Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama's Speech and Margaritas.........."aye, aye, aye aaaayyy..."

Quote of the Day

“When I joined the military it was illegal
to be homosexual. Then it became optional.
I’m getting out before Obama makes it mandatory.”
GySgt Harry Berres, USMC

I have very little to say about the speech (I'll leave that up to you) so I thought I'd post the quote above, which our commenter SilvrLady just emailed me, which made me laugh out loud which was not caused by the only one (not too good) Margarita I finally ended up having at a Mexican restaurant with friends so I could avoid the Obama speech and have a nicer evening than I'd have if I listened (trust me)

 I did listen in the car on the way home from dinner...it was STILL ON...and I cringed..."I will consider this......."   "...across MY desk"......oh, the ego.   I wonder if President Bush ever said "I"?   I don't know (oops)
I laughed out loud in the car hearing how Obama's saying yet again how he won't sign any bill with earmarks on it.   I don't know if he means when someone puts another's ear on an inkpad and then pushes that ear down on paper, but I think he means earmarks like on legislation and he's sure not hesitated to date, has he?  Didn't he promise that before?   Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not sure.

I don't even want to hear my favorite Paul Ryan's response....why, I don't know.   But I will say CNN was very professional (smile) and, again, showed their amazing bipartisanship by having Wolf Blitzer, a bunch of liberals and some token Conservative I'm not familiar with all discussing the speech, before and after, while FOX had on well-known liberals and conservatives.   No wonder twelve of their shows are the top twelve cable shows in viewership.

SO, you tell me............should I have stayed home and skipped the (I promise it was only ONE) Margarita or is it good I left and had a nice time instead of listening to HIM?

Anybody like most of the speech?   Please let me know.
By the way, I'm pretty sure I'm the only blogger who'll illustrate their OBAMA SPEECH blog post with a Margarita... :-) I think more should!   I think I needed more just to get through the ten minutes of the speech I did hear.  Aye.



beamish said...

I think Obama made a very compelling case for his being a one term President.

Glad you went out for 'ritas.

Z said...

beamish, that is funny....

I just wanted to add that it's almost creepy how MANY ways he insinuates that IT'S NOT ABOUT PARTY, WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER OR ELSE, etc etc....over and over he infers that "Hey, America, if the Republicans don't give in, this country's doomed"

Ducky's here said...

A lot of boiler plate.

They still have no workable idea to get out of this mess.

Ducky's here said...

... although it's no surprise the quote is from a marine.

Sect. Gates has been toying with the idea of eliminating them. Nice budget savings.

Always On Watch said...

I watched the speech. I had to! I had assigned my American Government students to watch the speech and the official GOP response as part of the course.

The speech was "slick." However, I did note that Obama stumbled a few times. What was THAT all about?

Of course, as a teacher, I loved the part about how teachers are regarded in South Korea.

I agree with your assessment, Z:

over and over he infers that "Hey, America, if the Republicans don't give in, this country's doomed"

Bobblehead Biden was amusing to watch -- although his reactions are the same every time that BHO speaks. Boehner may have had trouble staying awake; or maybe he always looks sleepy-eyed.

Always On Watch said...

The AP's fact check of last night's speech: "Obama and his imbalanced ledger."

For whatever the above might be worth.

FrogBurger said...

I think Obama needs to speak using sign language. Then I'll be able to take the sound of his voice. Till then the 'off' button will be pressed each time I hear or see him.

I don't know how I will do for the debates in 2012. Maybe I'll use close caption :)

The economay.... ARGH!

Anonymous said...

The speech could have been much shorter: “Good evening. Thanks to my administration, Democrats in Congress, Republicans in name only, and communist pukes like Ducky, our country is screwed up. Thank you.”

And speaking of pukes like Ducky, Alexander M. Palmer wasn't wrong after all, was he?

I think the margaritas were a better use of your time, Z. Had you listened to Obama’s state of the union speech, three or four might have been in order.

Ducky's here said...

No one watched Michele Bachmann's response?

The Tea Party express is becoming a devisive element that could cause a republican schism but if not much is going to get organized behind her and Rand Paul. It's over.

FrogBurger said...

Bachman's video was pretty bad.

