Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama's speech and....wait, LEFTIST ASSASSINS? Could it BE? :-)


I'd done the post below and then watched the Tucson proceedings tonight on television.   I have to admit I thought Obama's speech was excellent, he struck just the right tone and evaded effectively the ridiculous and wrong-headed attacks on the Right quite well.   
I felt badly for a university president who can't pronounce NapolitAHno, but...whatever.
I also was stunned and pleased to hear NapolitAHno quote from the Old Testament but thought she might have said a tad more than that.
I was even more stunned to hear Eric Holder mention Jesus and Paul...has he done that in D.C. speeches, too? :-)   Eric Holder reading from Corinthians? 
Even Obama, who can't bring himself to say "Creator" when he's quoted from the Declaration of Independence three times said God........bravo, Barack.
Yes, his speech was very, very good, very healing, and I have to admit I think it's his best yet.
I was a bit surprised Judge Roll was on the 9th Circuit;  I didn't know they had a Republican on that Circuit...who knew?
Still, the left's still at it saying it's RIGHTWING RHETORIC which killed the victims in Tucson.   I wonder if Paul Krugman would be blamed for LEFTWING RHETORIC, or Keith Olbermann, had the Congresswoman been a Republican? 
Now, do yourself a favor and see about Leftist assassins:

CHECK OUT BEAMISH'S SITE HERE............he's got QUITE an article you'll want to read and send on, believe me.  Check out the politics of most killers of politicians, it's worth the information.  The media'd be SO disappointed to read his blog, I'm not sure they could take it.

thanks, Beamish, for a lot of work and a lot of education. Maybe some of it's a stretch, but it's sure compelling and worth a good conversation :-)



Rick Frea said...

Thanks for the updates.

Always On Watch said...

BHO's words were excellent.

But I admit that the preacher cadences of his voice get on my nerves.

Always On Watch said...

Still, the left's still at it saying it's RIGHTWING RHETORIC which killed the victims in Tucson.

I look for that to continue. Remember THIS?

Always On Watch said...

If I heard correctly, Obama did hint in his speech that his visit to Giffords worked a miracle: she opened her eyes for the first time.

Linda said...

@AOW, I caught that comment too. However, I thought he did a pretty good job of focusing on the victims, and not pointing at himself.

Anonymous said...

If Obama "said all the right things," it must have been a coldly calculated, artfully-coached exercise in base hypocrisy.

DON'T let yourself be seduced by the DEVIL.

If bad people say good things, invariably it's for the WRONG reason.

Obama is out to USE whatever he can, however he can to win back his former popularity. That's ALL he cares about.

"The leopard cannot change his spots."

One of the largest failings of the right is their unfailing compulsion always to try to act decently and fairly. The right will ALWAYS give the devil his due, and wind up getting torn to shreds as payment for their kindness and consideration.

DON'T BE FOOLED. When the devil acts "nice," he is at his most dangerous.

~ FreeThinke

tha malcontent said...

Excellent post! I just completed a similar one.
For the past few days, I have been posting about this with other Conservative Posters, and the lefty/Progressive bloggers have been calling ME crazy for the posts I wrote until it came out that this LUNATIC had NO political beliefs but was a LUNATIC and nothing else but a LUNATIC .
And the sheriff that thinks he is a political genius is nothing more than a phoney, fraud and a fake as well. Some Sleuth, he even failed to mention the fact that he himself had made over 10 visits to the Shooters home for Drug and Violence reasons. How come these Leftist idiots are so swift to either change or omit the facts when they are guilty. Why wasn’t there any mention of this sheriff’s ineptness, incompetence, and negligence off omitting facts? ...He sure knew how to put the blaming on people who were completely innocent , and somehow forgot to mention that the lunatic shooter had NO political persuasion

Ducky's here said...

My, Beamish goes a long way back and somehow manages to ee the assassination of Garfield and McKinley in isolation.

Just random incidents by leftist. No mention of the Molly Maguires, Haymarket or in more recent times, Harlan County. But I have to remember that the fringe right has a grasp of history and the gestalt of violence in America.

Meanwhile, I find this fascinating. In return for not picketing, Westboro Baptist is being given a feature on the Mike Gallagher Show. Deconstruct as you will.

The 24.7.365 news cycle of venom which is largely a right wing creation still needs to stay front and center and questioned about what positive information it brings.

Meanwhile we are all adrift and the right simply sees it all as an affront to the elect. And surely Obama is the devil. Insanity.

Anonymous said...

The devil is METAPHOR for all that's undesirable in human motivation, character and activity.

When a public figure or influential person's fundamental worldview is opposed to most of the values and traditions one believes in, it is not unusual to refer to that person as a devil or a servant of evil.

I agree that categorizing everyone who has publicly performed a violent criminal act on a public figure as a leftist is unwarranted. Marxism, Leninism, Bolshevism, liberalism, progressivism, socialism -- whatever -- didn't become widely identified as such until the early 20th century.

Liberalism may be a mental disorder, but all fractious, anti-social, murderous behavior can't be attributed solely as the products of liberal ideology.

Some people are just BORN BAD or become hopelessly screwed up later on. Their activities are not necessarily POLITICAL.

Does anyone honestly think the long established behavior of savage barbarians has anything to do with the teachings of Marx?

Marxists, however, will try to USE these undesirable conditions and behaviors to promote their TYRANNICAL agenda.

Marxists are not about dong good, they are about exerting POWER and CONTROL over YOU.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

AOW, miracles never cease! After all, doesn't he walk on water?
There's no way I can watch that man. He's completely self-serving.

I heard this morning (on Fox, of course!) that some new Gov. on the East Coast is going to prohibit the employess from going on the evil Right-wing talk shows, but NPR is fine. Surprise, surprise.


Chuck said...

I think credit is due but I do have a bit of a different take on his speech. I am working on a post for tomorrow.

I see the Duck is still off his meds

Z said...

Hi, Rick, you're welcome and thanks for coming to geeeZ...nice to have you here.

