Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog

A very dear friend gave me this over the telephone Saturday, and I knew "That is my Sunday Faith Blog"...they ALWAYS 'write themselves'....

"I come to Thee, as one sick, to the Physician of Life,
unclean to the Fountain of Mercy,
blind to the Light of Eternal Brightness,
and poor and needy to the Lord of Heaven and Earth" Thomas Aquinas

photo by Mr Z

By the way... I just saw THIS information and, I wonder....On the subject of FAITH, do you think they'd allow an "Ask a Christian" or "Ask a Jew" booth at any American university, as they do the "Ask an Atheist" booth in the linked article?


DaBlade said...

I would think that a young college student with a skull full of liberal mush would refrain from a ridiculous stand like this when contemplating Pascal's Wager. I'd just wish them a Merry Christmas and move on. You make a great point though Z. No Christian displays or utterances would be allowed on campus.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt they there would be a booth "Ask a Christian" or "Ask a Jew", sadly. GREAT photo Mr. Z !!

Thanks for your Sunday Faith Blog!

Elmers Brother said...

as ALWAYS, a beautiful picture

The Merry Widow said...

Mr. Z, had the artist's eye. I so enjoy his photos...thanks for sharing them with us, Z!

As for colleges, the eduation depts. have done an excellent ob of dumbing down teachers and students...otherwise they would be able to think their way out of the atheist's soggy paper bag!
GOD bless and MARANATHA!

And Thomas Aquinas is correct, we need all of that to be done for us.

Brooke said...

Mr. Z took wonderful photos.

God bless; have a great Sunday.

The Malcontent said...

Wonderful post, Great job. And God Bless you.

da patriot said...

Often times I have heard others define religion as 'a way of life'. It is a belief system by which a person has ordered his life. I think that is a pretty accurate, general definition. People very often use the word in connection to a activities which another may be so dedicated to that he engages in it 'religiously'.

Many atheists are so immersed in the notion that there is no God that they feel compelled to promote the idea. It is simply not enough for them to chose not to believe, the feel they must go out into the world an spread the 'gospel' of atheism; that they have been commissioned to free the world from the bondage of Theism. Are they not on engaging in a form of religion?

When I was a boy, atheism was fairly a passive belief system. It has grown into an active, militant movement. Through their active promotion of what should be a passive belief system, they have created a religion and a god, the god of anti-theism.

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

We need Monday through Saturday faith. Perhaps you could supply that.

christian soldier said...

to the final question-NO - until we organize and are willing to take them to court ...

I.H.S. said...

Beautiful picture!

To answer your question, I doubt they would, but I would like to ask do we as True Christians really need to have an 'Ask a Christian Booth'? Shouldn't our lives be the only 'Booth' needed if we are truly Christian indeed.


Gramma 2 Many said...

No, but there would be a Ask a Muslim one.
I had an interesting dinner conversation yesterday with a woman I had just met. She told me she was raised a Republican, but when she went to college she realized she was truly a Damocrat and changed her party loyalties. Proudly voted for "O" and does not regret it.
This woman is now a teacher who is in turn indoctrinating someones children.
Love Mr Z's picture and thank you for sharing a little of him with us.

Jan said...

Beutiful picture, Z...Mr. Z was a true artist.

Some of the comments reminded me of something I once heard, or read.

"If you were hauled into court, and charged with Being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

I hope your day is filled with happiness--I know it is filled with wonderful memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Z - You have a wealth of beautiful photos by Mr.Z. We're all so fortunate that you share them with us. Thank you.

Not only would they not have an "ask a Christian" booth, it's my understanding the ACLU has finally sunk to demanding that crosses be removed from gravesites which are in Military Cemeteries.

There is no end to the assault on Christianity, and certainly a willingness to even desecrate a gravesite. They have no shame.


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Z, thanks for visiting my blog and for you comments. It brought tears to my eye, but then most everything does these days. I'm praying for you to have the strength to get through your trials. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi IHS, you're right in the practical sense. Christians don't need a booth. The question is, where does this censorship stop? Or will it?

If we don't stand firm against this sort of thing, is it not possible, eventually, this will descend into more than censorship, and attacking more than our symbols of Christianity?

There is a tenacity and vehemence which is growing behind this movement of anti-Christians which is alarming to me.

Christian Soldier - The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), and the Thomas More Institute fight this fight on a regular basis in court. They are always in need of donations. Money well spent IMO.


Z said...

Thanks, everybody, for your thoughtful comments.
Elizabeth, I'm so glad to meet you and thank you for your kindness.

IHS, yes we do need a booth, sadly. I know exactly what you mean, I really do, but without a booth, metaphorical or not, we're in trouble!

I heard Chuck Colson on TV last night; he has QUITE a group of Christians (Orthodox, Evangelical and Catholic) who've formed to demand the rights of Christians in America and darned if I can't think of the name now.
Somebody, please help, I know you saw that, too.

I'm going to look into that group...

My question was more irony; that the atheists CAN have a booth with NO problem, and Christians can't without having the ACLU breathe down our necks, as Pris so aptly described in her comment.

I.H.S. said...

Pris, the censorship will never stop. This is why I believe we as the church (true christians) must become more than what symbols define who we are.

