Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do YOU believe Putin? !!

Look at that jacket Putin's he preparing for a return to the COLD War? America doesn't have enough problems, right? Now that Russia sees Bush is gone and now there are cracks in our strength and resolve....was that their goal? Check this out!:

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Reuters) – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday U.S. plans for a missile defense system were the main obstacle to reaching a new deal on reducing Cold War arsenals of nuclear weapons.

The two largest nuclear powers say they are close to agreeing on a successor to the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I), although U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev have yet to clinch a deal.

Asked by a reporter what the biggest problem was in the talks, Putin said: "What is the problem? The problem is that our American partners are building an anti-missile shield and we are not building one."

HERE is the article. Do YOU BELIEVE HIM? :-) Will Obama's gang? We gave in and got rid of Poland and Czech Republic's safety shields. Did we get anything for that but more disgust from Europe? Just how vulnerable will we make ourselves in the ridiculous belief that "if we put ours down, they will, too, because THEY LIKE US NOW for having done so"?


Anonymous said...

Obama's an idiot. It would have been bad enough if he gotten NOTHING from Russia in return for reversing the planned deployment of a missile shield for Europe, but its' obvious now to even liberal idiots that he did get SOMETHING for it... increased Russian belligerence.

highboy said...

That's what you do in one of the most globally tense eras of modern times: you reduce your arms. All this stuff if proof that our foreign policy needs a public option.

shoprat said...

More than one tyrant has said "Weakness is a vulnerability to take advantage of."

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Why do we need a missile defense shield in Europe? You can't eat your cake and have it too. You can't proceed to span the globe talking about unstable regions and various governments and the factions therein who try to flex their might in an attempt to influence the geopolitical climate, and at the same time advocate the exact same by way of installation of defense missiles.

Mind you we should have no compunction about installing such a program here in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Putin has been buddy-buddy with Iran and has been aiding enemies of the US... why should anyone with common sense believe him???? Of course, Common Sense does not afflict the Obooboo Admin.

SoapboxGod... Have you ever heard of alies of the US? I know they are extremely rare in the day and age, but it is always a good idea when you have a few to try to protect them from attack by our enemies. It makes more sense to defend by destroying a launched missile heading your way than to fire more missiles and let the chips fall where they may!


Name: Soapboxgod said...

America does not have allies in as much as they have interests. And so again, you cannot have it both ways. You cannot with any credibility go on speaking of America's right to take measures to secure its interests and not respect the right of other countries to do the same. And yet, it seems as though you are advocating precisely that. That dear girl is a failed Neo-Con strategy.

Anonymous said...

Well soapbox god, the failure of your logic lies in the fact that it is in 'America's interest' that all the countries of the world do what is best for 'America's interests', and not their own.

We are not a "first amongst equal" nation, we are the world's leading "Superpower". And the world had best not p*ss us off.

beamish said...


While I'm of the opinion that Europe is one of the most primitive, barbaric continents on Earth and it's a sad fact of American foreign policy that the five or so times we've sent our military there in the last 200 years we failed to teach them anything about Western Civilization, I'm also not afraid of anything from Russia but their missiles.

Russia's population drops every year. They couldn't raise an army for a protracted war against anyone even if God was on their side.

And even then, if there were such a thing as a "war Russia won by itself" in history they'd be up against armed people, and you know how well leftists do against people that shoot back.

So, we should help Poland build their own missile defenses, rather than install them ourselves.

Teach a man to fish and all that.

Anonymous said...

The UN and it's "equal rights for dictators and tyrants", is my dear, a failed "progressive" policy

Name: Soapboxgod said...

FJ, because I find your commentary to be little more than ill prepared and not quite thought out talking points, I'll merely let them pass and state the obvious. IF you truly believe that superior nationalism that you speak of, then yes by all means America should do whatever the hell it so wishes in asserting said superiority. That said, do not then be in the least bit shocked when the blowback hits the fan.

Beamish, thank you for your well reasoned response. I don't disagree with your assertion that it would be preferable to assist Poland with building their own system as opposed to us merely handling the installation of a system that is wholly ours.

I'm simply saying that if we provide resources to another country that we deem is in our best interest, we have no credibility to chastise another country for doing the same on the same premise.

America and its leaders need to truly decide between a much more isolationist foreign policy or a global one. They cannot have both as they are presently attempting to do.

If we prefer the former, we cannot then go crawling to the likes of the UN to impose sanctions on one country for doing something that the "international community" might disagree with. Because, other countries can very well then make the same appeal to the same body about our actions around the globe.

Ducky's here said...

How much money have we wasted on that white elephant? One more vestige of St. Ronnie Raygun gone.

Good riddance.

beamish said...


Get ready to disagree with me then, because my position is a lot closer to FJ's than yours.

Name any geopolitical success brought by the UN that came about without direct assent and participation by the United States.

In short, the UN is our bitch, not the other way around. Saddam Hussein wasn't afraid of the UN, he was afraid of the US.

Z said...

Maybe people don't quite realize how upset Poland and Czech Republic were about our removing missile shields. And, to imagine that we'd please Russia by doing so and they'd give US something in RETURN?
What PLANET are we living on? Since when did that work?
it's almost like Obama's not mentioning the word if Jihadists are thinking "WOW, what a GUY! He likes Muslims, let's stop terrorism NOW"! It's so naive and yet that seems to be part of our new foreign policy.

