Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The UN.......we paid up.....what now?

THIS fascinated me.   America's owed the UN money for years........and, last year, the Democrat Congress paid our dues and paid back-dues, also. During our financial crisis.  Now, when all we've got is constant nightmares from the UN like Iran being on Human Rights commissions, like the UN blaming us for anything they can get their hands on, etc.

Here's a clip from the excellent link:  "Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs committee, is seeking cuts and has introduced a bill intended to pressure the United Nations to change the way it operates and to make dues voluntary. She also is promising investigations into possible corruption and mismanagement.
"U.S. policy on the United Nations should be based on three fundamental questions: Are we advancing American interests? Are we upholding American values? Are we being responsible stewards of American taxpayer dollars?" she said in a statement that was read at the briefing, which she could not attend. "Unfortunately, right now, the answer to all three questions is `No.'  (Z; wait, let me just read that again before I continue with my post, it feels so good for a change.....Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, you ROCK.)

What do YOU think?  Think we should have paid the UN off?  Think we should have investigations into "possible corruption" and "mismanagement"?  Um. I knew Benon Sevan and he's now hiding from corruption charges in his home country of CyprusHe's very small potatoes compared to what Republicans could uncover, VERY small potatoes.  Imagine what else they'll find?

When THIS happens, you know the UN is corrupt .......oh, and insane.And, now, they're richer.  Thanks to us.


Chuck said...

I want to see us evict them. I'd be okay with paying for packing crates.

Z said...

Sign me up, too, Chuck.

Scotty said...

We should have left the organization YEARS ago! The corruption there is beyond any hope of redemption!

RedWood said...

It's truly amazing and puzzling to me why we even belong to a fascist "organization" that is insistent on our demise / destruction?

How many of you would belong to a club that would always find you at fault no matter how hard you tried...or successful you were?

A club that would demonize your very existence and membership?

A club that would vilify your allies and friends? A club that would only allow the opinions of the majority that impulsively and always finds you at fault?

A club that would appoint your enemies as representatives of freedom, democracy and human rights? Countries that abhor freedom and human rights according to their beliefs on religious freedom. Freedom of speech and freedom for women especially?

Countries that have for decades denied equality, rights and democracy for a system that only Hitler would approve of?

The "UN" is a filthy, corrupt degenerate shadow of what it was intended to do.

It is a farce....an evil reflection of the state of the world. And significant because it's rise in power, Muslim power, over decency, democracy and dignity for all human beings on this little blue ball.

The UN...should be dismantled, crushed, abandoned by all freedom loving countries.

We need...in the West to not only wake up...we need to form an "Opec" of nations anew. An organization devoted to and opposed to hate....violence and Muslims.

Mark my words...Islam...is the 21st century enemy against the world's peace.

Karen Howes said...

What Chuck said!

christian soldier said...

we in the US have always 'carried' that debauched organization...with out $$$$$ and land--
I want the land that those buildings are on in US hands and- send the UN 'delegation' to the EU---
BTW-i agree w/ every comment - so far...right on!!!

Ticker said...

Throw the jackasses out, collect all the overdue parking tickets with INTEREST and turn the UN into a high rise condo with shopping attached. Finally something to make money and pay taxes.

Anonymous said...