Dissent is good. I don't care if it doesn't work out but the politicians we have need to be monitored day in and day out. We pay their salaries and we're the boss.

This country is on the brink of imploding if we don't rein in those irresponsible officials who think our money is nothing.

Z said...

I was pleased to see the Atlanta Georgia focus group last night after the speech; totally moving away from Democrat lies and into letting the adults finally take over again.
Half of the 14 who'd voted for Obama aren't anymore....most, black and white Americans, thought he was lying now as he'd said most of this before and done nothing the last 2 years about it.

I still haven't heard most of Ryan's or Bachmann's responses and think Bachmann was inappropriate. She is not a member of a new political party and she could have only looked as a renegade to most of Americans and given the dopey left media a good chance to forecast gloom and doom for Conservatives even after most AMericans are coming back to the Right, thank GOD.
I know many of you will argue with me and that's fine; I think Bachmann tried to appease the Tea Party and it didn't come off....she should have waited until today to give a thoughtful overview of Obama's speech if she so strongly disagreed with Ryan that she felt we needed to hear her, not muscled in as what seemed like a whole other official response by a whole other official American political party.

Ryan's a good man, not a party hack, so I think she didn't do anybody any favors.

Mark said...

I didn't watch the speech. There is much better fiction on other channels.

Scotty said...

Bachmann's after thoughts seemed like a campaign speech to me.

Anonymous said...

Z, it's good you left and had a nice time, and a Margarita. Even a poorly mixed Margarita beats the snake oil Obama serves up!

We didn't watch it either. Mr. Pris can't take it anymore, so I use him as an excuse to miss the new lies and repetition of old lies from the President.

I heard yesterday that Obama, since taking office has made over 900 speeches and public remarks. Yikes!

I watched Bachmann's response and thought it was fine. She spoke in plain terms, and made a good case for why we're in this mess and need free market solutions, not govt. mandates and more regulations.

I also think her remarks coincided well with Ryan's. Anytime we can get more time to rebut Obama, it's a good thing. I see nothing inappropriate at all with Bachmann adding her remarks to the rebuttal.

It doesn't hurt to have the tea party movement mentioned. It's a reminder to the GOP, we're a viable force, and a nod to the millions of Americans who are tied to the movement, many of whom gave up two years of their time and money to make the Nov. election such a success.

As always Ryan was great. No one will outshine him and his ability. It's obvious he's a rising star, and is earning that moniker!


Anonymous said...

Z, I've decided that in order for a bartender to make a good 'rita he has to have spent some time in California. The absolutely WORST one I've ever had was at the very elegant Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC. Way too dry. Have you had a Cadillac 'rita? In beautiful downtown Burbank the Viva used to serve them also in yard & 1/2 yard sizes. A group of us would go there on Derby, Preakness, & Belmont days, watch the telly, & share.

As for last night, I was switching between the pathological analysis of the body of Henry VIII and Tristan & Isolde, not the Wagnerian version.


Speedy G said...

They still have no workable idea to get out of this mess.

A return to laissiz-faire sounds like the REAL solution, eh duckmeister? So much for "re-distribution". ;)

Z said...

SilvrLady, I agree about Margaritas...California's are the very best and always have been...for years. And yes, Cadillac's are good. I also like them on the rocks more than blended, that extreme cold of blended ones is rough!
The biggest mistake bartenders make, and some do it here in California too, is make a delicious Margarita with a little sweetness from the Triple Sec, etc., and then stick a fresh lime on the glass...that lime is awful in the sweet mixture and does nothing for the 'rita.

Re Bachmann and her response....I think it sent a message that will bite us shortly; Democrats united, Republicans divided, a message we don't need to be sending with a media fighting us so hard and a Democrat party which almost never eats its young.......she should have done it today with less fanfare, it's not like people wouldn't have listened to her, there is NO WAY Paul Ryan couldn't feel underminded (and should have, anybody would), and she didn't even veer much off his script....maybe it was about her own campaigning and I wonder why it was allowed. Plus, she was looking off-screen the whole time which wasn't complimentary to her and off-putting to watch.

