Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Reagan-Obama Debate

The cartoon below was just emailed to me and perfectly fits the conversation Ducky and I are having in COMMENTS...check it out. Re: the Reagan/Obama debate video...which president do YOU think would most agree with the teacher? Ya, I think so, too.

There isn't much more to add, is there.
I want to thank my friend M for emailing this to me.



FrogBurger said...

Just in the speaking abilities, there's no comparison. Reagan had convinctions in the sound of his voice, while Obama could doesn't believe anything he says and has no nuances in his speech and tone. Unless he's angry.

A Proud American said...

The Obamanable One will sign the treaty because he is a radical communist. The signing is a tactical ploy to 1st. Further erode the unalienable rights bestowed to us by "our Creator", and handed over to us by way of the very document he fraudulently swore to up hold and defend-the Constitution, and 2nd. Steal more money from those who produce to do his part among his fellow socialist miscreants to bring about a world government of absolutism.

Hussein Obama is a liar, a deceiver, a manipulator, and a complete and utter fraud who has no conscience. 1st. The vehement fight for the suffocation or lethal injection of born alive babies 'marked for death'. That's what the executioners in the killing rooms call babies that are to be killed-babies 'marked for death.' 2nd. The raising of over $1,000,000 to get his Marxist Muslim cousin Ray Odinga elected and establish Sharia law. Over 1,000 innocents were literally butchered with machetes by Muslims who supported Hussein Obama and his 'cause.' Thousands of Christians had to flee for their lives. 3rd. The Obamanable One's meddling in Honduras seeking to overthrow their own constitution.
Obama believes in the AGW (anthropogenic or man-made global warming) theory. He believes in "economic and social justice" and that logically leads to "climate justice." He may believe that the US owes a "climate debt" to the rest of the world. What better way to lead the charge than to carry the ultimate banner of the radical left -- wealth redistribution -- under the auspices of the "crises of climate change.
Death and destruction have no effect on this piece of trash as long as death and/or destruction parallel his goals-whatever his cause.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific post. Yes Z, there really is not much more needed to spell out what is happening.

Reagan knew. He was prophetic and profound in his remarks.

There had been other warnings from the past, Ayn Rand, Orwell, Huxley, but President Reagan was on the inside and knew of, first hand, the plans and no doubt, the planners. His warning is much more recent, and I think, urgent.

The time is now, to stand up for our country. We can no longer just hope. We can pray, but it's not enough. If we are thinking beings who value our freedom, we must be energized and activist.

Our intellect and passion are God given, and not to be taken lightly. Of what use are these gifts, if we leave our fate to those who would rip freedom from us and our children.

We've had our warnings, and the time has come. We have to work hard next year to wrest power from the left. We have to win.

God Bless President Reagan, and God Bless America.


Z said...

I just heard lieberman, he's caving on the health care bill. His reasoning was not completely faulty but it sounds very partisan to me...as if somebody got to him.

I can't remember the Republican woman's name who's sticking to her guns but her grievances with it should be heard by EVERY American and they're really not, not on mainstream media. She made such sense; the medicare cuts are horrifying and, if anybody thinks this won't lead to rationing, you're either stupid or so agenda-driven you can't HEAR the truth.

I wish the bill would be EXPLAINED TO AMERICA. NOTHING so far..who the heck knows WHAT's in this thing? Even Dick Durbin yesterday said he didn't know quite what's in it. What the hell is the matter with these people?

the malcontent said...

I think that Lieberman crossed a line with this one. Talking about comic relief, this guy is more two faced than Hillary Clinton. Joe Leiberman has mastered the art of the flip-flopism. Usually, politicians attempt to finesse their way into a change of opinion, citing changing circumstances or unforeseen conditions. For an elected leader to simply switch sides, tell us he's against what he recently favored -- that takes some serious gumption.

Take Sen. Joe Lieberman. Not two months ago, he reiterated his opposition to the so-called public option in a health-reform package. Instead, he suggested, by allowing people who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid to buy in for a rate below the private market, the government could extend coverage to more of the uninsured.
That sounds clear enough.

