Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas at the White House

The White House Christmas Card isn't a Christmas card, it's a Season's Greetings card....that pesky Christmas 84% of us celebrate just ought not to be mentioned, you know? What if it really hurts someone's feelings to get a card not reflecting his holiday...what could that DO to their self esteem? (oh, brother)

Maybe we ought to have a White House card that's like the Department of Motor Vehicles, where you can find ANY language or religion you need read ..Happy Kwansa, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy whatever-the-hell-that-tree is, Merry Lesbian madness... You name it, the White House will mention it. What do you think?

I wouldn't mind so much except THIS ARTICLE shows how the White House, YET AGAIN, sneaks around the truth.........with this:

"The president is not breaking new ground. In 2008, President George W. Bush's card made no reference to Christmas. However, the president did include a passage from the New Testament, Matthew 5:16.

"Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Aha, so the Bushes didn't mention CHRISTMAS, and that apparently makes it okay now for the Obama's to have this in their card and not mention CHRISTMAS..."Season's Greetings." Inside, it reads: "May your family have a joyous holiday season and a new year blessed with hope and happiness." because the Bushes didn't? WAIT....did the White House not READ the quote from Matthew?

Sometimes, you just have to laugh, don't you?



Anonymous said...

I know I won't get a White House card anyway. Never have from a Democrat President.

If I did get one from this one, it would go in the trash with the rest of the dirt, where it belongs.


The Malcontent said...

I cannot even begin to express my outrage about not having the Nativity scene.....this pig is out to destroy everything in this country.
We often hear that the Obamas are Christians. I'd never thought so. I only had to see the film clips of Reverend Wright and his hateful ranting and I knew that there was no Christ in the church. And recall, the Obamas considered that deranged and hateful racist their "spiritual mentor." I don't buy all the claptrap about Obama being a Muslim. He is nothing--probably believes in nothing other power or prestige or himself. But he probably has more sympathy for and support for Islam than for Christianity.
For all of you who voted for this Marxist idiot, are you happy now?
Problem is that the rest of us are suffering.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

At the New White House, you get to stop reading when it becomes inconvenient.


sue said...

Z - Whatever the president sends for a Christmas card, that is up to him. If it were me, I would say Merry Christmas, but would not likely have a religious picture on it. I think the Scripture that Bush had was good.

The president works for all of the people, not just Christians, so I would be a Christian president but not a president just for Christians.

So - are you gonna vote for me?

Z said...

I completely agree with you, Sue.
He represents all...
I guess my biggest point was the fact that they went ahead not sending a Christian card, citing Bush as not having sent a card acknowledging CHRISTMAS when that scripture from Mark is pretty darned Christian, you know?

I do think the President shouldn't represent one religion but, man, Americans are about 84% least nominally Christian, or identifying with Christianity.

My point is WHO IS REALLY OFFENDED? This is a Christian country still, so far...and I don't know a Jew who resents Christmas.

I'd never have a religious picture on the card..I'm definitely with you on that.

Ducky's here said...

You know, I hate Obama. Your only leftist poster absolutely hates Obama but I have to say, the religious far right isn't aware of it, but they're the best friends Obama has.
They hate him, sure, but they don't hate him for any reasons that make sense. When it comes down to it, most of them hate the president for all the usual reasons they hate "liberals" — because he uses big words, doesn't believe in hell,doesn't send a Christmas card and doesn't flip out at the sight of gay people holding hands.
Additionally, of course, he wasn't born in America, and is married to a woman who secretly hates our country.

You are the kind of voters whom Obama's gang of Wall Street advisers is counting on. People whose votes depend not on whether the party in power delivers them jobs or protects them from economic villains, but on what cultural markers the candidate flashes on TV. We are a sorry nation. Thanks.

Z said...

Ducky, it's you who are 'sorry'. I'd delete your comment because it's so insulting and your elitism just drips so unattractively from it but I want people to see it.
Firstly, you are NOT my only liberal commenter, not at all.

Secondly, 'big words' are not something reserved for the elitist uber intelligent leftwing, TRUST me. I'd wager a guess that you might hate Obama but admire his elocution...when even Bush spoke very well OFF teleprompter. Let's face it, it's mostly the left which finds obama 'articulate'...have you ever seen a hint of that?

Secondly, we know you hate obama because he's not bringing America to socialism fast enough nor is he dumping Western Civilization in the mud quickly enough by pulling out today from Afghanistan. Sorry you're so disappointed. The Mao jackets aren't being brought out quite yet.

I can only speak for myself when I say my biggest complaint about Obama is LIES. But, that's not reserved for him, it's his whole coterie of thugs who surround him, too. They're actually telling the media that the Republicans don't have any health care ideas and are obstructionist. You see, you can't disagree with the left without being OBSTRUCTIONIST! Doesn't matter that the other party feels differently, the leftwingers can't take dissent so they name call and insult like you did in your comment.