Don't be alarmed with surge of anti-christian movements, because this is to be according to the scriptures. We are to be ready to defend what we believe wheter they let us put up booths or not.


David Wyatt said...

So true IHS!

Thanks again Z for a very uplifting Sunday Faith blog!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Z, the photos are beautiful. We'd love to see more on Sundays.

On another note, Christians again suffer at the hands of Muslims, this time in Egypt.


Z said...

thanks, David...this is a very tough day (they vary from tough to very tough) and so the comments here really lift me up.

IHS, I totally agree with you BUT I'd like parity....this might help:
I found the group I mentioned earlier: The Manhattan Declaration; here's a link

This is a group of Christians who'll be defending the rights of priests and pastors NOT to marry gay individuals, not to allow Fed funding for abortion, etc...They are going to STAND UP against the ACLU, etc. it's against the assaults against Christianity in America (who'd have thought?)

This is HUGE IF IF IF the media will get the information out.
It's fairly new, the NY Times did a piece on it but I can't get the link to open...if somebody can, please link it for me, thanks.

beamish said...

There's no such thing as an atheist.

Go ahead. Ask someone claiming to be an atheist to prove that he is an atheist.

Ask him to how to differentiate himself from someone who doesn't go to church but still believes in the existence of God, how we can tell him apart from any other someone that makes fun of the Pope yet still believes in the existence of God.

No one's been able to convince me that they're an atheist. Likely they're lying about it.

Atheists don't exist.

dmarks said...

In my experience, atheism is a most arrogant faith. I've met Christians and Muslims who are anxious to convert you to their faith, but it seems that a higher proportion of Atheists are such proselytizers.

Beamish asked:

"Go ahead. Ask someone claiming to be an atheist to prove that he is an atheist."

I've met plenty who easily do this, and are passionate about their faith.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who claims to be an atheist. When she was due to have heart surgery, I told her I was praying for her. She said, "I need all the prayers I can get".

Maybe there are no atheists in foxholes.

Btw, the patient today is fine, and back to her atheist stance.

It seems for some, God is a matter of convenience.


Anonymous said...

I believe in The Free Marketplace of Ideas, which would include the freedom to believe or not to believe -- and to proselytize for any and all points of view.

Our constitution not only permits this, it demands it.

The problem today is that political-correctness favors everything that is anti-Christian or non-Christian, and seeks special favor for views antithetical to Christian faith, while doing everything possible to suppress the open expression of Christian views and values in public.

I'll repeat what I said below, because I'm sure it applies to this post even more than the other:

I want to believe in my heart of hearts that no temporal organization or government-sponsored power bloc could possibly "kill God."

They may try, but sooner or later -- sometimes too much later in our limited view -- such forces will self-destruct.

No earthly power could oppose Almighty God and live.

However, God's concept of time is not ours. "A thousand days are in Thy sight but like an evening gone ..."

"Let nothing disturb thee
Nothing affright thee --
All things are passing.
Patient endurance
Attaineth to all things,
In whom God pleaseth
In nothing is lacking.
Alone God sufficeth."

~ St. Teresa of Avila

(as translated by H.W. Longfellow)

"May the peace of God which passeth all understanding keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ, Our Lord."

~ FreeThinke

Law and Order Teacher said...

It is obvious that Mr. Z had a zest for life. His photos are always all about the beauty of the earth. That's telling in that he in now with the Lord. The beauty of the earth is evident and we are all blessed to be here.

sue said...

z - I know that Mr Z is reading this.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Oh no Z, no Christian booths. No Jewish booths. But you can sure the kids on campus have probably tried it and been turned down, and then likely had their grades reduced.

A simply beautiful photo.

Z said...

I hope so, Sue. xxx

Susannah said...

Beautiful photography here, Z. I SO get the point about the 'rise of atheism & secularism,' but this is not new, only worse.

I did a Sunday faith post yesterday (the art of which, I observed from Mr. Z & you), & the topic was THIS VERY thing, b/c it was "Christ the King" Sunday yesterday. Does anybody even know what "Christ the King" Sunday is anymore? It was declared in 1925 by the Pope - get this - in reaction to the rise of atheism & secularism in Europe...

I for one, don't wish to follow the way of the Europeans - virtually Godless & socialist. Chuck Colson, et. al, are correct -- We have our rights too! But not if we don't fight for them!!

More power to ya, Z!

Anonymous said...

"...Be still and know that I am God..."

That's really all we need to do. Salvation is not "out there," it's inside each one of us and is determined by the decisions we make and the path we choose to follow.

It really doesn't have much to do with "Society" as a whole. Our political and philosophical enemies think in terms of changing whole societies and influencing whole cultures. That always ends in tyranny.

Christianity is in essence about our relationship to God as INDIVIDUALS. Christ Jesus said, "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."

What more do we need? "Society" at large never has and never will conform to the ideals we yearn for. Therefore, we must work out our own salvation. "Society" cannot and will not do it FOR us.

~ FreeThinke

Faith said...

Salvation is specifically a gift of God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, FT, which we receive by faith. His sacrifice blots out our sins, restores us to favor with God which was lost at the Fall in Eden, and opens to us a personal relationship to God and Christ that can be had in no other way. There is no other salvation. No one comes to God any other way.

David Wyatt said...

Beautifully said, Faith!!