As Senate health care negotiations continued, the focus turned away from the public option and toward Lieberman's idea -- allowing some younger Americans to buy into government-run Medicare.

On Sunday, though, the senator changed his mind. Did he have his arm twisted by Obama? Maybe.. But he has always been that way. He told Senate leaders to scrap the idea of expanding Medicare or lose his vote. Because he represents one of the 60 votes needed to end debate and vote on a bill, his threat must be taken seriously. He should drop this BS charade and come up with a coherent explanation for his recent behavior. He should not join a filibuster against the bill.

Ducky's here said...

Well, for me Reagan's crowning achievement was showing his arse in Beirut and emboldening terrorists everywhere.

His increase in SSI taxes and shift of the tax burden to lower earners was pretty vulgar also.

I also enjoyed the Savings and Loan bailout and the fact that the far right doesn't have enough intellectual honesty to talk about the price we are paying for policies started by this dolt and compounded by Clinton.

But he sure did love America and everyone was singing that dopey "... where at least I know I'm free" (whatever that means) song.
Putting your head in the sand is probably quite comforting at times, kind of like being in the womb. And it prepares you for the coming Dark Ages, so that's good. But it will kill us.

Z said...

Malcontent, I couldn't agree with you more.

Ducky...I couldn't agree with you less. By the way, we DID know we were free back then...the good old days. And, I know your leftwinger utopia demands all are PERFECT but Conservatives will take the best America can get...and we had that with Reagan.

I'd vote for someone who shows his love and admiration for this country over anybody with 3 more degrees or rich friends in very high places like George Soros.

roberdorf@satx.rr.com said...

Coming dark ages, Ducky? We are already in an intellectual dark age. Politically correct conclusions have replaced critical thinking.

Algore, the modern day Comrade Lysenko, refuses to take questions and run the risk of showing the depth of his ignorance.

Mark Lloyd thinks that free speech is "all too often an exaggeration" and he also believes that "the purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance."

Barack Hussein goes on a world tour bowing and scraping to apologize for America's wrongdoing. Barack Hussein also distances himself from the reality of our heritage stating to the world that we are not a Christian nation.

It is intellectually dark and getting darker. Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

FrogBurger said...

Dark ages are coming for sure. Like Rome. For what reason? The crazy spending started under Bush and made 100 times worse by Obama.

The heavy taxation will kill us for sure. To the point there won't be money for culture, entertainment and arts. Like in the dark ages where it was just war and gloominess.

And it'll take hundreds of years before the Renaissance.

FrogBurger said...

I agree with Robert. When I see France right now, it feels like it's already the dark ages. The new architecture, at least outside Paris, is ugly and depressing. The new art, music is not that great.

Prosperity definitely brings more quality and variety in the arts.

Those lefties really are missing a lot of neurones.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, when President Reagan took office, he inherited an economy suffering from stagflation, and Carter's malaise, with interest rates topped out at 21%.

Which is likely to repeat itself in this administration, BTW. Just today interest rates took an "unexpected" jump. You can't keep borrowing and printing money with nothing to back it up, and expect prosperity.

Those troops were sent to Beirut as peacekeepers. Reagan was honest enough and candid enough to say publicly, that attack was the worst day of his presidency.

I'll wager there has not been one president, no matter how highly thought of, who didn't have some regrets.

Our current President it seems, has decided the Constitution is a nuisance, and not written to his liking. That's obvious when you see his willingness to abrogate whatever amendment get's in the way of his oppressive agenda.

The dark day you speak of will fall on Obama's shoulders. He's already made that clear, and if you ask me, it's purposeful.

To continue, Reagan got a big tax cut passed and the free market did it's thing, we got through the rough part, and came out the other side with a booming economy, and the creation of twenty million jobs during Reagan's tenure.

BTW, everyone should pay taxes no matter how little that may be, because all citizens should have a stake in their country. No one should get a free ride at the expense of others.

We had a defense build up which forced the end of the cold war. The following two Presidents lived off that build up BTW, and had the temerity to cut defense, leaving Bush 43, with a less than optimum strength in weapons, equipment, and intelligence (which Clinton slashed during his tenure.) Clinton called it a "peace dividend".