AOW, I think there was a tinge of "I was there and she opened her eyes" but how the heck could he not mention it since it happened? Also, she has been aware of her surroundings so maybe his being there did get her to rally all her Reagan had come into MY room, I'd have tried to open my eyes :-)
He never said it was because of him. But, having said that, LET ME MAKE ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR!!!


FT...for Pete's sake! I just wrote the above, then saw your comment warning me! Why is it that the minute I say the least positive thing, giving credit where credit is due, some conservatives go nuts and warn me not to like the guy!? As if I ever said that?
Well, I said above my feelings....but, please, give me a BIT more credit than that.
POLICY is what's important, not a good speech. And it WAS a good speech, make no mistake.
I remember during the campaign I mentioned how moved I was to see black young people with tears rolling down their eyes that he'd been nominated....OH, did I GET BLASTED HERE with "You LIKE him now?" I just don't understand that...I never will.
I can't STAND the man and I'm still moved thinking of their pleasure at seeing a black candidate.


Ducky!! OOPS! You goofed again. Rick Sanchez is also giving the nuts air time....didn't you hear they asked for it, saying that if they got air time, they wouldn't picket the child's funeral? This isn't about Gallagher admiring them, sorry to burst your bubble.

SilvrLady, the speech was excellent. VERY tough to watch his face, trust me, but excellent.
I hope that npr thing is picked up by the less honest media venues (i'm laughing here) But, you see, FOX IS WRONG FOR TELLING THE TRUTH, DONTCHAKNOW?

Chuck, I will be eager to see that...I miss your blog and am feeling so much better, finally, that I think I have the energy and lack of pain now to go by and see my favorites, at least :-)

HERE is the deal, everybody:

This morning, there's still the feeling that it's only Republicans who have to stop the rhetoric and it's amazing; the feeling is definitely out there that "NOW THAT HIS SPEECH WAS WONDERFUL YOU ALL HAVE TO LIKE HIM AND IGNORE HIS POLICIES AND, ANYWAY, IF YOU SPEAK UP ON RADIO OR BLOGS, YOU BETTER KNOW YOU MIGHT GET ANOTHER CRAZY NUT TO KILL PEOPLE"
THIS, after KOS, MOveon, etc., have SO MUCH worse comments than I HAVE EVER SEEN on ANY Conservative blog...THIS, after Olbermann spews more hate than anybody we know...THIS, after the media won't tell AMerica both sides of everything..
unbelievable situation

Anonymous said...

I was confused with the whole tone of the "memorial". Maybe it was just me, I don't know.

There seemed to be an air of hoopla about it that was just improper. It felt like another stop along the campaign trail.

Having said that, I did think that Obama had some good words to say, especially when he condemned the blaming that's going on. (But I'm with AoW, his cadence just grates on me.) Aside from his personal mannerisms, I was encouraged to hear him sounding like such a peace-maker. I actually enjoyed all of the speeches, but I found all of the applause and whooping and hollering just inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

It's Chaffee in R.I.

Now the Dems are trying to intimidate the Rep. from taking up the Health Care repeal next week because we need 'time to heal'. From them, YES!


FrogBurger said...

I found all of the applause and whooping and hollering just inappropriate.

That was pretty lame from the people, students mostly.

Shows how dumb the new generation is.

Facebook, text messaging, fake friends, digital living. That's what it creates. Studies show a lack of empathy in young folks. Yesterday cheers at a memorial were in line.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Froggy, a bunch of slackers who want something positive to come from remembering these folks.

Couple things really come through about Giffords:

1. She is loved and she is a true fighter.

2. She is a powerful force and a contrast to the tone on the fringe right.

And let's go back to demonizing Obama because if you start comparing Giffords to Palin, Sister Sarah is just loaded with FAIL.

beamish said...

I must warn that my post that Z is directing people to is still a work in "progress."

...leftists have killed so many people. They even kill or try to kill each other occassionally.

I'm still polishing up references to the Italian anarchist / union labor activist / Mafia crime syndicate murders Ducky can't wait to read about :)

FrogBurger said...

Yeah, Froggy, a bunch of slackers who want something positive to come from remembering these folks.

Hey a-hole, did I say that?

CAN YOU READ or are you still jerking off with your body bag fantasy?

I criticized the cheers.

Oh and Obama's team distributed t-shirts at the event.

So shut the hell up. Your goons are classless opportunistic bastards.

beamish said...

Does Ducky forget that the Westboro "Baptist Church" hit-me-and-I'll-sue funeral chasing lawyers are led by a left-wing former Democrat candidate for Governor of Kansas?

They're Ducky's anti-war champions of "free speech," after all.

FrogBurger said...

And let's go back to demonizing Obama because if you start comparing Giffords to Palin, Sister Sarah is just loaded with FAIL.

God you're sick.

Go to Vegas Ducky to get some action. That'll do good.

Z said...

A LOT of people think the applause, tone, etc., was inappropriate...

I guess I went into the memorial with a different wasn't a funeral.
Yes, riotous applause is inappropriate at a funeral (usually, depending on whatever happens, I guess, but usually...!), but a memorial is remembering people these people in the crowd knew and LOVED....recalling the good they did, introducing their families for acknowledgment and honoring them, making sure their memories carry on...I think applause is appropriate there.

It was also about Tucson and the things I thought people applauded for were Tucson's great past, it's hopeful future in spite of this nightmare, how Tucson's people rallied and did so well through this tragic passers-by helped, first responders excelled, people actually saved lives from knowing what to do...I think applause is appropriate there.

STILL, MANY of my friends I"ve spoken to on the phone thought it was a weird and inappropriate tone and I have to disagree but I"m in the minority, I think.

And, I watched the faces of surviving family members and saw such joy and happiness from the reaction in the crowd that I can only say I think they are the ones who thought it was fine and that's fine with me.

I respect everybody else's opinions, I just don't personally see it.

Z said...

