anonymous said...

"The part I really didn't like was when Alec fell into the hole and his leg was impaled. I got it out to watch tonight but got too tired."

Sue, this is so funny, because since Baldwin's character was about to murder the man who saved his life, I was glad he fell into the hole. I saw him as the character though, not as himself.


Z said...

sue, do you consider talk here hateful or hostile?
Is it hateful or hostile to critique and find lacking our president, for example? I wonder about that sometimes; if just criticizing these days is considered hateful now.

I must admit maybe hostile is the word I feel toward Obama because the direction he's leading America isn't American, as far as I know America, that is. Respectful, built on the allowing of everyone to get ahead and actually applauding success, encouraging PROFIT....
The bringing down of the successful has never worked in ANY society and particularly shouldn't in the land of the can't build up from the lower classes who don't get educated and don't produce as well as the middle and upper classes......

I'm frightened, it makes me hostile.

But, really, I have to say I'm quite sure I have never seen toward Obama any of the really horrid things said from the leftwing about Bush, for example...or even Palin. You know the far left is out of touch when they whine that Hillary was treated badly, too, during the campaign; as if ANYTHING that happened to Palin paled in comparison to the slight criticism Hillary got from her own side!

Ya, maybe I'm hostile, I even hate Obama's policies, I honestly haven't seen two things I admire or champion in all these months he's been in office, which is so sad. But do I hate him? I don't know...well, maybe that saunter, that 'waaaay above it all' look he gets during speeches, looking SO far down his nose (particularly during the nobel speech after which he totally dissed Norway and OH, are they not happy)... And, you know, I just can never forget how he lied so openly about Bill Ayers two years ago when asked "Man, you're friends with HIM? " and he said they only lived in the same neighborhood.
And then we have a mainstream media which NEVER ONCE told the truth to America.

I hate that, that's for sure.
I love America too much to see her go too far astray than what she's been, all the good she's done.

And PLEASE< don't let me suffer a presidency of a man who apologizes for America around the world OR tells Islamists that the president's job is to protect Islam around the world.

It is NOT.

You caught me having come from a lovely luncheon at the home of a friend who's a liberal German and so I've had my nose full...she's smart but today I found her uninformed (no matter what her take on any subject was, she was sadly uninformed about just plain FACTS) ..she heard what I said today better than she has in the past which pleased me because I'm learning better how to present things better. I didn't do very good a job above because I'm still carrying that feeling of "YOU JUST DON"T GET IT< DO YOU? And who are you to live here and slam US?" so...sorry!

sue said...

z - there's a message for you on my blog. I would have deleted it but didn't know how. Please ignore it.

Z said...

FT, the thing that amazed me about TCM's interviews with Baldwin were his choices of films....favorites of mine, really SENTIMENTAL films I love.
Kind of dismayed me, frankly, because this incident on the plane showed me something I'd hate to see in anyone.
For days, I mulled that over from time to time, thinking that maybe he didn't read what I showed him carefully, maybe he was ill..etc etc..............but, the facts are the facts and I feel for him, tell you the truth.

Faith said...

He should have been more gracious but I figure he's just slow on the uptake, didn't see the coincidence, just saw his name and thought nothing new there since celebrities are always in the public eye one way or another. Too bad you didn't get to show him the Delta coincidence too. But some people are just obtuse anyway.