Thursday, November 12, 2009

Muslim Death Penalty?

Major Hasan will be tried in Court Martial court, apparently. Today, the decision is almost certain that they'll ask for the DEATH PENALTY.

REALLY? YOU think that would be allowed to happen? He killed 13 innocent people, plus an unborn child...some are saying he killed 14 and I think they're probably right. Many saw him do this...there is NO DOUBT he did this. If he is sentenced to death, will the moderate Muslims stay moderate, stay mindful of his horrid act, stay mindful that Americans honor life over death, stay out of the streets? Will we see moderate Muslims on our side?

Death Penalty, huh? I heard this on the radio in the car and found myself involuntarily saying "As IF..." What do you think?



beamish said...

The military's courts are bound by the Uniform Code of Miltary Justice.

There is not much wiggle room for lawyer wrangling and plea bargains and "Chewbacca defenses" in a courts martial as in the civilian legal system.

They'll either shoot or hang this f*cker.

If we're lucky, we'll get to see it on TV too.

Jungle Mom said...

He's a traitor and a murderer so it must be the death penalty. Can we kill him 14 times????

Chuck said...

Push him out of the car in the middle of Fort Hood

Anonymous said...

What a pity he didn't just DIE when he was shot four times.

He should be DEAD -- not cluttering up our consciousness with his miserable, stinking presence.

As long as anyone of that ilk remains alive society is in danger.

~ FreeThinke

Miss T.C. Shore said...

You've asked some tough questions. As long as the military remains in charge of his prosecution and the administration stays out of it, I think he gets the death penalty. If the administration decides it's too politically risky to execute him and they get involved, he will not get the death penalty.

The second line of questioning is more tricky. Will moderate muslims revolt in the streets if he gets the death penalty. I think moderate muslims are becoming less and less moderate as time goes by. Or to put it another way, the number of radical muslims in the U.S. is on the rise. The Washington DC sniper was executed this week and there was not much reaction (if any) from the muslim community at large. But this incident is different.

I think that muslim violence in the U.S. is just getting started and will continue to rise until the U.S. starts to resemble Israel. The Ft. Hood killer's trial and punishment will be just another excuse for Muslims to commit violence, whether or not it actually directly incites violence.

Anonymous said...

"Will moderate muslims revolt in the streets if he gets the death penalty"

So much for the "moderates" among them. Actually...I hope they do...then the libbie scum will have heart attacks and choke on their bile.

Anonymous said...

If Hasan had died, we, and the families of the victims would have been spared this circus we see every day on TV.

I know someone who has been waiting for the killer of her son to be executed for sixteen years. She hopes it will happen before she herself dies.

We can only hope that this mass killer, this terrorist, will meet his fate sooner than that. Maybe military justice is more swift. I hope so.


Z said...

You know, you've gotta laugh when you see a guy do something THIS AWFUL, scaring the (@*$&(*#&$ out of even more people than he shot and the left NOT calling this TERRORISM.

Then, the biggest hoot is the lefties I've heard (pundits and dopes who call in talk radio) saying "he acted alone, SO IT CAN'T BE TERRORISM" Have you heard that?

What the ???
I didn't know that TERRORISM has to be done in multiples.....

I wish he'd died too, God forgive me, but the cop who shot him said "He was in our custody, it's our job to keep him alive."

THAT is the difference between America and Islamist countries. I'm starting to wonder who's the stupid one here, frankly. But, I'm angry and haven't the mental energy at the moment to consider what I said.....
na...I just considered it.
I'm right. :-)

DaBlade said...

He is a terrorist, plain and simple. The military uses a firing squad, right. I don't care what they call him in the end, just so they don't call him late for dinner in hell.

Always On Watch said...

Clearly, Hasan should be executed.

I hope that Beamish is correct:
They'll either shoot or hang this f*cker

Anonymous said...

I agree with TC … if President Obama’s signature is required on a death warrant, Major Hasan will escape execution. Obama will show him mercy so that when Muslim Obama dies, Allah will be merciful to him. Now as to moderate Muslims, if there are any, they are harder to find than unicorns.