FrogBurger...THEY DISTRIBUTED T SHIRTS with what ON them? ARE YOU KIDDING? COuld you tell me what that was?
(Boy, you sure can let someone have it with descriptive English, for a foreigner :-)

Elmers Brother said...

besides the selling of t-shirts and the overall atmosphere of a rock concert instead of a memorial...what more could you ask for

if it were my daughter I would have been embarrassed by the hoopla...I'm with Jen

duhkkky....she's more conservative then some people if she's loved it's because of who she is and based on your logic not which side of the political spectrum she fell on

beamish said...

So, is Obama dropping the federal lawsuit against Arizona's immigration enforcement law?

FrogBurger said...

Read it in comments on Hot Air. Some people had tshirts with some Obama slogan.

Wrong, true, I can't check. But Obama's team should have shut up the cheers.
Especially when Obama himself was embarrassed by the situation.

I sometimes think his team is the real problem. And I am actually not blaming him for the situation. But his entourage.

FrogBurger said...

Yeah, Froggy, a bunch of slackers who want something positive to come from remembering these folks.

I gotta say Ducky that you're proving your utter lack of observation skills.

I hope you're not into music b/c your earring is bad.

Cheering at a memorial like you'd cheer at a rock concert or a sports game is not really in line with wanting something positive from remembering the folks, as you put it.

A normal human being, at least in the Western world, when "remembering the folks", would use silence. That's a pretty established behavior, isn't it?

At least that's the most respectful thing to do for the families.

Did you listen to the music after the cheers? Don't you think there was a mismatch between the two?

You truly are an idiot.

Z said...

Elbro, I didn't see a rock-concert atmosphere, I think the things I enumerated deserved applause.
That young people are stupid enough to love Obama is something we can't avoid; they're brain dead and indoctrinated...I believe Bush would have had the same reception with a speech like that.
i was also impressed that Jan Brewer got such applause in a mostly college-aged audience.
If the families were SO happy with the memorial as they seemed to be, that's what matters.

Z said...

I was thinking how weird it would have been had people not applauded for the first-responders and those who threw their bodies over others to protect them.....or for Zimmerman, who had done so much for the community.

FrogBurger said...

Z, if the young idiots were cheering for the people killed and the families, how come did they cheer when Obama entered?

It was like a rock concert to THEM.

Celebrity culture.

I imagine the quote "Hey I saw Obama. It was at some memorial but I still saw the President. It's so kewl."


Anonymous said...

I LOVED the Aaron Copeland music at the end, it felt appropriate.

I kept watching the parents of the nine year old girl, wondering if I would attend a massive event like this if my daughter had been murdered four days earlier. NOW, THIS IS ABOUT ME, but I just don't think I'd have been up to that much noise and activity. There were ulterior motives all over the place and so many huge egos in that room I'm surprised peoples heads didn't explode.

It just feels so gross to me.

But like I said, there were encouraging words, just too much hoopla.

They tried to mix a memorial with a pep rally, and I think it would be better to do one of each.

But I know myself, and I'm a VERY PRIVATE person with an intense need for dignity when it comes to grief. The mere appearance of mixing politics and personal tragedy just makes me....bleh.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

Just an estimate here, but from Ducky's comments above, he obvious didn't read my references to McKinley's or Garfield's left-wing assassins, which at Ducky's speed would have taken him around five minutes of reading from the top to stumble across, sounding out each word his finger ran across, before he went off all screwy. He obviously hasn't read the entirety of my blog post. I'd have though the Amy Bishop entry towards the end would have riled him up. But that would have, at Ducky's speed, required 3 hours of reading.

Five minutes of conversation with Z on AOW's web radio show is all it took for Ducky to go ding-dong and start threating Andrew Brietbart's life.

I think we've established Ducky's threshold for exposure to rationality.

beamish said...

Does anyone remember the sickening display / left-wing political pep rally / funeral of Senator Paul Wellstone after his plane crash?

This was post-9/11, when the left was still in the opening pages of their "9/11 was a Karl Rove inside job" narrative.

Ticker said...

Z, the Judge was the Chief Judge of 9th District Court of Arizona, not on the bench of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Yes the 9th District is a part of the 0verall 9th which covers I believe 9 of the western states. He was not part of the most overturned Federal Court in history.

Hope this helps.

Elmers Brother said...

53 times I believe Obama was stopped for applause....t-shirt selling...sounds like a rock concert to me.

Elmers Brother said...

oh and the idiot poser...professor who wasn't even a shaman...speaking of things that slither

Elmers Brother said...

not to mentions Obama's self serving statement that Giffords opened her eyes for the first time afte he visiter her...she opened her eyes on Sunday

Elmers Brother said...

Together We Thrive

then the U of A president took the time to market the school...the whole thing was disgusting and gross

Anonymous said...


I did not address my first post to you particularly -- as I am doing now -- so why did you take it as a personal criticism?

As usual, I was just making a general statement as to how I tend to interpret any show of "reasonableness" and "civility" on the part of leftist politicians -- or ANY politicians, when it comes right down to it. What they SAY almost invariably belies what they DO.

I truly believe what I said. When a political enemy acts the way you've always thought he should act -- or hoped he would act -- he's probably at his most dangerous.

Obama may be SAYING the right things, but his heart is blacker than his skin by far. So NO I am NOT willing to give the devil his due -- not when it comes to POLITICS.

Sorry, but I thought we were supposed to say what we mean and not merely be "polite." In any case I was hardly guilty of being rude; I was merely FRANK. There is a difference, as I'm sure you realize.

take care,

~ FT

Elmers Brother said...

and his remarks may undercut the federal case against Loughner for the murder of Judge Roll

Z said...

FT, you said "DON'T let yourself be seduced by the DEVIL" and I said that's the farthest thing from what I ever do...that's all.
Let's not start this again, okay? Please try not to be so sensitive, it's much more fun here taking as good as we give. thanks. I said in my comment..they are BRAIN DEAD and we have to expect that. Plus, I think they'd have given Bush a rousing welcome, too....they have many Republicans there.

Elbro.. The 3 senators there and her husband say she opened them for the first time that night, I didn't hear anything about Sunday...the eyewitness was that Kelly jumped to her side when he saw that, amazed that it was happening, but I guess you'll have a link that says differently. I can't get into a contest with you; my feelings about the event are very different..

