Thursday, December 10, 2009

Elton John redeems himself

Sir Elton John has done what most of us had hoped he'd do, and I have to give him credit since I was a bit hard on him about adopting that little Ukrainian boy, Lev.
I said in my original post (linked in the preceding sentence) that adopting shouldn't be the most important thing for Lev but helping him should be. Today, the news is that Elton John has decided he'll be paying for the best care and schooling for that little boy in spite of the law which precluded his adopting because of his age (62) and marital status (civil union with another man).

Sir Elton, I salute you. You're doing the right thing........and it's only fair I mentioned it. Z


Steve Harkonnen said...

Elton John is, in my opinion, one of the most respectable musicians today. I would give my eye teeth to play bass in his band.

I.H.S. said...

Good for him.


Z said...

Steve, I'd give a lot to sing backup!

IHS..great to see you here! :-)

sue said...

Good for EJ.

Anonymous said...

'f the old queen! It's ALL homo PR to keep the truth about homo adoptions hidden.