Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The best Commercial EVER..........have Kleenex at your side

Hang in till the end, you won't be sorry.  I LOVE American, so good, so touching.  And I want their house.  :-)   Mustang, if you get me the house, I'll send you that Porsche I promised you, okay?


beamish said...

I'da been like, "C'mon Dad! Gimme the '65 Mustang and YOU take the Legomobile."


cube said...

Awwww. We had our share of Mustangs - a Candy Apple red 1968 convertible was the most notable. She was a beauty.

My first car was a Ford Pinto and, I know it's a joke to many today, but I still love that car.

Anonymous said...

"My first car was a Ford Pinto and..."

Yup I know the pain...I bought a Vega!

Z said...

My first car was a Mustang for high school graduation from my grandfather...I had a car and no license, everybody else had a license and no car!
I loved that white Mustang...
But I've gone German now and love them more :-)

beamish said...

I'm not a fan of Ford products, as their unionized assembly robot watchers haven't churned out a quality non-truck vehicle since the early 1970s.

The 1965 Mustang is iconic, but even it was primarily a beastly Falcon chassis with a somewhat lighter body style mounted on it. If you had a 1963 Falcon, you still had the same thing where it mattered, the muscular engine.

When I scrapped out my 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis, which I believe is French for "grandma car," I sold the 5.0 liter engine in it to a modern Mustang owner (they run the same engine, but with a slightly modified torque converter and high-performance fuel injection system).

I'll give Mustangs their due. They're pretty. Even the newest Government Motors / Chevy Camaros kinda look like knockoffs of the older Mustangs. The only way to tell the difference 'tween the two is the Camaro will be driving circles around the Ford while its being worked on.

If ever I were to go Ford again, it would be for a truck.

heidianne jackson said...

i would never buy a government motors car. heck, i wouldn't buy a gm back when it was just the car of greasers. if gm offers/offered such a superior product to ford, why is ford in the black and gm in the red?

my first car was also a mustang, z. and i've had three since. i will probably never get another - but i still love them.

Anonymous said...

That's a deal, Z ...

Leticia said...

What Beamish said. Sweet commercial.

Anonymous said...

My first car was a hand me down from Mr. Pris. A '68 Pontiac Firebird. A beauty of a car. I loved that car.

Later, we passed it on to our son who insisted on paying something for it, because, as he put it, "so Mom can't complain when I have it painted a color she won't like"!

We finally agreed to a nominal amount, and sure enough, he had it painted white! Oh No!! I had to keep my mouth shut. He still has that car, a classic.

Z, it's good to see such a nice commercial.


RedWood said...

"The Camaro will be driving circles around the Ford while its being worked on...."

Au contraire mon ami. The latest Road & Track pits those two plus a Dodge Challenger and a ....get this...A HYUNDAI Genesis against them all. Results...Camaro dead last...Mustang a sliver ahead of the Genesis due to....ummmm....2 mpg better?

The Genesis rode circles around all of them much to my surprise. Watch out Toyota & Honda're no longer the top picks. The 2011 Sonata beat them both and was named car of the year.

I love seeing the Japs get their smug asses handed to them by those upstart Koreans.

BTW...Ford has been building Volvos up until the sell off of their Premium divisions last year. Pretty damn good car in anyones book. They left the Swedes alone to do what they wanted. Hopefully the Chunks will too.

MK said...

Saw it a while ago, or a variation of it, always nice to watch it again.

beamish said...


They should really run those races everyday and test not only the performance but also the endurance of the car. How they perform with 20,000 miles on the engine and so forth, with the normal wear and tear of maintenance (and these days, computer module failures...). I guarantee the Ford will break down first.