Monday, November 9, 2009

George W Bush visited Ft Hood...did you hear?

Please check out THIS AT ABC and notice how short the article is. The Bushes were quickly at Fort Hood paying their respects and offering encouragement, complimenting the first responders for their amazing work, too. I'm thinking that was the right thing to do. Here's much MORE INFORMATION you'll want to read. It might be short because there simply wasn't much to say; they came, they didn't demand attention, they encouraged, they left.

I do hear that Obama will be there TUESDAY for the public memorial event..."Lights! Camera! Action! OBAMA!"...and he IS delaying his trip to Asia one day for our wounded and dead soldiers.

I'm pretty proud of the Bushes; the story isn't out there much, but they didn't seem to want that. And, of course: Republicans + No cameras = NO STORY
z (Please don't miss Obama's snub to Germany again, in the post below...we need to know and remember these things)


Anonymous said...

This may note be the most appropriate spot to share this, but I honestly do see it as relevant -- an apt commentary on the attitude of Big Media (henceforth referred to as BM!)


A Harley biker is riding by the zoo in Washington , DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage.  Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.  The biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.  Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly.

A reporter has watched the whole event.  The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life."  The Harley rider replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt right.'

The reporter says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed.  I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page . . . . . . . So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliation do you have?'  The biker replies, 'I'm a U.S. Marine and a Republican.'  The journalist leaves.

The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:


That pretty well sums up BM's approach to the news these days, doesn't it?

I would certainly say so.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

In Memory of those murdered at Ft. Hood Take a moment, to remember them all... This loss of life should remind everyone of all the other men and women that have already made the ultimate sacrifice for us before this. Sometimes things like that are forgotten until something horrific like this happens.

Beth said...

I did hear this story on Fox News over the weekend...oh wait, they aren't a real news organization so never mind.

shoprat said...

Bush, for all his faults, genuinely cares about people. That is something that the Obama and his Obamaniacs will never understand or be capable of doing.

Tom said...

Heard that he visited Fort Hood, and turned down the photo-op out of respect for the victims.

Now folks, that's class.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard about this yesterday, Note there wasn't any cameras around either.

Anonymous said...

Shoprat said - "Bush, for all his faults, genuinely cares about people. That is something that the Obama and his Obamaniacs will never understand or be capable of doing."

Exactly. It's within the man or not. Upon thinking of it, I have a feeling the families were grateful it was President and Mrs. Bush who were there.

I expect he still feels and always will, the responsibility and true bond with these men and women. I don't think that pales just because he no longer is President.


Leticia said...

Z, this is the first I have heard about the Bushs' visiting the victims families. As always, they did it with great dignity and no cameras to gain media attention.

Of course the movie star in the White House has to have every single camera on him so we could know what a great compassionate man he really is.

He is dispicable.

sue said...

This blog is back in action again - that's for sure.

Opus #6 said...

I didn't even know about it. Thanks for posting this.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Well, I'm no fan of George W, but I do think he is showing more class than the current President. God Bless all our troops at Ft. Hood dealing with this grief. It has to hurt to see some of the information coming out about the shooter. How many times will the upper eschelon drop the ball in the name of political correctness?

Anonymous said...

Sue...why the hell do you come here at all? Are you so freaking dumb that you can't see that all these people love their country and are disgusted with the likes of...."O" ( zero ) and the rest of you robot dweebs, morons acting as if you have some divine instinct as to how the rest of us feel and react to swarmy, asinine, sarcastic sheetheels like you? Are you married to ducky....or just want to to spread for your other trolls?

Anonymous said...


back in action?
(I think that was a bit rude...)

Z pointed out a fact. GW Bush visited Ft Hood BEFORE our current President, Barack Obama.

If I were a liberal, I'd be embarassed to have voted for him.

He is setting the standard for behavior for younger generations, and the bar is LOW. If this is his idea of respect for our men and women in uniform, well....