Where was the transparency he discussed? (Helen Thomas even called this new WH the least transparent she's ever seen). Where is the "everyone around the table"?

I'm sorry you have such a disgust for Christians who believe in their faith; sorry, ducky, the Bible is the only (ONLY) document which informs Christianity..because you don't approve does not make it evil to adhere to its admonitions and tenets.

Michelle doesn't secretly hate our country any more than Obama does, I'm sure. They hate those who disagree with them, they're proud ONLY when THEIR WAY is honored. They apparently hate all the good this country's done around the world because he's in overdrive apologizing for things most Americans are so proud of.

Americans have always admired PROFIT, Ducky, whether you or Obama like that or not...that's what's made our country work; Profit inspires research and development, profit pays for new employees to have jobs, profit is GOOD. Only this president says FOR PROFIT as if it's COMMUNISM (oh, except he doesn't hate Communism quite as much as PROFIT).

You and your leftwing hate mongers are the sorry ones, ducky....people who are encouraging this awful man in his secrecy, lies and disdain for anyone who doesn't agree with HIM.

Oh, and by the way...who HATES homosexuals who hold HANDS? NO believing CHristian HATES anyone, Ducky.
Let's say that about your leftwinger HATE PALIN bunch, huh? Or HATE PALIN'S DOWN SYNDROME CHILD and insult the whole family with ugly lies. That's acceptable?

thank YOU.

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky's a hypocrite anyway...supposedly he makes 6 figures and then complains about the same system that got him there

try again moron

Elmers Brother said...

and any Christian worth his salt knows that politics never solved anything and that as long as people are running the show they will constantly disappoint Republican or Democrat...we know the nature of's spelled out quite clearly duhkkky and that includes ourselves

Elmers Brother said...

When it comes down to it, most of them hate the president for all the usual reasons they hate "liberals" — because he uses big words, doesn't believe in hell,doesn't send a Christmas card and doesn't flip out at the sight of gay people holding hands.

duhkkky is also a member of that same tin foil hat brigade who believes fundy Christians are going to overthrow the gubmint in a military coup


Ducky's here said...

Of topic but let's face it, it's fun to run a stick across the bars.

The ACORN tapes were heavily edited.

Well color me shocked. I bet the "Liberal media" will be all over this story.

Elmers Brother said...

they probably edited ACORN workers s&itting bricks when the first videos came out

Elmers Brother said...

funny, the article still said the ACORN employees acted inappropriately

cube said...

I guess we're lucky they're even acknowledging the holiday that comes in December at all.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, hate is a strong word, and I fight every day, not to feel that way towards the President. I'm afraid though, I'm losing that personal battle, and I'm not a hater.

As for liberals, what makes you think Christians hate liberals? We think they're wrong, but hate? I don't think so.

The far left radicals are a different story. They are destructive, a menace to freedom and America.

My objection to this radical administration has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with our American culture, the tearing down of it, and the assault on our liberty.

It has to do with losing our freedom, and the government on the road to making us all nothing more than serfs to an all powerful, oppressive government.

You know as I do, nothing Obama says can be trusted as truth. As always with the left, everything is couched in nice flowery terms, while underlying those, is a sinister motive. It should be obvious to anyone who's paying attention.

Since you so clearly state you hate Obama, why not tell us why? Spell it out, instead of trying to read our minds, and telling us what we believe.

BTW, exactly what big words are you referring to, "yes we can", "change" and "er..uh...and umm"? Get real.


Ducky's here said...

Pris, I despise him because he is a fraud.

Primarily in the matter of economic policy which is simply a continuation of the long decline which started with St. Ronnie Raygun, then through Clinton and then through Chucklenuts ... it's the same deal.

What really gets me going is the right which mouth this nonsense about the "leftist" (are you kidding me?) Obama administration attacking out "freedoms". No, the financial system is attacking your freedoms, unemployment is going to be kept high to avoid inflation and finance the financial bailout, the housing bubble recovery is nowhere in sight. Business as usual and the fools on the right somehow think Larry Summers and Tim Geithner are "liberals". Thats the pure stinky cheese.

I don't really hate him for the Afghanistan move, it's stupid but I expected it.

"Health care reform". Bore me later. What he has done is shift a bundle of money to the insurance companies and done nothing, NOTHING to deal with the cost issue while right wing fools sit around like a bunch of trained parrots talking about "tort reform".

And you allow this to go on while you mouth meaningless tripe about "our culture". First of all, since you are probably a Protestant whit southerner, it AIN'T MY CULTURE. It gets annoying reading stuff about "our freedoms" and "our culture" when about all you offer is paranoia and a desire to send troops anytime you feel the slightest bit upset.