Jen, I TOTALLY agree with you about the relatives...I could NEVER have gone on CNN or FOX and been asked questions about the nightmare of losing my child so suddenly and unexpectedly the night it happened or even for weeks that followed. I think they must have been in shock.
Ya, I would not have gone...I couldn't have held myself together for that long anyway, not after a loss of a loved one.
Plus, I couldn't shake Obama's hand or even look at him in person, I actually thought that while I was watching, so there's no way I'd have gone.

The cheering for Obama when he came out was stupid brain dead kids....the rest of the applause for other things, etc., cannot be negated or disparaged because of that. I've said many times here why they applauded and I think their not having applauded those amazing fetes and the future of Tucson would have been equally as brain dead.

cube said...

I didn't watch BO's speech. I just can't take the sibilant whistle when a word ends in the letter "s". I can barely stand to watch clips of the man.

Z said...

Elbro, I won't be addressing this again because, as I said, I feel differently and I think we're all entitled no matter how strongly someone else feels, right!?, but I believe the president mentioned the school once, "together we thrive", once.
anyway...keep going if you all feel the need, just know I thought the whole thing was well done, the kids are brain dead and the memorial organizers can't be blamed for that, and the families seemed to enjoy it thoroughly..that's what counts, in my opinion, though there is NO WAY I could have gone, not having just lost a loved one...NO WAY.

Z said...

Cube, it wasn't easy...especially the haughty chin stuck up in the air.
I'd always given him the benefit of the doubt thinking he's reading from high teleprompters so it's natural that you have your neck up, but he read from notes on the dais this time and that chin was still WAAAAY up in the air..disgusting.
STill, it was a very good speech.

beamish said...

In fairness, if Giffords opened her eyes when Obama walked into her hospital room, it was likely in reaction to already having a fearful encounter with one spiteful Jew-hating leftist this past week.

beamish said...

Obama did the elevated Mussolini chin-up roaring crowd basking thing?

Damn, does dude have any originality even in his theatrical affectations?

Ducky's here said...

That's right, Beamish, Phelps was a Dem who become obsessed with the anti-homo plank in the democratic platform.

Is that your best game?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen and Elbro. There was no need for a stadium filled with students. It looked and felt like every campaign stop Obama has had.

Either one's going to have a memorial service or a pep rally. You can't combine the two IMO. I realize people can differ on this, but this is how I see it.

If I had lost my daughter just days before, I couldn't, and wouldn't have been there. But, that's just me. It was an Obama political event not a victims' memorial.

As for Obama's speech, it was ok I guess. After what's transpired over the last two years, I can't be objective about this President. I admit it.

It's too late, the dye is cast in my mind, and I can't think of anything this President can say, that would affect me positively.


Anonymous said...

KUDOS, by the way, for the reference to Paul Wellstone's funeral a few years back, which really put the FU back in funerals. That had to be one of the top ten TRAVESTIES in the last century. It certainly exposed the D'Rats for WHO and WHAT they are -- consummate vulgarians -- cheap, loud, sensationalistic, self-serving, mendacious clowns who'd hire their mothers out as domestic servants, and sell their daughters into white slavery, if it would guarantee them a victory in the next election.

The only prominent D'Rat I can think of who comports himself like a gentleman is Joe Liebermann. He has always spoken in well-bred tones, and said what he had to say with dignity and good taste, BUT when all is said and done, he never seems to MEAN what he's said ever-so-decorously. Gentleman Joe -- like his Republican counterpart Orrin Hatch -- ultimately comes off as a hypocritical WIMP.

~ FreeThinke

beamish said...

Obama was chin up like his fellow leftist?

Fascism is environmentally friendly, and recyclable, unfortunately.

beamish said...


We all know Dems are just fine with homosexuals as long as they're not Republicans with key war authorization votes.

Game? You gonna make it into the arena?

beamish said...

Thanks for remembering the despicable Wellstone "funeral" circus. The Dems were all about trying to wax conspiratorial that somehow Bush sabotaged Wellstone's plane.

Turns out it was pilot error. Flew too far left, crashed and burned.

It's nice that you give Lieberman a mention as well. That's the Jew kicked out of the leftist party that kept Klansman Robert Byrd to the day he died.

BB-Idaho said...

While you folks opinionated, they buried a nine year old little girl today. As the coffin left the church, the piper piped
'Going Home', the ending words-
"Every tear wiped away,
Pain and sickness gone;
Wide awake there with Him!
Peace goes on and on!
Going home, going home,
I'll be going home.
See the Light! See the Sun!
I'm just going home."
..sorry I haven't been paying attention to your
important arguing....

Elmers Brother said...

The Sonoran Chronicle reported it on Sunday but has since pulled the article.

I wasn't trying to argue necessarily, Z. I just felt it all was so unseemly.

There was a video on youtube that showed all the death threats that Sarah Palin had received since this incident and youtuve has since pulled it down. The other side is organized, I'll give them that much.

Elmers Brother said...

I found a cached article from The Sonora Chronicle

Elmers Brother said...

Posted on January 9, 2011 by cachocurt

By Curtis Prendergast

The bullet “traveled the entire length of the brain on the left side,” said Dr. Rhee, Chief Trauma Surgeon at the University Medical Center, at a press conference on Sunday. In terms of being shot in the head, this is “about as good as it’s going to get,” said Rhee.

Dr. Rhee speaks explains Rep. Giffords' condition as of Sunday morning. Photo by Curtis Prendergast.
Giffords can open her eyes, but because she is on a ventilator she can’t speak, said Rhee.

The surgery took about two hours, said Rhee.

Rhee attributed Giffords’ surviving the gunshot wound to a variety of factors, including a fast response by paramedics, proper care by the hospital staff, and luck. The bullet did not cross from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, nor did it go through the geometric center of the brain.

The other patients are recovering. Only one patient remains in critical condition, said Rhee. The rest have moved out of the Intensive Care Unit

Always On Watch said...

AOW, I think there was a tinge of "I was there and she opened her eyes" but how the heck could he not mention it since it happened?

