Monday, December 7, 2009

Bloviating Zeppelin's got a great video

Please check out BZ's VIDEO HERE on Pelosi. Tell BZ if YOU think she'd never actually send you to JAIL for not having health insurance!!!!! Man, these people are BAD. And BZ's GOOD in nailing them! His blog's always good.........Bookmark it!! xxx Z (Ya, part of my support is "how bad can anybody be with Z in their blog name!!:-) )
He mentioned Pearl Harbor today, December 7th. I should have, too. Remember their sacrifice.


Joe's New York said...

saw it thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

This is what leftist policies eventually come to everywhere they've been tried.

They require force. The victim is freedom. The reason for this is not that the politicians want everyone to be taken care of.

They want the revenue even if they have to throw you in jail to force you to pay. The incarceration would cost a state more per year, than the insurance.

You must be punished, then forced to pay. Do they say you can set up a payment plan with your doctor or hospital? Nope.

That would mean you are in charge of your own life. Can't have that.

Sooner or later, considering the healthcare confiscation, and Cap and Tax, I figure in one way or another we'll all be criminals as we try to maneuver through the maze of controls put upon us.

And why? Because we are being punished for being creative and successful as Americans.

That's right. We're selfish and have the audacity to enjoy the fruits of our labors while some don't labor and want a free lunch.

Here's the deal. Those in power as we speak, are cold, calculating, deal cutting, leftist thugs. They've gotten industries on board with threats, promises, and deals. Play or pay. If they refuse, they're demonized and dicredited.

In front of the cameras our leaders lie, obfuscate, and manipulate. This is what we have running the country. America, are you listening?


Leticia said...

Sounds like the Gestapo.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

THANK YOU most kindly, Z. . . !


Z said...

BZ: You do the math...
Great blog + good guy = Good reading!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You are waaaaay too kind.