Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama did two things I approve of:

He had mac and cheese and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. Well, every little thing adds up, you know! Let's see....I think these are No. 1 and No. 2 on "Z's Favorite Things about Obama"
Oh, and I think Malia's lovely.


Chuck said...

Happy Thanksgiving Z. Won't give him much else but he does have cute kids.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Thanks for the comment and visit Z..I missed you..hope your memories of Mr Z are keeping u going......HAPPIEST THANKSGIVING DEAR FRIEND!!:)

sue said...

Z - I won't comment on what you said about Malia. I learned my lesson there!!!!!

I hope you got through the day well. We haven't had our Thanksgiving yet. They arrive tomorrow afternoon. I did my cooking tonight so I can sleep in.

I like mashed potatoes, but not mac 'n cheese!

Anonymous said...

••• "I won't comment on what you said about Malia. I learned my lesson there!!!!!" •••

But isn't that a comment about it all by itself. Sue? And what does it imply? What do you THINK Z meant?

The Obama children seem like very nice kids. That most of us strongly disapprove of the president's policies, despise his background, loathe and deeply distrust his circle of advisors and have taken note that his wife has more personal servants on her staff and has spent more public money on herself as First Lady than any other president's wife in history does not mean we cannot appreciate sweet innocent children for what they are.

If Z says she thinks Malia is a darling child, I'm sure that is exactly what Z means -- and nothing else.

As for Thanksgiving dinner, I would like to know they ate roast turkey with homemade pan gravy, casseroles of creamed onions, whipped turnip, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, green beans almondine, home made cranberry/orange relish, a Waldorf salad, fresh-baked rolls, and finished off with coffee, pumpkin and mince pies and cordial glass of Drambuie, Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe, Anisette or Cherry Heering.

I love Macaroni and Cheese, but on THANKSGIVING? Well, it certainly ain't traditional where I come from. (Northeast)

Hope you had a wonderful day, yesterday, and are recovering nicely?

~ FreeThinke

David Wyatt said...

Z! I enjoyed our Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday with friends, & we had M&C though we did not have MP. Now I wish I hadn't eaten the M&C! But it was good, so I'll not have my stomach pumped out. (lol!) God bless you & we're praying for you.

sue said...

Free Thinke - I made that comment last night as a lighthearted joke.
But I also wanted to see if Z's
guardian angels - or rather her swat team - would be ready to strike out at me.

Unbelievable. There was nothing wrong with that comment. The first time I made a similar one, I can see why Z might have been offended, but not this one. I actually said that I had learned my lesson.

Why is it that Z can't answer for herself, instead of everyone else coming to her rescue - as if she even needed that.

There is a bit of defensiveness going on here that is not necessary. I'm being put in the bad guy role that I don't deserve.
And Z can take care of herself.

Z said...

Mac and Cheese isn't traditional where I'm from, either..but I can't imagine any day I wouldn't enjoy a good mac and cheese.

Sue, I still can't imagine a woman who finds it wrong for another woman to mention that a female child is lovely. I just happen to think she's exceptionally pretty and has a dignity about her. FT wasn't around for that go-around! :-) Actually, I wondered if you'd comment when I said that again!
And I did get through the day well, thanks, I appreciate that. I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving TODAY...let us know! And tell us your favorite dish!

And no, I don't need anybody standing up for me, but I sure don't mind it. Free Thinker just got here before me...and I appreciate his remarks.

FT: My day was very nice, thanks..another good part will be lunch today as I took some turkey home and have some pepper/onion relish for a delicious sandwich! see that? You had Mac and Cheese, too? Well, it must be traditional SOMEWHERE! I just wish I'd BEEN THERE :-)

sue said...

Z - The first time I criticized you for the 'Malia is pretty' remark I admit I came on strong, without being able to back up my statement. I actually do have a thing about 'pretty' being special, but I can't justify coming down on someone saying it - since I say it too.

Today I really was just kidding about it and how I had been beaten down when I said all that. I didn't mean to drudge it all up again.

I do find it strange that I can't make a comment to YOU without being attacked by the others.

I read and comment on this blog because I like it - and you - and believe it or not I like the commenters. There is intelligence here that you don't find on other blogs, and people seem genuine.

I like mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie - and really, I rarely eat turkey.

I cannot wait for the kids to arrive: Joel is three and Joslin is 6 months. Makes my day.

Z said...

Sue, you said "I do find it strange that I can't make a comment to YOU without being attacked by the others."

