Monday, December 14, 2009

Seasoned Greetings?

Just got back from the car, Mr. Z used to get the car washed; Do you know how much it COSTS these days? Well....anyway.........this is what I saw in the long aisle of greeting cards one passes between what seems like renting them your car for ten minutes and paying:

Two cards....One had Mr and Mrs. George Bush on it....It said something like "The Bush Family wishes you a very Merry Christmas" Inside, it said "but who gives a rat's ass?"

Next to that card was a picture of Obama with an elve's hat on and across the top it said "PEACE ON EARTH...when a president's smarter than a fifth grader"

Everyone is biased. We see it. Your kids see it. America sees it. drip, drip, drip, drip.........and the leftwingers STILL will tell you there's no bias toward the left. Go figure.



shoprat said...

It's simple to explain.

To the left

it is partisan to disagree with them and non-partisan to agree.

it is bias to challenge their beliefs and unbiased to parrot them.

Elmers Brother said...

not everyone is stupid enough to believe the media or all the hoopla surrounding Barack Hussein Obama...mmm...mmm....mmmm

Joe said...

By my actual count, 97.345263718% of the left have no idea what Christmas is or why Christians celebrate it.

Their idea that Obama brings peace and the Bush Family is to be disparaged in the Christmas season proves it.

Chuck said...

I'm with EB, the myth is wearing off

Z said...

but my point is the bias, that's all.
I don't believe everyone's stupid enough to believe the hoopla but PLENTY do, and the two 'Christmas cards' at the car wash really showed how insidious the whole left is; so subtle, so always there with their message.

Law and Order Teacher said...

A left wing car wash? You might want to check the right side of your car for key marks.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

The assaults on George and Laura Bush were beyond the pale. It remains, today, payback for showing Bill Clinton for what he was - deserving of an impeachment.

The Bill and Monica affair changed politics forever. The hatred for any shred of morality is palpable.

Elmers Brother said...

witness the Tiger Woods screw up...the media over and over again alludes to how wonderful having an affair can be and then as soon as you're caught doing it...asta la vista baby!

don't get me wrong...Tiger is wrong for cheating on his wife, but apparently this was an open secret among many celebrities and the MEDIA

FrogBurger said...

It's because the left doesn't have any cojones. That's why they're on the left.

I'm in France right now and cannot stand watching TV. It's all about being a victim of society, globalization, etc...

It's been 30+ years, the problems are the same and the culprits are the same. Nobody thinks the government has failed the French since I was born. No, it's always the bad bosses, the corporations, the global economy, America, China, etc...

That's what the left does and creates: a bunch of whiny babies. Or maybe the whiny babies create the left. A chicken and egg conundrum.

You should have seen what I saw on French TV yesterday: people buying ship containers to transform them into recycled, green houses with alternative energy. Price tag for this: 350,000 euros !!!!

Before that, I saw the morning show talk about poverty and lecturing people on the fact it was easy to talk about it but something had to be done to eliminate it. It's been thousands of years poverty exists. It's true we must be compassionate and help. But haven't they figured out that it is part of the human condition.

If they haven't figured out what life means on this Earth, they'll keep forcing their idiocty on us through moronic policies.

All of that for the lack of cojones or this permanent state of denial about life and humanity.

heidianne jackson said...

frogburger - absolutely the most astute reasoning on the subject in ages! the chicken and egg conundrum, says it perfectly. thanks for the laugh!

shoprat is right though on the bias thing. the only thing we can do is keep fighting back and pointing out their idiocy.

Z said...

Frogburger, you said "If they haven't figured out what life means on this Earth, they'll keep forcing their idiocy on us through moronic policies."

It's almost as if the Left just doesn't understand that there are bad things that happen and they will always happen. You are SO right in that assessment there.
I'm very disheartened reading about what you're seeing in France; Even smart people think we can stop poverty entirely! We can stop disease, obesity, lung's just ludicrous, isn't it? So unrealistic and the ways they want to stop these things are so dangerous and such threats to our freedoms.

Remember the DDT scandal? When they stopped all DDT and the continent of Africa's food supply went down SO much? People died by the millions! They've found out that DDT isn't at all the danger they'd originally thought. This is such a typical thing and they still don't get it.

EVERYONE wants peace on earth, an end to poverty and sickness but to think that can really happen is insane. To work for bettering peoples' lives is good; just don't ruin the lives of those who aren't suffering, that's plain STUPID.

Heidianne, we're not fighting hard enough yet.. Click on JOE and see the WONDERFUL speech by Mark Levin there....I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT TO YOU ALL. YOu can't stop listening, he's that good and realistic and patriotic and smart, man is that guy SMART!?

FrogBurger said...

They think they can by using an authoritarian and fascistic approach. Pay more taxes if you eat junk, raise more taxes to redistribute wealth, etc...

