Saturday, November 21, 2009

Only the POOR merit the N1H1 Vaccine? WHY?

LA is offering free N1H1 vaccines ....but, not so fast, that's not for ME OR MY's the STORY...........

It's odd, isn't it? My friends can't get their children or themselves vaccinated in Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades or Beverly Hills or West LA, but one did go downtown and wait 5 1/2 hrs in line at a Free Clinic where he was the only Non Hispanic...and he did get the vaccination. (not ONE of those places the county's offering vaccinations is anywhere remotely near a neighborhood where the people are American citizens and make even middle income wages)

Some of even my liberal friends are calling this "class warfare". I'm not suggesting the poor shouldn't get helped, but I'm talking NOBODY ELSE IS GETTING IT!! My friends can afford to PAY for the vaccine but their doctors can't GET IT IN, folks. WASSUP?

I'm not planning on getting it, so this doesn't really apply to me, but I have plenty of friends who want their children vaccinated....z And, Please weigh in on the Mary Landrieu story below, I'd like to hear if you think Blanche Lincoln will cave, too. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

It is class warfare. Evidently, redistribution applies to everythng. Doctors have been complaining they can't get it.

There's no reason to limit the area to which this vaccine is available. When the polio vaccine came out I took my children to the local High School for it.

It looks like these days, rationing is alive and well in America. Btw, I'm pretty sure union members are also getting it.

I'm sure there are middle class people who are high risk too, but it seems racism and classism are also alive and well.

I remember Robert Reisch at a hearing months ago, in DC, saying that these so-called shovel ready jobs shouldn't be considered for white people.

He then added, "I have nothing against white people". Isn't that special?

Let's just say, there's a certain very highly placed person who does. You know, the one who said his grandmother was "a typical white person".

Problem is, the middle class isn't limited to white people.

The priority for this vaccine should be for children, and high risk people first, if there's not enough to go around. But, this is our government at work.

Z - I'm not getting it either. I've never had a flu shot. I have a friend who get's it every year, and always get's sick anyway.


Linda said...

I'm not getting the shot either. I don't know about the availability of the vaccine around here, but I'd be surprised if there was enough for those who want it. As my son says, we don't have a clue what the government is putting in that vaccine!

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting the shot, because I do not trust those who are hysterically pushing this fake Swine Flu agenda.

The poor may be getting a placebo for all I know. When "the rich" see that the poor have SURVIVED, then may they will pursue getting the REAL shot and get sick and DIE from it? This may be the Dark Design behind this public policy nightmare. Who knows?

WIld, insane speculation on my part? Paranoid ravings?

Sounds like it, but that maybe EXACTLY what "they" are counting on.

Do you honestly trust ANYONE in government?

I don't.

~ FreeThinke

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I work in a LE environment where persons around me have diagnosed H1N1. The county will not provide the H1N1 vaccine. My health provider can't get access to more doses, yet, though they're trying.

And regarding Landrieu and HR 3690? I make only one conclusion, that it's the actual enabling of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Class warfare is only ONE aspect.


Faith said...

Just because someone has been "diagnosed" with H1N1 doesn't mean that's what it really is. At least read this report on CBS's investigation.

There's something very weird about this whole flu shot thing this year. The shot is supposed to be worse than the flu for starters.

pigfli said...

What you are saying ties into what some people believe is a "plot to depopulate". You'd start with those that 1- can reproduce (pregnant women) 2- target those able to reproduce in the next few years (6mos - 17yrs) 4- target those who are sick with chronic illness and finally 5 - the lower class citizens (it's free! it's free!!!)

check out my blogspot @ where you can see some real life reactions to this vaccine, the reactions that no news cast is reporting on.

Anyways - cheers :)

Z said...

Holy Smoke,'re a public service these days.

Good news is I'm hearing that a lot of states are reporting fewer and fewer cases.........the bad news is Norway(I think it is?) is reporting a mutation with worse consequences.

I'm going with the "less cases" story...I need good news these days!

christian soldier said...

So glad that your L>>> friends are finally GETTING it!!!!
Nahhhhh......they'll go back to their NORMAL ---

Chris Denning said...

Vaccines are way overrated. They are credited with eliminating all kinds of diseases but the flu is always rampant, not anymore so this year than any other. Friends who have gotten flu shots often get sick anyway. We now have flush toilets, hot running water, refrigerators, and cleaner habits than we did in the 20's and 30's. If you eat right, get enough rest and wash your hands once in a while, you are lessening the odds of getting sick more than by getting a flu shot.

All that said, the shortage is just an example of the way the government runs things. We are in for some hard times.

Faith said...

I hesitate to bring up some conspiracy stuff, but there is an actual audio of a member of I think the Trilateral Commission or that other group that's so prominent in conspiracy circles, suggesting that it might sell more vaccine if they promoted a fake shortage. I wish I could remember where I heard this audio. If anyone wants to know I'll make a big effort to find it.

Faith said...

I mean of course where they INVENTED a shortage. Can't speak English any more.

Beth said...

The government is actually providing the H1N1 vaccine free to everyone, however there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how it is getting distributed. I felt lucky when I happened to call our pediatrician to inquire about the vaccine and they had just received it, so the next day my kids had an appointment and got them. Others I have known (in the suburbs around me) have had to wait in lines at sites offering it on certain days.

Brooke said...

Jails are getting the vaccine before you and I.

It is totally class warfare.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Brooke: correct. In my county, the jails ARE getting it before the employees.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago one of my relatives had a live-in maid. (That was common among middle-class people sixty years ago).

Anyway the maid's name was VAXINE. She had a twin sister called MAXINE.

Can you believe that?

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, there wasn't enough flu vaccine to go around and you didn't get any.

Tough ****. Stop whining like a Republican.

Anonymous said...

"Let's see, there wasn't enough flu vaccine to go around and you didn't get any."

Ducky, did you?

As you can see, some of us don't want any.

How about the children who it isn't available for? Do they not matter either?

Aren't doctors along with clinics, the logical people to have this available for patients?

No matter, right Ducky? Rationing is something we all will have to face, because this is how the government works.

Big brother will pick and choose, target who is taken care of and who is not. Welcome to the far left's utopia. Less is more!


Anonymous said...

Revenge through Redistribution.

Such a policy is doomed to fail, because:

1) Vengeance belongs only to God

2) It's dead set against the natural order of things.

Supplanting one perceived evil with something different but even more evil is incredibly stupid, but that's what happens when Feelings take precedence over Reason.

The truest words ever spoken by a politician were said by JFK long ago:


So, LIVE it -- don't COMPLAIN about it.

~ FreeThinke

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