Some of these people are people I've commented with at FrontPageMag for years...they're protective as I'd be protective to them. Or maybe they feel as strongly as I do on whatever subject you've brought up and so they dive in!'re right...everybody's smart here and I'm very glad you're participating....I SO don't want a CONSERVATIVE ECHO CHAMBER at geeez.

Enjoy your grandchildren! I'll be thinking of you.

I'm not a big fan of hot turkey, either...though I found ours surprisingly delicious yesterday even without the gravy, etc., but I do like a cold turkey sandwich....especially with the onion/pepper marmalade I've got ready to spread on my sandwich today!

sue said...

Z - I think it would be unrealistic to think that your friends would not stand up for you. And it's obvious that many of them are people with whom you have a strong bond. If the truth were known, it is a bit of insecurity that makes me feel that way, especially since I am not Conservative.

At any rate, I will keep trying to find my place as an outsider. I am getting better at not being offended at what is said politically.

Until Sunday noon, it will be heaven to have the grandchildren here, and tomorrow I am hanging my paintings at the public library. That is the first time for me and it will be exciting.

I wondered what Mr Z's son thinks of Thanksgiving, if he was with you.

You have a good weekend, z.

Anonymous said...

So glad to learn your Thanksgiving day went well, Z.

I certainly didn't want to provoke hard feelings with Sue. The way I see it, we're here to express our opinions and share knowledge, and to ask honest questions of each other.

I agree with our hostess about not letting this be just an echo chamber and mutual admiration society.

Sometimes "intent" may exist only in the "eye" of the beholder. To question someone's point of view -- or even to contradict and try to change -- them should not be viewed as an attack on someone's motives and character.

It would be worthwhile, I think, if Sue -- and others -- would explain why they think as they do.

I'm sure you've noticed, Sue, that we conservative-libertarians don't always see eye to eye by a long shot, haven't you?

Allowing each other to be individuals is an elemental hallmark of what it means to be an American.

That's what we are -- a collection of individuals. The Constitution binds us together.

At any rate, hope the preparations for Christmas and the New Year are joyful for everyone. Even in the midst of sorrow, frustration and disappointment there is ALWAYS something about which we may rejoice.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Should we readjust the accounting such that positive points for the POTUS are:
1. had mac
2. had cheese
3. had potatoes

If we're going to come up with a top ten list, the accounting is going to have to be creative.

And how about Z teams up with a Scottish blogger once a week for a segment called Mac & Geeez?


Anonymous said...

••• "And how about Z teams up with a Scottish blogger once a week for a segment called Mac & Geeez?" •••

Tiob, you're a riot.

Thanks for the genuine belly laugh.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

sue, just because you're not a conservative doesn't mean you're an outsider here at my place, believe me. You've barely spoken politics're a friend here. thank you.
Mr Z's son isn't huge on family get-togethers but commented on our way home last night how much he'd enjoyed the evening...I'm lucky to have amazing family and he likes them all and likewise. It was hard for me driving up to the uncle's house for the first time without Mr. Z...and driving home. But, mostly, while there, everyone kept us diverted with happy talk and loving arms...a good thing.

I LOVE "MAC AND GEEEZ"...fantastic!! I'd love to do a food blog and WHAT a name THAT would be!! Maybe I'll start one! Thanks, tiob...very clever xxx

Susannah said...

"And how about Z teams up with a Scottish blogger once a week for a segment called Mac & Geeez?"
LOVE this! Ha!

I missed the whole 'Malia is lovely' & 'that's offensive, don't say that' controversy - whenever that took place - so I'm out of the loop for a lot of these to see what the offense could possibly have been, but oh well...

For us - lots of 'traditionals' including mac & cheese (my G'mother's recipe), not mashed but SWEET potatoes (wow!); & fantastic Southern delicacies: Pecan pie (my other Grandmother's recipe - out of this WORLD!), & Ambrosia (my aunt's). Heaven!

Z~ so glad to hear your day was okay & you were with people you love & who love you. That was my prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, people, but you're only encouraging me....Given Congress's penchant for spending tax payers' money on unnecessary things, I motion to have the Ways and Means Committee have its name changed to "Pork and Means" Committee.

Okay, I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

Oh why not go a step farther, Tiob, and call, it The Pork & Beans Committee?

Congress is so full of hot air and you-know-what it's inevitable they produce hurricane-strength "ill wind."

And now I'LL stop. ;-}

~ FreeThinke