I also hold a grudge with the Tea Party, from whom I got an email yesterday suggesting one had to go through their sites to see Bachmann's response, which wasn't true. weird. V I found it..here is some of the verbage:

"Thousands of people have written in with questions about how to view tonight's State Of The Union Response by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann - brought to you by the Tea Party Express and TeaPartyHD.com

Members of the press and public are invited to view and broadcast her speech via the Tea Party Express website: http://www.TeaPartyExpress.org - and details on how to embed the stream into your own website or for media re-broadcast, can be found at www.TeaPartyHD.com"

Ya, and FOX and CNN and maybe even the networks covered it. hmmm

Anonymous said...

Z, I heard the same amount that you did, and I wish I'd had a margarita.
I was thinking that it was just his bid for a second term. He kept appealing to conservatives, but then he'd throw a barb in there to reinfoce his "power".

Z said...

Jen, that is an excellent overview...I think you're right.
He's no dummy and, thank goodness, most people saw through it...even a mixed focus group in Atlanta that FOX had, did you see it afterwards? 14 Obama voters were there and only 7 would vote for him tomorrow.
We must have a good candidate in 2012 and I don't see that coming, but we can hope!
I think the Left's counting on that...maybe a guy won't vote for obama because he doesn't like him, but put him up against a Republican he doesn't like more and he isn't voting for the Republican! :-)
I also worry that our party's looking a bit in disarray as it's got such different representation now..two Rep. responses, Michael Steele's booting, the media doing its best to demean us, conservatives going overboard in their rhetoric like "the new ID card is COMMUNIST and NAZI", which I got from a fairly sane Conservative venue...they have to say that when there are plenty of good arguments against an ID card on its own? man

Mark said...

AOW's post today inspired a tediously long and sophomoric blogpost over at my place. Seems to me it would take a stiff drink (or many) to take Obama's rhetorical lies. And I don't even drink!

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...
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beamish said...

I'm reading between the lines Obama's speech again for coherency and internal consistency (always full of fun) and uncovered an unhinged sociopathic rant which should have Americans in fear for their lives.

Obama began his list of wanted federal spending increases with an explicit threat. Either Republicans will cooperate with the Democrats sitting with them or they will be shot in the head like Gabby Giffords was.

Obama's speech never even reached the psuedo-lucidity of Ted Kaczynski's Unabomber Manifesto, which at least attempted to explain why he was mailing bombs to people. No, it was too beset by the standand leftist cognitive dissonances that all too often lead to violence.

The stock market is beginning to return to pre-Democratic control of Congress levels, on the buoyant profits of oil companies which of course must be slashed. The megalomaniacal fascist even went so far as to try to tell parents how to teach their kids to become ...wait for it ... teachers.

Unhinged leftist lunacy. I expect direct action terrorist attacks in the coming days.

Why does the left always threaten violence?

Anonymous said...

"Violence is as American as cherry pie."

H. Rap Brown

Ducky's here said...

So the stock market is the measure of our economic health, interesting Beamish and as short sighted as ever.

Remember, average Americans have the bulk of their worth in housing and that's going nowhere. So there is a wealth transfer.

Keep an eye on Britain, they are slashing quickly and already seeing an unexpected slow down.

Now what we could do is cut areas of inefficiency and reinvest some of those savings. Has a better chance of success but shallow rethug thinking probably dooms it.

Meanwhile, the market is up and nobody's hiring. And you think that's great.

Ticker said...

Bachmann did fine. She may have peed off the standard GOP but again that is even better. Divided, I think not. Her comments complimented most of what Ryan had to say which really wasn't much. Again Republicans being "too nice" instead of kicking ass and not even bothering to take names since we already know who the names are.
Obama, BS, more BS and deeper BS and higher BS. Narcissistic sob always makes it sound like HE is going to do something and HE ain't done crap except run the country into the ground. Say goodbye bozo and you and Ms. Bozo better get all the free vacations in that you can get in the next two years at taxpayer expense. You'll soon have to go back being a communist organizer(no miswording there). Oh and stay on vacation, you do less damage there.
You jacked you jaws last night and gas prices went up 5cents. So SHUT UP Fool!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch any responses afterward, but I think the public can feel Obama's desperation. I sure can.

Regarding the i.d. card and the conservative reaction to it and other liberal ideas: using terms like "communist" and "nazi" to describe concepts put forth by the left is hurtful to the conservative movement, in my opinion. There may be a ring of truth to it, but the mainstream media takes those soundbites and runs with them, making "conservative" politicians look like raving lunatics.