He should have indeed mentioned it!

But I got the hinckies about the way he presented it (paraphrase): "I [The One] visited her, and she opened her eyes."

Always On Watch said...

Jan (I think) mentioned the Aaron Copeland music at the end.

I missed that as I didn't watch/listen to the entire speech.

Which Copeland music? Not the same as that used at BHO's inauguration, I hope. Because if the music were the same, that music could be construed as self-serving on the part of Obama.

Z said...

Elbro, STOP! I get it, you disagree! I don't think it was even a hint 'unseemly'...I hope that's okay with you?!! :-)
I'm not sure what that "she can open her eyes" means...I suppose her husband could have not known and that's why he got so excited last night...

Ticker, sure makes more sense!!

AOW: that's not what he said (there's a lot of misconception, that's for sure) He said :

"And I want to tell you — her husband Mark is here and he allows me to share this with you — right after we went to visit, a few minutes after we left her room and some of her colleagues in Congress were in the room, Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. (Applause.)"

Z said...

oh, my GOSH!
I just found out the T shirts said TOGETHER WE THRIVE

That's an Obama campaign attempt? REALLY? Come on , you guys!! :-)

beamish said...

While you folks opinionated, they buried a nine year old little girl today.

And while that little girl killed by a leftist was being buried, your fellow leftists from the Westboro "Baptist Church" made asses of themselves outside of it.

Z said...

Beamish, I heard that two radio talk show people had given them air time they'd asked for in exchange for not picketing the little girl's funeral...are you sure they were there after all?
Your comments about Mussolini, etc., cracked me UP! You never miss a detail!

Z said...

Actually, it's not RICK Sanchez (as I wrote DUcky in a comment way above), which I was told by's someone called STEVE Sanchez, I just learned from that article I linked for you.
I suppose he's a conservative, don't know.
Mike Gallagher is giving a full hour so they won't protest others' funerals...leave it to the Conservatives to try to keep the leftist PUNKS out of the faces of grieving families.

At least this way nobody who agrees with them will hear it, or won't...and at least the funerals are safe.

Elmers Brother said...

Sorry Z.

Elmers Brother said...

still who gives t-shirts away at a memorial...don't think it's a campaign stop but it's just plain weird.

Z said...

me, too, Elbro, my dear buddy.
We agree on so much we flip out if we don't :-)

Elmers Brother said...

malkin said what' next...foam fingers?

Ducky's here said...

Well, elmo we can be thankful.

Sister Sarah could have decided to soften her image, make a statement that was a little conciliatory and toned it down ... and get herself the nomination.

Instead, she decides to hard nose the highway and that's the end of her. The normals are fed up with her act. It's indeed an ill wind that blows no good.

Question: The gunman was subdued by unarmed individuals. Would a couple of strapped gun loons drawing and firing been more effective?

Ducky's here said...

Hey,z, where did Phelps get his "God hates fags" meme from?

Anonymous said...

While you folks opinionated, they buried a nine year old little girl today.

Actually, they buried her body. She was gone several days ago.

What would you have people do, BB?

I'm interested in how the public is responding to this tragedy. Is that not what we are doing here? responding?

Maybe people feel more comfortable showing anger and frustration than sadness and feelings of loss. I feel frightened that this could happen anywhere to me and my children, and I'm trying to figure out how other people are feeling right now.

It became painfully clear to me as I watched the memorial that it doesn't matter that I've already lost a daughter, I can lose another child to a senseless crime anywhere, anytime.

Z said...

Ducky, yes....had he not been subdued and had the magazine taken from him, yes...there was a guy named Zamudio who had a pistol in his jacket and ready; he was able to hold Loughner down without shooting.... If Loughner was still shooting, yes, I would have hoped he'd have killed him.

"God hates fags?" I don't know. it's not in the BIble. God doesn't hate ANYONE.

Z said...

Jen, that's a good point. But, I think we owe it to little Christina to remember this doesn't normally happen, that we need to live our lives. Two little girls who were dragged running through the parking lot to their car by their mother (I'm not sure she should have left the store they were in while they heard shots, but she had another daughter in the car and was scared for her)....anyway, they were interviewed and the "journalist" asked what they learned from this and they said 'that we have to live our lives and not be scared.'

Still, as a mom? I think I'd certainly give this a LOT of thought; especially if I'd lost a child, as you have. It's hard to believe you can go to the Safeway or Walgreens and hear gunshots.
Odd, I haven't given it a thought...I was out last night at a drugstore and the market and it didn't occur to me. Maybe I'm dense, I don't know:-)

Ticker said...

Hey duckass Phelps is a Leftist Democrat and one of his incesteous clam ran for Governor of Kansas as a Democrat, aka a leftist.

Anymore stupid remarks or questions duckass or dumbass as either fits the bill.

Z said...

DUCKass.."fits the BILL"...Ticker, is that a pun? :-)

Anonymous said...

Rightwing "Rhetoric"? A sample for those who might just have forgotten the hate of the Left:

Pay attention lefties....

Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”
“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
“Get in Their Faces!”
“I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”
“Hit Back Twice As Hard”
“We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“
“It’s time to Fight for it.”
“Punish your enemies.”
“I’m itching for a fight.”

And his supporters?

“Kill terrorists bomb there house kill Bush, bomb his f__in house”
“Save mother Earth Kill Bush”
“Prepare for war”
“I hope Glenn Beck kills himself”
“Hang Bush for warcrimes”
“Bush is the desease Death is the cure”
“I’m here to kill Bush”
“F—ing Nascar retards…”;
“Abort Sarah Palin”
“Sniper wanted”
Bush is the only dope worth shooting”
“crackers to go to hell, we don’t need em”
“Death to extremist Christian Terrorist pig Bush”
“Death to world #1 terrorist pig Bush & his sheep”
“Burn their f—ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers.”
“Smite Bush for he is an abomination upon the Earth”
“Smash the state”
“Lee Harvey, where are you?”

There is more…lots more.