But they haven't figured out it doesn't work. Otherwise they would have succeeded in France. It's been over 35 years the welfare state has been in place. Poverty is the same. My generation seems actually worse off than my parents'.

I really have the biggest despise for the people who benefited from economic growth in the 60s, had their little fun and prosperity and destroyed my native land and are doing the same with the US.

They are a bunch of psychopaths.

Always On Watch said...

A card such as the one described her desecrates this Holy Season.

Ducky's here said...

Everyone is biased. Yes. So stop whining when you see it.

Remember, EVERYONE has a bias.

Now, when we have someone like Joe say that 97% of the left doesn't know what Christmas is are we dealing with bias or something a little more crippling?

Myself, I went to by a Christmas card at the Gardner museum gift shop. Well made card with Botticelli's Nativity on the front, inside "Season's Greetings".
Didn't purchase it but it kind of confused me. Several attractive cards with Renaissance works on the front and all "Season's Greetings". Just odd.

Oh well, carry on with the whining. Oh those terrible leftists, they don't understand Christmas. Bore me later.

Ducky's here said...

Why was Clinton worthy of impeachment? Because he lied?

It seems that the right wing educational achievement is so limited that they don't realize it is no crime to lie about questions that aren't material to the investigation.

Since Clinton's sex life isn't a matter of legality in anything other than possible divorce proceedings with Hillary, there was no legitimate investigation.

Remember, we on the left live the life of the mind and are here to help.

cube said...

I think I'd be tempted to go to a different car wash.

Z said...

Ducky, I'm only leaving your damned insulting comments because it's important that people see them.
STOP. I will delete, I have told you before, I've done it before.

Your MIND is no damned better than ANY MIND at this site.
Your stupid elitism betrays you and reflects badly on you.

"EVERYONE HAS BIAS" is possibly the most ridiculous statement you've made. do you UNDERSTAND the bias I describe in that car wash on those cards is UNUSUAL? ONe doesn't SEE that unkindness or that glee at demeaning anything that doesn't agree with THEIR SIDE from Conservatives? DO you even try to understand? STICK to my points and you'll sound more on point.

Ducky's here said...

ONe doesn't SEE that unkindness or that glee at demeaning anything that doesn't agree with THEIR SIDE from Conservatives?


Yeah, I have to remind myself of that every time I get stupid and listen to Glenn Beck (or Palin or Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine or some of your poster's blogs).

Come on z, your statement is absolutely delusional.

Z said...

PAY ATTENTION, DUcky. YOU won't find greeting cards as I describe in mainstream stores, TRUST ME.

OF course the Right's very good at slamming the far left, you give such wonderful ammunition and, yes, there are visionaries and righteous types like Beck and Palin.
God, where would this country be without them? We have a president who thinks PROFIT's bad, who calls American executives FAT CATS....we've fallen into such a low level of dignity in this country due to your types that it's a very good thing we still have people who understand the constitution and the American psyche.

But, you will win, I predict our kids are too far gone from their schooling (You can't believe the indoctrination I hear)...and oh, will you ever be sorry, Ducky. Sad thing is, we'll all be so very, very sorry.

Honey said...

Z..Ducky pushes the limits of how gracious a person can be in allowing such asinine behavior as his.

He shows his disrespect of you, and of your readers, by consistently leaving his absurd observations of what is right and acceptable in the minds of moral, ethical, society on your blog.

Were he a guest in someone's home, insisting on being obtuse, time after time, he would soon be disinvited, I'm sure.

Ducky's here said...

This is just a poll, Honey.

Do you think the statement that 97% of the left have no idea what Christmas is or why Christians celebrate it even knocks on the door of reason?

The problem for me is being from Massachusetts I don't really get the full right wing experience and frankly I just want to know what you folk believe.

I also get the feeling that a lot of you have been asleep this year and do not realize, or can't admit, that Obama is right of center. Now, that's because your center is way out of whack with the population in general but I'm just here to help.

I will also point out that I take far more ad hominems directed at me than I give back. I try to make it a point to criticize and yes at times lampoon, content.

Z said...

Ducky, if you think Obama's right of center, you are beyond conversing with. There's no teaching any of you if you honestly can say you don't know what conservatives believe in.

As for Joe's remark, have you ever heard of hyperbole to make a point?
I've told you MILLIONS of times.


Elmers Brother said...

Since Clinton's sex life isn't a matter of legality in anything other than possible divorce proceedings with Hillary, there was no legitimate investigation.

and one wonders if it was a private matter why he was disbarred for 5 years and fined?

heidianne jackson said...

duh, elbro - that was negotiated to avoid a lengthy and expensive criminal trial. if it was so unimportant, why would his attorneys recommend he take that settlement?