Tuesday, November 3, 2009

thank you, State of Virginia

From the bottom of my heart...a sweep. Oh, so sweet.
And Corzine's out? New Jersey...we thank you.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, indeed -- and the Republican won by EIGHTEEN percent!

Even BETTER is that Republican Christie has won NEW JERSEY by 5%. Corzine is vanquished.

Two "key" states kick out D'Rats!

Let us hope and pray that this is a token of what MUST come in the 2010 congressional elections -- and the 2012 presidential.

Thank you Virginia. Thank you, New Jersey. And above all thank GOD!

To save ourselves from Socialism we must NEVER rest, NEVER relent, NEVER fail to keep up the pressure to defeat the tyranny of Progressivism, and promote the Liberty our Founders meant us to enjoy.

~ FreeThinke

FrogBurger said...

And NJ. It's party time.

Ducky must be crying and it's feeling gooooooooooood.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Virginia.
Spirit of the patriots still lives.
Corzine losing is just precious.

And to think ; President Obama went to help Mr. Corzine, several times.

Z said...

OH MY GOSH. I just got back tonight from a meeting. CORZINE LOST?


Mr Z's SMILIN' up there, trust me :-)


RightKlik said...

Suprising results in all three major races. NY would have been nice, but GOP shot themselves in both feet there.

Anonymous said...


The election is over
Finished and done.
Your party lost.
My party won.
So let's make amends --
Each laddie and lass --
And continue as friends,
While I hug my Dumbo
And you kiss your ___!

~ Anne Animus

Quoted by FreeThinke

DaBlade said...

A little extra bounce in the step today! House dems now less likely to roll over for obamacare, cap and trade, and all the other big govt plans of his.

Ducky's here said...

Dem one in the New York 24th for the first time in well over 100 years.

Gay marriage voted down in Maine (a dark day for a great state) but unions passed in Washington.

Kind of a wash. I'm happy to see that ex Goldman Sachs punk Corzine take a freakin' dixie.

Looks like a wash.

Linda said...

We can't become complacent...there is still a war. A battle won, more to go. Now the GOP has to get their act together and work together for a greater, safer America.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, and the Dem won the seat in California-10 so both national seats went Dem.

Hard to find anything very significant here, z.

The governors races were about the economy. People are getting a little desperate and don't realize the depth of the problem. Lot of anti-incumbent feeling at state and local levels. Not so much animosity toward Obama although as soon as he actually makes a decision that might start.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you forget Obama invested political capital in the NJ race. Three visits to help Corzine.
So did Biden.
This is not unimportant.

Could it be the bloom is off the rose?


Ducky's here said...

And NJ. It's party time.

Ducky must be crying and it's feeling gooooooooooood.


Froggy, why would I be upset that some skank from Goldman Sachs got sent to the showers?

Fact is that this was an election about the economy and I doubt the Republican has much in the way of answers.

Anonymous said...

The significance of the race in upper New York state was this: A clear message was sent to the vacillating, weak-kneed, compromise-crazed Washington Republican Establishment that RINO's no longer make acceptable candidates.

The people may choose to become slaves under the tyranny of Progressivism, but at the very least they should be given a clear cut set of sharply defined ALTERNATIVES.

When the two parties merely mimic each other, and act like two halves of the same Rorschach pattern, the political process becomes meaningless -- an exercise in futility.

My message to all candidates in all parties: BE who you ARE -- don't try to appear to be whatever you think your audience WANTS you to be on any given occasion.

Hypocrisy and expediency both stink to high heaven.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Good advice, FreeThinker.
Why have two parties if they are identical?

The whole idea is absurd.


Ducky's here said...

Freethinker, the Rethug lost the election.

That's going to be the experience of the Palin wing of the party in perpetuity so why are you so choked up with glee?

Elmers Brother said...

for one duhkkky the conservative in New York only entered the race 3 weeks ago. Hardly a mandate considering the RINO backed by the RNC was the twin sister of the Dem.

So did Biden.

Unlike Biden who couldn't scare a crowd of more than 200 in upstate New York...Palin draws at least 10,000 an event.

Z said...

Great comments, all.

Ducky...keep living in that delusional world you love to hide in.
I know, the voters love Obama and his high taxes so THAT's why they voted for the Republican. Nice. :-)

Oh, and everybody? Re: Palin...I think this is a HUGE referendum for HER. The moderate Republicans aren't wanted anymore...the country's id'ing 2 to 1 conservative and they're not buying RINO's anymore, apparently. Once the idiot GOP and Michael Steele FINALLY open their eyes and see the truth (which they might have seen last night?), it'll be a Conservative take over again.

I never thought I'd see the day.

I'm proud of America today more than I've been in about 2 years.

Ducky's here said...

z, why do you associate Obama with taxes. He hasn't changed tax policy at all, other than to reduce withholding slightly. You seem to be parroting some talking point that has long since lost any meaning.

That the Republican Party would undergo some form of introspection after expansive losses last year was to be expected. But what makes the party's rightward lurch so destructive (and delightful to leftists) is that its leadership is bereft of any centrist voices, as virtually every moderate Republican has retired, been defeated, or has switched parties.

When policy stances are crafted by GOP congressional leaders, there are simply no moderate voices in the caucus room. You have a recipe for failure, enjoy.

Z said...

And I'm going to argue here with you, Ducky.

