Monday, November 2, 2009

Just in case Republicans win Tuesday

The Associated Press article HERE warns that Republican wins Tuesday night on the East Coast (you know the ones....) won't really be any big deal.....winning isn't going to help the Republicans, according to the Left. (They'd be CROWING about the losses to the Republicans if the polls showed that today, of course). The article talks about "a the lack of a national leader and a shrinking base in a changing nation." Wow, I'd certainly not call the Tea Party a 'shrinking base'...I'll agree it's a changing nation, however. Which is PROBABLY why the Republicans will pick up steam. Very few Americans go for Socialism and a lying White House.

They can warn of 'no national leader' all they want; but, really, the Republicans have to know that anybody they get behind now will be so pulverized in this new agenda-driven American media that it's better to wait as long as possible. The problem is our 'huge tent' that the leftwingers like to's so obvious now they really can't deny this anymore.

In the article, Rush Limbaugh's quoted as saying "The Republican message is sort of muddied. What do they stand for? Right now it's opposition to Obama."

Let someone come out who's a REAL CONSERVATIVE who talks low taxes and I'm thinking 2010 looks pretty darned sweet for America with Conservatives taking her back to her constitution; away from anti-capitalism and presidents who think PROFIT is a bad thing!! Opposition to Obama will be just the thing, no matter who we pick. You can always count on the AP to warn America THEIR WAY.



shoprat said...
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shoprat said...

Better to look a bit and find the right leader than climb on to a bandwagon that leads to nowhere like the Donks just did.

Previous comment had a horrid typo in it.

Brooke said...

Ah, AP. They are in full blown panic mode!

Chuck said...

Funny how every off year Democratic win was an indictment of Bush.

I think NY 23 is irrelevant. The GOP has controlled this district forever.

I don't even put a lot of stock in the VA Governors race, poor candidate on the Dim side and a state that runs a little red is not a big win.

With all of that said, if the GOP sweeps most of these races, it has to reflect on Obama.

The NJ race though is big. Even a close loss by the GOP is not a good sign for the Dims. A win for the GOP would be a bomb going off.

DaBlade said...

"...the GOP's ranks are thinning: Only 32 percent of respondents called themselves Republicans in a recent AP-GfK survey compared with 43 percent who called themselves Democrats."

What about quoting from the recent poll clearly showing the overwhelming majority identifying themselves as conservatives?

Tom said...

Hope that people see that the road the Dems are taking us down isn't the right one, and vote accordingly.

Leticia said...

Let us hope that people have seen the light and will vote "no" to socialism.

At this point, the GOP needs some very strong conservatives who will not back down or give into Democratic pressure.

Chuck said...

Z, I read the AP article and something caught my eye. It made me mad enough to write a post for the morning. I work tomorrow and so did the morning's post today.

Did you catch the "angry white face of the party" bit?

Z said...

oh, good news...DaBlade's link is a must-see.

Chuck, I just read the article again on your prompting "Angry white face..", huh? I glossed over that part the first read...good catch.
Odd that there are a lot of beautiful BLACK faces waking up to THE ONE, huh? ..BLACK Americans who love this country and disdain socialism and the lies and obfuscation in the WH. ANGRY WHITE FACES....BITE ME (sorry, but...) I"ll be looking at your post tomorrow; I just haven't had the energy to visit blogs since I lost Mr. Z, but I'll try to make it to yours to see your take. Thanks.

Brooke..Full BLOW PANIC MODE because someone promised the leftwingers Obama's election would be the END OF AMERICA would be just another third world country like the far left desires, including Obama........Yup, they're NOT HAPPY, and I assert that, had Soros waited just ten more years, enough America-loving older people would have been dead by then and they really COULD have taken this country over without the fight we're giving them now.

Tom and Leticia, from your lips to God's ears! xxx

Shoprat...I'm with you. Plus, as I wrote in the post...if the Republicans come up with a winner now, the leftwing media will SKEWER, DEMEAN and ROB that person of every shred of dignity and I think the GOP knows that.

I'm just dreading a third party candidate on OUR side in 2010 because I don't believe they'll ever be able to win and that's about the only way we'll lose ... I think that the leftwingers might be backing a Conservative third party candidate; look at that nut Scazzofava or whatever her name is......think about it!

Chuck said...

Z, trust me when I say we all understand you not being around. Take care of yourself.

Steve Harkonnen said...

We're leaving the house @6am tomorrow and heading to the Valley VoTech Center to vote. Afterwards we're going to breakfast somewhere.

Steve Harkonnen said...

But of course, we're voting for McDonnell.

