Saturday, January 15, 2011

Has this ever crossed YOUR mind? :-)

Ya, the Tuesday speech was a good one, but man, it's hard to watch the face of someone you believe is doing so much damage to our country, isn't it?   I thought this cartoon was a riot............I know Mr. Z was close to doing this!  
What other things make you want to take a baseball bat to the television?


Always On Watch said...

Particular commercials, especially the one that Honda was running during the 2009 Christmas season.

Almost all the mainstream-media national/international broadcasts set me off at some point.

RedWood said...

The sight of Maddow, Matthews and the supreme booger....Oberfurher.

Anonymous said...

I can understand it, but never felt moved to destroy the TV set. Rather, I yell at it, which is equally as irrational!

I do get wound up over baseball games as well. Yelling at the Dodger manager, or relief pitchers, etc. I know how dumb this is, but there you have it.

You will find Mr. Pris closing the windows during a baseball game, whether I'm cheering, or yelling in disgust, so the neighbors can't hear me. Ha,Ha.

You'd think he'd be grateful, at least I'm not in the habit of yelling at him!!


Z said...

All the GEICO COmmercials..
AND commercials for HOT IN CINCINATTI...grrr

beamish said...

Sometimes I catch myself loading a pistol whenever I see a commercial for buying a two dollar bill for just ten dollars.

Ticker said...

I just cut it off,mute it, change channels and/or go get something to eat or drink.

I try to watch HGTV , a non-violent type of programing except for the one where folks are trying to do renovations themselves and ain't got a clue. Those make me laugh until I am in tears.

Dang TV's cost too much to take a ball bat and smash. LOL

Oh and I like the lil Gecko guy! Beats the heck out of the Progressive dingbat and her over painted lips. ARRRGGGHHHH!

beamish said...

Hey! Leave Flo alone! ;)

Ducky's here said...

Goes to the right's ability to enter informed discussion.

Ducky's here said...

Relax Pris, Dodgers fans aren't going to have much to cheer about for a while.

Z said...

Thanks, everybody, good examples!

I didn't think I'd have to (smile) but I didn't mean LITERALLY smash your TV set! It's a cartoon...:-) It's a feeling we get.

Sorry Ducky can't go take things so literally it kind of scares me for you, Ducky.
Watch FOX, you'll FINALLY see some informed discussions...BOTH sides, imagine!? I hope it doesn't scare you too much to see smart people of both sides talking...I know it would be a shock to the system after listening to npr or watching CNN or the networks! Some day, you'll get it, ..I hope.

beamish, you know PROGRESSIVE is owned/operated by VERY far lefties, right? I"m sick of ol' Flo, too (is that her name?)
Or are you back in that eighties restaurant with Alice :-)?

Ticker, you've gotta love HGTV, they can find more gay couples or parents with kids and no marriage certificate than I've met maybe in my life and I was in a career in which I dealt with TONS of gay friends!

cube said...

Great question. I can't stand to listen to BO's sibilant "s" sounds. Is it just me, or have they gotten worse? I know that they drive me crazy.

That said, I can't stand the erectile dysfunction commercials (you know, the ones with the bathtubs), the Post-T-Vac ones make me want to pull my hair out of my head, the Heel-tastic ones are quite annoying... oh, I could go on and on. You have opened a can of worms. This could become an epic comment...

David Wyatt said...

It's why I don't watch anything except Andy Griffith!! lol

beamish said...

beamish, you know PROGRESSIVE is owned/operated by VERY far lefties, right? I"m sick of ol' Flo, too (is that her name?)

Yes, I am aware of the left-wing inclinations of the owner. It does not bother me. In politics, my vote [in theory] cancels out his.

If ever he changes his business model to one that is not capitalist, not employing an expanding pool of people, and not serving me what I invest in having through doing business with his company, that will certainly change. Nobody is (yet) forcing me to choose Progressive over and against other insurance providers in the nominally free market they have over those mandated by government to carry automobile and home insurance on their nominally private property in the first place.

Sure there's a better way. I have car and home insurance because I have to by law, but I likely would purchase the service anyway because it's a sound investment to make. For example, next month my rates through Progressive drop. I can take the savings, but I may opt to remain at current payment levels to raise my coverage if possible. Progressive's service has been good to me. Top notch. I'm a very satisfied customer.

That's what it's all about. Word of mouth testimonials are as effective in politics as they are in customer service / business relations. Nobody has to pay me to say that taxing the value of insurance benefits as additional income is as shady and criminal as the mechanic charging to top off blinker fluid.

Back to the politics of the owner in question, from what I understand, he's for full drug legalization. That's really not at cross-purposes with my philosophy / politics, with the stressed caveat that I believe not one penny of the revenue of the governments at any level should go to providing health care to any immoderate, imbalanced junkie that voluntarily poisons themselves. There would be no financial or social assistance rationed out by the government because there would absolutely be no government mechanisms for collecting revenue or allocating funds for doing so in the first place.

Dystopian kakistocracy demands that we allow the worst possible world be run by the most unqualified people. ;)

In other words, smoke all the PCP you want, if you can pay for or convince others to charitably and voluntarily donate to dealing with the health consequences of your stupid choice. If no safety net is there, don't jump off a cliff.

Free will, live it, love it.

I can try to convince people not to vote for leftists, for free, and have them spread the word, also for free, and reach far more people on an intellectual, socially interactive sphere than whatever lighted dog and pony show he can pay for.