And Sarah has to apologize for a map with crosshairs on electoral districts?
Are they for real?
They are delusional
They have been doing this for more than 50 years now (Hey, hey , LBJ…How many kids did you kill today?) and it is second nature for the left. Violence, threats, intimidation, character assassination.
And even their president is joining in.

tha malcontent said...

I had a hard time telling that Obama was NOT really the Messiah

Anonymous said...

"I'm just going home."
..sorry I haven't been paying attention to your important arguing..."

And...just how many children were murdered on 911? And how many parents of those children were murdered on 911 too?" By savage...leftist muslims?

Ticker said...

Z said...
DUCKass.."fits the BILL"...Ticker, is that a pun? :-)

Nope, just facts M'mam. If it brays like an ass and acts like an ass it must be an ass, even a ducksass.

Ticker said...

Z said...
oh, my GOSH!
I just found out the T shirts said TOGETHER WE THRIVE
That's an Obama campaign attempt? REALLY? Come on , you guys!! :-)

And Z just what would you call it?

It had absolutely NO place at this memorial service. It sounds more like Emmanuel and Axelrod's ideology, of let no good crisis go to waste.

beamish said...

Instead, she decides to hard nose the highway and that's the end of her. The normals are fed up with her act. It's indeed an ill wind that blows no good.

The "normals?" You don't know what normal is you Massachussettan Amy Bishop wannabe! Sarah Palin has never threatened anyone's life.


Why don't you friggin' leftist morons go back to "My gawd Sarah Palin wants to shoot states off the map huh huh" and leave intelligent discussion to those equipped for it?

Z said...

Ticker, sorry! This Memorial was obviously something that most people aren't used to; it was NOT a funeral, it was not remembering only the dead, it was celebrating the responders, the other heroes.....that's the way it was apparently set up. Yes, there were somber moments and cheerful moments, but the crowd was so happy, the families seemed so gratified, the doctors, etc., seemed so proud and I believe they deserved it.
Together we Thrive was TUCSON not obama.

Scotty said...

I thought I was seeing the beginning of the 2012 campaign...

beamish said...

Beamish, I heard that two radio talk show people had given them air time they'd asked for in exchange for not picketing the little girl's funeral...are you sure they were there after all?

So instead of obscenely antagonizing and inciting the family and friends of the little girl that the far left-wing nut Jared Loughner shot, they get a broader platform to antagonize the airwaves with their indecency outside instead.

I'm good to go surf for a pic of Janet Jackson's nipple piercing at the SuperBowl without fear of censorship now.

::roll eyes::

Ticker said...

Ticker, sorry! This Memorial was obviously something that most people aren't used to; it was NOT a funeral, it was not remembering only the dead, it was celebrating the responders, the other heroes.

I respectfully disagree. From all the announcements this was a memorial service for a 9 year old girl .

I stand by my comments.

Z said...

Ticker, whatever! I never heard it was just for Christina. But, I won't go into what I"d heard! We all have our opinions, that's for sure!

Always On Watch said...

I know that BHO didn't say the exact words.

But what did he imply?

Or, what did Obama supporters hear (interpret)?

I do wonder something else. Were Giffords and Obama friends as in good friends? I'm sure that they knew each other casually: both Dems.

Did Obama campaign for her? I'll have to look that up.

For the record, BHO's chin in the air drives me crazy and nullifies his words when I watch him speak.

Z said...

AOW...yes, I talked about his chin in a comment's really so haughty, isn't it.
I don't know how else Obama could have put it if that's what happened with Giffords that afternoon....but far be it for me to stick up for the guy, believe me.
I think a lot of everyone's opinions are based on what we want to hear or think.

Elmers Brother said...

Instead, she decides to hard nose the highway and that's the end of her. The normals are fed up with her act. It's indeed an ill wind that blows no good.

and will the DLCC do the same, considering they had a similar graphic?

Elmers Brother said...

or I suppose you could keep making the non sequitor that the two are connected...but then facts are a bitch aren't they duhkkky.

Anonymous said...

Jen, that's a good point. But, I think we owe it to little Christina to remember this doesn't normally happen, that we need to live our lives.


Yes, I agree. We must live our lives. And we will.

There's this strange sense of "I've met my quota of tragedy" that I didn't even know I had until I was watching the memorial. But I know that's not how life works.

p.s. no red x or warnings on your blog. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Z, you're correct about Mike Gallagher giving the air time to the idiots to keep them away from the funerals. His show is local and I've listened in the past. He has agaonized over having them on his show, but he feels so strongly about keeping them away from funerals, that he's willing to do it. He's a very good man.

And beamish, as for giving them a platform, nothing they say is relevant or even cogent. There is zero chance of any listener taking sides with the Westboro people. Gallagher is merely keeping them busy.

Z said...

Elbro, the republicans can scream from the rafters how much 'war talk' the left does and NOBODY HEARS IT...CLinton's WAR ROOM, the charts for the DNC with shooting TARGETS on certain states, etc etc....things Obama's said, things you see on leftist blogs....really horrid wishes of death I HAVE NEVER EVER seen on any Conservative blog...but, they get a pass.
We might own the largest media venues but the networks and CNN, MSNBC, are tough to crack AND when you have Associated Press and the NY Times, that's a REAL tough one.

Jen, I've sort of looked at life that way, too...that there are quotas, ends, to miseries....who knows? :-)

Elmers Brother said...

so right Z.

beamish said...


Nothing the leftist Theodore "Unabomber" Kaczynski had to say was relevant or cogent either, but at least he had to have a history of mailing explosive devices to kill people to get the New York Times to print his manifesto "to keep him busy."

I don't like the door that capitulation to the Westboro leftists opens up.

JonathanToth said...

I thought his speech was on point too, especially the part about, "We need better communication with our citizens..."

That sounded like a direct message to whichever branch of our Military Industrial Complex assassinated John Wheeler III.

Z said...

Beamish, I think it's less capitulation (though all of us, I'm sure, get your point....who wants to give these people ANYTHING?) but Jen's right...who the heck from Gallagher's audience would listen to these awful people? If anything, it turns good Conservatives even MORE away from the nuts when they hear them speak.
Any time something starts with "GOD HATES..." you know there's a problem.

