Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Democracy around the world waning.......

Did you see THIS?    It has to be more than 25 countries with "freedom slipping"...heck, they don't even list America!


Papa Frank said...

Hello my friend.

Anonymous said...

It's been foolish and disastrous for the USA to make it a policy to mind other people's business. It is NOT up to US to right all the wrongs in OTHER peoples' countries.

WE reached great heights because WE rebelled against tyranny and injustice ON OUR OWN. Yes France had a hand in helping us (Thank you, Monsieur Lafayette), but our Founders took their courage in their hands and risked EVERYTHING to achieve LIBERTY. What they accomplished was not without cost to themselves -- they fought the revolution not ONLY for themselves but in the hope of providing the chance of a better life for future generations to come.

If the Third World nations are ever to achieve "liberty and justice for all," they must discover the PRINCIPLES that motivated US for THEMSELVES, and make the necessary sacrifices ON THEIR OWN.

Just as "no one can eat your dinner for you," no one can "give" you freedom, you must win it for yourself or die in chains.

That is why a NON-INTERVENTIONIST policy is the ONLY sane policy in both foreign and domestic affairs.

Liberals make a career out of minding OTHER peoples' business while neglecting their own. This busybody approach works to EVERYONE's detriment.

~ FreeThinke

Ticker said...

Freethinker, While I agree with you on several points I must disagree with the total Non-interventionist policy. An Isolationist policy has never been a good idea and it lead to the US being unprepared for WW1 as well as in part for WW2.
I agree that we can not be the policeman of the world but we have since the inception of the UN allowed that useless group to use us as such and then criticize us for doing so. History of such can go back to Korea where the US supplied the majority of the troops and the monies to only be kicked in the teeth by the UN on their instance of a cease fire rather than a victory which we could have attained.
The story goes on even to this day. Iraq, Afghanistan are perfect examples.
I say kick the UN out of the US and stop funding and supporting them. Then we pick and choose our own fights rather than allowing a body of America haters to do it for us.

Can I get an Amen!

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree on the terrible influence of the UN -- and have written on its impact often.

Wonder why this thread never went anywhere? It's a VERY important subject.

"INTERNATIONALISTS" are the bane of our existence as a sovereign nation and a free people. The UN Charter was designed by LEFTISTS to undermine and unseat the power and majesty of the West, so that the spoils could be divided "equitably" among the wretched of the earth.

Guess what effect that would have on OUR way of life?

What motivates the Interntionalists?

They'll tell you they're deeply concerned for the welfare of all mankind, and are simply trying to achieve "justice" for all.

They're not. All they want is ABSOLUTE POWER -- for themselves.

~ FreeThinke