I say, leave the childish name-calling to the Left.

Z said...

Ducky, gee..the market's up and job numbers haven't plummeted by that afternoon? oh, please, Ducky.
And, also, most Americans know you just can't keep spending and have it unsupported by GROWTH. No truth, no real hope, no clue to what's going to happen but BIG idiotic numbers bandied around...would YOU hire?

Ticker, I thought Bachmann should never have done it. The more I think about it, the more inappropriate I think it was for last night right after Paul Ryan, who became negated.."why do they need her, too?"
I understand there are different opinions, mine holds strong on this one.

Jen, it's very, very hurtful to Conservatives....the media ignores the leftist nonsense and gloms onto ours..Not good. (how does one spell glom? :=-)

Anonymous said...

There's only so much abuse I'll take to my ears so I have to admit that I couldn't listen to the whole thing. The more I see him speaking the more I think he's about as useless as a sock puppet or an organ grinders monkey. I wonder if he even believes the shit he spews.

When I picked up the morning paper I LOL'ed when I read that Obama had said that the country "faces a Sputnik moment". What the hell was THAT? A moment in time when the Soviet Union fired a tin can up into the sky and brought about the space race, I guess. They lost that one too ...


cube said...

I didn't watch the SOTU, but drinking margaritas sounds better than what I did... fell asleep reading a good book.

I think I'd rather have another root canal than listening to the Won's phoney know-it-all professorial tones with the whistling 'S' sounds.

Z said...

Hi, Waylon, thanks for bringing up that Sputnik reference of Obama's...I thought it was one of the worst parts of the speech because it conjures up "WE saw that, and WE will do better than THEY did"...That was AMerica's attitude, right?
But, SPUTNIK brought to my mind NASA and how we will have no space shuttle anymore thanks to Obama...no more WE CAN DO IT! for space travel.....
wow...the realization was one he probably wished his listeners hadn't had..it was dumb, I can't be the only one who 'went there'..

Z said...

cube, as Karen HOwes said at her place, Boehner looked like he'd rather have been having a root canal! (I don't mind a pink tie, but that wasn't the night for ol' John to sport one!)

Leticia said...

I am happy to say that I did hear his speech and will not lose sleep over it.

However, today I heard just a small bit of it and basically this guy is trying to win brownie points with the GOP. It won't work though, we all know he is full of hot air.

And does he always have to bring up gays in the military?

Anonymous said...

If we play to the media hoping for fair reporting we're going to be following a dem agenda.

Being afraid about every reaction from the left, and media, will insure we'll be on defense for two years.

If we believe in what we say we believe in, there's every reason to be hard nosed about it, if challenged, and we will be.

I'd remind everyone, we won in November with determination and a forward charge. I'm not willing to pick apart or parse every word out of fear of the left.

They'll continue their lies and obfuscations no matter what we do or say. This is no time to marginalize the TP movement. These are the people who made the difference for Republicans.

We can't win with weakness and fear of the critics. That's how Republicans became liberal lite in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Z, ther's a woman who always orders Cadillac 'ritas at the local 'country club'. I happened to be there one afternoon & heard the discussion behind the bar to the effect that they were out of Grand Marnier. I asked if they served it on the side , like Calif. No, just mixed in. I told 'em don't say anything & she'll never know the difference. The next time I was there I asked what had happened. They laughed & said she had no idea there was no GM in it. So much for that, problem solved.


Z said...

Pris, I never marginalized the Tea Party movement...I said she should have waited at least a day. She marginalized an immensely important Republican Congressman who's not a GOP hack, not a good idea.
And, of course, we always disagree about the media; the media's all some Americans ever hear and they vote. We need to NOT give them anything that harms our cause. Doesn't mean we kowtow, we just don't give them ammo.

SilvrLady, I think a great margarita's good enough without the GM but she should have known it wasn't there...I adore Triple Sec, it has family meaning (long story) ...it's fabulous! A Margarita's got to be just the right blend of sweet and tart..mm

Anonymous said...

I used to make my own Tangerine liqueur, added brandy for my 'Mandarin Napoleon'. Also made lemon liqueur, Kahlua,& red Dubonnet.