Or, maybe I'll just feel ENLIGHTENED BY YOU!! Oh, GOOD....the VAT is JUST a rumor, that $250K cutting point is the truth, and LET THE RICH PAY for the poor because the RICH DESERVE IT! (OOps...I believe the Leftwingers think THE POOR DESERVE IT in a nice way...but, let's face it, the WH thinks THE RICH DESERVE it in a pejorative way)

Ducky, relax. I'm not wrong. I'm just a huge America lover who believes in her people (even more after last night) and who understands most of us would rather start again than be in debt to China and at a loss to Russia because this dopey president with no experience didn't understand how VERY important our missile shields in Poland and Czech Rep. were....
In America, Ducky, it's considered bad taste to throw one's grandmother under the bus, or one's pastor, or one's friends..etc etc etc....It's MORE than bad taste to throw our allies under the bus.

You keep living in your delusional socialist utopian world; I'm sticking with America.

You obviously didn't read this from my last comment to you: "Oh, and everybody? Re: Palin...I think this is a HUGE referendum for HER. The moderate Republicans aren't wanted anymore...the country's id'ing 2 to 1 conservative and they're not buying RINO's anymore, apparently. Once the idiot GOP and Michael Steele FINALLY open their eyes and see the truth (which they might have seen last night?), it'll be a Conservative take over again."

I'm not the biggest Palin fan, but MAN, the leftwingers are SO afraid of her they must have polling numbers they're hiding (again)! Why else would your type, Ducky, publish nude pictures of a guy whose only fame in life is knocking up a Conservative politician's daughter? Now he's saying Palin degrades her little baby and the Morning Shows are ecstatic with it! The Left's in FULL TILT, DUCKY.........tsk tsk tsk.
Last night showed a Palin type CAN win. You know it...it's scary to people who admire courage and love of country more than Harvard educations, I know.

Rest easy....we'll be there for you, Ducky :-)

Ducky's here said...

... debt to China and at a loss to Russia because this dopey president with no experience didn't understand how VERY important our missile shields in Poland and Czech Rep. were....


How did we get from the balance of payment problem to magic missile? And what does that have to do with the fact that he has NOT raised taxes?

Z said...

Sorry, Ducky, threw you off there going off topic to show how untrustworthy and inexperienced the dope is, I guess...

Hasn't raised taxes? YOu hearing about the WH talking about a VAT? Do you know what that is? And, by the way, you think he's not taxing the rich more than they were?

Anonymous said...

MEE choked with GLEE?


But I am just teensy bit relieved to see that there is at least SOME Hope for Change WE could believe in.

Yet we must dig our ditches deep;
We've miles to go ere we may sleep --
And miles to go ere we may sleep.

"The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants ... it is its natural manure."

~ Jefferson

The Marxists are coming! The Marxists are coming!

"Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes."

Firm, united let us be
Rallying 'round our liberty.
As a band of brothers joined
Peace and safety we shall find."

~ Hopkinson (Hail, Columbia!)

The Spirit of '76 has lain dormant because of Marxist propaganda masquerading as scholarship and media-induced torpor. May it rise soon from its long slumber with renewed vigor, and once again smite the Serpent's Head -- and this time strike it dead.

~ FreeThinke

highboy said...

Ducky, he hasn't raised taxes because the proposals that would involve raising taxes, like his healthcare reform, haven't passed yet.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Z..how are ya girl?..NY sold out..arg!!!

Leticia said...

WHOOO-HOOO!! Way to go!!

Elmers Brother said...

hey at least they're going to tax medical devices...

so we got that going for us

Law and Order Teacher said...

My only concern is that if the Repubs are picking up steam, if they regain power will they revert to their Dem spending posture? Once burned, twice shy as they say. The Repubs must remember that they work for us and need to listen to the "Angry White Man" wing of the party.

Those pesky Tea Parties are really bothersome to those politicians who really don't want to listen to a bunch of uneducated citizens who don't really know what's good for them. I wonder if anyone is listening?

Chuck said...

Duck your right, the win in NJ means nothing. Throw that Dem under the bus because he lost, Gibbs is right there beside you pushing him under. The WH didn't waste any time distancing themselves from the Guv losers of both states.

FrogBurger said...

I see all the responses to Ducky. I'm glad I am not reading his comments. I must say it's making my life a lot more enjoyable than being pissed off by the parasite he is :)
I should create a browser plugin to automatically hide Ducky's comments so I don't have to make the visual effort to skip. I'm sure you'd love it too.

Actually I could create a webpage that would do that. I'll try. I could call it
www.nostupidducky.com :)

shoprat said...

It's a start. Hopefully it's the leak in the dam before it bursts.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

And duckling, don't forget that Obama simply needs to let the Bush tax cuts expire... and boom! Instant tax increase. Of course he didn't really raise the taxes but the net effect is the same. Higher taxes for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Aw! Ducky's not so bad. We've seen that he really does have a good heart in the way he reached out with honest sympathy to our hostess when the tragedy of Mr. Z's death occurred.

Besides, Ducky acts as a flywheel here. He's a constant reminder of what we don't find acceptable in political theory and practice, and that helps keep us balanced and focused in the right direction (pun fully intended).

It's not necessarily hateful to be wrong. Exasperating yes -- hateful no.

~ FreeThinke

David Wyatt said...

That was tremendous! Whoever it was that said we must not be complacent because this is a battle is exactly right! But let this give us fuel for the fight! God Bless you, Z!

Anonymous said...

I like Freethinkie's assessment of the New York 23. I like to think that this election sends more a message to the Republicans to the Democrats. The phrase "Choice not an Echo" comes to mind.

I agree with Z about Palin. I'm not sure she's the most conservative member of the GOP, but the media's disdain for her suggests she's doing something right. I sense a slight difference in the way the media covered personal lives of former VP candidates Palin and Edwards.

I'm not sure I buy Ducky on the taxes issue. Increased debt drives inflation, which is a subtle tax unnoticed (or at least its cause is unnoticed) by many. This applies to the Bush stimuls checks as well.

Have I been reading too much Ron Paul?


Dr. John said...

From a citizen of the Garden State, your welcome...