Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Looking for Dick Cheney's Heart"...Huffington Post title

Dick Cheney might need a heart transplant.   I thought I'd see what some of the Leftist blogs and their commenters are saying and found enough to make you very weary and very, very sad.

HERE is one bunch, from Huffington Post.   Just a couple of examples :  "Dick Cheney needs a heart transplant. DMVs flooded with people wanting to change organ donor status to "Not if it's for Dick Cheney."  Here is another:  "So, Dick Cheney may need a heart transplant. Yeah, he's needed one since birth. While he's at it, he should go for a brain transplant too."

Here's a man facing death and people can say this kind of thing?  REALLY?   Here is a bit from the Huffington article linked above, FROM THE TEXT!  "He looks gaunt and frail, sitting down, holding a cane. What is scary is he looks almost human, an old man. It's as if Darth Vader took off his cloak and it turned out to be the Tin Woodman looking for his heart.The irony boggles the mind."

I could go on and on and cut/paste any number of nasty comments from the left...I'm reminded of when Tony Snow died and Huffington Post had to shut down because they were deluged with gleeful revelers. Of course, Ariana has taken all those comments off finally.........you'll find nothing objectionable there anymore...Amazing.

And the leftwingers really do convince Americans that Republicans are the nasty bunch.  WOW.   Please, someone, find a mainstream Rightwing blog like Huffington, and cut/paste anything nearly that hateful about Ted Kennedy's death or Elizabeth Edwards' illness.............I'd like to see it.  Thanks.


Elmers Brother said...

You know Z...it goes back to the idea that leftists are mentally ill.

You listen to the crap that went on this last week...defending a non existent juxtaposition between Palin, Limbaugh et al

you can't fix crazy

Anonymous said...

I've liked Dick Cheney all the way back to the first Irag war. He doesn't beat around the bush, suffer fools gladly, or hesitate to speak his mind. Remember Patrick Leahy??? I'll bet Leahy remembers Dick Cheney. The man is brilliant, straight forward, & a great asset to the country. The H. Post is nothing more than a cesspool for wacked-out brainless leftists & femi-Nazis to swim in.

I've always wondered if Ariana H. was the real reason her
husband-----. She'd emasculate most men. She's one of the most bitter looking women I've ever seen.


beamish said...

I've noted the frail appearance of Dick Cheney lately. He's noticibly lost weight and body mass. It saddens me that not even being a successful Christian businessman and American patriot can protect him from the smears of the left's 9/11-was-an-inside job anti-Semitic conspiracy theory cranks.

And that's just the Ron Paul supporters. I can't imagine how nasty the HuffPo wind tunnel reeks.

Z said...

oh, gad, BEamish...you've gotta throw red meat out again on this post? UGH.
Yes, we know you don't like Ron Paul and we know FT does. DONE :-)

Elbro....no, you can't fix crazy..sadly. And they VOTE.

Silvrlady, I've always liked him, too...he's steady and smart and doesn't pull punches. As for Ariana, if I hear her say "WE AMERH-EEee-KONS must..." I'm going to scream.

Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it, that the left really seems to hate the most, those who say what they mean, and mean wht they say.

I guess because they can't browbeat straight talkers. Of course it's easy to say what you mean when you speak the truth, and what you truly believe.

People who speak with conviction aren't easily manipulated, and more importantly, you know where you stand with them.

The left can't be overtly honest, because if the people knew what they were really about, they'd run like heck the other way!

I've always liked and respected Dick Cheney. No political correctness from him. What a breath of fresh air. Btw, his daughter Liz, is like her Dad. She doesn't mince words either.

I wish Dick Cheney well and hope he'll be with us for a long time. He's beaten the odds so many times, I hope he can do it again.


Opus #6 said...

Z, those leftist are plain nasty. Bad, mean behavior doesn't mean they are ill. Just bad.

Can't you judge a man by his enemies? Cheney must be a great man indeed.

In fact, I recall the dark days in early 2009 when almost NOBODY in the public eye made a peep about Obama. Bachmann and Cheney were perhaps the only 2 with the guts to stand up and speak for what was right.

I wish him perfect health and I hope he lives until 120.

Z said...

Pris and Opus, it brings tears to my eyes to think of Cheney's fight and how rotten he must feel and how scary it is to make the decision he and his family are facing...his poor family!

I remember when the Halliburton stuff came up.. Mr. Z had been in charge of MANY international contracts in that area and he laughed at the leftist slant on "HALLIBURTON GOT THE BID BECAUSE HE"S RICH AND IN WITH THE BUSHES"...Mr. Z said "Halliburton got the bid because THEY'RE THERE and ready to go....a normal bid like that would take 2 years from start to finish and our army doesn't have time!" But, the left still lies about halliburton, anything to insult the Right, especially Dick Cheney.