The lemon liqueur & the tangerine came from an It. cookbook by G. Bugialli. The lemon took 2 weeks, the other took a month. For the lemon I peeled lemons with a veg. peeler & put the peel in the vodka. After 2 weeks add the simple syrup.

The other drove me nuts the first time I made it. You wrap 4 tangerines in cheesecloth like a sausage. Tie up the ends leaving long strings (there's a reason). Put the vodka in a WIDE mouth jar, suspend the fruit OVER the vodka, never touching, cap it, tie the strings over the lid, date, & put in a dark closet for 30 days. Then you make simple syrup, add, & strain. When I bottled it I would do about 2/3-3/4 tangerine to the rest brandy. Mmmm, GOOD.

The first time I made the tangerine I told my husband if he looked in that closet & saw something strange, 'LEAVE IT ALONE!!'. He replied that he had learned to do that a long time ago.


Z said...

I'm crazy about tangerines so I'm sure that is delicious.
I love homemade Kahlua, too..my sis and her husband made it one year for Christmas...fabulous.

Have you had Limoncello? THAT is REALLY delicious, especially in ROME after a terrific Italian dinner..it's so refreshing..I love it.

Anonymous said...

Have you had Limoncello? THAT is REALLY delicious, especially in ROME after a terrific Italian dinner..it's so refreshing..I love it.

I want to try this.
In Italy.
After a great meal.
With friends.
And laughter.

Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

have you read Eat, Pray, Love?

Ooooh...the FOOD!!!


Z said...

Jen, someone loaned me the book and I returned it without reading it!
I ATE ROME in person, believe me :-)

RedWood said...

i....hate...I mean.....I hate Obama....I hate...yes I hate ( god forgive me ) this piece of shit masquerading as our president.

I...hate this fraud...I hate this man. I hate his vision of America.

In the Tom Clancy novel, Debt of Honor...there is a solution. A reset...a start again button.

America...sucks...America is gone.

Ducky's here said...

Another one chafing at having a nigra as commander in chief.

FrogBurger said...

Little puke Ducky, why do you have to use the word? Be a man, use the real word if you want to use it.

I'd rather have West from Florida than a white man of your ideology as president.

You're such a little shit.

Z said...

FrogBurger, apparently, in the leftwinger's mind, you can't dislike Obama and not dislike all Blacks.

Simplistic, silly, racist, and untrue....but it works for the leftist. sad

FrogBurger said...

All I know, Z, is that I've never run into someone more pathetic than Ducky. I'm glad my Liberal friends have a heart and decency. This guy really is a Petite merde.

beamish said...

So the stock market is the measure of our economic health, interesting Beamish and as short sighted as ever.

When you're qualified enough to pursue and obtain gainful employment rather than living off of your daddy's post-mortem largesse and whatever food stamps you can scrounge together, Ducky, you may discover that many pension and retirement funds are invested in the stock market, thus when the stock market drops like it did in October 2007 when Democrats took over the financial steering wheel of the federal government, the economy overall suffers. When you finally unearth the box of Cracker Jacks that contains the rest of your economics education, you'll note that the housing sector is also in the stock market.

Who knows, maybe you'll become wealthy enough to crank your thermostat up to 65 and live a little.

Anonymous said...

It's very likely the economy will not recover until the housing market stabilizes.

If we can't depend on anything like banks being solvent, houses holding their value, pension funds being there for pensioners, full employment for those willing and able to work, we can't have a society.

If everyone winds up on the dole, there won't be any money to fund the dole, ad we will descend into chaos.

And then some "savior" will arise and become a dictator, and we will be reduced to slavery. Beware of "saviors." Invariably they turn out to be devils in disguise.

Z said...

Anonymous, I think you're so right.

Our resident lib, Ducky, STILL thinks the housing problem isn't largely to blame for our economy mess no matter what we say here but I believe you're totally right.
And I don't see how we can fix it. Do you?
Wait for Soros to rise up in a time of trouble.

FrogBurger "petite merde"..so funny ...do they use that expression in France? I love it in English :-)

FrogBurger said...

Yes we use it in French for people who are despicable or who don't bring much to the table and whose sole life purpose is to annoy people. So it fits Ducky.