Friday, December 4, 2009

An Airman's Letter to His Mother

This was on TCM Friday night and it touched me so much I had to share it. I'm so glad I found it on YouTube. Obviously, this is a BRITISH airman's letter but I think there are a lot of American soldiers who have this same gallant courage and love of country and family: ENJOY.


Elmers Brother said...

The measure of one man can only be measured by his sacrifice.

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Z. Two days from today it will be December 7th. How many in this country will stop and take a moment to remember? If too young to remember, how many will honor those brave men?

How many will appreciate their sacrifice and the sacrifice being made today on our behalf? I wonder.

While our government seems willing to throw over so cavalierly our freedoms, I wonder.

Are we going to just let it happen, or are we going to say no more, for the sake of our children?

As upon listening to this message so bravely spoken, and I wipe away my tears, I wonder.