If I’m not mistaken, the DC Shooter was a Black Muslim; they aren’t really Muslims. Farrakhan and his thugs (which include Jeremiah Wright) pursue black theology, modeled on Marxism. They may pretend to be part of the Islamic faith, but they are simply black gangsters dressed in veils of religion to hide and protect their true motives: death to whites/death to capitalism.

And with TC, I agree it is only a matter of time before the US begins to experience the kinds of terrorist attacks we find ignored by the press in Israel. The reason for this is simple: Muslim cowards love soft targets. They love blowing up buses of schoolchildren; murdering thirteen unarmed soldiers by shooting them in the back; walking into crowded malls just before major holidays and detonating themselves. I think it will happen, not only because of the availability of soft targets, but also because it would cripple our economy. Watch consumer-spending drop even more when people are afraid to go to the mall.

Now for those liberals who keep talking about the white/Christian backlash … I haven’t seen one yet. I don’t think we will see one, either. I mean, if there hasn’t been a repercussion against our Marxist president, why should Americans care about extremist Islamacists …


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you a dollar to a donut he's found guilty, sentenced to death, then Obama will commute his sentence. The President has to confirm all death sentences handed down in a case like this, and he won't.

Brooke said...

I agree at least partially with Hermit, although were I differ is that I believe that Obama will dither until the next president has to handle it.

'Moderate' Muslims will continue to do nothing/say nothing, and this will simply become yet another excuse for jihadists.

Ducky's here said...

The guy is permanently paralyzed. If you want to extract your pound of flesh give him life.

Couple of the Guantanamo crew are going to be tried in NYC, Holder is asking for the death penalty.

I am waiting for someone to say that in these cases the death penalty is a deterrent.

Z said...

Chuck, I'm with you.

It's very sad that the guy's now probably permanently paralyzed from the waist down....something I'm sure he hadn't counted on. I guess he'd have thought he'd become a martyr and lionized in the islamist community.

Ducky...islamists don't need deterrents..they WANT to die for killing Americans. It's like the ridiculous liberal harangue that America's caused COLLATERAL DAMAGE when our enemies LIVE for collateral damage.

Beamish...I hope it stays in the military courts...the left has pretty much decided for the world to see that Americans think this is one nutty muslim who just snapped because he'd seen too much action though he'd seen no action. I'm guessing they'll nail him for insanity. We'll be paying for a plush sanitarium for him........nobody cares anymore about the victims, it's all about AMERICA CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT..THEY FORCED THIS GUY INTO THIS CONDITION AND THE POOR MAN NEEDS UNDERSTANDING.

Hell, even Judith Miller's written in the LA Times agreeing with me.....imagine a liberal actually understanding? I wish she'd get hired by the Obama thugs to replace that Anita Dunne; whose absence I hope will reflect better on the kind of nasty PR the thugs have put out of the WH so far.

Jungle Mom...I hope so.

FreeThinker...what do you think of the NY venue for the terror trials? Even Jeffrey Toobin agrees there's some degree of danger to New Yorkers;

Folks..the Leftwinger journalists were REAL ticked that THEIR FAMILIES weren't getting the Swine Flu vaccination...remember? (By the way, I'm for the Gitmo monsters getting the vaccine forcibly ESPECIALLY if they use the Arabic word for SWINE when they're inserting it) :-)
The LIbs also might not like this venue for THEIR FAMILYS' SAKES.
AND Helen Thomas wasn't too pleased when she deemed the WH as the least transparent she's been in...since, who, Andrew Jackson? :-) (by the way, has anybody SEE her since she made those comments in the press briefings?)

I've been telling you it'll take the Leftwingers to finally show all of America they voted for a disastrous president and I'm thinking it's going to be sooner than later. It's hitting HOME to the lefties now, folks. hitting THEIR homes. THEIR jobs, THEIR pocketbooks.

TC, I think you're right about muslim violence just getting started but I hope you're dead wrong because we're simply not prepared mentally....we're still blaming US and the world knows that.

Matter of fact, I found it interesting that Eric HOlder this morning in his briefing found it important to mention that "This trial will be open for THE WORLD TO SEE and Americans to see..." Thanks, Eric. We're very concerned about how the WORLD sees us right now. Meanwhile, we're losing our country to socialism; THE WORLD is well aware of that...and what wusses we are in the handling of anything islamist.