Now Obama, who can't find one good thing to say about America, and her people, is hellbent on destroying everything America has always stood for.

Read it and weep Ducky, you can cherry pick anything to try to back up your stupid argument, but the fact is you can't argue with success!


Z said...

Pris...thanks...you wrote "BTW, everyone should pay taxes no matter how little that may be, because all citizens should have a stake in their country. No one should get a free ride at the expense of others."

My husband often said this..how can we have VOTERS who don't contribute to the country's purses??!! ...now we have a populace of people who don't pay income tax and have been made to feel by our leftwingers that they're ENTITLED ...this is why the left plays on the heartstrings of the poor and indoctrinated......
they'll keep voting for those who will GIVE TO THEM expecting nothing.

Enter Obama. end of country.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Obama is naught be a Defeatist. America is responsible for everything truly bad or perceived to be bad in the world. In the galaxy. In the universe.

I get so tired of this crap. Travel around the world, people, and then tell me you think this country is the worst. Americans have NO concept of what "worst" could possibly be.


heidianne jackson said...

bz, you are so right. i have traveled the world - as has z - and we've compared notes. no matter how wonderful or beautiful a place to visit, it's not like home. not just because it's home, but because it's america.

everywhere i've been in the world, people tell me of their dream to come to this country. must be because we're such an awful country, eh, ducky?

as for lieberman, he is NOT a conservative, has never been a conservative. he sometimes does the right thing, but generally only when there is a tie to israel. he was pretty clear when he ran and was elected as an independent that he planned to generally vote with the guys with a (d) after their names.

now the sac afb in nebraska shows up on the brac list. could they twist ben nelson's arm any harder? mr. j firmly believes that the person currently masquerading as potus and his cronies have black bag tricks on all members of congress. i'm inclined to agree with him - why else wouldn't ANYONE seriously stand up to him?????

Anonymous said...

Fine, Ducky, I'll take your bait.

By your criticism of Reagan in Beirut, are you suggesting that victory is more important than simply exiting?

Does your criticism of the S&L bailout suggest that bailing out financial institutions is a bad thing? (I was in grade school at the time of the S&L scandal and don't know much about it. If you care to educate me, I'm listening. All I remember is my dad wrote a letter to the newspaper making a pun on the phonetic similarity of S&L and SNL--as in Saturday Night Live. I think the Cone Heads were replaced with the Loan Heads.)

Wasn't Social Security pitched as personal insurance policies? That would mean if you want to take more out, you need to put more in. So maybe we're in agreement that SS was a scam from the beginning.

Regarding tax burdens, my quick research shows top marginal tax rate when Reagan took office was 70%. Intuitively, that seems high to me. What did you have in mind as more reasonable?

Also, is it not correct that tax revenue went up during the 80s while the rates went down? Granted, those dollars may not have been a good grounds for comparison due to inflation, but dismissing the whole policy as vulgar seems a bit flip.


Anonymous said...

tio - Yes, revenues did go up, and inflation came down. More people working and paying taxes, and more businesses investing in their companies which in turn creates a need for more jobs and higher rates of productivity, which spurs on the entire economy.

But, let's not tell Ducky, he'd find that too complicated!

And thank you Z. I consider it such a compliment to be in the company of Mr. Z.


Z said...

Pris, thank you so much for saying that. xxx

Tony C said...

How can this even be a debate at this point?

Obama has been President for a single year...elected on a promise of change, but it sure looks like business as usual to this point to me.

Reagan served as the leader of the free world for 8 years. During a time many people around the world (including in the U.S.) started writing the United States' obituary, Ronald Reagan restored our country to superpower status. He united and inspired...even most liberals concede that fact.

Granted, Reagan didn't win a Nobel Peace Price (eye roll)...

Big Bubba said...

OK, I am just playing around now to see if I finally added a picture to my profile.

Z said...

Hi, Tony..we need Reagan NOW.

Bubba...is that you or MERLIN?!! :-)