Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Body Language....TWICE

What in the (@#$&*(@#$ is THIS? As HotAirPundit says so wisely..."This is what happens when you take an entry level employee and make him CEO." GeeeZ, to be fair, maybe he ISN'T a muslim after can anybody forget he bowed this low to the Saudi King (anybody but Robert Gibbs, of course). Funny that the only person he doesn't seem to have bowed to is the Queen, who DOES get bowed to. Man, does this look stupid. Anything to put America BELOW everybody else, I guess.

And then there is this: Can he just pretend he reveres this country ONCE? Vet's Day 2009


Chuck said...

I think there are 2 issues here and you hit them both.

He is embarrassed by the United States. It shows in his apology tour, his bowing to other countries, his shuning of traditional allies.

Second, he is grossly unqualified to be President. He is simply a fish out of water.

Always On Watch said...

Is BHO totally ignorant about protocol? Surely he isnt' by now -- after the dust up about his bowing to the Saudis.

In my view, BHO is trying to say, "America is no better than your country. America needs not be a sovereign nation. Let's have one world government. And I'm da man to get that done."

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Let me ask you a question. Let us suppose you sat down to dinner with a very affluent family. Suppose this dinner consisted of multiple courses with as many different pieces of silverware to boot.

Would you know precisely which piece of silverware to use for each course/item?

The majority of people wouldn't. Hell, I wouldn't.

This is the same thing here. Would you think that the president would take a moment to learn the proper protocol or procedure? Sure you would but to make an issue out of such a trivial and mundane thing such as this or his teleprompter or dog is juvenile.

Let's stick to the meat and potatoes and the substantive issues.

Anonymous said...

There's no UN flag... so what's the problem?

So much for the "protocol" excuse.

Anonymous said...

ps - Hand over heart isn't that difficult to remember sbg. Even an international socialist ought to be able to learn it.

Z said...


What American do you know needs to be taught to salute or put his hand over his heart for OUR FLAG? This should be instinctual IF you love this country.

The fact that Obama seems ignorant of these things is so important and absolutely reflects on 'substantive' issues! It means everything when you have a president who doesn't seem too keen on his own country! Look at his decisions and look at him weakening us all over the world by appeasing.

Anonymous said...


Are you serial or deliral? He's the CIC and you'd think that he has as much access to Ms. Manners as you do. BTW...brush up on your dinner's from the outside to the inside. Of course with barry zero....he'd use his fingers as he was advised to do.

BTW...the Japs were utterly embarrassed and called him a dope...OK?

Anonymous said...

Time to remove Eridick Holder and in 2010 start impeachment proceeding against the "Magic Negro"

Anonymous said...

Soapbox, don't act like a fool.
We would know what silverware to use for each course/item.

I would and I'm NOT the President of the World!
Don't make excuses for this A-hole

Anonymous said...

There was a time, not so long ago, America bowed to no one. It was a display of strength and pride.

If we pay attention to Obama's approach to America, we see he disdains most American traditions, and protocols. I guess that's the "change" he was talking about.

We don't hear "God bless America" anymore do we?

The second picture show's Obama with what I have seen called, "the crotch salute". He can't seem to bring himself to honor America in any way.

Soapbox - It may not matter to you how our President represent's us. The fact is, when he is in public at any event, he represents our people, not himself.

I have heard the excuse for civil trials for the 9-11 five, to be to show the world the US can have a fair and open trial.

Isn't putting on a show for the world, symbolism? Doesn't this ignore the "meat and potatoes" of the reality of the risk and practical ramifications?

Do you object to holding prisoners in Gitmo? If so, do you prefer the symbolism of holding them in the US, or the "meat and potatoes" of keeping dangerous terrorists, our enemies, outside our borders?

If this President, the CIC, can't bring himself to salute the flag, or put his hand over his heart on Veteran's Day, it says alot. He knows the protocol. He just refuses to follow it.

He sure as hell doesn't represent me, or most Americans. Symbolism can be important, it's what's behind it and what it portrays that matters.

I find your analogy of comparing Obama's disdain for America, to what silverware to use at a formal dinner, ludicrous. If you can't do any better than that, you ought to climb down from that soapbox.


Z said...

The Japanese found this as embarrassing as WE DO? Can someone link that? I'm not at all surprised.
It looks utterly ridiculous, absolutely STUPID.
To THINK of an AMERICAN PRESIDENT bowing and scarping to other countries...but, we have to REALIZE this IS HOW HE FEELS.
We are 'only America', a country which doesn't deserve to thrive..hell, this is a president who says "FOR PROFIT" as if other presidents said "COMMUNISM"... with such disdain.

He is an America Killer and we have to realize that and try to prevent as much killing as possible...stop the health care bill, stop C&T, stop bowing and scraping metaphorically AND literally...stop stop stop.

ERR ON OUR SIDE, "Mr President", that's what you were hired for...not running is into the ground.

Z said...

Pris, you're so right on everything..

