Friday, November 13, 2009

Priscilla weighs in on the Terror Trials

War, What War?

I'm livid. The Obama Justice Dept has announced today that the trials for the five 9-11 co- conspirators, including the master mind of the attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, will be held in federal court in New York instead of Military tribunals. The government will seek the death penalty. Well, that’s something to be grateful for.

Under this administration, 9-11 just became a crime and not an act of war. The trials will be a propaganda boon for Al Qaeda, and within the trials of these defendants will be a mini trial against Bush's adherence to enhanced interrogation techniques. Count on it.

I think this will be a fiasco, a circus, and a victory for jihadists everywhere.
There's even a question of whether in this civil court, evidence collected as a result of say, water boarding, will even be allowed! The judge will decide as to what evidence will be allowed. No doubt the defense attorneys will present their clients as victims of torture and that they were forced to give information they would not have offered of their free will.

Will they have the right to call CIA agents and Justice Dept. attorneys from Bush’s Justice Dept to testify? Of course they will. This will be a mini trial within a trial, of George Bush, Justice Dept attorneys from the Bush administration and the CIA. Perhaps George Tenant himself, and who knows who else?

This trial will not be handled as it would be if we were on a war footing, I remind you, but as a crime. It will be a civil trial in a civil court. How will classified information be handled? Will it be declassified for the purpose of this trial? Will it be splashed all over TV and newspapers for all the world to see including the enemy? Or will some of it have to be withheld citing national security, thereby weakening the government’s case?

Finally, this will be a show trial with the supporting cast being five barbarians who have all admitted their guilt and who wanted to be executed in the name of Allah and receive their reward of 72 virgins.

They will be portrayed as victims of American hubris, aggression, and torture. The stars will be the attorneys and former members of the Bush Administration. And now, the most criminal of all, the real victims, three thousand of them, will be mere pawns in a political exercise masquerading as justice.

At this point, we may not be surprised, but we can be outraged at the continued weakening of our defenses and our once proud standing in the world as a strong, no nonsense country which would fight for our freedom and for freeing millions of people across the world.

I end this with my sincere sadness for the 9-11 families who lost their loved ones that dreadful day, and most of all with my utter dismay and heartfelt sadness for my country...Priscilla

Amen, Pris....Z


Deborah on the Bayside said...

I hope they like the taste of sand -- they must have a mouthful considering where these ostriches are keeping their heads....

The Merry Widow said...

Actually, calling it a crime, rather than terror, would be an insult to the perps.

They would no longer be warriors but punks...not in mohammadin eyes maybe. But in the civilized world's. Reduces them to nothings, on a level with muggers and murderers...which they are.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


Linda said...

Don't insult the Ostrich! They don't put their heads in the sand.

I think most of America is outraged by this decision. They should be tried by a military tribunal, and then taken out and shot.

What is this administrating thinking?

Chuck said...

They asked the question on Fox this morning "What if they are aquitted?" They could be. What will be the ramifications for Obama? How will the 9/11 families feel?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe this? I almost choked when I first heard it.
These liberals scum like to blame Bush because that's all they have left to do. No new ideas for anything just blame Bush. Yet, ever since 9/11 your sorry ass has been safe so blame Bush for that too.

Anonymous said...

The Left has a vested interest in returning the world to a pre-9/11 state of UN malfeasance and dominance. International socialism doesn't have a chance without a return to such as state. Rogue US presidents MUST be brought to heel.

Anonymous said...

tmw - We don't want them reduced to a level of muggers and murderers. They are at war with us and I would like to think we, with them.

Besides, that's a little too politically correct to suit me. The truth matters.

Terrorists must be thought of as the threat they are. Besides, they are loving this, and the President is giving them the gift every American has, and that's our constitutional protections.

Which btw, they are not entitled to. They were captured in other countries, and are not Americans.

This will embolden terror groups around the world. They see this President as weak, and as an appeaser.