But hey, if I ever get the opportunity to meet him in person, I'll be sure to just wave and give him a "shout out".

Anonymous said...

"This being America, we will insist on going a long way to preserve the appearance of equality, and that is no bad thing in terms of moral principle.

But like all values, the appearance of equality is not infinite in its appeal--especially if it flies in the face of common sense and self-preservation. A short time after the shootings at Fort Hood, President Obama asked us not to jump to conclusions. ( Like he did when he called a cop...stupid? )

To many Americans, this was a grating request, of a piece with the political correctness that was responsible--it has emerged--for the hands-off treatment by the Army of Maj. Hasan.

How else could he have been left in the position of treating U.S. troops, given the stories we've now heard about his incendiary statements and apparent incompetence?

This is the same mindset that led the FBI to deny the possibility that the Fort Hood massacre was linked to terrorism even before they could have had any idea that was the case. We don't have to be paranoid about Arab males; we just have to avoid the opposite: Being fearful of coming across as Islamophobic, and thereby failing to look straight at a situation."

Z said...

thank you, Jen.
I guess it's only a good blog if it's a sweet, non-attacking blog; no matter HOW insufferable we find certain politicos.

It's our RIGHT to condemn people just as badly (as if we ever could get quite that bad?) as the leftwingers slammed Bush. I don't know why the leftwingers can't accept that.

I'm no huge fan of certain things Bush did but he did right on many occasions, and this is certainly one of them.

sue said...

Jen - Of course you thought it was rude. Any remark made by someone out of the loop is rude.

Anonymous said...

Get real sue.

It had nothing to do with being "in the loop" or not.

Being "back at it" seems to be in reference to Z's grief. And you had better tread lightly, or I'll have to come down hard on you. I don't care whose loop you're in. I'll go toe to toe with you anyday if you disrespect Z.


Anonymous said...

Anytime something like this happens, Z...all I can think about are those t-shirts during the campaign. The "Palin is a ****" t-shirts. You know the ones.

Some people can dish it out but they just can't take it.

And this isn't EVEN close to mud-slinging. It's just stating the facts.

The left gets nasty but cries crocodile tears when called on the carpet.

Well, boo FRICKIN' HOO!

Z said...

I felt that, too, Jen. I'm sorry you said that, sue. Yes, I'm back; I think I posted the very day my wonderful Mr Z passed away. First, it was to tell you all what happened, then I blogged a few days later to inform about the disease (if we can only save one person because I posted early warning signgs, that was worth it), then it was to discuss insurance because he'd have wanted people to know how well our private insurance kicked in during his illness...then it was Merkel because my dear man was German and was so pleased the Germans are waking up to the liberalism which has almost killed Germany with it's PC (in the case of foreigners taking advantage) and huge entitlements (which they're starting to dissolve$$$).

If anybody here thinks a wife is "back in action" in any other way than the blog only a month after losing her husband, they've never experienced this grief. The blogging is a good diversion for me and I appreciate everyone coming by.

Sue, you've been kind in light of my situation and I thank you for it; I'm not sure you meant to imply the full impact Jen and I felt from your remark, I don't think you're unkind, but it felt lousy to me, too.

Z said...

let's let this go. it's unseemly.


and yes, Jen. Today, Robert Gibbs said he didn't remember Bush being likened to Hitler..and I'm sure they have forgotten the horrid T shirts about Palin, too .........anything to promote that bipartisanship they promised, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am.
I mean mom.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to be the one to say it but bipartisanship really should be spelled with a "t" at the end, instead of a "p."

Raw though it may seem, that spelling would demonstrate greater respect for the truth than the usual orthography.

What we want and desperately need from the Republicans is RUTHLESS, BITTERLY DIVISIVE, UNYIELDING OPPOSITION to the MARXISM the D'RATS are determined to impose on us at all costs.