Right is Right...good points. And, they always say "If you don't know which fork or spoon, look around you and see what others are doing"
Maybe Obama didn't pay enough attention to past presidents who loved this country because perhaps, metaphorically, he could have picked a little up about what fork to use. I'll be he knows what bong to use.

American presidents always have Chiefs of Protocol, does this one, by the way? Seriously...I've never heard one mentioned.

Chuck, grossly unqualified is right.

Always...Wouldn't you THINK he'd have never considered bowing again? But, he cares NOT what anybody in THIS country, he's so bent on lowering us into a Third World country that this fit exactly that kind of thinking.

Anonymous said...

This is OT but I have to say, today the President is lecturing China on allowing the Chinese people freedom.

Allowing them to freely use the internet, and freedom of dissent etc.

Is something wrong with this picture?

President Obama who is willing to sign a healthcare bill which would fine/throw people in jail if they don't buy healthcare insurance is lecturing on freedom?

How about the plan from the fcc for "net neutrality"? The "Fairness Doctrine"?
Hate speech law?
Fines/jail if you don't answer all the questions on the census?
A rationing board for healthcare, which was quietly included in the stimulus bill and passed?

I guess freedom is in the eye of the beholder, and what I see is not freedom.


Anonymous said...

"I'll bet he knows what bong to use."

Z, thanks, and I love this line. Too funny!


David Wyatt said...

If this man is embarrassed of the USA, then the feeling is certainly mutual. Throw the bum(s) out!

Anonymous said...

The Ultimate Objective of the moguls, industrial titans, international bankers, controllers of natural resources and raw materials, etc. who pull all the strings behind the scenes [George Soros is but thee tiniest tip of an IMMENSE iceberg] is to destroy the very concept of national sovereignty for the USA -- and the entire world.

The idea is to reduce all peoples to a universal lowest common denominator ostensibly to promote Fairness. Economic and Social Justice and World Peace.

The truth behind this high-toned agenda is, of course, to maneuver every individual into a position of helplessness and utter dependency on whatever the cabal of mutually-appointed Oligarchs decides to hand out.

Today's "intelligentsia," whose thinking has been ruthlessly and craftily honed and corrupted for several generations by the Cultural Marxists, who infiltrated and then came to control the universities, the public educational system, and the entertainment industry, is completely sold on obliterating religion, individualism, specific cultural traditions, and all the norms that formerly guided us.

The confusion, perplexity and disorientation most of us feel at the way politicians handle problems has been very deliberately planned. Creating an atmosphere of disorientation is an excellent way for an apparent "savior" to grab control and create a totalitarian regime.

Obama is in my opinion just a puppet for far darker and more dangerous powers that lurk in the shadows.

I'm sorry to say that WE DO NOT HAVE a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC anymore. It's foundation has been eroded and hollowed out by the Marxist-Internationalist termites who've been gnawing away for at least a hundred years.

Beware of those with Grand Schemes to Do Good. Almost invariably they become servants of Satan.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

FT -
I couldn't agree more.

Just last night I saw that Al Gore, about to give a speech, was introduced as "President of the planet". Good grief!

All I know is our country is being sold out by the international power brokers and they're using the hoax of "climate change" to to "sell" it.

At this point, no one has emerged to stand up for our country, and tell us the truth. I suppose if anyone did, he'd be pushing up daisies before too long.

In any case, I agree with Glenn Beck, when he says freedom is in our DNA. I don't think we'll "go quietly into that good night".


Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't you THINK he'd have never considered bowing again?"

And that he'd know / learn that it is NOT required to BOW to other heads of state?
Heads of state are equal to each other...peers. In addition his bow while reaching out to shake hands is definitely wrong. If he were to follow Japanese tradition...the bow would be at the waist WITHOUT extending his hand in a western handshake. Dumbass po boy from chicago.

PSI Bond said...

During his first eight months in office, Obama has exhibited his admiration for dictators and disdain for our allies. He offended the Queen of England and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. He praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega, kissed Socialist Hugo Chavez on the cheek and endorsed the Socialist Evo Morales of Bolivia. He sided with Hugo Chavez and Communist Fidel Castro against Honduras, a country that followed its constitution and stopped its president from illegally turning himself into that country’s dictator. Obama announced that he would meet with Iranians with no pre-conditions, while they’re building their nuclear weapons.

Z said...

Pris, a bigger problem than Gore's stupidly being called PRESIDENT OF THE PLANET is that he doesn't get up and say "Please, folks....I have a calling for what I'm doing, I am not the president of anything."

(Of course, I think he's a moron wasting his time and OUR MONEY by not listening to even Lord Monkton who was his partner in this global warming fear mongering but has finally seen the light along with thousands of other scientists who've not been invited to GLOBAL WARMING CONFERENCES, but I digress..)

It's like Obama not going on television and saying "The sycophancy toward ME in our schools must STOP. This presidency is about moving America forward, not Barack Obama" (but, I think he's not quite on track with that way of thinking...:-)

PSI Bond said...