Jonathan...that news sure left the radar screen, didn't it. If John Wheeler was a stripper or some woman with 4 children by 4 men who has suddenly disappeared, we'd be seeing ever step of an investigation. I sure do wonder what happened to that poor, amazingly talented and vital man.

Jen, I listen to Gallagher sometimes, too...very good guy. I felt so badly for him when his wife died; even more now that I know what that feels like ;-(

Elbro. xxxxx

beamish said...

Any time something starts with "GOD HATES..." you know there's a problem.

Unless of course, you're from the Catholic Office of Inquisition, which by the way is still open.

There are legal and not-so-legal means to keep the Westboro leftists away from antagonizing funerals. Why are their laws against inciting riots, exactly?

Elmers Brother said...

and my comment assumes some modicum of reason and logic from the bad.

beamish said...

and my comment assumes some modicum of reason and logic from the bad.

Yes. Very absurd to insert an assumption of capacity for rational thought into any statement about leftists.

As the leftists Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Idin Amin, Saddam Hussein, Castro, et. al. and their homocidal adherents Charles Manson, Theodore Kaczynski, Jared Loughner, etc. and including even "put Andrew Breitbart in a bodybag" Ducky demonstrate, leftists have no place in rational discourse, as they are all either genocidal maniacs or on the verge of becoming one.

Elmers Brother said...

It's tough being armed with the sign says it makes us dangerous to the state.

Elmers Brother said...

BTW heard today that those t-shirts were a rehashed campaign slogan from 2008 and came right from Obama's website.

Anonymous said...

There are legal and not-so-legal means to keep the Westboro leftists away from antagonizing funerals. Why are their laws against inciting riots, exactly?

The Patriot Guard Riders show up at every funeral to shield the deceased and the family from the Westboro idiots.

Z said...

Elbro, the phrase sure worked for the situation.

Jen, aren't those guard riders fabulous?

Anonymous said...


beamish said...

Yes, the Patriot Riders are good-hearted, respectable intentioned people.

But, they miss the point. They're still adding to the circus atmosphere outside any funeral the Westboro leftists decide to picket.

So instead of one group outside a funeral making asses of themselves, there's two groups, trying to shout each other down.

No, what needs to be done is have the local law enforcement round up the Westboro leftists, call it "protective custody," and release them when the funeral is over.

Z said...

Beamish for sheriff....or mayor........or president :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes they are, Z.
We stood and saluted as a military funeral procession passed by in October. The bike riders responded to each of us with BIG, APPRECIATIVE thumbs up!

In the end, Westboro only solidifies the comraderie and galvanizes the respect that 99.99% of Americans feel for our soldiers to begin with.

Anonymous said...

No, what needs to be done is have the local law enforcement round up the Westboro leftists, call it "protective custody," and release them when the funeral is over.

I agree. I don't understand why this isn't done. Freedom of "speech"??

beamish said...



Anonymous said...

LOL! feels like a ZombieLand night...

Anonymous said...

eh. It takes me too long to do a link-thingie

beamish said...

Wikipedia search "lawfare."

Lawfare is a 4th Generation Warfare tactic that could be used against the Westboro leftists.

"We've recieved anonymous threats that your group will be gunned down if you picket this funeral, therefore we're taking you into protective custody, for your own safety."

Problem solved.

beamish said...

And given the psychopathic and sociopathic, violence-oriented tendencies misanthropic hatreds stewing in the hearts and minds of ALL leftists, even against each other (see Stalin and Trotsky, or even the violent assasination by his own people to usurp control of left-wing progressive eugenicist George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party).

It's entirely reasonable to assume that anyone that has ever willingly voted for a Democrat conceals a dark, murderous hatred for all living things that can easily be prompted to erupt into violence and terrorism. Leftist thinking has already slain 40 million people on American soil, and that's just those killed in the womb since 1973.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that everyone who has supported Democratic party initiatives is inherently violent and bent on destruction, Beamish. I have too many liberal friends who are pleasant, intelligent, highly literate, witty, remarkably capable people who just happen -- because of the education cum indoctrination they received from Ivy League colleges, or places like the University of Chicago or Berkeley -- to be profoundly ignorant of modern history and economics.

They were skillfully fed the Communist Party line when still at an impressionable age, and swallowed it hook, line and sinker without realizing what they were doing.

Also, no one should argue that the Ku Klux Klan was or is a left wing organization, yet it certainly used terrorist tactics to gain and wield power.

The prelates who ran the Spanish Inquisition, the Star Chamber in Britain and presided over New England's Salem Witch Trials should not be described as "leftists" either.

What we ought to be fighting is the almost universal impulse people have to tyrannize and subjugate one another. It's wrong no matter WHO falls prey to it, just as it's wrong no matter WHAT cause it purports to serve -- even our OWN.

Just to make myself clear: I do not mean we should never use violence to DEFEND ourselves when we've been attacked, but perpetrating AGGRESSION on our own behalf is not right -- tempting though it may be in many instances.

One of the great ironies of history is that Hitler started out as a virulent anti-COMMUNIST. That WE were allied with Stalin's U.S.S.R. against Hitler is paradoxical, because our greatest ally, Winston Churchill, knew the danger of Marxist, Socialist, Collectivism from its inception, yet we fought WITH Stalin to defeat the Axis powers.

That Communism turned out to be a MUCH greater, FAR deadlier, FAR more widespread and long-lived threat than Naziism is still a source of wonder.

Hitler is STILL cast as THE great villain of the 20th century, while the much greater horrors perpetrated by Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao Tse Dung, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Castro and now Venezuela's Chavez are glossed over -- hardly mentioned in modern classrooms.

One other point you should consider: The Fabian socialists -- a group whose statist/collectivist objectives I abhor -- have never advocated nor used violence in their much-too-successful attempt to dominate British society.

You and I ought not to be at odds, because we are both on the same side. It is only to some of the brutal-sounding methods you advocate to defeat our adversaries -- and to the powerfully persistent use of generalization and hyperbole used to characterize the opposition that I object.

