Monday, December 7, 2009


Can we EVER recover from THIS TYPE of ridiculous rhetoric? Harry Reid puts it all on a brand new level. How disgusting. Did YOU know Republicans support SLAVERY?
How the heck far will these horrid people GO? DAYUM. z


Elmers Brother said...

the ironic thing is that it was the Democrats who filibustered Civil Rights legislation and the Republicans who championed an end to slavery

what an idiot

Anonymous said...

What would you expect from a liar and a leftist dupe? He just makes it up as he goes along, and doesn't care because he knows that those that put him there in the first place, are morons.


FrogBurger said...

This guys's a jerk. Apparently he hasn't read history books on slavery. I was reading one, which is very left by the way, and the Democrats were the bad guys back then.

He's a moron.

sue said...

Wasn't it T. Jefferson who said,
'All men are created equal' and then kept his slaves anyway?

How equal is that?

beamish said...

Isn't it Democrats who always claim (incorrectly) that Thomas Jefferson founded their political party?

Harry Reid also thinks income taxes are voluntary, so we're already talking about the intensity of stupid required for a Democratic Party leadership position.

Kody's, "The Bull Stops Here" said...

Harry Ried hit a new low when he compared the republicans wanting to slow down this health care bill to "slowing Down" the end of slavery!

Anonymous said...

"Wasn't it T. Jefferson who said,
'All men are created equal' and then kept his slaves anyway?"

Aren't you the least bit embarrassed to use your idiotic logic of the 21 century to determine what was common in the 18th Century? Put it this way tofu head....was he expected to end commerce as well and force people to starve if they divested themselves of their methods of production which were necessary for the times? Which was manual labor? They didn't have gas powered International Harvesters, tractors or any mechanical means to get farm products picked and to a market. But you think that judging a man that died over 200 years ago by your supermarket standards is justified, I suppose.

I suppose you also forget that TJ offered repatriation to all slaves to the homeland of their choice too. And offered to educate them before sending them to where ever thy wanted? Pretty liberal stuff for the early, very early 1800's I'd say.