Europe probably shouldn't EXPECT us to save them every time there's a problem, but we have in the past and most of them have been allies when we needed them at all...

I wish all of you could read the European press; I'll miss not having Mr. Z here truly informing me of what's going on there.
They do not admire Obama as our media tells us, they did not admire our pulling the missile defense out, and they thought we were idiots thinking Russia would give an inch for it.


Anonymous said...

That said, do not then be in the least bit shocked when the blowback hits the fan.

My reply is to echo Patton, "bring it on, you Ruskie morons!" And as for their supporters, I say, "America, love it or LEAVE IT!"

Anonymous said...

Note to progressives - the world isn't fair, equal or capable of achieving any form of "social justice" short of the "Darwinian" kind. Try and learn to live with it!

Z said...

FJ, I swear, sometimes I think THAT is the biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats and THE most dangerous distinction.

Not only does that apply to 'social justice', but how about all the ridiculous laws taking everyday freedoms away and more coming down the pike all in the name of EQUALITY and FAIRNESS!?
it's NEVER worked anywhere yet our Left keeps's dangerous to all of us.

Sometimes Crap HAPPENS and that's legislation nor JUSTICE is going to help.

Anonymous said...

What our progressive friend does not understand, is human "psychology". From the "Freud Abstracts"

Social feeling is based upon the reversal of what was first a hostile feeling into a positively toned tie in the nature of an identification. The demand for equality in a group applies only to its members and not to the leader. All the members must be equal to one another, but they all want to be ruled by one person. Freud concludes that man is not a herd animal, but rather, he is a horde animal, an individual creature in a horde led by a chief.

America rules. It's time that the rest of the world accepted that America stands "apart" and "above" the rest of them. The sheep's morals don't apply to its' shepherd. Otherwise, the sheep will never have even the remotest chance of achieving the equality and "social justice" from the shepherd that they so desperately feel the "need" for (especially as they all fight to achieve the status of a "shepherd").

This is meaning of the term "American exceptionalism".

Z said... long do you count on our ruling? With the way Obama's running our debt up SO high to China and China and Russia gearing up militarily (you should see the European media on that one...Russia had THE biggest military parade ever just after Obama's inauguration but we didn't get that news here)...with Iran and N Korea acting with such volatility...with our taking down missile shields and, thereby, hurting Europe's trust in us and probably hurting our chances they'd fight WITH us anywhere...etc.
Heck, Americans can't even keep scrawny little Somali "pirates" from attacking NAVY SHIPS!

Debt...military appeasement...Gitmo coming HERE to this country...constitutional rights to foreigners who want us dead.........

Cheer me up, FJ...cheer me up.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, that so-called white elephant called SDI, scared the Soviets to death. It was one of the main reasons for the fall of the Soviet Union.

They didn't know how advanced we might be in that technology, and Reagan let them wonder and worry.

We could outspend them and they couldn't keep up, and they knew it, though they tried.

And Ducky, we won the cold war.

That "white elephant", the missile defense shield does exist. If it doesn't, what's Putin worried about?
And why aren't they building one?

Now whatever advantage we had, is being dismantled by the "genius" in the White House.

Putin knows he can flex his muscles and it will work with Obama. Just like Jimmy Carter, Obama gives up something without getting anything except derision, and signaling to the world, he can be rolled.

Coincidentally this very day, Obama, just like Jimmy Carter, and Clinton, announced his administration will be "declassifying thousands of documents".

What is this compunction by liberals to spill our secrets to the world?

This, while we're at war, and Russia is emboldened. Then of course there's China, watching and waiting, and holding trillions of our chips.

Finally, in case you haven't noticed, the Islamists are emboldened as well. Weakness, and appeasement, are invitations to aggression by enemies and adversaries alike.

The "reset" button is in reality, a rerun, and a poor one at that!


Z said...

Pris, I heard about this declassification,'s horrifying.
Better that ALL AMERICANS KNOW EVERYTHING (other than anything the Obama thugs are doing) than to protect Americans from people learning the wrong information from this declassification.
Let's hold on and hope nothing too bad hurts us because of this.
DAMN that man.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could. Progressive sheep ideology denies any American exceptionalism and out of fear of being labelled "racist" or "elitist" and educates our best and brightest into adopting a posture which promotes cultural relativism.

Those who would squander America's power and advantages are in the ignorant, yet increasingly ascendent, majority morality.

Z said... wrote this: Those who would squander America's power and advantages are in the ignorant, yet increasingly ascendent, majority morality.

NOW LOOK AT THE POST I JUST PUBLISHED....squandering advantages by declassifying information...yikes. Let's just hope Obama isn't as scary and hate filled as we think he is.

Anonymous said...

He has promised to share missile defense technology with the USSR. If THAT isn't the most assenine idea, I can't think of a worse one.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that "declassification center" is but another American advantage squandered on the altar of "cultural relativism" and American non-exceptionalism.

Z said...

The sharing of ANYTHING with Russia shows again this naivite..."they LIKE us, they really LIKE US"
Obama's worse than Sally Fields.

Anonymous said...

I'd believe every line written by Clement Moore before I'd believe a single Putin has ever said.

~ FreeThinke