I doubt very much if we can succeed in defeating one set of lies, distortions and gross exaggerations with another.

~ FreeThinke

Always On Watch said...

I saw your comment over at Chuck's -- the comment about your taking heat over your view of Obama's speech.

Honestly, the more I learn about the speech, the more I'm convinced that political motives drove the program in the Tucson service this week.

Who wrote Obama's speech, which, in some ways, was a retread of a blog posting by an Obama supporter? In my view, Obama doesn't write much of his own speeches: he wasn't much of a writer at Harvard, and I doubt that he wrote "his" books, either.

Z said...

AOW, you're entitled to your opinion...I just don't agree.
I don't mind taking heat, and I meant that to be humorous at Chuck's, but I did take heat and I stand by what I think.
When you've got a bunch of dumb college kids who're indoctrinated to death by the left, you're going to get wild cheering for a leftist president no matter what he says.
But, on top of it, he said things that honored the dead and congratulated those who helped...should they have kept quiet for those moments?

I will never like, admire or believe in Obama's character or anything about him; I think he's a terrible leftwing socialist who's trying to ruin America, I really do. I just didn't hate the speech. SORRY! :-)

beamish said...


The only meaningful distinction between left and right is totalitarianism vs. libertarianism.

Any ideology which seeks to impose, with force, anything upon society is inherently left-wing. Leftists hubristically decide for themselves what is best for you and are not hesistant, at all, to employ violence to achieve it.

The only real difference between Fabian socialists, Ku Klux Klansmen, Democrats, Fascists, Nazis, and Communists is the degree of violence they're willing to employ even against each other, in their pursuit of their left-wing agendas to CONTROL people.

Left = authoritarian / totalitarian.

Right = egalitarian / libertarian.

The Nazis were leftists.

beamish said...

As for your "liberal friends," I highly recommend wearing a bullet-resistant Kevlar vest around them. You never know when the seething homocidal maniac inside all of them might pop out.

Always On Watch said...

Somebody does need to teach young people, indoctrinated or not, that wild cheering at a solemn service is unseemly. Applause is one thing, wild cheering something else, IMO.

We're not going to agree on this topic.

But I will say one more thing....What happened at the "service" was a display of demagoguery. I see danger there.

beamish said...

And would you not agree that the left-winger Hitler's particular brand of socialism is analogous to the one-state socialism found in the Arab world?

This is why I don't subdivide leftists into which particular form of leftism has the highest body count.

They're all wrong. They're all in some way violence-employing totalitarians. That you can distinguish their ideologies at all by their resulting body counts in that light isn't really all that mitigating.

Surely you wouldn't recommend leftists adopt Hitler's strain of socialism because it killed less people than other forms of socialism due to its sharper focus upon Marx's kill-all-the-Jews-to-end-capitalism trope than the others have (so far)?

beamish said...

Build a government oversight agency in a republic in which leftists share the field of candidates for election to higher office and it just becomes a matter of degree (and time) in which someone will want to "cut the costs" of their Weimar-style national health care system by initiating a Holocaust, first up the "mentally ill" and elderly. Fabians just let you watch Wheel of Fortune while it happens.

Don't laugh. Terry Schiavo's family isn't.

Z said...

AOW, no we aren't going to agree.
But, you had a last word so let me :-)
That community is raw, I simply can't imagine myself sitting there politely clapping for people who threw their bodies over others to save them, etc etc...It would take one cheer from one person and I'd be with them cheering.
It was not a funeral and memories don't have to be somber. Now I'm done!

Beamish, some guy called Dennis Prager yesterday saying a lib friend of his says religion causes more wars/deaths than leftism; Prager goes into SEVENTY MILLION in Russia, THIRTY MILLION in Cambodia, SIXTY MILLION in Europe...etc......."Ask your friend if those numbers can be trumped"

BY the way...every time I hear Trump on the radio, I swear I'm voting for him for president if I can. And I have NEVER liked that guy. He said something about taxing CHinese goods'll force us to make things HERE again and piss the Chinese off BIG TIME :-)

Always On Watch said...

I'm not trying to have the last word.

But I do want you to take a look at this (not at my site).

Z said...

AOW, BELIEVE me, I didn't mean you 'had' to have the last word, I just meant you added something to your comment and I wanted to, too! :-)

I just wish I could make clear that I don't think the White House was innocent of any campaign-style goings-on.....I just lIKED THE SPEECH. EVERY Administration takes advantage in SOME way of things like this, they just DO. Also, we don't know who told the JumboTron to do that..could have been the university, I don't know.

Also, when that idiot Gibbs said they didn't think anybody'd clap for that speech, I couldn't BELIEVE're NOT going to CLAP for FIRST RESPONDERS, or announcing Giffords has opened her EYES? REALLY? NO APPLAUSE-PROVOKING LINES? WHO ARE THEY BSing?? That was almost as disingenuous as Palin saying that she didn't know why the GOP was mad at her "after all, I'm only a soccer mom, how could I GET PEOPLE ELECTED" (that put me off her FOREVER, by the way)

beamish said...

Trump may be on to something Z.

If Chinese products were not resold in America, we'd lose around 20% of our GDP.

But China would lose over 75% of theirs. A solid 3% of China's GDP comes from rent Wal-Mart and other bulk merchants pay for shipping warehouse storage in China.

We could make up that 20% by making the products or selling some other nations.

And as "cheap" as Chinese labor is, there really aren't that many nations that can afford it.

Z said...

OR MAKING THINGS HERE again, Beamish...screw the other countries..
I wasn't very aware or political 15 or so years ago(it took moving to Paris and being bored witless from time to time and finding POLITICS and FPM on line that got me SO sucked in!)...anyway, before I was aware, I remember hearing how PA was losing the steel business, how Hershey's chocolate was closing,...and I'm thinking "Is anybody F'ing paying attention to this? Anybody as sad and shocked as I AM that our industries are closing? How's this a GOOD THING?" And bingo...I guess I had an instinct, as we've lost companies and jobs at a rapid rate since.
damn politicians and greed.