That idiot Creigh Deeds, I hope he gets passed over. We don't want higher taxes in Virginia!

Anonymous said...

"I think NY 23 is irrelevant. The GOP has controlled this district forever."

I can't agree Chuck, every race is relevant, and I'll tell you why. What has happened in that 23rd district is the grassroots tea party movement.

Tea party patriots all over the country donated money to Hoffman. Many are there in NY, to work for him.

So, even if Hoffman should lose, we still showed we had some muscle. If he wins, well, we have Obama and his far left sycophants to thank for getting us off our duffs, and doing something. If he wins it's a victory for the grassroots.

Every conservative win is huge, and every shot across the feckless Republican bow, is to be reckoned with, to get their attention and to listen to us.

We are not a monolithic group, we are Americans first and all that means. Wherever there's a Republican primary, next year, the conservative will get our support.

Scozzafava was a Specter or Snowe liberal Republican. She was for card check, the stimulus, and was considered more liberal than the Democrat in the race. She was running third.

If you need to know anything else, yesterday she threw her support behind Owens the Democrat, after pressure from the White House. Some Republican huh?

We can say any race is irrelevant, and drift, and complain, or do something to take this party back, or we can watch while a weaker third party crops up and splits the votes while the left slides through.

We took it back under Reagan while the Republican hierarchy moaned and worried, and rode his coat tails. This time we the people will find a leader which will emerge, just like then.

Only this time, we'll be more engaged and active. Right now, next year is what's important. Every race matters, especially in the House.


WomanHonorThyself said...

ARGGGG!!!..NY is full of me ..I'm here!

Anonymous said...

"that there are a lot of beautiful BLACK faces waking up to THE ONE, huh? ..BLACK Americans who love this country and disdain socialism and the lies and obfuscation in the WH. ANGRY WHITE FACES.."

Sorry...but the facts bear out that there's as many blacks that hate America as there are muslims that feel the same way. Show me these millions of "moderate well as those millions of muslims who've attended the tea parties protesting the socialism and islamism that's taking this country on a long sad ride. They all amount to taking a piss in an ocean. And many of us are way too naive in thinking that we can rally these disaffected American haters into the bosom of love and patriotism that we professes here. It's all horseshit and all one need to do is take a look at the parasites in Acorn, the Naacp, SCLC and Cair...along with hundreds of other anachronisms that call for our demise.

Don't be so stupid and passive people. Wake up...we're at war and you don't even realize it.

Look around...everyday we see muslim fanatics plotting, planning our destruction. How many murders of innocent Americans are acceptable to you? Before you realize who the enemy really is. It's so ridiculous to look at muslims and say.."but they're all not terrorists". Bullshit again....they all are. Until they prove otherwise. How dumb and gullible we've all become. Because we really want to believe that there's some good in animals whose "religion" calls for our demise.

I believe we're on the precipice of our total annihilation...unless we act.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I guess the AP has a real problem with white faces. The guilt they feel for all real or imagined faults with America, so fogs their perspective that a fair story is impossible.

If my white face is angry it's because of the out of control government we have and the fact that I am about to be punished with higher taxes for being successful. Add the health care fraud bill about to be rammed down our throats and yeah, I'm angry.

Opus #6 said...

AP is running scared. I see it as a positive sign.

It brings me back to the days when Reagan was running for office. I was in high school, but I still remember how he was ridiculed for being a "B" actor at some point in his career. They failed to mention that he did a great job as Governor of California. Only talked about his goofy chimp movies.

They were wrong, He was a great president. The American people ignored the left wing media and will do so again. Sorry, AP.

Anonymous said...

"Look around...everyday we see muslim fanatics plotting, planning our destruction."

Anonymous, did someone here say anything about muslims? To be sure that's a threat, but we're talking about the election.

Surely you're not equating the majority of black people with muslims are you?

I'm not sure about exactly what you're saying.

I do agree we are at a precipice. It's essential we work to get true conservatives into office. That's the only way to stop this leftist train.

At the same time, we need to be vigilant regarding Islam and their goal of world domination. However, let's not conflate black people with the Islamic threat.

That would be an overstatement of the facts. Most black people are Christians. Be fair.

Regarding muslims and terrorists, I do believe if Islam were to get an upper hand, muslims would go along to survive.

This post however is not regarding terrorists and their ongoing goal, it's regarding politics and the fight to retain conservative values within the Republican Party.

Btw, may I ask, Anonymous, while you criticize those of us here as passive, and stupid, what are you doing to make a difference? Anything?


FairWitness said...

Z, we already have such a leader...