Pris, I hope military justice is swift but I wouldn't hold my breath..'s extraordinary that Americans haven't revolted..yet....but I think danger to life and limb is more scary to them and that they will react to islamist terror here IF allowed to. I'd not put it past Obama to declare Martial Law if these things start here......tying OUR HANDS while the terrorists have a field day. All in the name of PC and being KIND TO MUSLIMS, dontchaknow.

Listen, People..we have a president who, in Turkey, said "one of the American presidents' responsibilities is to protect ISLAM AROUND THE WORLD" And nobody REACTED TO THAT!

ARE WE AS insane as HASAN?!!

beamish said...


In these cases, the death penalty is both a deterrent and a cost-effective alternative to keeping the murderer housed, clothed, and fed.

And, given that decomposing human flesh provides nutrients to the soil, the value to the environment far exceeds the cost of the bullet.

Anonymous said...

I predict that Hasan will get six months confinement, reduction in rank to captain, total forfeiture of all pay and allowances for six months, and a general (under honorable conditions) discharge. Later, liberals will restore to him his rights to hold elective office, and after serving the interests of Islam as a mass murderer of Christians and Jews, he will win election to the House of Representatives and, within a year of that, announce his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. I can’t predict if he’ll win however. Come on —be reasonable. It’s just that I can’t imagine the American people would elect such a slug to the presidency.

Oops ... wait a minute. They did.


Z said...

Sam, thanks for the smile. great comment

LASunsett said...

I say put him in the general population at Leavenworth. There are some real jerks there, but many of them would love a chance to beat him into a bloody pulp with broom handles, and other work-related instruments. (SEE: Jeffrey Dahmer)

It may be more paperwork for the prison staff, but think of the savings to the taxpayer.

LASunsett said...

//Push him out of the car in the middle of Fort Hood//

On second thought, maybe I should have read the comments before posting my suggestion. An even greater saving to the taxpayer, as the prison staff can be relieved of the mountain of paperwork that comes with an inmate death.

FrogBurger said...

Him dead would allow us to fight against global warming since he's emitting way too much CO2 and other gases.

Steve Harkonnen said...

If we're lucky, we'll get to see it on TV too.

WITH Kettle Korn.

We'll get Jungle Mom some unfrosted strawberry pop-tarts! hehehe

Steve Harkonnen said...

I hope the shooters dip their bullets in pig's blood for the firing squad.

The guy is permanently paralyzed. If you want to extract your pound of flesh give him life.

I'd like to extract a pound of something from him internally to cause great pain.

I'd like to see him drawn and quartered.

Anonymous said...

I don't UNDERSTAND the rationale for trying him in New York, Z. Will it be the NYC or somewhere less charged with vivid memories of 911?

Of course, NYC is the Belly of the Beast of anti-Establishment Intellectualism, fanatical Marxism, Anarchism -- a veritable haven for anti-Christian, anti-Middle-Class, anti-Family, anti-Capitalist, pro-Freaks-of-All-Kinds -- and the "home" of the UN.

Could the author of the Ft. Hood Massacre hope to find a more sympathetic venue in which to be tried?

Why else would Holder -- who has an obvious animus for Traditional American norms and mores, and a bias toward anything and everything that undermines all most of US hold dear -- arrange to have the trial there in the Belly of the Beast?

Obama & His Boys have done more to rekindle the ashes of racism and deep suspicion and resentment towards ethnic and religious minorities than anyone since W.E.B. Dubois.

Meanwhile, God bless Booker T. Washington! HE had it RIGHT. His thinking was CONSTRUCTIVE.

~ FreeThinke

Leticia said...

I vote for a public hanging. NO MERCY!

Anonymous said...

I am all for it...
Also I suggest the same for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his pack of animals..

Anonymous said...

Big words....lots of anger. Oh hum..and lots of bullshit. Words...that's all we do is utter useless hominems, threats, and rhetoric. Who among us is willing to take revenge..real action against the scum sucking murderers among us...who will be freed through libbie bullshit technicalities to wage more war agaunst us? Bill O'Reilly? Beck? Lou Dobbs?

