Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VOTE, New Jersey, Virginia and New York!...with an update

Don't stay home! Call friends, tell them why they must vote Conservative. Volunteer to pick them up.....you can be sure ACORN's picking up voters from the other side! And, then there's THIS to combat. VOTE!
By the way....Yahoo STILL had THIS STORY on Monday night...they ran it on and off all day long, making sure people know that a Republican win won't really help the Republicans much (see my blog post below). Boy, the leftwingers are so nervous.

UPDATE TUESDAY MORNING: There's THIS on Associated press. I thought.......didn't they just say...........oh, well. I thought Republican wins didn't matter?


Anonymous said...

Amen to this post...

Always On Watch said...

I was at the polls here in Virginia as soon as they opened. And there was a line! I hope that the line, rare for an off-year election, bodes well for the conservative candidates.

This evening, as much trouble as it will be, I'll take Mr. AOW to the polls via handicapped taxi. He's determined to vote in this important election -- one which is, in essence, a referendum on the BHO administration.

Always On Watch said...

From this article by Dana Milbank in today's WaPo:

This year, Democrats are determined to assert that the elections are not a referendum; this is because they expect to lose. Republicans, who expect to win, are pro-referendum....


Obama aides have been so determined to protect their boss from referendum fever that they began leaking accusations a couple of weeks ago that Creigh Deeds, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, was in bad shape because he had ignored the White House's advice.

That last paragraph helps to explain the AP article linked in this posting.

FrogBurger said...

I hope it turns out good, especially in VA, which is a beautiful state I love dearly and cannot be Liberal. I'm proud of your husband, AOW. Give him a hug for me.

Opus #6 said...

AOW, that line sounds great. Thanks for the info.

Z, good post.

Ducky's here said...

Well Corzine is no prize so it's tough to get too excited if he loses but that's the one that matters.

The upstate New York seat hasn't gone to a Dem since Lincoln and Virginia has been back and forth and will stay on the fence but a Republican win in New Jersey would be a warning.

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans can pull off a win in New Jersey, all I can say is watch out, Mr. Obama.

It took a lot of plotting and dirty tricks to pull off the wins in Virginia , back during the 2008 elections but onwards and upwards.
At least the people in some states are teachable.


Ducky's here said...

Virginia isn't a big deal ... they're notorious for counter incumbent party voting in off federal election years.

New York is nothing, keep an eye on the gay marriage vote in Maine.

Z said...

The 23rd cong. race is, to me, the most important in terms of effect. At least it's CONGRESS, whose votes count.
Even if Corzine wins, it's because he had $24 million in this race and Christi had $8 million. NONE, even FOX, of the cables or networks have mentioned that in the latest discussions about why Corzine's sneaked up in the polls the last few weeks after being severely behind. I think that is a huge part of why Corzine could win....

Either way, it already bodes badly for Obama; If Corzine loses, it's clear that there's something abrew in Obama's ratings or, at least, against the ridiculous leftwing agenda. Even CNN this morning said that Obama voters aren't coming out in droves like they did in 2008 for him; if Corzine wins, it'll be a REAL squeaker, which speaks volumes to the aforementioned statement AND to how MONEY TALKS. How sad for America.

I had to laugh at the Dem from NY....today, he's talking about this being "against Bush". Are they EVER going to grow up and accept any criticism or blame? I'm thinking even New Yorkers are asking "What the......?"

AOW, I believe FOX was saying that many of the VA precincts were ghost towns.......which bodes well for the Republican. pray hard, folks

shoprat said...

Sadly I am not acquainted with anyone to encourage, but I still will be watching.

Anonymous said...

I expect, if Christie eke's out a narrow win in NJ, it will end up in court. Or to put it another way, he could be Frankened or ACORNED, or both!

In VA, the Republican campaigned against Obama's and the democrat's policies. I think he's headed for an out and out win. Too big to steal.

In the 23rd district in NY, Hoffman also campaigned against those policies.

To me this is important because this candidate was not picked by the Republican Party. If Hoffman wins, it sends a message to the Party to wise up and realize conservatives matter and it's time they realize winning depends on a bold difference between the far left and conservatives. What it requires is leadership.

Z is right, this is a congressional seat, and every single one is important.


FrogBurger said...

It's a wonderful night, tonight. My faith has been restored.
Let's drink champagne! I just hope the GOP will get its stuff together now and not be wishy washy about conservative values.