Again and again I can ask what you think is "radical" about this administration and ... nothing. I'll ask again. It will probably be something about Copenhagen and you drama queens actually believing that isn't a little show they put on for Rollo. Nothing is going to get accomplished. You can go back to trashing the place.

What is it about this administration that is radical? I bet you can't answer without invoking "Christian values" (as if you have the key to what that means).

I do care about this country but between Obama destroying the economy and the far right religious trying to mandate their culture ... time to blow this popstand.

It's over ... I live in a country that takes Sarah Palin seriously. That is nothing but manifest proof of our national stupidity.

Elmers Brother said...

I do care about this country but between Obama destroying the economy and the far right religious trying to mandate their culture ... time to blow this popstand.

Where can I buy you a ticket to duhkkky? Venezuela? Cuba?

Z said...

Ducky, here's my favorite part!! "The report, by former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, recommends nine steps for ACORN to take in order to regain public trust in the wake of the scandal, including that it return to its "core competency - community organizing and citizen engagement empowerment, with related services."

Did Former Mass AG Harshbarger get paid consulting fees for his obvious adoration of ACORN for their stellar work AND for input regarding how to clean up their image? Is that what independents do when investigating!? That's hilarious!
They may say it's edited, but that's even either offer to help a pimp bring in 13 yr old Honduran girls for prostitution or you don't...they did.
Your line about the lib media is funny, too....they'll be ALL OVER this article; they sure weren't when the very obvious intent of the ACORN people was exposed...They barely covered it. NOW? They'll be all over it that a Mass ex AG says it's "Edited"! I'm hoping somebody in the media's honest enough to ask them where it's edited, huh?

Good points, everybody else....but Ducky just can't wrap his brain around the fact that Americans don't think like the far left does....or how he thinks.
If I knew Breitbart better, I'd ask him....there are more tapes he hasn't released yet...

Ducky, you said :
"What is it about this administration that is radical? I bet you can't answer without invoking "Christian values" (as if you have the key to what that means)."

It's RADICAL for an American president to spit the words "FOR PROFIT" as if they're filth in his mouth.
It's RADICAL to get those who've worked hard all their lives to pay for those who haven't.
It's RADICAL to go to Turkey and tell Muslims it's the president's job to protect Islam around the world (by the way, I can't find that speech anywhere anymore...good work, White House...I HEARD those words but can't GOogle them, if anybody could help, I'll be forever grateful)
It's RADICAL to allow school children in this country to sing sycophantic adoring songs about oneself instead of their country.
It's RADICAL to suggest young girls who get pregnant shouldn't be PUNISHED with having to keep a child.
It's RADICAL to suggest babies born in spite of abortion attempts shouldn't be given life support.
It's RADICAL to take a Nobel price one admits one doesn't deserve.
It's RADICAL to take a wife to NYC and spend hundreds of thousands on it while Americans are suffering.
It's RADICAL to have Wednesday night hip hop cocktail parties in the WH serving steak and lobster.
It's RADICAL to drop the ball and not take a great moment to talk to kids when that poor Black scholarship winner was beaten in Chicago.
It's RADICAL to lie about ones involvement with Bill Ayers.
It's RADICAL for a president to diss an American plumber who deigned to ask a question.

i'm tired

Z said...

OH, and Ducky? It's RADICAL for your Safe Schools Czar or whatever the hell he is, to Promote or even DISCUSS FISTING to 14 year olds, DON'T YOU THINK?

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky is a pantheist, he's so much more dangerous than any other marginalized religious group in America

he's a moral relativist who is subject only to whatever moral whim happened to make his peepee hard this morning

Anonymous said...

"No, the financial system is attacking your freedoms, unemployment is going to be kept high to avoid inflation and finance the financial bailout, the housing bubble recovery is nowhere in sight. Business as usual and the fools on the right somehow think Larry Summers and Tim Geithner are "liberals". Thats the pure stinky cheese."

I can't believe it, Ducky, you expected a recovery? I thought you leftists deplored the supremacy of the US.

Here's the point, Obama and his thugs are IN the business of bringing down America. They aren't interested in a recovery. If they were, they wouldn't be running up trillions in debt. That's radical.

They are on board for redistribution of wealth not only here, but on a worldwide basis using a bogus "climate change" agenda to do it. That's radical

Healthcare - Don't you understand that cost effective healthcare, and adding taxes, mandates, and fines willy nilly, means rationing, lower quality of care and ultimately higher costs, for less service?

Don't you understand the government controlling and regulating healthcare and all that includes, is radical?

It's obvious that THEY DON'T CARE about how it affects the people? It's all about control! That's radical.

President Reagan would have done none of this. He would have cut taxes to stimulate the economy.

