Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A letter to the media.....

Dear media,

I know you're very unhappy about the Republicans taking over the House and rising in number in the Senate but I'd like to ask you a favor.   All of the news is full of Democrat pundits warning Republicans that politics is a dangerous game to play right now.  Who's playing politics?  This is all being set in place by the Leftist media so anything Republicans do will be viewed in that light by the public;  clever, but mean spirited and dishonest.

Is it politics to want to try to cut the deficit?  Is it politics to bring some of the Obama missteps out to the public?  Is it politics every time someone wants to investigate something that's obviously got enough smoke there that some fire must exist?  Why is this suddenly politics because the Republicans want some questions answered and want to fix the mess our economy's in? Why wasn't it dangerous when the Democrats were passing laws without including the Republicans the last two years?   Most Americans think it's dangerous to change healthcare so dramatically without even legislators reading the bill, how can you not?
I could go on and on, but everyone can write more than I did above; everyone has frustrations and everyone sees a lot about the Obama administration that's wrong, like the placement of Van Jones, who'd still be there had it not been for Bill O'Reilly, like the birth certificate stupidity that could be solved in half a minute if they wanted to, like who paid for Obama's Harvard education, like when Obama lied about barely knowing William Ayres!  And, there's so much more..............but, Media, let me just say this:  BE HONEST.   We want the same scrutiny placed on Democrats that you have put on Republicans at least the last ten years.
Stop calling FOX biased when they ALWAYS have all sides represented and the networks and CNN and MSNBC barely ever do.........stop the lies, tell the truth, be an equal-opportunity critic of both parties.  That's all Republicans ask.

Stop setting things up to make Republicans look bad before they've started and stop misrepresenting why they do what they do.  They're not evil, they don't hate foreigners, they don't hate the poor, they don't hate children........grow up, Media.  Just TELL THE TRUTH.

Very Sincerely,
A Fed Up Blogger

GeeeZ readers:  Add some paragraphs in COMMENTS....I know you can all do better than I did.



Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Birth certificate stupidity? Okay, you got that right.

beamish said...

Cutting taxes, cutting spending, and reducing the size and regulatory power of the federal government will not lead to the left-wing wet dream that was Nazi Germany.

Z said...

Here's more of the Obama-thuggery yesterday: "And so my expectation, my hope is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will realize that there will be plenty of time to campaign for 2012 in 2012, and that our job this year is to make sure that we build on the recovery," Obama added."

See, it can't be that Boehner and McConnell want to clean up his mess, it's all about campaigning...what a disgusting, low, disdainful comment for a president to make...what a total JERK. "Build on the recovery"? A COMPLETELY unsustainable MESS?
THis is what we've got for a president.

Ducky...two minutes will prove the stupidity..why won't they? think, man. Nobody's a moron here...okay, skip the birth cert...how about who paid for Harvard? Clue us all in. Then tell us why the media doesn't care to question, okay?

Beamish....doing the opposite COULD.

Anonymous said...

Ok Z, here goes.

To the media, you've got room to talk about being political?

You, another arm of the left? Give me a break! Everything's political, all day everyday! And who persists in making it this way?

We can't pick up a paper, or turn on the news without hearing political bias!

So please, at least give us the courtesy of the unvarnished truth and admit you're as political as they come, and have abdicated your responsibilty to objectively report the news as it happens.

Too bad too, because you cheat the people of this country of both sides of the argument. There is a genuine disagreement as to how issues affect us all, and the solutions that we all have to deal with.

I'm sure if you would grow up and try to see both sides we would all be represented fairly, but until and unless that happens, I guess whoever holds the reins will just have to bull our way through, despite you.

You've lost your way and it's up to you to find your way back. Don't look to us to give in and accept our fate as you see it. It ain't gonna happen!

You're broken and you have to fix it. So, quit your bellyaching, and do the job you're being paid to do! If you can rememeber how.


Z said...

bravo, Pris, that's what I'm lookin' for :-)

beamish said...

Beamish....doing the opposite COULD.


Always On Watch said...

I don't have anything to add, but I do have a brief comment.

Trying to reason with the mainstream media is an exercise in futility. The msm serve as shills for the left.

I'm watching the msm this morning, as I do every morning at this time. The bias and slant are palpable and downright sychophantic (sp?) for the left and, of course, for Obama in particular.

Poor baby! He's coming home from vacation! -- That's the message on my local CBS channel this morning. The tone of voice used -- the softening of timbre.

tha malcontent said...

Tomorrow, (Wednesday) the congress will be changing, the lefties will be gone )thank God) and the American voters, let the process begin. Start with Repealing Obamacare, Cut the insane Spending, and Get Rid Of Barack Hussain Obama, along with the Queen of Flab and all their crazy ultra expensive vacations along with Oprah and his friends from "The View" who are living a life of luxury at the taxpayers expense.
I’m sick and tired of hearing about all of them. Especially Obama and Moochie living like a King and Queen on our dime and spending OUR money like it’s going out of style, when the economy is in shambles

Scotty said...

"And so my expectation, my hope is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will realize that there will be plenty of time to campaign for 2012 in 2012, and that our job this year is to make sure that we build on the recovery," Obama added."

