Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans.....Z's blog salutes you....and she's a bit angry

A big salute to a group (here's the LINK) called ANGELS4SOLDIERS which would like the support of famous sports figures in paying for statues of a soldier with an angel on his shoulders (as if it's guarding over him) in every military hospital in America. You can see the sculpture/statue on their site. Here's a bit from the linked blog: We are asking for each American Professional Sports team to consider being ‘Sports Heroes to honor our ‘War Heroes’ by sponsoring one life-sized sculpture to be placed in each and every Military Hospital in America. The most common phrase I hear from Veterans regarding this sculpture is “If you’ve ever been in a foxhole, you know you have a guardian angel." This group feels that our soldiers think a lot of great sports teams and sports heroes and that if they see statues dedicated to them BY their favorite teams and heroes, that would be a great morale booster! See how you can help them out.......there's plenty of information on the blog. Elmer's Brother met the people involved in this and blogged on it...HERE..... He brought them to my attention and I, too, thought it would be a very worthwhile blog for Veteran's Day.

AND...Don't forget Applebee's Offer for TODAY, Vets........see THIS.

To all veterans...particularly those who blog and comment here..........THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, from the bottom of my heart. Mr Z was a great supporter of our troops and I am, too. God bless you ALL.

: I just saw THIS ARTICLE about a gunman who went into a school and held an assist. principal hostage with a disassembled shotgun over the fact, he says, that our servicemen aren't treated properly. You know where the media's going to go with this... It's not about this INSANE PERSON WHO'D THREATEN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, it'll be all about his gripe, that damned army, anyway....right? Add this to Major Hasan's cold blooded murder of 13 of America's soldiers at Ft Hood and see how the media's making this about WHY? and how it's PRE TRAUMATIC STRESS, and my goodness...that darned army, again....... Then read stories about families at home without their soldiers and what problems they've having (skip over the thousands of families adjusting just fine even in their great sacrifice) and the suicide rate's finally reached a tad more than civilian population, and well, WHY HAVE AN ARMY? Does any OTHER country's media highlight only the worst about their armed services? NO. But, America? SURE!! What the HELL is going on in this wimp country that doesn't know what should be addressed privately and what should be splashed all over every big city newspapers just to make a leftwinger's point about WAR?

I'm done now. Sadly, I think this great country is, too. End of rant. Happy Vet's Day, all those service people who can actually ignore this stuff and still stand tall. You're a better man than I am. Semper Fi.


Anonymous said...

The suicide rate for "young" Americans is much higher than that of Americans writ large. Gee, and the USA military is full of "younger" Americans....

Anonymous said...

btw - The perp had a son who was in the US Army. What did THAT have to do with anything?

Linda said...

Yes, thank you, veterans! God bless you!

I heard that Outback is giving a 'bloomin onion' to our soldiers and vets too!

Listen To Me said...

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served our great nation. Thank you for your courage and dedication. Thank you for our freedom.

Elmers Brother said...

Golden Corral is giving free dinners next Monday the 16th.

A day of remembrance, honor and thanks.

Rest in peace, Jeremiah Robinson and Austin Koth. Thanks for your sacrifice.

highboy said...

Well z, even the Fort Hood killings are going to be spun this way. "Look at what war is doing to our boys". There have already been opinions publicized in that regard.

Elmers Brother said...

Golden Corral Veteran Appreciation

FrogBurger said...

Big thank you to all verterans especially the ones that saved French butts in ww1 and ww2. God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

On this day of honor for Veterans, I wish to say thank you to all our Veterans, and God bless and keep you.

I hope we can fight the good fight here at home and come to deserve your brave sacrifices for America.


Anonymous said...

I thank you, veterans and your families, for the sacrifies you have made for me and mine.

It was never in vain.

David Wyatt said...

On this veteran's day, I too thank all of our brave & blessed veterans of all branches of service. God Bless you all.

And above all, thank our great Savior for the Ultimate Sacrifice He made that gives any who desire it eternal salvation from our sins & makes us right with God!

cube said...

May God bless the veterans and their families for their service to our country.

With this administration and the current state of our "free" press, our soldiers need all the help they can get.

highboy said...

It makes me warm and fuzzy to know my brother who is in Army Special Forces has a Commander In Chief like Obama that will make sure he's well equipped with a plastic butter knife while serving in Iraq.

Chuck said...

You know where this whole thing is going.

Hasan broke because...

the military is stressfull because...

of the Iraq War because...

of George Bush

Congress is going to investigate this. Anyone want to take bets on who's fault it all is?

Listen To Me said...

Get angry, get very angry!

Listen To Me said...

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The report has uncovered more of Obama's radical past and we will see
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An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
Winston Churchill

Law and Order Teacher said...

Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow veterans. You are what makes America great.

Z said...

LISTEN TO ME blogger? that'll never happen. I've been getting that email for months and it's NEVER ON FOX...don't tell too many people, it ain't gonna happen. Sorry.

So Odd that DUCKY didn't comment today. I guess Vet's Day is just too darned tough to swallow?

Elmers Brother said...

he was busy at FJ's Z.

Anonymous said...

We may only remain free if armed men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.

Our military personnel are not -- and should never be -- a corps of Social Workers -- or an experiment in Multiculturalism and Deviant Sex Practices.

In UNITY there is strength. In DIVERSITY we face certain death.

God bless the men who died to make us free throughout Eternity -- and damn those who seek to turn our modern armed services into a bunch of metrosexuals too limp-wristed to lift a pistol to defend themselves against maniacal killer run amok.

Our servicemen should carry ARMS at ALL times.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

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