He would not have attempted to nationalize an industry representing 1/6th of the economy.
He would have cited the free market to lower costs in healthcare.

Competition is the only way to accomplish that.
You can't face facts.

I think, what you hate are the deals Obama has made with large corporations, and you hate corporations. He's threatened, bribed, and demonized to keep them on board. In other words, play or pay! Corrupt.

Stay tuned Ducky, they're working through the EPA to micro-manage our lives. Combined with healthcare, the control is complete. That's radical.
You ought to love it.

Since you brought up religion, I am a protestant, and you're one of those catholics, who for some inexplicable reason has a problem with that. I was born in Brooklyn NY. I don't know what that has to do with it either.

One thing about Sarah Palin. She loves this country, and would not systematically be going about destroying it.

I agree with one thing you said. Obama is a fraud. Smiles, flowery words = LIES!! If you are annoyed with what I say, skip my comment. I couldn't care less.


Z said...

Pris, did you hear this morning's accounting of the Medicare changes the leftwingers want to make? Something like $230 BILLION in higher cost to the country. Thanks, Democrats.
You make excellent points in your comment, as usual.

I just wish the Dems would THINK before they ACT. They're so zealous about hurting those of us WITH insurance they can barely control themselves...all the while not willing to accept the CRAP INS. PLANS they say they've got in store for US.

That LIE about "You can keep your insurance" is the most insidious, as you know...sure we can KEEP it but it won't BE THERE for us because nobody'll want to PAY for higher costing and far better med care; plus, that great med care won't be any better than Canada's soon .......

WHY THE HECK do they have to ruin everyone's insurance to help the uninsured out? WHY can't they leave us ALONE? Just another freedom swept away from us.

And then they say WE are OBSTRUCTIONIST because they want Americans to THINK the Republicans are heartless and want NOBODY COVERED. the hell with'em.

Elmers Brother said...

it's easy for duhkkky to criticize us...

he stands for nothing and he stands for everything

Anonymous said...

"Pris, did you hear this morning's accounting of the Medicare changes the leftwingers want to make?"

Yes I did. They want to expand Medicare coverage to people beginning at age 55. Nice. First take 1/2 a trillion out of Medicare, then add millions more people to Medicare.

I guess all of us over 55 should just die and get it over with. I think the far left would love that.

We're the ones who lived the history of the US before the left ensconced themselves in education. And we're the ones who pass our knowledge on to the youth.

You know, the left doesn't like competition, and they really hate dissent from those of us who know better.


Z said...

Pris, but it makes sense, right?
Medicare's about to break anyway...let's just put 50 million MORE on it (what are they THINKING?)

sue said...

Z - 'No believing Christian hates anyone'

That should probably be changed to:

'No believing Christian SHOULD hate anyone'

There are many believing Christians that hate.

Z said...

sue, you're right.

I guess I should say no Christian who understand Scripture and who's heart's been changed by it (I've seen that so many times) can (CAN) hate anyone.

They can piss us off (smile) but hate? NA...especially not for sexual proclivity!!

Anonymous said...

Z, what are they thinking? That they have to get this passed come hell or high water. Although I don't know how this helps them pass it.

They don't care about us, they just want the control and the power.

Besides, over the next few years, if they get the chance, they can just keep lowering the age until everyone will be on a government (public option) healthcare plan called Medicare.


Z said...

Pris, I know. They were going to SAVE MEDICARE by FINDING THE CORRUPTION! (are they NUTS? LIke they'd know corruption if it bit them in the butt?)

And now, they're going to SAVE MEDICARE by putting everyone over 55 on it? And, do you know how many docs don't TAKE MEDICARE anymore? This'll be AWFUL!


Anonymous said...

Z, It's all a shell game. Smoke and mirrors. It's now 2500 pages. The goverment is all over it. Who needs the words, "public option"?

This thing is 2500 pages of government regs., mandates, taxes, and fines and in one case, jail. It is a government takeover.

They simply regulate and tax the insurance industry, and the medical providers. Result? Government healthcare.

It doesn't matter what they call it, it's still run by the government. Basically, it's fascism, but none dare call it that.

But hey, why quibble. Fascism, Socialism, Marxism, the result is the same. Tyranny.


Susannah said...

Hi Z!
Been a long time since I've been here - lots going on @ my house...

Wow! Do I LOVE your 'radical' list!! "I'm tired" Ha!

I'm tired, too, of ALL of this! But, you know, that's what they want us to be - tired, so we'll stop fighting & they'll get what they want.

And I say NO! When we get tired, we need to rest. But we need to be back - refreshed, renewed & ready. This is the fight of our lives.

"Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men..."

p.s. Don't bother w/ Ducky, he's just trying to stir the pot for kicks & giggles.