I fear we'll lose him soon because a man his age has to wait a while for a heart, if he ever gets one.....must be an awful proposition.

Ducky's here said...

He still looks like Skeletor.

Anonymous said...

He does not look like Skeletor, but I'll bet you look like a duck's derriere.


Z said...

thanks, Ducky, you never let us down. When you've been that ill, let's see how good you look.

SilvrLady, they had a hairdo named after that part of Ducky in the '50s, didn't they? A Duck's A...? :-)

beamish said...


What can I say? I love snacking on leftist Red meat. Especially when they start squawking nonsense like "'real conservatives' should fight to keep immigrants out of 'our' welfare system."

Last one to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy lodge meeting is a salty. Catering provided by Halliburton. Don't forget tonight is secret handshake decrypt #33 night. Bring your digital TV converter boxes in for the latest modifications to access the Akashic Computer database aboard the mothership.

**please don't forget to encrypt this message. I think FT is an infiltrator**


Anonymous said...

That's what it was called, Z. Very popular among the outlaw wannabe set. They drove the cropped. chopped, & channeled cars. But at least their pants weren't below the equatorial zone.


Ticker said...

Hey, hey Silver, be careful who ya calling a wannabe outlaw. I wore a ducktail, didn't drive a chopped channeled hotrod but sure wish I could have. One thing right we didn't wear our jeans below our arses. A bit low on the hips sometimes but that was only when we were "hanging" at the local drive-in and sittin on the hoods of our cars. When we slid off, we sorta slid the front of our jeans down a bit below the normal belt line. Cool baby, cool.
Oh yea and they had an upside down DA as well. I had one. hahaha. It was on top of the head, not the back, just for explanation.

Chuck said...

I will give Duck one thing, he is dependable.

I wander by HuffPo occasionally when something like this happens, the people there are real POS'

Elmers Brother said...

He still looks like Skeletor.


Ticker said...

Cheney should have been President IMO.

Always On Watch said...

The Left has no sense of humanity or human kindness -- and wish that anyone on the Right die a painful death. That aspect of the Left does speak volumes.

Scotty said...

They drove the cropped. chopped, & channeled cars. But at least their pants weren't below the equatorial zone.

And it's come full circle, silver, they're back!! Type in, rat rod, in you're favorite search engine and follow the links. Not just the cars, but many are wearing the clothes of back then along with the driving the cars.

Anonymous said...

If you wait long enough fashions recycle with just a few changes.

I do remember the upside down duck tail, but didn't see too many of those. Also the taps on the shoes, rolled jeans, etc.

An adaptation of what the great sage said: it's easier for cop to catch man with pants down, than man with pants up.

Ticker, both my husband & I wished he had been the one. A brilliant, no-nonsense man who didn't play duck & dodge.


cube said...

And those on the left accuse US of intolerance and hate speech.

I wish for Cheney a long life because he is one of the few who speaks the truth and, right now, we need that more than ever.

Z said...

"Trump said he would “tax Chinese products” as a way to level the playing field with them. The Chinese have “manipulated their currency” to gain a competitive edge with the dollar, even though the quality of their product is woefully inadequate. “We don’t have free trade right now,” he said. “China is ripping us like no one has ever ripped us before.”

Trump said Chinese businessman tell him privately, “We cannot believe what we’re getting away with. . . . They can’t believe how stupid our Representatives are.” In response to China’s unfair trade practices and manipulation of currency, Trump said he would favor a “25% tax” on all goods from China. If we did that, he said, “suddenly you would have toys being made here” in America."

THEY think we're stupid and they're getting away with murder but our administration's STILL bowing.
Trump went on to say in an interview I heard that he's very close to several very rich Chinese businessmen who not only say the above but admit that their product is highly inferior to what we've made here in the States. Trump's a businessman and has to buy their crap for his projects but I'm betting that he knows a LOT more about the economy than Geithner and the other jerks who've never had their sleeves rolled up except not to burn the cotton cuffs on their reefers.

MK said...

"Here's a man facing death and people can say this kind of thing?"

Yep, and contrast that to what Conservatives were saying when that democrat got shot in Arizona. All i ever heard was prayers and well wishes. And what did we get in return, lies, smears, vitriol and hate, more than the usual too.

Not to mention fresh calls for our persecution.

That's the hate-filled, racist and bigoted liberal world for you.