Her name is Sarah "Baracuda" Palin.

Chuck said...

Pris, poor choice of words on my part. I did not mean irrelevant. Saying it would not be as shocking as New Jersey would be more appropriate. The conservative candidate would be expected to win so it would not be a surprise.

Good point on the role tea party movement. I think where this is more telling is that the GOP candidate stepped aside because she was not getting the numbers in a right leaning district.

The media likes to call this a civil war in the GOP. I see it as more of a shot across the bow of RINO's. Kind of drawing a line in the sand.

Z said...

Anonymous....I'm not sure how we went from SOME BEAUTIFUL BLACK FACED CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS to MUSLIMS, but .......

I couldn't agree with you more on the muslim situation; until their people start marching in the millions protesting the hate and destruction some of their own thrive on, we're doomed; and we are NOT allowing ourselves to take action because of liberal political correctness.

Chuck, thanks for understanding..I REALLY appreciate it. I find myself taking a list of errands in the car, doing ONE, and my car drives itself home. Grief is exhausting....and it's really a minefield. Anyway, enough said.
I think you're right about the RINO line; that's why I said WE are the BIG TENT party, much as the Dems don't like to admit it..we are the ones with different vibrant viewpoints, not the leftwinger lockstep mentality. least Sarah's already HAD the bashing the media's given here; anybody knew needs to hang on for a very bumpy ride. O'Reilly (man, that man is insufferable sometimes) had a poll on tonight.."who'd beat Obama....sara palin, romney, huckabee or gingrich?". I shuddered.....who, indeed. Gingrich supported the GOP woman in the 23rd in New Jersey!! He's a PARTY MAN, folks ,as smart and good on some topics as he is. Romney may not be able to win because of nutty Christians (sorry, but that's how I feel), Sarah has an awful lot of work to do to get enough independents on her side, and Huckabee is on video saying "We need to bring America to Jesus" long do you think the mainstream media'd wait to show THAT to America? Or, maybe they'd let the Republicans hang themselves...showing that only two days before the national election in typical Democrat evil manner.

Opus....I hope you're right.
L&0...we're all very angry and we deserve to be.

Pris, you make excellent points again....we are NOT ignoring muslim terror.

Anonymous said...

"The media likes to call this a civil war in the GOP. I see it as more of a shot across the bow of RINO's. Kind of drawing a line in the sand."

Chuck - I do too. I see what you meant as it not being as shocking as New Jersey. Yes, for New Jersey it would be more like an earthquake!


Z said...

Pris, this would be the ONE TIME I'd welcome an earthquake anywhere!

Soloman said...

My humble opinion? Who cares about the RNC - it's Conservatism that is making a comeback, and the RNC can either get on board or get out of the way and be a thing of the past.

@ Chuck.. respectfully, NY23 is extremely relevant because that district voted for Obama last year, and the RNC has controlled that district forever.

That was a 2-person race between a couple of people supported by ACORN, who were both pro-stimulus, pro-bailout, et cetera..

They're (the RNC) getting it handed to them by a bunch of real people - not the usual suspect big money corporate donation lists - who care more about principles than toeing a party line.

NY23 will be a watershed moment if Hoffman wins, and is already significant just because of the presence Conservatives have shown.

Rachel Maddow was spinning tonight on MSNBC trying to play down the significance, just like Frank Rich in the NYT, just like this AP article Z points out to us.

Limbaugh and Beck being defined as the "angry white face of the party" is the real racism in this nation, and many people are starting to see that as the truth.

Ducky's here said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the muslim situation; until their people start marching in the millions protesting the hate and destruction some of their own thrive on, we're doomed; and we are NOT allowing ourselves to take action because of liberal political correctness.


Take action? You mean a pogrom?

Just what is meant when the far right starts to talk about "taking action"? I know it's a rhetorical question but I'm curious that you haven't, at least internally. Other than getting bogged down in Afghanistan and putting our impotence out there for everyone to see, what is the plan?

cube said...

The left may say that republican
gains today won't be an indictment of the Obama administration, but if the democrats have big wins, it will be a reaffirmation of the Obama administration *gush* *swoon*

Bad spin for us. Good spin for them.

Ducky's here said...

NY-23 assuredly scares the GOP leadership more than it does the Dems, because Dems are not the party engaged in a Stalinist purge.

Us dirty lefties might put up primary challengers, but we tend to focus on safe districts and not on 3rd party challengers. Hoffman might caucus with the GOP, but the message his victory will send to the crazed wingnuts is that they need to abandon the GOP in order to A)get rid of RINOs and B)win elections.