And I wouldn't depend on Gentleman Joe Lieberman to save us in the senate, because I've observed him in action for at least twenty-five years, and while he usually SAYS the right thing, he rarely backs up his words with appropriate action.

~ FreeThinke

sue said...

Jen - And just how are you going to come down hard on me?

Isn't coming down hard on people what these blogs are all about.
I read all the nasty things that are said, make a comment, and you are going to come down hard on me.
It really doesn't make sense.

You have to be able to take it if you are going to hand it out, right?

sue said...

Anonymous - That's fancy writing.

I am not a troll. Actually I'm a very good person. But what I'm reading is just incredible. If you could see it like I do you might understand. It seems that this is all one happy bashing family and no one else (except Mr. Ducky) is allowed to comment. What ever happened to Pinky. She used to really come down hard on me.

Always On Watch said...

For all of my complaints about GWB, he shows himself to be a man of honor when it comes to many matters, including his making visiting Fort Hood a priority.

Meanwhile, BHO -- a horse's ass if there ever was one -- is busy feeding his own narcissism.

PS: Pardon my language. I do feel that the term was needed in print!

The Merry Widow said...

What we have here is an, "Axis of Idiots", hat tip FJ. And leading the pack is obama...classless and clueless.

I have my complaints about bush also, but he and Laura ARE classier and have a clue. And actually care about someone besides themselves.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


Jungle Mom said...

Is Sue for real???? How rude and in sensitive. But that's the compassionate left for you...

Anonymous said...

How am I going to come down hard on you?

I'm going to teach you what manners are, sue. You don't come to someone's blog and show such blatant disrespect.

1. Read back over what has been said before you comment AGAIN because...
2. You end up looking like an IDIOT when you don't.

It's simple, really.

Anonymous said...

Geee, I wonder where Pinky is?

I really liked her......

:insert wistful sigh:

beamish said...

Well, I haven't visited Ft. Hood either, so it's not about who got there first with or without cameras. I have contacted acquaintances from Ft. Hood (most are in Iraq) and expressed condolences personally.

It is about decorum and respect, two concepts that elude the left. Leftists like Obama. You can expect leftists to exude stupidity. It's their mating call.

But Obama's response is double-duty in that as well as shamelessly heartless.

In response to the Ft. Hood shootings, made possible in part by Obama's Justice Department's adversarial role towards the Defense Department in attempting to prosecute the military's terrorist interogators and compounded by the fact the FBI did not inform the Army that they were monitoring a terrorist sympathizer within their midsts, Obama gave a "shout out" to a "Congressional Medal of Honor winner" that isn't a CMoH winner, even as he delivered a statement on the Ft. Hood tragedy with all the emotion afforded by stumbling though notecards on a podium.

Obama is a new kind of stupid. Not knowing how to put all the resources at his disposal to keep America safe (terror sympathizers on a military base, hello?) shows a lack of leadership.

Name-dropping people and crediting them with awards they don't have or anything resembling such shows a lack of concern with being credible and taken seriously.

Mumbling through a a stack of notecards to express condolences over a very real tragedy shows a lack of compassion and sincerity.

Obama is a paint chip eating imbecile.

sue said...

Jen - I will be looking for the lesson on manners, meanwhile I will be reading this blatant Conserative propoganda.

Anonymous said...

You've already missed it, sue.

Repetition doesn't seem to get through to you.

peace out, Scooby Doo.

cube said...

Shhhh! It was supposed to be a secret.

Sue: To her credit, I've never known Z to be unfair in her treatment of dissenting view points. She goes out of her way to be fair.

Z said...

Sue, I think the main problem is that the media and our new government (which assures us we did NOT see Obama bow to a Muslim King even when all of our eyes DID see it, or tells us we can keep private insurance after this horrid bill passes when it will be utterly impossible to do that) have convinced a lot of Americans that the Right is just plain WRONG ON EVERYTHING and we need to listen and defer to the WH. it's like how the House pushed through this health care bill when the majority of Americans don't want it. Perhaps that's why you have a difficult time reading differing points of view; it's why talk radio's so popular; people want to hear BOTH SIDES and the msm has grossly neglected that aspect of a non-fascist society.
You're just not USED to it anymore!