As I have posted elsewhere, “it is the body language, stupid”. When a head of state bows before another head of state in such a craven, cowardly, appeasing manner, then he or she is sending a signal of submission to that other head of state, he or she is indicating that the other head of state is in fact superior to that person.

The signals that were sent both in Saudi Arabia and now Japan are enough to make people feel even less safe, because they are signals that are being picked up by the leadership of countries that have been our enemies for a very long time (think Russia, Iran, etc). The Arabs would not look kindly on the craven sniveling bow, unless of course they read into it that Obama was surrendering the USA to Sharia law. Fortunately the Japanese are no longer war hawks. In Japan, prior to the second world war, the Emperor was seen as a god, a divine being, and it was customary for the people to bow down before the emperor and not look him in the face, but that is the people of Japan, not the head of state of another country.

Some people have posted pictures of all the other heads of states and their greetings with the Japanese emperor. In every single case there is a shake of the hand, there is direct eye contact. With Obama there is no direct eye contact. That in itself is very telling. Mind you he never makes eye contact with the cameras when he is public speaking either.

It was disgusting to see the US President…perhaps unintentionally…demean himself in the presence of the Japanese Emperor. A discrete, mutual and exactly-equal simultaneous nod of heads between Heads-of-State is all that was needed or acceptable as a gesture of mutual-respect and regard. The Obamaessiah groveled like a Imperial Palace servant of the lowest-rank. But maybe, it's because he has a natural reaction tendency to bow as he was trained to do in meeting with George Soros.

He thinks the charm of his aura will paper over any gaffes. The Japanese emperor looked rather startled, as if Obama had done a backflip and then approached walking on his hands. Great job, President Clown.

All I can say is what an incredibly craven fool…. he has no wisdom, none whatsoever.

Brooke said...

BHO is utterly despicable.

Jungle Mom said...

He can't be that ignorant so he must be stupid.

Leticia said...

He'll bow down to other worldy leaders, but just can't seem to find the energy to place his hand over his heart when it comes to honoring his own nation. Of course, we all know, he travels the world apologizng for the nation he is supposed to represent.

shoprat said...

He's not supposed to revere America, America is supposed to revere him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pris, for your understanding. There is a much larger issue at stake than the superficial mannerisms and foolishness of BO.

Brooke, he is neither ignorant nor stupid, instead he is the willing servant and tool of Pure Evil.

Lucifer was supposed to have been the brightest and most beautiful of all God's angels.

Satan often does his worst by beguiling the innocent and ignorant with seductive blandishments, clever sophistry and CHARISMA.

The Devil does not show himself with horns, a tail and cloven hooves. Neither does he wear a tight fitting red suit and carry a pitchfork. The Master of Deceit and Corruption would never be that obvious.

That's why he is so deadly dangerous.

~ FreeThinke

FrogBurger said...

I want him to bow to Sarkozy so Sarkozy can punch him in the face without jumping :)

FrogBurger said...

BTW he only bows to Eastern world leaders. Not the Western ones. I don't think he bowed to the Queen of England. It's because he really dislikes the West. It's the civilization of the capitalistic white man.

cube said...

These actions are deliberate on BO's part. He truly despises this country and everything that made it great.

It's his way of giving us the middle finger... on the sly, of course.

Faith said...

Must not be "OUR" PSI Bond there.

Anonymous said...

A little bird just told me that THIS "PSI Bond" is really a SLY BLONDE.

The leopard cannot change his spots anymore than the tiger can change his stripes.

~ FreeThinke

Faith said...

Click on his name, FT, it's a different guy altogether. Too bad he has the same name.

Ducky's here said...

Palin would have winked at him. You betcha!

sue said...

z - I appreciate your nice remarks about me. I think we could have a good blog relationship if we eliminated politics.

I have some mini-blogs about poetry, recipes, words, movies, travel and presidents, that I've been doing and I'm asking my son-in-law to set it up so that it is only for those invited. For that matter, it could just be between you and me. It might be a good time for you to get away from politics and do something like this. And since no one else would be reading it, we could include some discussions on our feelings about things, even religion.

Let me know how that sounds.

Anonymous said...

If you look up the word arrogant & need an illustration, just put up his picture.


Z said...

Sue, I would like that, but I'm finding myself less interested in most everything since Mr. Z's death.

I'd like to wait on it. It's why I'm barely visiting other blogs, too. I think it's about being in control of what I put out and read. I can't explain it.
I hope you understand. I'd like very much to do that sometime soon..thanks.

sue said...

z - No problem. Like I said, I know that this must be a very hard time for you, to get adjusted to your life without Mr. Z. I wish you the best. Let me know if you change your mind.

Z said...

sue, it's SO horrible..SO HUGE.
Thanks for understanding. xxx

sue said...

z - I can't even begin to imagine how things are for you. But a little at a time you will adjust - I know you can do it with the help of your family and friends - and the Lord.

sue said...

Why do I keep doing that?

MK said...

Is there anyone he won't bow down to and denigrate America in front of, oh yeah, folks who really like America and real patriots.