Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HEALTH CARE VIDEO you need to see and send around

To those of you who still believe Pelosi Care is a good idea, PLEASE WAKE UP and THINK: Then explain to us how Americans will be able to come up with new life-saving, pain-diminishing innovations when only 4% of those medical innovations are, today, done by the government. The 96% remaining innovations, those new hips and new pills and new diagnostic procedures which save our lives, are AMERICAN. That will have to stop because "for profit" is now a dirty term, according to our president, and "for profit" is the only real inducement for coming up with life saving innovations.

Should we come up with a plan to help Americans who don't have health care? Probably. But ruin the whole system because Nancy Pelosi and Obama want this? What a treacherous disaster.

Thank GOD Mr. Z had good health care till the end. Pity the patients into whom my friend the orthopedic surgeon won't be able to put his favorite, most effective prosthetic hip joint because Medicare isn't paying for it anymore. That's NOW, and Obama Care hasn't even happened yet. Imagine what will happen after this awful, sneaky, and untransparent bill is in effect. They say they'll pay for this bill by cutting waste! Why didn't they do that before this bill? Since when has government done that, anyway? At the DMV? The Post Office? Social Security?! It's CUTTING SERVICES they'll be having to do and it's already started. What was it Medicare was estimated to cost back when they were designing it?...I believe it was NINE TIMES less than it DID?

The CBO's saying this: "The overwhelming majority of the population would remain in private health insurance plans sponsored by employers. Others, mainly low-income people, would be covered through an expanded Medicaid program." Raise your hand if you think any employer will keep a private health insurance plan if the government plan is much lower a premium. Ya, I thought so. (Did the Obama people get to the CBO? What is UP?)

God help us all.......Where will Canadians go? I'm through worrying about them. I'm worried about US. Please send this video around, more and more of us need to see it.



Anonymous said...

The people trying to foist this monstrosity on us don't care about our health or whether we get care or not.

They know without a doubt, that we don't want it, yet like dog with a bone, they won't give it up. They know everything in this video is true, yet they continue to sell us a bill of goods.

The answer is simple. They want power, and control over the people. Why else would they continue their efforts knowing what they know? To help the poor? So, fix medicaid. Cut out all that waste we keep hearing about and fix it. Oh, it's broke? Hmmmm how did that happen? The government runs it, right? Medicare? Oh, it's broke too? I see.

I know, they can expand those failed programs to 98% of the people in the entire country! Of course, that ought to fix it.

The proof of what I'm saying here is, they are prepared to vote on a bill they haven't read.
That's how much they care.

Funny isn't it? The party which tells us women have a right to choose what happens to their own bodies in the case of abortion, doesn't seem to think we have that same right when it comes to our health, or any medical procedure except abortion. That's sacrosanct.

Now, to be fair, some folks will retain their right to choose. Those are the politicians who thought up this madness in the first place.

They will be free of the government rationing, mandates and control they themselves will employ. Why in the world would they pass up this wondrous gift to the people?

Simple. The left loves power so much it can't get enough of it. They can taste it. It's within their grasp, and if we hate them for it, it doesn't matter.

They never gave a damn for us in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you nailed it again Z... as you always do.

Anonymous said...

In Canada there are "medical agents" who shop around for a doctor to perform medical procedures that are not a "priority" to the Canadian Medicare system, Z. I've heard that some Canadians go to India, or wherever harvested organs are available for a price. I don't think it's a system that sane right-thinking Americans would want.

Aren't there a lot of doctors talking of opting out of the system or getting out of the medical practice altogether if it passes?


shoprat said...

Haven't you heard Michael Moore? He called the Americans the stupidest people on earth. We don't know what's good for us so the enlightened ones have to shove it down our throats. Next they'll be telling God what He did wrong.

Ducky's here said...

Funny isn't it? The party which tells us women have a right to choose what happens to their own bodies in the case of abortion, doesn't seem to think we have that same right when it comes to our health, or any medical procedure except abortion. That's sacrosanct.


Huh? Please you have an obligation to at least knock on the door, this is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

For those who haven't heard yet. The has been a MULTIPLE SHOOTINGS AT FORT HOOD
At least seven people are dead and 20 wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood Texas

Anonymous said...

Ducky, are you really so dense? If I, as a patient am told there is a treatment I need, but can't have it because it's too expensive, I have lost the right to choose.

If I have a condition which needs immediate treatment, but am told I have to wait my turn, I have lost the right to choose.

If I need a certain medication but must settle for a less effective one, I have lost the right to choose what's best for my body.

If I can't see the doctor of my choice, I have lost the right to choose.

If I'm over say, 75 years old, and am denied treatment because it's deemed not cost-effective, I have lost the right to choose.

If I'm 25, and want an abortion, I have a guaranteed right to decide what I deem best regarding my own body, but if I'm old, and considered a "bad investment of funds", I cannot choose what I deem best for my body.

When healthcare is rationed, we lose the right to choose.

What's not to understand?


FrogBurger said...

People who don't believe in this just need to go back to math class or school altogether. Or get a treatment against serious denial syndrome.

We have more old people and less young people who make less babies. 2 workers will soon support 1 retiree vs 30 when Social security was enacted.

More programs needs more taxes. More taxes decrease consumption and therefore employement, therefre less workers to pay for Social security, potential nationalized healthcare, etc...

It's not rocket science and yet some people think it could work.

Anonymous said...

Pris, you last post is a masterpiece.

PLEASE send it to EVERY member of congress in BOTH houses.

The inescapable logic of your thought must be said -- and must be HEARD -- and then ECHOED millions of times.

I'm not exaggerating.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Where'd the video go?!