Horseshit. They can live behind their guarded gated enclaves like rock stars...and it's you who have to deal with muslim realities...or organized illegal savages that can now vote.....Praise ACORN.

Hey..admit're all screwed.

beamish said...

Hey..admit're all screwed.

Thatll be the day.

I've never seen a ream of gun laws thick enough to stop a bullet. Have you? Do they wear law books under their shirts?

I don't understand why they'd want to sit down and talk now. They didn't listen when we said we were coming to kill them, after all.

Push the American people too far.

I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, the death penalty is the ultimate punishment. Deterrent or not. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this butcher because he's paralyzed?

He killed 14 human beings including an unborn baby, in cold blood. He deserves to die. End of story.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps surgically severing all four limbs from his body, and then tenderly feeding this helpless basket case a steady diet of pork products would be the most eloquent form of "condign" punishment?

Horribly uncivilized and un-Christian of me even to think such a thing, but if we did it VERY PUBLICLY –– just once or twice –– I'll bet it would act as one HELL of a deterrent.

When it comes to threatening problems like the growing menace of Islamic terrorism, I favor the UTILITARIAN approach. Just do whatever needs to be done to STOP IT once and for all.

~ FreeThinke

HoosierArmyMom said...

I agree with Mustang and Sunsett's last "problem solving/money saving" thoughts on this.

Today it was pointed out that Hasan's attorney may have put the ax to the "insanity defense" as he announced that he had him sign a "power of attorney"... which if he's insane, he can't legally do. Kind of hurts his case if insanity is what he wants to plea.

Anonymous said...

"but they are simply black gangsters dressed in veils of religion to hide and protect their true motives: death to whites/death to capitalism."

That, my friend describes all Mudslimes to a tee!

Who cares what color they are? They're all murdering scum. Whether they do it like Hasan or Atta or's in their's in their hearts, to kill us all...we infidels. And the sooner the silly libbie apologists understand that they won't be spared ( more than likely they'll be the first to go! ) And the sooner we realize that they are an organized muslim mafia...a different than the SS or Hitlers socialist / fascist movement..the sooner we'll organize and attack to defend ourselves. America will soon become an Iraq or Afghanistan before our eyes.

Z said...

what really shows the leftwinger naivite is that they actually believe having a REAL TRIAL out in the OPEN, revealing OUR GREAT AMERICAN SENSIBILITIES and GREAT JUDICIAL TRANSPARENCY is an example to terrorists!

Yup..they're going to think "My GOSH, America's so honorable..we should be honorable, too! Let's adapt Miranda Rights so, if WE arrest an American on the battlefield they can GET OFF if we DON"T read them to him! WOW, what wonderful people WE will be and we'll be loved the world over!! Hey, Ali, Nidal, Mohammed....put the guns down! These people are TRANSPARENT, SENSIBLE, THEY FOLLOW THEIR RULE OF LAW! Let's be like THEM"

it's astonishing.....these are people who'd kill us all for not being their religion and WILL....and the lefties think something along the lines of my paragraph above. WOW> meanwhile, it's this type of thinking in OUR commander in chief! This is REAL TROUBLE

Jess said...

we won't have to worry, he'll be killed in prison anyway. Should be interesting if in the name of avoiding a terrorist uprising, the federal government pressures the military to avoid a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

Probably the most dreadful punishment imaginable is knowing for SURE that you will have to spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE in a 6'x8' cell with nothing for company but a stainless steel sink-toilet combination. No TV - no visitors, no company, no reading material -- NOTHING but EXISTENCE -- a living death with no knowledge of when it will end.

The trouble with "life sentences" is that some "movement" or other might be able to get the sentence overturned or commuted -- or some corrupt politician like Bill Clinton, Eric Holder (surely a political appointee) -- or Barack HUSSEIN Obama -- will decide to PARDON the villain "for POLITICAL purposes."

The nice thing about DEATH is its absolute FINALITY -- as far as THIS life is concerned.

Society is safer when monsters like this no longer take in oxygen.

~ FreeThinke