And after he says that, again there is silence from the Republicans.

It takes me back to past years when Republicans were in the majority but one would have never guessed that, based on their actions!

Anonymous said...

The poisonous 'mainstream' media, both print & on air, are dying on the vine, courtesy of their own head-in-the-sand stupidity & venom, but they are too dumb or stubborn to see it. Happily, those of us who are rational (sorry, Ducks, that left you out!) have Fox & various internet sources. I have never heard of conservatives trying to shut down Air (un)America or other Lefty programs, but the Liberals certauinly are frothing at the mouth about any conservative programming. The Left programming dies of its own boring & predictable rant. You have to have listeners or viewers to get sponsors to pay the toll.

I'm looking forward to seeing the U.S. Constitution read aloud in the House this week. Many of those representing the leftist Democratic side probably have never bothered to read or understand it, so they may walk out. In fact, I heard on Fox just this morning that some of them think it's out of date! That's what you could call unbelieveable CHUTZPAH!

The son of a good friend, a petroleum engineer, recently told his father that as long as there was a drop of water in the Gulf or elsewhere there wasn't a prayer of getting drilling permits. So now the big rigs have moved off to other countries, including China, never a friend of the U.S., & they won't be back in the near, or probably distant future. The arrant stupidity of the Left & the enviro-Socialist wackos have put this country over a barrel, & it ain't oil. Put all of them in an electro-car, take away their limos & chauffeurs, let them go by shank's mare, or thumb a ride, & see how they like it.


Z said...

SilvrLady, a lot of conservatives are eager to redo the constitution...but it would backfire; the lefties are licking their chops for that to happen; they'd win everything and we'd lose our country.

Scotty, you say there's silence after that statement and I agree with you; hopefully, today, one of the weak kneed Republicans will come out and say "Pardon US? We need to have this arrogant administration understand that just because we don't agree with all they're doing doesn't mean we're CAMPAIGNING...we're trying to do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE"

Ducky's here said...

As I recall, this is the crew that considers The Economist a left publication. You folks really don't realize how fringe you are.

cube said...

When the ONE won, it was his way or the highway.

When the GOP won some inroads in the 2010 election, now it's time to come together and cooperate (which tranlates into towing the democrat line).

I hope the GOP doesn't run screaming like they usually do.

Anonymous said...

"You folks really don't realize how fringe you are."

Yes Ducky, we know. We who respect the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are so fringe aren't we?

Better not to have any rules and settle for a ruler, right Ducky? A rational and lawful system which protects freedom is decadent huh?

Better a tinhorn dictator, than a sensible system regardless of who the temporary leader is.

We'll just go off half cocked into the wilderness experimenting with some idiot who doesn't know his a--from a hole in the ground. Right Ducky? And we're fringe??


Anonymous said...

The main goal of the LEFTIST MOVEMENT has been to normalize the abnormal and vice versa, to make profane the sacred and vice versa, to so confuse and debase our sense of identity and our identification with our traditional culture that we no longer have the capacity to recognize ourselves for what we are supposed to be.

The left turns everything upside down, inside out and backwards. They have so manipulated the educational establishment, the entertainment business and the organizations disseminating news and information that those things have become so thoroughly corrupted they now believe that the vicious propaganda they routinely spew forth is the truth, the whole truth and the only truth.

We now live in a world where Big Lies are celebrated and venerated, while the Eternal Truths by which we used to at least TRY to be guided have been so reviled and so mischaracterized they are now regarded as a SHAM used for the purpose of establishing exploitative control of the masses.

The hideous irony, of course, is that this is EXACTLY what the LEFTISTS -- and the shadowy Oligarchs who run the show behind the scenes -- have been doing to us for more than a hundred years!

~ FreeThinke

Susannah said...

Amen! and AMEN!

Right. From the Dems.."let's all work together in a bipartisan way (crock of @#$% right there) to 'get things done.' "

I'm sorry. Nobody sent ANYBODY to DC this time to "get things done." We've seen you "get things done," and look @ the disaster...

We want you people to get things UNdone!! Start w/ REPEALing Obamacare.

And yes...let's see that birth certificate, those Harvard tuition bills, those early records. I could get my Wake Forest transcript for you in roughly 24 hours...How 'bout you, Barry?

Right. We shouldn't waste the American people's time investigating these things. The American people want us to 'get things done.'

Uh. NO. We want the truth. And we want freedom from the bordering on tyrannical federal government...

Anonymous said...

Congressional investigations are the refuge of indolent, cowardly elected officials who do not want to grapple with important issues like REVERSING most of the entitlement policies that put more and more people on the dole and keep fewer and fewer in the productive sector.

What's going to happen to the system when EVERYBODY is on the dole?

The system will COLLAPSE, of course.

NO ONE in congress has the courage to deal with this effectively, so they stage endless "investigations" which in many ways function as the moral equivalent of Stalinist Show Trials. The effects are destructive.

If our civilization is to revive and achieve salvation, we MUST dismantle the Welfare State before it topples down and crushes us all to death.

Wanna die in falling rubble, or be smothered to death later on?

Just continue to let things DRIFT towards oblivion.

~ FreeThinke