And besides, I don't want people apt to be convinced by dog and pony shows on my side any way.

beamish said...

In other words, if someone wants to set up a surgical ward in their living room and remove arthritic joints from their out-of-pocket paying patients with a hacksaw and blowtorch, they should be allowed to do so. No one would be forcing them to be their patients, nor forcing others through taxation to pay for the "service."

Word of mouth and lawsuits would root out the quacks faster than any government licensing schema.

Z said...

Beamish, I'd never buy from a company I knew donates to far left causes... the drug thing...I'm more agin' 'em then 'fer 'em :-)

Cube, RIGHT! They keep producing erectile dysfunction ads were the couple are sitting in bath tubs ...separate bath tubs......on the banks of a river or something...I never QUITE understand where that gets them, but.....whatever :-) Oh, but they're holding hands.
I'd say that's a great ad for contraception!!

David, I watch a lot of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND and that's why I said I can't stand the HOT IN CINCINNATI commercials, they're EVERY FIVE MINUTES! I wouldn't watch that show now if they paid me to!

beamish said...

I'm neither "for or against" either drug legalization or even drug use. If someone wants to engage in self-destructive or socially consequentive behaviors, by God let 'em until they hurt or kill someone, at which point you sanction them. Not as victims, but as violent criminals and deliberate threats to society at large.

At the private level, businesses could discriminate in whatever manner they believe fits their customer service business model. If an airline wants to serve LSD to passengers in flight or even allow their pilots to come to work bombed out of their minds, they should have that choice, provided that the onus is upon them to not harm or kill anyone else by doing so and that no one is required by law to patronize their business nor pay for the consequences of their ridiculousness.

No one wants the reputation of fraud, dishonesty, or even reckless harm. As long as those bad business or political reputations are acheived fairly, by the actual, measureable consequences of their real actions and not gainsaying or slander or malicious smearing, I'd say society could be rather self regulating via the free market.

You're ultimately getting what you pay for.

beamish said... why pay for a society that coddles drug addicts and criminals?

Anonymous said...

Ambulance chasing lawyers NEVER should have been given the right to advertise, the bloodsuckers. Or any lawyers, for that matter.

With the E.D. commercials, why are 2 people sitting out of doors in 2 side by side bathtubs anyway. That is too silly for words. I guess they are trying to say it's a clean commercial, hmmm?

Any commercials having to do with bodily functions, period. And those damn Charmin bears with the sticking t.p.

The race Zenyatta lost by a nose! I would have really got into trouble whacking that t.v., as it was the one at my table at Hollywood Park Turf Club.


P.s. I almost forgot the
G-O-O-O-L-D! spiels.

Brooke said...

The one thing that makes me want to destroy my television more than any other is the local morning weatherman, Frank Marzulo on 19 WXIX, Cincinnati.

He is quite possibly the most annoying person on the entire planet.

Z said...

So Beamish, how do we protect people from stoned people driving and killing?

SilvrLady....there's a new ad for Mucosa, or something...this woman's got a cold and the drug's in the form of a guy saying something like.." so you have a cold and NOTHING COMES OUT?" i want to puke.
Man, I don't want to hear about urine or any bodily function in a commercial and I don't get why telling us all the possible side effects of pills possibly helps when it's not WE who pick the drug but our doctor...

Brooke...I'd ad that sickening Shep Smith on FOX to that list.

Anonymous said...

"I can understand it, but never felt moved to destroy the TV set..."

Why hell no Prisc....if ya did'd never get to see the Dodgers, would you? LOL.

But I'd sure as hell like to live next door so I'd keep the windows open to hear you give the boob tube living hell.

You are...priceless.


Anonymous said...

"Dang TV's cost too much to take a ball bat and smash. LOL..."

Not if you buy them in China-mart.

Leticia said...

Anytime Obama is on tv I would love to throw a sledgehammer at the guy or any ignorant liberal.

I especially dislike the little blonde-headed boy on the Honda commercials. Those are absolutely an insult to anyone who owns older vehicles. ARgh....

Anonymous said...

I resisted taking an axe to my TV over Phil Donohue, Sally Jessie Rafael, Connie Chung, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Wolf Peter Arnett, Bernard Shaw, Wolf Blitzer, Katie Couric, Marvin Kalb, David Susskind, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and many many other demon leftists for many years. I've virtually boycotted pop music since Elvis first appeared swinging his hips and using his guitar like a grotesque extension of his primary organ of reproduction, and have refused to go to or look at any movie or TV show with rock 'n roll background music.

ALL those things, however, give rise to a primitive urge to KILL, which is why I sedulously avoid contact with them whenever possible.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

"But I'd sure as hell like to live next door so I'd keep the windows open to hear you give the boob tube living hell."

Oh my gosh Imp, I'd have to make you take an oath never to comment on it at GEEEZ! Ha,Ha.


beamish said...

So Beamish, how do we protect people from stoned people driving and killing?

When they drive and kill, try them as 1st degree murderers / wanton terrorists spree killers and put them to death or prison for life without parole if found guilty.

beamish said...

Deterrence works if it's a deterrence.

Z said...

Beamish, I couldn't agree more. here, the deterrence is you get your name in lights and everybody's talking about you, like that louse Jared who killed in Tucson. Then you go to a cushy jail with better and freer med and dental care than you and I could dream of....great televisions, luxurious gyms, huge libraries, and other sports areas...not bad.
SOme deterrent.