By the way, you'll realize that I DO allow Ducky and Psi Bond to comment here whenever they like because this is a blog NOT built to be nothing but a conservative echo-chamber. I WANT differing viewpoints and discussion. Maybe that's a little strange to leftwingers these days, too?

We Americans, particularly Conservative Americans, don't DARE criticize anything anymore.... Robert Gibbs says we have to stop that..."..move story question..." Meanwhile, even Helen Thomas calls this gov't the 'most non transparent gov't I've ever been involved with' (in her fifty or so years of 'reporting' her liberal viewpoint..oops on her)

I (and the other good people who have conservative blogs and are kind enough to come read me) have every right to thinking Obama might have wanted to address the horrid Ft Hood incident first thing when he addressed a group of Native about "Thank you for having me here today. As president of these great American States, it's incumbent on me now to first mention Texas and the Ft Hood incident and ask for prayers for the dead and injured and for their families. Please join me in a moment of silence. Thank you.... and thank you for keeping these people in your thoughts and prayers while we get down to what happened and reach conclusions which will help Ft. Hood and our country to heal. Now, again, thanks for inviting me..."

Nice, huh?

I could go on...but why bother?

No, we Conservatives aren't just bashing, but the leftwing media and our president will have you believe that; We do not believe in this health care package, we're tired of this gov't which hasn't even invited the Right to come to them with the package they've prepared, we don't believe in robbing the rich to pay the poor, we don't believe in a LOT of things that America's going through now and we have EVERY RIGHT TO DISCUSS IT.

Thank GOD for the blogs; we wouldn't know half of what's going on if it weren't for us and people like Glen Beck, who have been powerful enough to at least get SOME of the communists (like Van Jones) out of the WH ....and many other things which he's brought to America's attention.

This isn't a LEFTIST COUNTRY, SUE....this is an American country where EVERYONE has the right to complain and criticize...oh, except Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, FOX, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, all conservative bloggers,.....who ELSE has Obama slammed personally by name? Let me think......too many to remember.

Hey, it's not OUR FAULT the Bushes felt it incumbent on them to immediately go, no cameras, just a personal visit, and give solace and encouragement to American soldiers. Sorry, but that's THEIR FAULT.

beamish said...

Dang, Sue. You could have said "I'm a liberal Democrat" or "I am a leftist" and left it at that. The additional vapidity is overkill in redundancy.

Elmers Brother said...

you're right sense that he's feeling the loss

at least Bush could communicate that

Z said...

I almost felt sorry for the obamas today at Ft Hood. They looked so uncomfortable. Of course, who would want to stand at each station of a fallen soldier wondering "How long do I do this? two seconds will make the Right mad at me because I didn't show enough respect; five seconds will make the Left mad at me because I show too much respect..."

Still, he's clearly over his head..the emotions weren't there..nada.

Elmers Brother said...

We should all feel sorry for a country who is so politically correct it can't seem to identify clearly who the enemy is, despite the fact that the same enemy raised more red flags then a May Day parade in the USSR.

We're killing ourselves people and there are some in our midst who are happy about that.

Z said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Elro....we are DEFINITELY killing ourselves and some are DEFINITELY quite pleased with the result.

MK said...

That's George Bush for you, the leader obama and all the left put together can never hope to be.

Michele said...

Anytime something like this happens, Z...all I can think about are those t-shirts during the campaign. The "Palin is a ****" t-shirts. You know the ones. Some people can dish it out but they just can't take it. And this isn't EVEN close to mud-slinging. It's just stating the facts. The left gets nasty but cries crocodile tears when called on the carpet. Well, boo FRICKIN' HOO!