Interesting, that the worst of the lot get a civil trial, while others remain in Gitmo for a military tribunal.

This is political, and has little to do with justice, or what's right. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded. That's why he's here, so the defense can indirectly put the Bush Administration on trial.

This is a show trial, and is a disgrace. Obama is becoming a menace to America. Perhaps that's what he want's to be.


Ducky's here said...

Well this piece of leftist scum thinks it's a good idea to get this over with before these guys get a clue and do a Bobby Sands.

Z said...

Ducky, read. This trial won't come up for at least five years.
I'm thinking that if these scumbags want to "do a Bobby Sands", that's about enough time

Gramma 2 Many said...

I listened to Sean Hannity interview Rudy G. on this subject yesterday. He is livid. I am just amazed that they think they can get away with this. These people need to be taken out and shot.....the detainees too.
What is ever going to come of all this is beyond me. I just keep waiting and watching. Have to be ever ready and vigilant.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Well, I hate to say it, but with everything the Obama administration is doing that is sure to embolden an enemy like muslim extremists, we can count on it... much ugliness is to follow this move. Obama owns this decision, so he will own the body count that results from it. There will be no blaming Bush on this one.

I agree 100% with Pris's points on this.

Susannah said...

ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS!!! What in the @#$% are they thinking???

Is their thirst for revenge against the Bush admin. so overwhelming that they must CRUSH our nation in order to achieve it? Are they so pro-muslim that they will throw our entire country under the proverbial bus in order to placate their near East?

My Lord, in heaven. What on earth are they thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

David Wyatt said...

I'm sorry, Z, I am just too outraged & angry to post anything now.

Susannah said...

Hang in there, David...hang in there.

The Merry Widow said...

Pris-I am not pc! And I don't approve of taking them out of the military venue...TRUST ME on that!
And I certainly would be wary of any civilian court, especially in the northeast.

What I did want to point out is the reduction of their prestige in their own and other jihadi's eyes. The reduction f them from "soldiers" to punks, worthy of only contempt and the death penalty...not martyrdom, but criminality.

ANYTHING to remove prestige, including using pig's blood on the bodies.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


Anonymous said...

And keep in mind all it takes for these scum, these filthy muslim cretins is to get one...ONE...muslim on the jury! There will be an instant acquittal!

How are they going to Voir Dire a muslim in the jury pool? Half of Manhattan is now filled with paki cabbies, afghan push cart owners and paki donut shops.

Anonymous said...

Hi tmw, I always read your comments, and don't view you as pc. I have heard said by others who cite what you said as a reason for trying these terrorists in civil court.

Knowing that KSM when captured, requested to be taken to NY for trial, doesn't really support that argument.

I see your point. I just disagree, and since those defending the civil trial see it as a viable reason for it, it seems to me, makes it politically correct. Acceptable, so to speak. That doesn't mean I see you as pc.


Anonymous said...

The idea of conferring all the rights and privileges of American citizenship on non-citizens who belong to a culture whose stated aim is to destroy our country, obliterate all Christians and Jews and nullify the effects all of Western Christian Civilization certainly seems outrageous and counter-intuitive.

But perhaps this process truly will serve to prove that our system is strong, so fair, so just, and so RIGHT that it CANNOT be broken by the efforts of such as these defendants -- and those who wish to act as their apologists?

We must hope and pray that things work to that effect.

God IS Love, and surely Love and Truth are stronger and more durable than all the machinations of fools and evildoers put together.

We MUST believe that. "Even though he SLAY me, yet will I trust in Him."

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

"God IS Love"

So is a nice warm Smith & Wesson.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Obama called a possible investigation of Nidal Hasan by Congress, "political theater."

That is exactly what this trial will be.

Recent legislation signed by the President strengthened some of the Military tribunals, and other parts of weakened it. I noticed that part of that amendment said that it was "a sense of Congress that "unpriveleged enemy belligerants" should be tried in Military court.

I guess Holder didn't get the memo.